#Love or Ego (IMMJ2) One Shot

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting for a while. I was very and even I am busy till now, but @N Ayesha, your one plead left me in awe. Thank you❤️❤️.

A/N: The story starts from the Makar Sankranti track when Riddhima leaves VR mansion. Here Riddhima is not a housewife, but a respected Charted Accountant!

So let’s begin:

Riddhima leaves as her reputation and self respect is more important to her rather than keep listening her b*tch*ng by Snake Family, and ofcourse to develop her career as she ought to.

Scene shifts to VR mansion, where all are sinfully happy. But Vansh, he even don’t know what he is feeling. He is happy as he thinks that he discarded Riddhima as she was a Traitor! But somewhere deep inside his heart, he thinks wrong to throw her love, her soul, her life like this! Then suddenly

Ahana: Well Vansh, my work is done. This was want to wanted right! So give my cheque and let me go free from this Mansion!

Ishani: Why Ahana, after a long time I got a vicious woman like me(flipping hairs), why are you leaving and by the way, this mansion is big enough for a small despicable! (smirked with attitude)

Ahana: You bit…

Vansh(cutting her and yelled): AHANA! Mind it, she is my sister, sister of VR, better mind your tongue. And coming upon your cheque, so here it is (giving her with amount Rs. 2,00,00,000). And by the way, you showed me you true colours right, a money minded disgusting woman! GET OUT!

Ahana: Whatever (ignoring him and collecting the cheque with a speed of light!)

Later, Ahana too leaves.

Ishani: I am so happy for you Bhai! Finally, that repulsive girl left our lives! So when is the party?

Vansh was about to reply her suddenly a voice came…

Voice: Bh..aaiii…Bha..iii(with great difficulty)

All turn around and saw Siya standing at the main door struggling!
Vansh ran to her.

Vansh(kissing her forehead and uttermost happiness): SIYA, you are fine! Thank God! How are you? How are you feeling? And why you came? See, you injured yourself in the process! Where is your focus Siya?

But Siya was in search of someone else. Ishani noticed it.

Ishani: What is this yaar! Bhai is asking you and you are looking in all the direction except us! Whom are you searching dear?

Siya: Di, where is bhabhi? (Shouting and searching through eyes) Riddhima bhabhi, bhabhi, where are you? Please come, see, your Siya has woke up now! Please come Bhabhi! (Asking Vansh) Bhai, where is bhabhi, tell na bhai, where is she, BHAI!!!

Ishani: Oh come on Babe, she was just a crap! Why you are asking for her infact she…

Siya(cutting her with red eyes): SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! If you don’t remember Di, mom said DONT SPEAK WHEN YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING! So better keep your venomous mouth zipped!

Vansh(confused): What happened Siya, what are you talking about? What we don’t know ha?

Siya: I’ll tell Bhai, first tell me where is Bhabhi please (puppy eyes)

Vansh(with poker face): She left us! Infact it would be more precise if we say we abandoned her as she…

Siya(anger): What! Are you all insane or what! How can you do such impulsive act Bhai! She was your love, you pride, and you left her! Disgusting!

Vansh(a bit louder): Just now you were giving lecture about Ma’s words, and now doing yourself! You don’t know Siya. She was just a deceiver and gold dig…

Siya(cutted him with red bloodshot eyes): Dare you complete the word Bhai, otherwise you will see wrath of Siya RaiSinghania!

Vansh infact the whole family was shocked.

Vansh: Care to explain!

Siya: Yes, let me do the honour!

She tell them the whole truth about Anupriya and Kabir.

The whole family was guilt stricken! Even Ishani and Aryan were extremely sorry for their behaviour towards Riddhima.
But the most blame worthy face was of Vansh! He was devastated! He was numb as didn’t knew how to react.

Siya: Bhai, this is the actual truth, and what you did! Without even listening her side, you threw her! (Crying) She was my everything. After Mom left, she was like a mother to me! And you snatched her from me! How can you Bhai how can you!(crying hard)

Dadi: Oh my God! What we did! Will we get a place even in hell! My Riddhima! (Crying)

But Siya were waiting for Vansh to speak. And suddenly

Vansh: Let bygones be bygones! We can’t do anything, rather than spoiling our mood! And I don’t want VR mansion to mourn. (Cold and stern) So live the way you all were living before Riddhima.

Siya was shocked, but it was the most shocking for Angre, as he knew his boss, it was difficult like hell for him to say those words! But the question is why did he say such?

Vansh: I know you all must be thinking when am I saying such! But if you all forgot, she was really a betrayer before, and VR never forget or tolerate betrayal. All of you go in your rooms and sleep soundly.

All departed to their room with heavy heart as they knew Vansh is saying just to calm them and himself.

Vansh came to his room, and started shouting vigorously! He spilled all the stuff and broke the mirror with his hands. He was bleeding badly.

Vansh (to himself): No, I can’t fall weak. I am VR, and I haven’t ever learnt to bow down! It’s her mistake, she was initially a betrayer, I can’t help it! Control Vansh control. She was just a back-stabber nothing else. But then why my heart is paining so much! No, pain can never overpower me. It’s just normal. Yes, now everything’s fine.

But he knows that he is just saying all this to calm his ego, not his heart.

Na dard hai, Na gham tere
Na ishq hai na teri, vo chahatein
Ha khush hu mai, tere bina
Na mujh mein bachi hai kahi, teri aadatein…

After 2 years,

Days went like this, Siya was now a bit normal but stop her discussions with his fatherly brother, Vansh. She was not alone, as Aryan and Ishani were there, but Vansh was more close to her. Dadi was also not fine, but tried to seem for Vansh.
Vansh, on the other hand, again drowned himself in work. There was no such day when he didn’t missed her, we can say it his emotion for his love or ego for his so called betrayer! But still, tears find their own way!

Hai fir kyu aankhon mein nami, kyu mai rota hu aaj bhi
Kya khalti teri hai kami, kyu mai rota hu aaj bhi…

Scene changes to a girl sitting on back seat in Audi A4 with her PA beside her.
Her car was escorted by more cars.
The car stopped at the large office, door opened, the girl came out of the car.
Clad in a red shirt, black pant and black blazer, adorned with a beautiful watch on right hand and large hoops in ears, red lipstick, no makeup, and black pencil heels, high ponytail, she was looking ravishing!

She and her PA started walking towards her office.

One of guard: Good Morning Miss RD!

Girl: Good Morning! And please stop calling me RD, its just my cover name. Call me Riddhima, Riddhima D’Souza (yes she is Riddima, and she consider Miss D’Souza as her mother so she took her surname)

Guard: Ok Riddhima Ma’am.

Riddhima nodded and went inside. As soon as I entered the office, whole staff got up and wished her morning. Later, she moved to he cabin which was as large as a blue whale!
She saw today’s newspaper, and the headline in business part made her widely smile!
It was- “The famous Charted Accountant Riddhima D’Souza will be awarded with India’s best Charted Accountant today. The party will be hosted in grand banquet. Along with the party of CA’s, the respected entrepreneurs will also be spotted there.”

Scene changes to VR mansion, where Vansh too read this news. He was sitting with mixed emotions, as his love will be awarded, and another feeling which he himself don’t know why he was feeling that. But he was happy for her!

“The women of our society are progressing, what else we want!” thought Vansh!

At night, dressed in a black gown with open hairs and black heels, she was looking like a angel from heaven! Many renowned CA and Entrepreneurs were congratulating her. It was a very precious moment as she never thought that her career will be this high!

The host called her to the dias and awarded her with the ‘India’s No.1 Charted Accountant of the year!’

She then gave her speech.
Vansh was very happy as well as nervous as what will happen when she will spot him!

Afterwards, they all started dancing. She was sitting alone on a table when a man took her to dance floor. Vansh was too dancing with a girl. Song was ‘Tum Hi Ho’.
They all were dancing when the partners changed and RiAnsh were the partners now.
The song changed to Aaj bhi.

Tumne kaha tha, saath jiyenge,
Honge juda Na hum kabhi
Haath ye thame chalti rahungi,
Vakt ye le jae kahin…

RiAnsh were having a passionate eyelock of anger, nervousness, emotions, sadness.

Jhoothi hai ye, saari kasmein,
Saare vade pyaar ke
Dafan mai unko hun kar aaya
Jashn mai apni haar ke…

To fir kyu aankhon mein nami, kyu mai rota hu aaj bhi
Kya khalti teri hai kami, jo mai rota hu aaj bhi…

Vansh was having tears as how his love, his soul was ignoring him. But he didn’t accepted that he is wrong!

To fir kyu aankhon mein nami, kyu mai rota hu aaj bhi
Ha khalti teri hai kami, jo mai rota hu aaj bhi…

Vansh took her to a corner and was staring her with intense emotions. Finally breaking the trance,

Riddhima: Why you pulled me here MR VANSH RAISINGHANIA?

This hurted Vansh mind hard, and he spoke,

Vansh: What do you mean Riddhima, where were you from these two years? You know how much I was worried for you. Siya didn’t talked to me once in this span!

Riddhima: So basically what’s triggering you is that Siya is not talking to you right! If she would be talking, then it won’t make any difference, whether I live or die to you right. And by the way, I don’t feel like telling you about MY life, so please, this party is for me, not for us, leave me. All must be looking for me.

Vansh(with tears): After so many efforts I founded you Riddhima, don’t go please. Dadi always misses you. Ishani and Aryan have realised their mistake. Even I have, please forgive me and come to our home, our VR mansion! Riddhima please

Riddhima retorted: You know what, the efforts you are talking about were never made. And stop blackmailing me by your family. They abandoned me, so do I. I don’t know anyone. They might be yours, not mine. So please, go to your family, your mansion and stop stalking me for god’s sake!

Riddhima turned to leave, but then

Riddhima(to Vansh): Oh, there’s something under my heels,
Oh that’s your ego, please take before the party ends!(smirk)

And she left from there

Vansh felt extremely humiliated, and nothing was beyond his ego, so he immediately left from there.

Vansh chose his ego, not his love, oh it’s better I say not Riddhima, as his love was his ego only, which actually makes no sense.

The End!

And that was what I actually wanted in their life. But it’s a serial, if the makers would have done than, the fd would have eaten them alive! 

Thanks for reading. Please do tell me how was it?


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