love or religion? — chapter 2 quit your job

note in case the picture for aadhira didn’t show, this is aadhira:

in case it doesn’t show up, it is the little girl who played rikara’s daughter in an imagination when gauri was talking about how a child is a blessing from god.


chapter 2:

gauri woke up with the sun shining on her face. she went out of bed with a massive headache.

gauri: hey bhagwan, this restaurant job is killing me.

she saw a guy with long hair and got shocked. she grabbed a necklace and threw it at him. there was no guy as she threw the necklace and blinked her eyes. it was just her imagination.

gauri: why do i keep seeing this guy again and again? i have no interest in him then why?

gauri shooks her head and grabs the necklace from the floor. as she did this, hira toddled inside. gauri heard her footsteps and turned to her smiling.

gauri: meri baccha has finally came! good morning!

she bends down and kisses her forehead.

gauri: and mummy’s kiss?

hira giggles and kisses gauri’s cheek. then she goes to gauri’s cupboard and hands gauri a grey salwar kameez.

gauri: i wear this today?

hira nods.

gauri: okie!

she goes into the washroom to change. hira sits on the bed waiting innocently. soon gauri came out looking beautiful.

gauri: chalo, let’s go down.

hira nods and both go down to see somu cooking breakfast.

somu: good morning you two.

gauri: good morning somu di.

somu: here, aloo paratha.

gauri: i wish i could stay to eat but i have to go.

somu: arre lekin….

gauri was out of the house.

somu in mind: this girl….

hira bangs the table lightly for food.

somu smiles and says: here you go baby. and here is your juice.

hira smiles and claps her hands. somu fed her lovingly.


gauri’s boss: and she is late once again. it’s 11 now you were suppose to give at 9.

gauri: sorry sir, things have been a bit crazy but this won’t happen again.

gauri’s boss: and you have been saying this since forever.

gauri: sorry sir.

gauri’s boss: go do your work and you will work an extra 3 hours.

gauri: what?

gauri’s boss: do it else i will fire you.

gauri nods and goes to get the orders.

9 hours later:

gauri’s boss: here is your salary for today gauri. now go.

gauri nods and goes slowly.


gauri’s room:

gauri: 10…20…30….40…50…60. 60 rupees?

she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see who it was. somu.

somu: what happened?

gauri: i don’t think i will ever settle in life. my job isn’t giving me a good salary and i don’t want to put pressure on you wasting money on me and hira. don’t worry, as soon as i got enough i will move out.

somu: where? gauri, i don’t mind you and hira here. in fact i love living with you two. gauri, why are you putting so much pressure on yourself? i told you to continue your education 3 years ago but no you didn’t! you thought you could be something at 16 with a child growing in your womb! look where your decision to forget your education got you.

gauri: and i became pregnant at 16. if i continued my education, the school would have found out and toss me out.

somu: and once hira was born, you didn’t continue your education. why?

gauri: there was so much stress then.

somu: gauri, quit your restaurant job.

gauri: kyu? i am doing that job to try and earn a living.

somu: quit your job and go to school. i will pay for your education and i will take care of hira. but do your education and become something.

gauri: arre lekin….

somu: i know you have been through a lot but now do your education and forget what happened in the past.

gauri nods.

precap: om’s new life


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  1. Jasminerahul

    gauri getting angry imagining long haired it is om. means she is insiya.shocking that she got pregnant when she was 16.that means when om left her she was 16 she could not have married om as marriagable age is 18.poor gauri suffering so happy that soumya decided to finance her education.loving soumya gauri hira bonding.gauri hira scene was also cute.loving this ff very much.please update soon

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Guari is insiya.. And her suffering make me sad

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