love have no limitation and conditions by honey episode 2

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hi guys, how r u , im sorry for the late update…….without any late lets peep into the story
the sweet voice of girls is disturbing the sleep of another girls who is closing ears with pillow and pleading for some more time to sleep..
at last she woke from the sleep..
slowly blanket moves down from her, she is none other kushi..
kushi- prags, u r too bad yaar,always disturbing my sleep..
pragya- darling, we have to go to college its already late….
kushi- hmmm, go to hell with college
slowly she get up and gets ready

girls had their breakfast and comes and sees arnav is waiting for them….
arnav- hi di , hi babes, again late …
pragas- don,t say me anything yaar, this is due to your babes……….
kushi- sorry (holding her ears)
they melted seeing her cuteness…..
they drives towards their college..
they got to know that there is no class as competition is near by…
so all pratices for their songs in jodis, groups and solo…

screen shifts to the principal room..

principal- hii abhishek mehra, how can i help..
abhi- vo actually……………(muted conversion)
principal- kk MR.Mehra , so when u wanna join in clg..
abhi- from competition day onwards i will come
principal- kk
abhi- thank you sir, thank you so much sir…
principal- no need of thanks Mr,Mehra, pleasure is mine…
abhi- sir if u don’t mind call me abhi but not as Mr.Mehra, as i brings me into problem..
principal- kk abhi…

abhi- atlast im coming to make u happy & make u to reach our college Miss pragya arora..

screen shift to pragya who feels that someone called her & turns back..
arnav- what happen di
pragya- nothing..
they restarted their reharshals again..

even though some memories are haunting pragya , for arnav, kushi , for their parents she is trying to overcome her memories..

altast the competition day has comes..
all are busy with their last reharshals, costumes, make up etc..
screen zooms into the couples who r talking with each other

the boy is in black suit with a girl who is in green frock…
both are looking so good and hot..
girl- arnav your looking so handsome and hot yaar
arnav- but you are not lessen than me yaar…u looking so hot and s*xy.i can’t able to control myself babes..
so girl is kushi.
she blushes and beats him slighty on his shoulder slightly..
if ur romance is over let’s go towards the stage our program is going to start….says the girls who is in light green long frock with matching accesaries
with light make up whp is looking like a angle from heaven
she none other than pragya..
arshi- haa coming..
the trio goes towards the stages…
the host-respect principal, chief guest and all my dear friends are u ready to start the competition ..
all shouts “yes”
host- so lets start the competition with claasical dance from dance department..
their does classical dance on (eka dantanya telugu song)()Sadda Dil Vi Tu from abcd 2)
then the dances continues ..
host -so next dance is from lovely jodi from arts department
lights off .and the song starts(Behke Behke – Aisha)
they dance romantically forgetting the outside world…
they comes in senses when they heard the claps from audience…

next program continues..
here pragya is waiting for them..
pragya sees arshi and hugs her
prags- wow u both danced very well. what a romance yaar, umaah
arnav- di..
pragya- looks like someom=ne is blushing aa..

arnav-kk di i will come in one minute..
prags- where are you going aa, mine is five performance only…
arnav- don’t worry di, i will come before that only..
pragya hmmm kk come fast…
arnav goes from there.

one pair of eyes are seeing all these..
he is in white t-shirt and black jeans but suddenly some strong hands pull him out beats him continuous..

screen shifts prashi
prags- where is this arnav , only two more performance for my performance…
kushi- don’t worry di , i will go and search him, kk na …..and leaves for there

kushi searches all the arditorium and comes out and sees arnav beating someone in full anger..
kushi just runs to him and trys to stop him and altast he stops..
kushi what happen arnav why are u beating him….
arnav- leave me kushi, because him and his brother only, di is here…
kushi-what nd stares towards the boy who got beaten up arnav
he is none other then abhi
abhi- i know arnav your anger are justifing only but please listen to me once please..
arnav- no get lost for here, don’t even dare to come near my di…
abhi-but arnav please
kushi- arnav, let’s listen what he says, everyone one should get one chance dear
kushi-shhh…….for our di pls..
arnav-kk say
abhi says something which muted and makes arshi cry..
arnav-im sorry abhi, i misunderstood u both nd hugs him..
kushi-but what we will say to di, if she heard this, then we don’t know what will happen to di..
abhi- dont say to her,pls…
arnav-but….before he completes he receives call from prags..
prags-hello where are you guys, next performance is mine,where is kushi, y are u not lifting the calls..
arnav- sorry di,we are coming ,kushi is also with me…
pragya- come fast and cuts the call.

arnav-babes , abhi lets go, di is waiting for us..
abhi you guys carry on, i will come…..

precap- abhigya first meet

sorry guys, first im busy wid my brothers studied and NCC.

even i left ncc but ncc is not leaving us(pot)
i means my ncc is complete but due to osmania university 100 years celebration and president of india visit tomorrow, im very busy ,i can’t able to update ..
may be on sunday,i will update my another ff.
sorry for the late.
if possible i will try to share my experience in os , only pragya will be the lead,it means i will be as pragya…
if i write i will include in my next update the name of os….
enough of bak-bak-

so comment ur views ..
i reply to ur comments in lst epi..
i missing many comment but i know as i m busy with my works they are also busy..
guys…iread all ur ff in kkb andstar plus page, u all are amazing…
thank u MassSneha, SamyuSam|(ur ff and os are osme),Reshma_Pradeep|(thank u for ur continous support from from first epi of my writing), benjilina(thank u for ur advice,keep advancing and correcting me),Abhigya(thank u for ur advice dr),priyanka,Nandana|(sorry that im not able to keep ishveer dr, thank u for ur comment)
thank u all the silent readers for ur support ..
please comment both negative and positive comments are accepted..
but alteast one word gives me so much confidence….
thank u so much
love u all,
see u in nxt update

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  1. Honey

    Sorry fir grammatical mistakes

    1. Honey

      Sorry for grammatical mistakes

  2. Superb and sad for ABHI because he is beaten by arnav.

  3. Reshma_Pradeep


  4. DramaQueen1004

    It was amazing
    pls post soon
    love u

  5. SamyuSam

    Nice episode honey…. Intresting toooo…. Waiting for next update dear??????

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