love have no limitation and conditions by honey episode 1

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Hii guys here is my ff love have no limitations & bounderies with new look..
It same story as before but little change in story & introduction of heroine

College gate is as xyz college.
Here students are hurrily going inside the gate..the atmosphere so pleasent..
We can see the fear,tension in some; happiness in some faces….
They comes a gang of three members who r taking happily talking wid each other,cracking jokes etc… entering in gate..
Boy- kushi, i know u r new but y r tension dr .we r with u na babes…
Girl- haa kushi , no need take tension. We will help to complete the notes which missed due health issue…. dr..
( clg started before 1 month..but due to illness kushi can’t able to come)
Kushi-pragya,arnav im not tensioned about note or im new here.but im tension because that idot akkash bro also studying here. U know na he is always says lies to mom about me..
Boy is arnav & girl is pragya.
Arnav- about him i will see kk na.pls smile babes.actually i fall for u becoz of that smile..
Kushi slightly blushes..

Pragya-oyee romeo julliet stop ur romance haa, lets go to class. Otherwise that angry bird will kill us kk…..
Arshi-kk lets go.
Lectire-good morning students..
Students- good morning sir..
Lecture- sut , today im going to teaching about xyz topic..
Pragya-oh no again boring class kushi
Arnav-di, i know but we have listen na otherwise he get out uas from this class..
Pragya-hmm (pout)
Arshi smiles smiling her cuteness..
Lecture-whats going on there pragya, arnv, u new girl.who r u?
Kushi-sir im kushi kumari gupta.
Lecture- ohh u r the sick party girl…starting day only chit chatting with others aa?
Kushi-no..(interruotion by attender)
Attender- may i come in sir
Lecture- haa what happen raju..
Raju- sir,-circulam-
Lecture- hmm, u three sit down, do do this next time
The trio sits.
Lecture-there is a dance competion in our clg for selecting student for inter clg those who r interested can give name for solo, duet,group dance…
Arshi-sir ,we giving names for duet..
Next contunues the list ….
Anyone else wanna give the name..

Kushi-sir pragya for solo dance…
Arnav & pragya was shocked..
Pragya-no sir im nt participating..pls..
Kushi-prags pls….
Arnav- kushi, leave it name.u know na y she is saying that..
Kushi- that y im saying arnav .how many days will she will hate dannce for someone who don’t even care for here
Like this continues the disscussion
Lecture-will u three stop discussion na.pragya u wanna participate or not..
Pragya- no say & goes from there crying..
Arnav- pragya…
But she doesn’t listen to him& goes.
After the class, there is no classes as comprtition is near by ..
Arshi searches her all around the clg but there is no traces of her..
Then goes to place where is available when she feels to be alone..

Pragya goes to a park sits in isolated place seeing the sky….
Arshi went & sits beside them..
arnav- di….(keep his hands on her shoulder )..
Pragya turn towards them & her face is shown..
Kushi- pragya y r u crying, pls…don’t cry…please….
Pragya hugs her & tears fall from her eyes…
Pragya- y this should only happen to me….once upon a time ,I love dance & but because of him , I hate dance but…(slowly tears falls)..
Fb starts…
Boy- hey honey do u know what u look beautiful when u dance…ur expressions ..awww..
I can’t take my eyes from u yaar..please one more dance for me…please
Pragya blushes & nodes like yes..
They both have romantic dance on sunoo song
Pragya hugs him& says-I love you
Boy- I love u too honey…
Fb ends…
Tears r not stopping from her eyes &arshi r trying they best to get out of her pain…
Pragya’s mind suddenly flashes some moment…
F starts..(here it is same boy that is in last fb..)
Boy-pragya I don’t love u , got of my life,don’t show me ur face..
Pragya-what, please don’t do this to me ,please…

Boy- u got lost & pushes her…
Fb ends..
arshi can’t sees her in this condition but can’t do anything..
Kushi- I don’t know how to sob u but please for us, for urparents ,don’t cry…please…I know that dance connects with his memories but u have get out that …
By hearing parents name & she wipes her tears & at that time she got the call from her parents..
Pragya’ ma-pragya betiI, r u alright na…im feeling that u r nor happy, is it true..
(parents feeling about us before we say na..)
Pragya- no maa, nothing like that…
Pragya’s dad- but ur voice
(Here phone is on speaker)
Pragya- papa, actually I’m missing u both very much..
Pragya’s ma- pragya if ur not happy there ,how can we wil be happy here, so pls don’t cry..we also missing u both please don’t cry..
Pragya- kk ma, I will not cry & smiles a little.
Pragya ‘s dad- that’s like a gud girl…kk bye.
Pragya-kk gud night ma, papa..
Pragya’s pals – gud night.
Pragya keeps the phone..
Pragya- kk I don’t care what happens in my past but for me my parls are important , so ,I will participate in dance competition..
Arnav- that’s like a gud girl.. Kk let’s leave u both at the hostel..
All leaves from there and reaches hostel & waves bye to each other…

The scene shifts to a boys talk to someone…
Boy- bhai, I now going to that CLG to fulfill ur promise but I don’t that whether I can’t do that or not ….but I will try my level best….
The boy’s face is shown & tears falls from his eyes & says- I will make her to forgot her pain & make her to fulfill her dreams..
The boy is none other than abhi….


Arnav bhalla-1st year phd student..loves kushi..feels pragya as di…orphan…kushi & pragya are his life.
Kushi kumari gupta-1st year phd student..loves kushi…bestie of pragya…
Pragya arora-1st year phd student bestie of arnav & kushi…(had a past)
These r bestie from past 3 years…
Abhishek mehra-ceo of abhay industries loves his family very much…due to some circumstances he have to join in clg of the above trio…
Aaksh gupta- cousin of kushi, always like to tease kushi.he know about arshi but acts like as if he don’t know…can’t even tolerate a scratch on kushi..

Pracap – abhigya first meet

So guys here is the episode
Hope u will will lik this…
Pls give me ur views for this episode pls…
Both positive and negive comments are accepted…
But jst leave atleast one word comment…

Im also posting this in my page named “FAN FICTION BY HONEY” in fb…

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  1. superb superb superb awesome continue it soon

    1. Honey

      thamk u dr

  2. SamyuSam

    Sooo sweet dear… Lovely update…. Plzz continue nd update regularly…..

    1. Honey

      thnk u dr

  3. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Honey

      thnk u dr

  4. Awesome episode dear but I will advice u not to use short words because not everyone who understand s am sorry if I have hurt u in anyway

    1. Honey

      thnk u dr for ur advice i will try to give it without shortcuts

  5. Interesting and happy but mistakes can’t understand soo little pure English can’t understand di pls if you feel bad I am sorry for that

    1. Honey

      thnk u dr for ur advice i will try to give without mistakes

  6. Superb dear

    1. Honey

      Thnk u dr

  7. Nandana

    Nice di but sad as u removed Ishveer as before they too was been there in this but no problem as u said if we can’t give importance to any couple it is better to remove them other wise reading that the fans will think u r focusing only on a couple and all anyway I can understand di .. Good going …

    1. Honey

      thnk u dr sorry that i removed ishveer but also happy to see ur comment…sorry for late reply dr

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