Black Coffee – Randhir and Sanyukta are back

Hey guyzzz its been about more than a year Sadda haq has been off air…
We know everyone misses them a lot. But do you know our Randhir Sanyukta aka Param Harshita are back with a webseries called Black Coffee which was aired on youtube Beyond Originals channel. The best part is this webseries is rated the third higest webseries of all time as per the IMdb ratings
Black Coffee is a story on Dhruv Narang-A famous novelist and Hemal Shah -a bank manager/C.A who is given Dhruvs account to handle.The major twist in the story is they are poles apart as Hemal hates love whereas Dhruv hates numbers….
The story shows how Dhruv Narang tries to write Hemals story for his next novel and instead Hemal ends up writing his life story!!
The plot goes interesting episode by episode..
It also depics the attraction between two people,their messed up relations with a full doze of humour!
Enjoy #BlackCoffee which is short but sweet story.Every story cannot have a happy ending…in this case too Dhruv and Hemals story does not have a happy ending..but it surely manages to bring a smile on the viewers face.

Do watch Black Coffee on youtube on the Beyond Originals channel.Also dont forget to like and subscribe it to watch more interesting webseries..
Cirrently working on Vodka Shots with Sanaya Irani

  1. Fenil

    Yaa i watched and it’s really beautiful story i enjoyed.

    1. Richu

      Dont forget to watch Black Coffee!?
      Youll surely love it?

  2. Nikki17

    OMG! sanyukta and randhir.i will watch it for sure.thank u so much richu for informing

    1. Richu

      You are welcome?
      Do watch it?
      Its surely amazing?

  3. AIHA19

    I watched it too it’s quite interesting and bichare Himesh so sad for him but hemal decisions is right at the end. One of the romantic webseries I have Ever watched.❤

    1. Richu

      And its surely one of the best plots of 2017?

  4. Karina

    Hey Richu…i also watched Black Coffee and i loved it. I am now waiting for their short movie ”Aman” to air. I loved the story and Parsh acting was mindblowing. I want to see them in another tv show together. I miss seeing them daily.

    1. Richu

      I miss them tooo..
      Hope to see them together soon?
      Btw how are you?

    2. Karina

      I am fine dear…i miss our chatting sessions….how are you ?

  5. Madhu29

    I have seen the Black coffee episodes and it was wonderful experience I was enjoying every scene. For a moment I thought that Harshitha is a gujarathi. I really loved the performance. Thank you for such wonderful post Richu. Thank you Karina for informing about the movie “Aman” eagerly waiting for it.

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