Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 8

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Hi Ishqbaazians,
Im back with an another part of my FF “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. Before starting off with it, I would love to thank each one of you for reading and appreciating this FF and giving so much support and motivation to me to continue with this FF. I hope to continue receiving all the love, support and motivation from you all.
Recap – Tia misunderstood Anika as maid and insults her, Anika becomes sad and says no to lunch, Shivay goes to make Anika agree to have food and consoles her, Later he asks Tia to apologize Anika, Tia apologizes to Anika after a lot of arguments with her and request by Shivay. Later on Tia ask Shivay about his relation with Anika and says that she feels Shivay is in love with Anika.
Here I begin with part 8 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho” –

Tia – What do I mean? Really Shivay baby? I dont understand why are you favoring that middle class girl so much, what is she to you? You know somewhere I feel that you love her.
Shivay is shocked listening to Tia.
Shivay – Tia please dont assume things without knowing anything. You know nothing about Anika.
Tia – Shivay baby then tell me why is she staying here? Why are you doing so much for her if she is nothing to you?
Shivay(Annoyed because of Tia’s questions) – Tia lets go in the lawn, I will tell you everything about Anika.

Tia and Shivay goes to the lawn where Shivay tells Tia everything about Anika, her father’s death, his promise to Anika’s father and how Anika came to his house as his ‘responsibility’.
Tia – Shivay I can understand Anika’s loss but yaar what’s the need of keeping her in the house, I mean there are so many good hostels in the city, why dont you keep Anika in one of the hostels.
Shivay – Tia I cant do this to Anika, Her father was like my father and he did a lot to me and my company and in his whole life he only asked me to take care of his only child(Anika) and so I cant leave Anika alone, I want her to be in front of my eyes and be happy so that her father’s soul rests in peace.
Tia – Shivay baby why are you taking so much problem because of her,Im not asking you to stop giving her the money, all Im saying is to send her to some hostel. Why have you kept strangers at home.
Shivay(Annoyed) – Tia stop it, I dont need your suggestions and I dont understand why are you behaving like this, you should rather be feeling sorry for her and should help her in overcoming her loss. Tia I would suggest you to spend some time with Anika and Im sure you will like her company. Have you seen how well Sara and Prinku have bonded with Anika.
Tia fumes in anger after listening to Shivay but gives him a fake smile while nodding her head in acceptance.
Shivay(With a slight smile) – Thank you yaar, Im sure you and Anika will gel really well. Im always concerned for Anika, just hope she overcomes her pain and leads a happy life.
Tia – I can understand your concern (Chal Jhooti )
Shivay – Lets go and have coffee.

Prinku and Anika are sitting comfortably on sofa and are talking –
Prinku – Anika Im very lucky to have such a good husband and mother in Law. Ranveer and maa(Kamini) have always been very supportive to me in my every decision. After Amber bhabhi’s death I wouldnt have been able to manage bhaiya and Sara if Ranveer and maa wouldnt have been there with me. Im really thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful family.
Anika(Happy for Prinku)- Prinku God always stands for good hearted people, you are such a darling and you deserve all the happiness.
Prinku(Happy listening to Anika)- Thank you Anika dear and even you have a heart of gold, Im sure God has something really interesting and great for you in store.
Anika – Lets see.
Just then Shanti(Maid) comes and tells them that Shivay is calling both of them to join him and Tia for coffee. Both Anika and Priyanka leaves.

All (except Sara) are sitting and having coffee.
Tia – Anika again Im really sorry for my behavior.
Anika – Its ok Tia, you dont have to apologize again.
Tia(Forwarding her hand for handshake)- So friends?
Anika(Doing Handshake)- Friends.
Tia – Thanks.
Shivay smiles looking at Anika.
Prinku – Okay Anika since that now you have a new friend I feel I should leave now.
Anika – Arre Prinku dont say like this, no one can take your place dear.
Prinku smiles at Anika.
Shivay – I hope that now you can stay for some more time. I will be going to drop Tia at her place so I will drop you also.
Prinku – Okay bhaiya.
Tia(Happily) – Shivay dont forget that on the way you have to buy me an ice cream also.
Shivay – I remember Tia.
Anika gets up to leave..
Prinku – Hey Anika now where are you going?
Anika – Prinku Im just going to check Sara, will be back soon.
Prinku and Shivay both smile seeing Anika’s concern for Sara.
Prinku – Okay dear. Or else Anika just go and get ready and also bring Sara, we all will go and Shivay bhaiya will give us ice cream treat. OKay bhaiya?
Shivay – As you wish my dear.
Prinku – Great !! Anika go and come fast.
Anika leaves while Tia fumes in anger as Prinku spoiled her plan of spending some time alone with Shivay.
Sara is playing with her doll.
Sara(To herself) – Dont know where is my Anika aunty, I will just go and call her and will ask her to play with me.
Just then Anika enters. Sara sees her Anika aunty and gets happy.
Sara(Happily) – Anika aunty where were you for so long, I was waiting for you, come and lets play.
Anika – Sorry darling I was busy with some work but we cant play now.
Sara(Sadly) – Why aunty, why will you not play with me? Are you angry with me? Did I do something wrong?
Anika(Smiling at Sara’s questions and innocence)- No meri jaan, you didnt do anything wrong, We cant play now because daddy is taking you out for an ice cream treat.
Sara(Happily) – Really aunty, Waao, I love ice cream, will you also please come with us? We all will enjoy ice cream.
Anika – Sure darling, I will also come with you. Lets get you ready.
Sara – Yippee !!!
Just then Shivay enters Sara’s room and sees Sara talking with Anika.
Shivay – Oh God baby you are still not ready, dont you want ice cream?
Sara – Oh yes daddy I do want an ice cream, Im getting ready, Anika aunty please ask daddy to wait and help me in getting ready.
Anika and Shivay looks at each other and together says
Anika & Shivay – I will help you get ready.
Sara(Delighted) – Oh great, double help. Daddy you please make me wear my shoes and Anika aunty will you please tie my hair properly, see its so messy.
Shivay – Okay my lady we(Shivay & Anika) both will do as you say.
Shivay picks up Sara from the bed and makes her sit on the chair and bends down to make her wear the shoes. Anika gets a comb and starts making/combing Sara’s hair.
Soon Sara is ready to go for the ice cream treat.
Saraa(Happy after getting ready) – Great job daddy and Anika aunty, thank you both of you for making me get ready fast. Now lets go.
Sara hold both Anika and Shivay’s hand(Sara in middle with Anika and Shivay on either side of her) and takes them out of the room. Shivay and Anika happily looks at each other and are glad that Sara is happy.
Sara comes to the lawn holding both Shivay and Anika. From a little distance Prinku and Tia sees them.
Prinku – Tia dont you think they look lovely together, just like a family.
Tia fumes in anger seeing Shivay and Sara happy in Anika’s company.
Sara(Still holding Anika and Shivay) tells Prinku and Tia how Shivay and Anika together helped Sara get ready.
Prinku is very happy listening to Sara while Tia looks at Anika as if she will eat her.
Shivay – Okay now shall we leave?
Sara -Yeah daddy, lets go.
They all go near the car. Sara is still holding Shivay and Anika and seems really happy. Shivay will be driving the car and goes and takes his seat, while Tia comes and opens the front door in order to sit next to Shivay but just when Tia opens the door and is about to sit, Prinku drags Anika and makes her sit in the front, next to Shivay. Tia is very much irritated and angry with Prinku but remains quiet. Anika tries to get out of the car and sit at the back but Prinku ask her to remain seated. Prinku herself goes to sit at the back, next to Tia and ask Sara to sit with her. Sara doesnt listen to Prinku and wants to sit with Anika on her lap. Anika happily agrees and ask Sara to come and sit with her. Sara is delighted and goes to sit on Anika’s lap. Shivay smiles seeing Anika and Sara’s bonding.
They leave to the ice cream parlor

They all reach and gets down from the car. Anika, Sara(Holding Anika’s hand), Prinku and Tia are walking all together while Shivay is a little ahead of them. Tia seeing Shivay alone runs to him and holds his hand and starts going in the ice cream parlor with him. Sara doesnt like Tia’s behavior and makes faces.

They all goes towards the counter to get their favorite flavor. Shivay ask each of them about their choices and ask them to go and take a table while he brings their ice cream. One by one everyone(Except Anika) tell Shivay about their choice and goes to take a table. At last Anika’s number comes.
Shivay – So Anika now you tell me which ice cream you want me to get it for me?
Anika – Anything.
Shivay – They dont have that flavor.
Anika – No I mean..
Shivay(Cutting her in between)- I know what you mean, dont feel shy and tell me your favorite flavor.
Anika – I love mint chocolate chip.
Shivay (smiling listening to Anika’s choice) – Really? Mint chocolate chip?
Anika(without thinking, In full happiness and exitement) – Yeah Im totally sure about it, I just love it, its really yum, you should give it a try, Im sure you will love it.
Shivay nods at Anika and is glad seeing her happy and cheerful. He ask Anika to go to Sara and all while he brings the ice cream. Anika leaves to the table where all are stiing.
After a few minutes Shivay brings ice cream for all.
Shivay – Look what I got for everyone.
Sara(Delighted)- Waao daddy, you are the best, Anika aunty please pass me my ice cream.
Anika gives Sara her ice cream and she starts enjoying her treat. Everyone else too picks up their flavor and starts having it.
Tia(Enjoying her ice cream) – Waao, this is so amazing, my choice is always the best.
Shivay – Really? What’s your choice?
Tia – Dark chocolate.
Shivay nods at Tia and continues to enjoy his own choice of ice cream.
Prinku(While having her own ice cream) – Tia you know since childhood me and Shivay both hate dark chocolate.
Tia fumes in anger.
Prinku – Anika what’s your choice?
Anika – Mint chocolate chip.
Prinku was about to say something when Sara said – Oh waao Anika aunty your favorite is also daddy’s favorite, he always eats the same flavor as you, see even now he is having the same as you.
Both Anika and Shivay who are sitting infront of each other on the table looks at each other and have their first eye lock, which is seen by Prinku and Tia both and gets broken by Prinku’s voice.
Prinku(Happily) – Tia did you see how similar Anika and Shivay bhaiya’s choices are.
Tia gives a fake smile to Prinku while Anika adn Shivay again looks at each other.
Prinku – So Tia what are your plans, when are you going back?
Tia(Annoyed listening to Prinku) – It all depends on my mood, I havent planned it yet.
Prinku – Oh !! But Tia how will your husband and son live without you>? Dont you think your son will need you after all he is very small.
Tia – My son is not alone, his father is there with him.
Prinku – I must say Tia you are really strong, I and Shivay bhaiya cant live without our kids. I wonder how is your son staying without you, It must be difficult.
Tia(Highly irritated) – Prinku its not at all difficult, In London the lids are usually given such an upbringing that they become independent from an early age and not like our country where the adult children are also dependent on their parents and sometimes few adults are dependent on strangers as responsibility(Aiming towards Anika).
Shivay and Prinku gets angry after listening to Tia while Anika feels sad. Shivay looks at Anika and hate to see her sad and feels bad for her.

Precap – Sara starts considering Anika as her mother. Shivay getting attracted towards Anika.

So friends here I end this part. Hope you all liked it. Kindly shower your love and views by your precious comments. Hope this was not boring, If it was then kindly let me know, I promise to make the next parts more and more interesting.
Chamelis, Tamatars, Eggs, etc all are accepted here( Hope I dont get it πŸ™‚ )

Take Care everyone,

Love you all β™₯β™₯

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