A Journey of Love (Episode 66)

All came out from airport..Radhika feel tensed and feel happy and feel worried..She shows mixed feelings in her face..Arjun and co observe that.. Arjun hold her hand tight and Raman put his hands around her shoulders.. and their give assurance to her..Teji look at her..Nesam:Dont worry chashini..We made things fine.. Mantu:Choti..we are with you only na..

Arnav:Radhi..look at me..be happy..I promise will happen to anybody..If you are not stuborn..then how can we handle situations..
Aman:Four taxis are ready for us..Can we move..
Radhika nod her head and hold her hand tight..
Arjun:Dont worry my dear..I am with you only na..
Raman:According to our plan first we move to local guest house..Already we took permission from both central and state ministers..
Radhika:That is my dream to stay in that guest house..There are so many rose plants and different flowers..So many times i try to cross that gate and enter into that building..But i failed..Bcoz of that Security..One person is there infront of gate..his name is RamSingh..He always scold me..Now i shoe my attitude to him..
Haa na bhai..
Sam:Haa chashini..that night we try to jump one wall..and that 50yrs old person catch us and beat us naa..
Radhika:That building only..
Arjun hit his head by his hand.. you are so kiddish Radhika.This is the time you remember those things and want to show your attitude..
Radhika put puppy face and look at Raman and Teji..
Raman:Arjun..It is her wish to enter into the guest house.Whats wrong in that..
Teji:Afteral that Ramsingh is a watchman..He try to beat and scold my chashini..How can i leave him..
Chotu and Baunty:Leave it yaar.. we are with you bhabhi..Dont worry.. we see that singh..and show wat we are?
Ishitha and co:Arjun..why you hurt our Radhu..
Radhika put proud pose and look at Arjun..and run towards him and hug him..He too hug her and move from that place..
Kushi turn and look here and there.. Arnav:Kushi what hsppened?Why you are looking worried?
Kushi:Someone observe us Arnavji..My sixth sense warn me..
Arnav:Who observe you..when i am with you..Dont tell lies for me..I know you are looking for me only na..I have a plan with me..
Kushi:What the..?
Arnav:We plan a romantic date in Reshikesh to night..only you and me..

Arnavi hold kushi by putting his hand around her waist and walk towards the car..But Arnav didnt take easy about Kushi’s words..Bcoz on Anjalu engagement day also she worried like this only..Next day Arnav go and check CCTV footages of Reception area and entrance and parking place.
Arnav also find one person who hide his face..He observe the same person in parking place..in entrance..and in Reception also..But he took care by cover his face by paper and hide his face from cameras.Arnav identify that he took some photos from his mobile..Arnav identify that keenly.. He cover only their family circle including Ramu, Ramesh, Rani, Neelu,Shanta and Gowri(Baunty’s mother)..Bcoz of that reason Arnav take Kushi’s fear..All adjust in taxis and Mantu guide taxi driver where to laguages on Taxi..Arnav ask Kushi to sit in car..and he dailed to one person..
Arnav:Can you identify that person or any clues..
Person:Still now our answer is no..But you dont worry..I arrange all security in Reshikesh for you.My personal staff and department staff are there in Rshikesh before two days..They are arround you people..You proceed according to your plan..I will there when you need..
Person:No thanks in between frnds.. And you dont worry about remaining members in mumbai..I already set security for them also..
Arnav feel relief for that answer..

All four taxis start from Airport and one more taxi followed them with gap of 20 to 30 feet..
But they didnt know from Mumbai airport onwards two eyes folliwed them..Now also those eyes followed them..A cruel smile appear on that person face and dailed to a number.
A lady lift the phone.
Mask men:Hello..
Women:Ha,tell me..you reached there or not.
Mask men:I reached..But they are very clever than us.Tight security is fir them..and that too without disturbing public. Women:Really..They suspect any thing or they had any doubt on us..
Men:No no..But they take good precautions and well planned for their protection.There is no way to touch the people who are in Mumbai.. Bcoz,one private agency provide security to the house and for main office and organisations..It is not workout..and they kept Sashi and Madhumathi also in that house only..
Here in Reshikesh also high security from government and from private fourm also..It is some what difficult to implement our plan..
Women:No..i dont want to hear any explanations..I want them and that too alive..
Men:Ok..we will try..
All taxis stop infront of Govt.Building.
Servents took laguages from taxis and went into the building..
Radhika:Raman bhai..ask that Ramsingh to saluate me..
Sam:Ha bhai..for me also..
Teji look at Arjun..
Arjun:You also need it..
Radhika,Sam,Teji and Neil nods their heads..
Shiva:Neil and Sam behave like doctors..
Neil:In hospital we behave like that only..
Anjali control her smile for Neil’s face expressions.Shiva look at Anjali and ask her you also support him..
Raman:ok stop it..
Who is security at gate?

A person come and wish Raman and tell he is cheif security for this building..
Raman:Wat abt ur name?
Raman:Maansingh or Raamsingh..
Radhika slowly tell that he is the person ..who tries to beat me..I think his name is Raamsingh..
Raman:Ok Maansingh..We are here to stay for 10days.Take care..dont give permission to anybody to cross the main gate..And..Raman hold Radhikas hand and Neil hold Sam hand..Teji also stand behind Radhika..
Raman:She is our little princeses..and her best buddiess..and her best brother..Wish them by salute..
Mansingh look at Raman..Raman:Do it yaat..it is my sisters dream ..why cant you do it?Can i took permission or ypu want any order from Homeminester..
Maansingh:No sir..I do it..

By saying this he saluate them and Wish them..and try to recollect Radhikas face..and look at Nesam and Teji..
Radhika feel proud and look at Arjun.. all went towards building..
Arjun:Maansingh…I dont know what to tell..But..That girl is my love and my life..She is too pampered..Dont think bad about her..From heart she is too good..
Maansingh:I understood it beta..you dont worry..But i see that girl somewhere..I didnt remember it..
Arjun:Chacha..She is netaive of Reshikesh only..Plz trust us and belive us..I explain you each and everything to you..
Maansingh:Dont worry beta..But your face is also familiar to me..
Arjun laugh and said this first time i came to Reshikesh..No chance at all..
Maansingh nod his head and tell to Arjun..if you need any help call me beta..i stay in outhouse only..
Arjun nod his head and walk towards building..
All are bussy in set their things in their alloted rooms.Arjun walk towards his room and stop infront of one room..He saw that Radhika stand infront of window and look outside.. but his heart warn him go towards her..He automatically walk towards her and put his hand on her shoulder..

Radhika turn her head and try to wipe her tears..Arjun look at her and ask her what happened to you?
Radhika point out his finger towards one direction..Arjun also turn his head towards that direction..There he saw a big building..Arjun look at that building and ask her..
Arjun:You need saluate from that building watchmen also..
Radhika:No need of saluate..That is my brothers office and down is our godown and workshop..Kneely observe there..One bold head person stand there na..He is Dilip Mishra..my father Arjun..
Radhika:How bad my fate is..He is near to me..but it is nit possible for me to hug my father..
By saying this she hug Arjun and cry vigrously..Remaining all enter into the room and look at Radhika..
Ishitha walk towards Radhika and ask her.
Ishitha:Radhi dont cry..We are all here..We go back with our happiness only.
All look at Ishitha..Ishitha look at them and said we togeather solve it.. and went back with happy moments..
All nod their heads..Radhika smile lime a cute girl..but still she is in Arjun arms only..Arjun look at her and pull her close to him and said..I Love You..without you no Arjun Mehara..

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