kriyam – u r my strength Episode 108

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Warning: If u r not comfortable with romance moments plz skip this chapter

Episode 108
Sayyam n Krishna enter inside the elevator… Their room was on 3rd floor… Sayyam was continuously looking at Krishna…
Krishna: Stop looking at me like that…
Sayyam didn’t stoped… Krishna n sayyam both got down from the elevator n went towards their room… Krishna was smiling becoz she knew what sayyam was thinking… She opened the door of the room n went inside.. Sayyam also came inside n closed the door…
Krishna: Sayyam…I’m really tired i’m going to washroom fr Freshen Up. .till then u select ur clothes today plzz..
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) why to Select the Clothes when u don’t want to Wear it only..
Krishna : What r u telling ??
Sayyam : ( Smiles Teasingly ) ohh u did not get my Point ha..then wait let me explain u Clearly My Wifey ( Moves towards Krishna Slowly while Smirking Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Understood n Blushes n Moves Backwards ) sayyam. .Plzz not today haa..m really Tired…
Sayyam : So what..i’m here na i will remove all ur Tiredness..Trust Me m Really Good at it.. ( Winks at Krishna Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam…

Sayyam Keeps on Moving towards Krishna n Krishna keeps moving Backwards to avoid sayyam.
Krishna : ( Shy ) sayyam Plzz..
Sayyam : No krishna ..We r Here for Our Honeymoon soo let’s Enjoy na..
Krishna Keeps on Moving Backwards when She Reached towards the sofa n Fell Down On Sofa . Sayyam Holds Her Hands to Save Her but he also Falls On Krishna Touching His Lips on Her Neck making Krishna Breath Heavily. Sayyam took the Chance n Continued Pecking Her Neck Romantically n Placed a Soft n Sensuous Kiss on Her Neck. Making Krishna to Close Her Eyes in Shyness. Sayyam then Placed His Lips on other Side of Her Neck n Pecks It Sensuously again n Whispers Slowly in a Husky n Romantic Voice in Her Ears.
Sayyam : ( Husky Voice ) Krishna u wanna get Freshen Up na ..
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Haa..
Sayyam : then come let me Help u..u r tired i will Help u in Washroom.. ( Smiles Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Shocked n blushing ) sayyam …what r u telling ?
Without saying anything Sayyam pick Krishna in bridal style n take her towards the washroom…
Chahoon bhi to main kaise kahun saari jo baatein dil kehta hai leherein sapno ki kaise ginoon dariya behta hi rehta hai
keh rahi hai kya ye suno meri khamoshiyaan raat se hain lambi kahin dil ki ye daastan kaise kahoon

while walking towards the washroom both look into each other eyes… they entered the Washroom n sayyam made Krishna Stand of Her Legs n Turned back to Close n Lock the Door n Smiled Naughtily n Removed His Shirt Completely n Headed towards Krishna who was Standing Near Bathing Tub Facing Her Deep back towards sayyam making sayyam more Impatient….
Tumse mujhe ye kehna tha o kehna tha humdum ho saamne to kya kahun kya kehna tha humdum kaise ye jazbaat hain is dil mein to din raat hain hoton pe kyun aane se ye sharmaate hain aankhon mein kyun ye har ghadi aa jaate hain

He Moved Towards her n Hugged her from Back While Caressing Her bare back sensuously n Kissing Her neck Romantically…. Krishna could feel his Kissing on her neck n his Hands caressing Her back sensuously… Krishna closed her eyes n feel his touch.. Then sayyam turns her towards him… Krishna was blushing she quickly hugged sayyam tightly n hide her blushing face…
Sayyam too Hugged Her back in Passion n Kept Caressing Her Bare back n Slowly Removed a Strap of Her Cloth from Right Hand….He Placed A Romantic Kiss on that place… Screen fades….
Sayyam Carried Krishna in His Arms n Came out of the Washroom…
Chahoon bhi to main kaise saari jo baatein dil kehta hai leherein sapno ki kaise ginoon dariya behta hi rehta hai
hum kyun kahein jo unkahi ek baat hai jaanam dhadkan kahe dhadkan sune wo raat hai jaanam dil bole bin, hain bolte sab raaz hain, ye kholte jab khwaab hain, jazbaat hain, ehsaas hai to kehna kya, to sunna kya, hum paas hain..
Sayyam placed Krishna on the bed n came On top of her..The droplets of water from his face were Falling on Krishna making her more Nervous…sayyam noticed her shyness n finally asked a Question in a Very Husky n Romantic tone which Made Krishna More Blush…
Sayyam : Y do u Blush Soo Much ?? We r nt Doing this fr the First time… it’s Our Second time but Still u r Blushing as if its Our First Night.( again Started Teasing n Caressing Her Neck Sensuously )
Krishna was left Speechless n Her Blush Was making her red Like as if She never Blushed in Her Life Till now…Krishna Pulled Sayyam More Closer to Her n Placed Her Soft,Red n Wet Lips on His to Prove Him Wrong that She has Become Bold n is not His Blushing wife anymore,At First sayyam was Shocked n Widened His Eyes in Sudden Surprise but Later started Enjoying It n Smiled n Responded to Her Actions..
Screen fades showing sayyam Entwined His hand with krishna’s hand….

Preap- end of the honeymoon n return to India.. (may be not sure)

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  1. Hey uththara
    This episode has truly burnt up my fingers and left me scalded. It was intensely burning and heated at temperatures of the sun. It was surely romantic and sensual till the brim. It was just so romantic. I can read it once again and once again and again. Its just so awesome and lovely. It was better than the first night in a way..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much shivani? glad to know that u liked it..?

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    The episode was on fire ? shaani… Wow naughty Saiyyam!!! It was so cool…. All the songs, descriptions and emotions were beautifully described…. U like always perfectly nailed each scene…. Amazing…. I really loved ur OS and ur ff is as always…beyond description… Keep writting…and can’t wait for the second one…their honeymoon ended on a blast….

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie.. Glad to know that u liked it.. I just wanted to give some romance between Krishna n sayyam during their honeymoon as we didn’t get a proper honeymoon in ssel..

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Proper? that wasn’t even a honeymoon….not Even for a single moment was shown…but ur beautiful writing satisfied us.. Thank u for such a treat….

    2. Shaani

      Aww… Ur welcome Annie…?

  3. Awesome episode dear

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much dr…??

  4. Aarti32

    Hayee shaanu!! Aaj to blush krwa hi diya tumne??

    1. Shaani


  5. Awwwww sooooo romantic ????? just awesome thanks for the update

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..?

  6. I guess I was blushing more than krishna ???what an episode ??I’m dead?❤love that naughty sayyam??lawl?this one was surely amazing?

    1. Shaani

      ??? I’m glad fo to that u loved this episode… I have uploaded the next part also.. U can read if also…

  7. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    My god? my screen glass broke due to the hotness….

    1. Shaani

      ?????? I also love Karan n Naina ‘s Jodi from swaabimaan…
      And samridh omg.. His smile… He is soo sweet n ankita is very beautiful n cute…

  8. ?????????????????????????can’t express my feelings in words… Damn good… I was smiling and blushing while reading the ff…..just love you Shaani

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much jenita? I love u too…

  9. I am blushing to the core…… why saiyyam is so naughty….ha ha!! The epi has the scorching heat of the sun… reallyyyy a good one. Waiting for next as u know it has become my routine. Last I want to say ur and ria’s joint os was superb…. at first I was very angry about gauri being saiyyam’s wife… but ending…. u rocked it again. Keep smiling & be happy always.. bye

    1. Shaani

      Aaww.. Thank u soo much Ayesha ? it means alot… If u liked it.. That’s all what I want…? keep reading…next part is also uploaded…

  10. Swetha7

    i think i was blushing more than krishna.what a episode…hotness overflowing

  11. Hafsaaa

    Aaa ??? the episode was in fire,Saiyyam was the best?? the song,description,made the temperature hot here? I always loved your ff from the beginning,it’s beyond perfection.Continue the work??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much hafsaaa… It means alot… ? thankx f being with my ff since beginning ?

  12. Fire epi….I was blushing so much by reading this… intense romance…keep writing..

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Isha ?

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