A Love Like No Other… Promo

“I Love You More Than Tomorrow But Less Than Yesterday.”

 – By Edmond Rostand 

‘Love’…The word itself evokes a pleasant feeling in one’s mind. This one word has a lot of meaning beyond words. When we look into a dictionary, it is described as an intense feeling of deep affection. But this word is beyond what we can even express. This single word is a chain of emotions ranging from affection to care, inclination to passion, Ultimate goal to tenderness, yearning to respect, delight to cherishing, enchantment to devotion, fondness to care, obsession to appreciation. My dear people, love is indescribable.

Let us start this journey of the story from the ones whom we love, and whom we are dedicated to for the so called “short life”. It can be our love for parents, the one which is very distinct, something we can never reciprocate to anyone expect those two people. It can be our love for siblings, it is one and only one kind – different and sensual. It is like – “I hate you, I love you. You only decide”. Or our love for friends with whom we spend most of our time, be it colleagues, batchmates, or childhood friends. And our love for someone special for whom our soul is reserved to, with whom we get immense power and become a tender child in need of solace and comfort. And love for everyone without whom your life is an incomplete puzzle with a missing piece. And how can I forget the most specific person and important one of all ? It is me myself. For you, yourself is that most important person without whom you won’t even know what love is.

The mysterious someone special didn’t arrive in my life yet. May be most of you didn’t experience it too till now. So, let us see life journey of two people whose unity is made in heaven, who are destined to unite for endless, numerous lives.

See, how stupid I am. I started the introduction of the story without mentioning the name of that stupid person who decided to write about the story.

Myself Shriharshita Rayapureddy from India. Firstly, this is my first fiction or non-fiction story. You might be surprised and wondering – “What is this girl saying? Doesn’t she know what she is writing – a fiction or non – fiction?” Apply a break to your thoughts now and let me finish my sentence. See, the thing is – This is a fiction for one in whose life that special soul didn’t take admission yet and a non-fiction for one in whose life that special person is already enrolled, is flourishing and is already entangled into the deep folds of love.

Secondly, congratulations and thanks to every writer and readers here who gave me an inspiration indirectly. A writer and readers are a writer’s inspiration. And also thanks to every writer who entertained this reader+writer.

Also, I would be introducing some Telugu words in between the story, I promise you all that I will use this language as less as I can and will also provide the meaning of the same in English in parenthesis. Most probably, I would be using the language as the terms only for calling mother, father or siblings in the story.

What is your views on love? And whom do you love the most? Please write in the comment section. I know it is a lengthy task but the sole purpose is to rejuvenate your love for others and to remind all of them to you. And yes most importantly to rejuvenate your interest for a new story afresh.

I will be posting the character Sketch of the Story, soon. Hope you all will come to love the story. I don’t know about you all, but I have already fallen in love with the story. Let’s see !

Expected Comments : 20

The comment of the episode today will be posted in the coming post.

Till then, taking your leave !




  1. @Mj

    You are right. Love is indescribable. For me my love rather than my family is my friend without her I can’t even imagine a day. She’s the most important person of my life. And giving life for someone or sacrificing can be called as love but to living for that person only can be called love, isn’t It?

    1. Optimist

      That’s true. A friend has a unique place in our heart too – unique and distinct !

  2. @Mj

    Post soon❤

    1. Abhay

      Nice promo . I think you shouldn’t make long character sketch. Because if we readers don’t know about the character then it will spark more interest in us ….rest is yours wish . All the best . I will support you. And if i forgot to read your ff then please send me link of your new episode in my personal message. And love . For me i am more comfortable with nature rather than humans . I am a hilarious and talkative boy …but still i like to remain Alone . So it’s a fiction for me. All the best

    2. @Mj

      Indeed begin alone is love 💞

    3. Optimist

      @MJ, will post soon !
      @Abhay, I thought upon what you just said and realised that I shouldn’t have prepared a lengthy Character Sketch. And thus, I have decided to shorten it. Infact thanks for your suggestion and good wishes. Abhay, even I am a talkative girl only in front of my parents, or else I too always prefer to be in the lap of nature and to remain lonely to discover myself. And I promise that there won’t be more than 10 characters and conversation between 2 or 3 people at a time. You will surely like it and I will do share the link of the episode whenever it is posted here.
      And always remember that everyone’s suggestions or dislikes and likes will be noticed by me and I will try my best to take care of your interests too..!

  3. Priyanshi_13

    Amazing starting…post soon

    1. Optimist

      Thanks a lot ! I will be posting soon ! Till then, take care and stay safe. (A must sentence nowadays😂)

  4. Prapti0809

    awesome post soon

    1. Optimist

      Will try my best to entertain you with the upcoming story ! And yes, I will be posting the next episode soon !

  5. Aisha08

    Amazing dear keep it up

    1. Optimist

      Always at your service. Will always try to reach up your expectations. I will be posting soon. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Parita

    Your idea seems great dear, i’m quite excited for what you will bring us!
    I’d love to read your thoughts and your non-fiction+fiction story at the same time and try to relate it with my personal life and feelings for sure.
    To me i feel love is the precious feeling which each and everyone holds in their hearts, whether it’s just parents and family love or whether it’s soulmates love. Love is love at the end of the day, doesn’t matter with the person. Soulmate love is quite difficult to get, only lucky ones do! I love a lot of people in my life, each and every group holds a special part in my life n heart. That includes; family, friends and colleagues (school). (don’t have a crush or a bf either😂😜)Love is the language of feelings!
    ❤Waiting for your character sketch

    1. Optimist

      This comment is more than even what I can expect or express in words. I didn’t expect that the promo itself is going to win people’s hearts. I will try my best to keep up your expectations.
      And thanks for the lovely comment. Your description about love is what I too feel both informally and formally.
      And yes, love is the language of feelings and emotions, there is no doubt about it. And I am trying my best to bring in different shades of emotions. Will always respect your support.

  7. Jaskiranarora0605

    Your thoughts on “love” are very clear and it’s indeed a special moment for anyone. I would love to read it. All the best for your new journey ❤👍

    1. Optimist

      You are the foremost of inspiration for me. It’s is because of your work, that I started to write one here.
      Just as I said love is indescribable, it is not that ease to write it in words too ..!😅
      Your appreciation and good wishes mean a lot to me and I will try my best to reach up to your expectations !!!

    2. Jaskiranarora0605

      I am so glad that I have inspired you to write the ff. I am sure that it will be amazing to read ❤

  8. Cutuuu

    Awesome ❤ I guess it’s something different 😅 For me love is family 😊 Soulmate love is not my cup of tea 😀😀Love is emotions that you feel for the person 😉😉

    1. Optimist

      Yes, in that case, any story is different. But I will try my best to make this unique too. I have an ending in my mind too and it is different. However, it shouldn’t be me who says story is different, I would wait for the moment until this word or phrase comes back to me.
      However soulmate’s love is even what I haven’t experienced till now… that’s way too far from what I chose as my dream goal. I mean not atleast before 13 years 😂.
      And thanks for your appreciation. Now I am way too floating in the air 😅😂..!

  9. Crazydoll_185

    Your intro is so lovely just as you told about love. If you had written these fiction or non fiction few days ago then I can also share my opinion about love, but now, at present…… I am having heart with zero emotions. (No problem if you use Telugu words, I can understand it) please send me the link of your next update. All the best.

    1. Optimist

      Glad that you loved the intro. I will try my best to make even the Character Sketch as lovely as the intro. And for that matter, all the coming episodes too.
      However, as I said, I would be using Telugu words as less as I can and I would be also be providing meaning to it, in detail !!! Glad that you can understand Telugu. It is one of the beautiful languages and thus, it is my initiative to start the first work with the line – “This book/story is dedicated to My mother language, Telugu” 😅😂..!
      Will surely send you the link to the next episode update !
      Thanks a lot for your best wishes ❤️

  10. Niyati12

    Awesome start dear… Keep it up… And keep rocking… Post soon no wait… Super soon… Tc😍😍

    1. Optimist

      Thanks a lot, Aarushi !!
      I mean I really didn’t think that you will like it this way. Almost, it was unexpected. I always underestimate my work be it academics / stories / poems. That’s the main problem with me 😂..!
      Will try to catch the heights of your expectations !!!

    2. Optimist

      Well, it was some confusion !!!
      Thanks a lot, Niyati !!❤️

  11. AarushiSoni

    Wow! Your thoughts on love of are beyond my imagination! For me, loving someone is showing respect, admire… No cheat is countable! I love my father the most in this world!
    The idea of ur story is really so enthusiastic and awesome! Looking forward for the story!
    And I would love you learn some telugu words! And ofcourse ur English is brilliant so I can learn some more new words too!
    Thanks.. made my morning!

    1. Optimist

      Yes, respect is at the foremost front when we talk about love. All are interwoven.
      Let me tell you the most evident truth that if there is someone in the world whom I love more than my own soul, it is my father. I can’t give it even a second thought. No doubt at all. Though my arguments with father gets fierce at times, I love him beyond words and he loves me much more that I do. To him, I am his world.
      In that matter, the bond between a father and daughter is as such !
      I am so glad that you loved the very most idea. Hope you will come to love the story as well.
      But let me tell you that I never thought that my English is brilliant. The works I have seen here prompted me to say this !
      To be truthful, you made my day by taking out time to write such a lively comment !!

  12. 1234Aayu

    Love is something we can’t measure it’s an endless rope…We can’t even imagine how endlessly we have to think to know the real meaning of that..Love is the purest and richest feeling, that comes from one’s heart and soul…It is something we cherish but it ends up with sacrifice and hurting..Love definitely means “TO love” but its real meaning is to sacrifice and been hurt at the last….’Love is unpredictable’ How? When? Whom? Everything is hidden,, we not able to identify that..We must not be assured also…coz, it’s an endless feeling which needs understanding, trust, sacrifice and many more things to add spice in life..We get influence but it does not exactly love it is just a mere ‘attraction’.When love is there you don’t need to feel anything..it’s something self-feelings that came across…
    Frankly speaking, I don’t love anyone….because I think I am not that much capable of…Yeah! I can say my lifelines are my parents and siblings..but Love is not that easy and I don’t think myself that capable…
    Now coming to what you wrote..is something that directly touched my heart…It was Amazing!!
    Your words are not getting out of my mind..OUTSTANDING!!
    I am really excited to read further…..
    sorry! for this long, very long comment..

    1. Optimist

      When I came across your comment in the comment list, you know, what my initial thoughts were? I thought of copy pasting, your views on love in the word file in which I am writing this story especially in the promo page which I prepared. Your views on love touched my heart more than what I had actually written.
      And yes, it would be apt to say that love is unpredictable rather than indescribable.
      No one knows the true meaning of love and everyone is still into discovering. But everyone’s discovery is different and unique. And at times, I too feel I am not much capable of providing the love to someone, the way they imagine. Because I am not a mind reader, I am just a simple imperfect human being as everyone is ! But I do strive for perfection.
      Even I think, it is more apt to describe parents and siblings as lifelines. Well, I don’t have a sibling but I can know what siblings mean to others.
      I am excited to post the story in bits, one by one here just as you are excited to read the story !
      And actually, you don’t have to be sorry for writing a big comment. I think that no comment is big or small, some express it in detail while some don’t. Your long comment is an imminent inspiration for someone like me who wishes for a good start !!
      Thanks a lot, once again !!!

  13. Attractiveuser

    Outstanding thoughts dear. Post soon!

    1. Optimist

      Just as outstanding as your comment is !!!

  14. Prajkta

    All that you wrote about love is simply beautiful… And you are right defining love is beyond words… If you look at it love is very simple yet complicated and comes with a package of emotions from affection, happiness, possessiveness, care, sadness, and many more… I am really excited to read the story you are going to write… Post soon… Take care and stay safe…

    1. Optimist

      And also I am as excited was you are, to write the story..!
      Will post it soon but approval takes time !
      Take care and stay safe with the prospect of every sunrise ..!

  15. Optimist

    I am receiving so lovely comments that it is difficult for even me to decide which comment to post as the comment of the day !

    And also I am as excited was you are, to write the story..!
    Will post it soon but approval takes time !
    Take care and stay safe with the prospect of every sunrise ..!

  16. Mannu

    Good luck dear
    Promo is good and except you, I think here 2 members are native speakers of Telugu. Me and crazy doll.

    1. Optimist

      I knew it ! Are you from Hyderabad ?

  17. Optimist

    I knew it ! Are you from Hyderabad ?

  18. Aldy

    Awesome promo…your writing, no words for it…everywords are beyond the level.. Iam learning new words from you..
    Yes, love is a different feeling, which is different towards different people..it is the purest feeling which is invisible.
    In my life, I love my mother and father the most.
    My mother is my biggest inspiration..she had sacrificed a lot for me and my brother…still she had no complaint…that is her love…everyday I fight with my mother, everyday, when I got less marks she scolds me saying I didn’t study well, sometimes I feel angry, but when she didn’t scold me I feel bad. I love irritating her and she also like it, but won’t say it to me..that is our love…even if Iam angry with her, at the night hugging her and sleeping makes me feel safe and complete.
    My father is the perfect and best man in this world for me. For him, my mother, me and my brother is his life,he is living for us. I love him very much. Even though our arguments are fierce, but it will only continue for an hour.
    My brother, my partner, I think he loves me more than I love him. Sometimes I feel special because my family always prefer me. Then also I argue with them, sometimes I feels that our arguments,fights are our love. Without these three persons,my life is blank.
    Friendship- till today I hadn’t find a friend whom I can confide everything, who always stood with us, who always teach us what is wrong and right. In these days friendship are very much affected I think. Because we can’t see them. Iam waiting for my special, true friend.
    Love for soulmate, I don’t have words for it. I think it is a different feeling, which make us rebillious, which make us dream, which makes us feel special, sleepless nights,…. But in my life I had already chosen a wrong one, so now Iam not going get into it..hope Mr right comes.
    Now, my love is towards my family, nature..don’t know why, walking through the fields near my house makes me happy, every morning I walk through the fields, trees, plants makes me happy. It gives me pleasure..
    I think I had written a long comment, but these are the words from my mind, which was stucked but now it’s ok. And iam eagerly waiting for your next chapter.

    1. Optimist

      By reading your comment, I got to know that there is an exact copy of myself too. Your comment is promting even me to write my own experience. I don’t have a sibling. Infact, I had a sibling before my birth. It was a terrible experience for my parents.
      And my parents are my only world. They are the two idols of my life to whom I am devoted to, but am bad in expressing it. What I am now oo the strive I am doing in academics is due to her. She is the one who induced the interest of studying, reading novels, writing my own stories. Even she knows that I am writing the story here. I confide everything in her. I have never given her the chance of scolding me in academics in my life. I am quite happy with this. But at the same time, I am very poor in organizing things or extending my hands to help mother in household chores. And sometimes she scolds me saying that atleast I need to learn household chores, but I never care. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand her. This is the only thing I which ends up in upsetting mother. But at night after studying, having stress about future and all the thoughts revolving in my mind, my seclusion from these thoughts is hugging my mother and sleeping peacefully. I don’t know but it seems as magic since thousands of thoughts going around my head suddenly vanishes with her single touch.
      My father…he is the purest soul in this world as it seems to me who is dedicated to me. He says I am his everything. For that matter, his eyes itself shows the love he has for me but is unable to express it in words. I and my father have fierce arguments, sometimes way too harsh, but it stays in my mind for less than 5 minutes. I have often observed this. I have a habit of writing a diary entry at the end of the day before I sleep. But sometimes when I have a fierce argument with my father, I take the diary and start writing. Initially, the sentences are very heated, then it reduces to warm, and finally I end up writing that I know how much he loves me inspite of being angry at times. I also add that how much I love hima nd he is my only world. At that time, I realise that my anger is like the dying out fire, atleast towards my father. My bond with my father is way too complicated, difficult to understand. Only once in my life I had seen him doing melodramatic crying because of fierce argument with me, but even that false crying made me cry a lot. I can’t bear my father crying neither can he bear me crying. That’s a fatherly love !!
      Just like you, my parents are my world without whom even my existence is void. This is the moment I realise what might be the case of orphans ?
      As for friends and friendship, even I didn’t get anyone whom I can confide in. I am considered as a boring person even by the classmates whom I sometimes regard as friends. Nowadays, friendship has also become so cheap. For example the classmates I have, are interested in that boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. I genuinely hate such talks. And that’s why I, myself don’t prefer to be in company of such people. According to me, being alone is better than having such friends.
      I don’t have true friend as such. If there is a friend whom I tell everything from A to Z, it is only my mother.
      Soulmate … I am way too far from this for atleast 13 years from now because of the goal I have chosen. Also what I think is I can find a soulmate in one with whom my parents marry me. And mostly, doctors have similar mentality, interests, choices. So finding a soulmate who is a doctor can make my life worth it. I don’t believe in love marriages but strongly believe in love after marriage.
      Nature… I love it because of the environment I am raised in. I live near Adai Hills in Panvel, Navi Mumbai so all the greenery, and everything is a bliss.
      Thanks for the long comment. And will post the next episode soon..!

    2. Aldy


  19. Zuha

    It was an amazing 😊. really iam eagerly waiting for 1st update 😊.iam happy to read this fiction😊

    1. Optimist

      Will post the episode soon !

  20. Shesha485

    Amazing Intro. All the sentences are deeply true. I am waiting for your FF.

    1. Optimist

      I have posted but as soon as it gets approval, you can go through it. You can expect it by 8 or 8.30 perhaps.

  21. Rishiiii

    Amazing …… I am so grateful to you for sending me the link…. here all the words has deep meanings…. keep it up dear….. I wish you all the best and awaiting for your FF…..🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    1. Optimist

      Thanks for the appreciation. Will try to be worthy of it !

  22. Jasmine kaur

    Amazing dear😍

    1. Optimist

      Thanks a lot, Jasmine ..!

  23. Zingo

    What can I comment! The way you had introduced your story was incredible. Truly love is beyond explanation. LOVE is what we can’t even describe. Waiting for your story. Love always have some special magic. You know even by just, writing or spelling or telling LOVE, it makes us feel special. The word itself gives so much pleasure. And the feeling is a heavenly feeling. I can say.

    Sorry I saw this post somewhat late. Kindly accept mt wishes. Love❤

    1. Optimist

      But sadly I won’t post the story now. I am busy and I am regretful about one of the forum in telly updates. I requested Administrator to look into it, but my email had no effect too…
      Sorry for stopping posts abruptly. The first episode will be the last episode !!

  24. Love is can be seen or touched idk but I will look to observe it very keenly through my eyes. Today in the morning at 530…saw a mother dog…she regularly visits me … perhaps when your eyes look into one’s dreadful eyes and see it enlightening your heart…. that’s called a love….just a small contribution to my observations….I fed her some biscuits even after I was scolded for what…. by my mom

  25. Sitara013

    Super awesome

  26. Pomu

    Superbb Intro dear. On the way to comment box, i saw many essays… I don’t known to write essays on love but want to share my perspective on love. It is a bed of roses for some and bed of thrones for some others. I didn’t fell in love with anyone but I know the results of love bcoz i have experienced. The whole family will be affected and it may not be seen by lovers. But i know the pain…the pain of lowering heads in front of society…😭. Anyway all the best dear.

    1. Optimist

      I love writing essays more than stories. And I have won numerous prizes in essay writing competitions where one has to write an essay on the spot.😂
      And I can understand that every individual has different opinions on love and I guess that mostly everyone inspite of loving our dear ones have always a doubt at the corner of the mind that maybe love may end into bitterness or end up hurting everyone. Many people have this thought and it’s quite common to think so. Just the degree of that thought varies.
      And thus it is very apt to say that love is truly indescribable and that if one way results in a bed of roses, the same way ahead may result in approaching a bed of thorns. Life is such. We call that life has ups and downs. Same is the case of love. And for that matter, anything else in the world is like the two facets of coin !

    2. Pomu

      Ya ok will read it in wattpad

  27. Mysterious storyteller

    Waiting eagerly for your first episode. Good luck. Sorry for the late. I was busy

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