Love is not about Money

“Bulbul this is not going to work..just leave..u can’t be happy with me”

Purab completes his sentence with all of his Frustration..

Bulbul: No way..i loved you..loving you..will love you forever..not ur so called Money.
Maybe my parents saw ur wealth..but not me …u can u think i will leave u this situation.

Purab: Bulbul this dialogue will suits in cinema..not in real life..we need money to live..if i start to work for that money…it will take more than 10 years..nd u ..u can’t live in..

Before he completes…she stopped him by giving him a tight slap..

Bulbul: r u out of ur could u say that,.yes ofcourse am born with silver spoon..that doesn’t mean i will love money more than u,.i love you Purab..For God sake understand this..nd now we going to marry..just come with me..

Purab : Bulbul stop ur Drama..nd Leave..

She was not in the mood to hear him..she just dragged him..nd make him to sit in the car..she stopped the car near Purab house..

Actually he shifted to this small house..becoz of buisness loss..he was one of the leading business man..but now some reason..his buisness lost all his he was living with his this small house..

So Purab decided ..he should not involve Bulbul into this..


Bulbul: Aunty..Aunty..come to hall Please.

Sarla came out by hearing her tensed voice..Purab already said about his thought to Sarla..

She came..

Bulbul: Aunty..just answer my questions..don’t look at this Idiot..he will confuse u..

Sarla wonders nd try to saw him..but before that she took her to the room..

Before Sarla speaks,.

Bulbul: Aunty Pls..just answer my questions..every Mom dream give a loving wife for her son rit?

Sarla: haan beta ..par

Bulbul: like neih neih..u love me rit?

Sarla: haan..lekin..

Bulbul: next..u trust me na..that i will be good bahu for u nd this family?

Sarla : haan

Bulbul: next..u sure na..i am good neih neih..perfect for that Idiot..rit?

Sarla: haan haan..beta but bhi soch our condition was not

Bulbul: neih..i got my answers..

She held her hand nd came to hall..

She stood in front of him..

Nd held his hands nd acted like putting him ring in his fingers..

Then she raised her hand nd signalled him to do that..

Sarla smiled at her childish behaviour..

He stared..nd after seeing she getting angry..ten he too acted like putting ring..

Bulbul : So now Mr.Purab ur wife from now..we can do this officially tomorrow at register office..

Purab: but ur parents..

Bulbul: yes..i should show them..that i only loved u..not Money..

Sarla : she was right Purab…watever the situations maybe..we should be with our beloved one..u should be with her..

Bulbul : haan..tho aunty come nd teach me to do kheer..

Purab: kyun??

Bulbul : this was my first day in my sasural na..i have to do some sweets..

Purab:Maa..atleast make her this to understand..this is very risky than marrying her..

By saying he started to run..then she followed her..

Finally she caught him..nd raised her hand to beat him..but he held nd said

“I Love You”

Bulbul: “Love u too Idiot”


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