Love Has No Eyes (Shot 5)

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Thank u all for ur wonderful comments. Here is ur next part…
At Ragini’s room about 2:30 am,
Ragini was watching that serial only for Laksh. After felt that she should not reveal herself completely in that letter. So took that and tarred it. Then she wrote a new one.
Ragini’s letter,

Hi Mr.Laksh Maheshwari! I am here to say something to u i.e. to say THANK U to u. U don’t know why I am thanking u. I am thanking u because u has saved my life without knowing anything about me and too by ur acting. I don’t know how to say thank u to u, so I am writing this letter. I don’t know if u will read it or not. But I thought to express my feelings through this letter. Anyways thanks a lot for teaching about the value of life and the value of a family. THANKS A LOT!!!

By ur admire, well wisher and friend if u accept it. Bye
Like this she had modified it and then took an envelope cover and placed that letter inside it. She was praying the god to sun rise early in the morning so that she could go and post it. Then she slept.
Next day morning Ragini was so excited and happy. So she went to the temple and asked the god to make him read her letter. She then went and posted the letter.
At evening 5’o clock,
Laksh was at his house getting ready for the shoot. Just then his servant came and gave him a letter. Laksh saw the “from” address and any other things about that person. But he couldn’t find anything except an alphabet ‘R’. So he jumped into the conclusion that it was from his fans. He was about to open the envelope just then he remembered to go to the shooting on time, or else he have to face that angry man. So he asked his servant to keep it in the store room then he went for the shoot.
Ragini’s room,
She was in so much tension and worried if he would have read her letter or not. So she called Sharmi.
Sharmi: Haan Ragini.

Ragini: Sharmi. I need to know a thing.
Sharmi: This time whose address did u wants. Please Ragini ask some popular star’s address so that I could find easily. Not like the previous time. Only god knows how I have struggled for that address.
Ragini: O come on Sharmi, I don’t want any one’s address this time. I want to ask u something.
Sharmi: ok! Ok! Tell me.

Ragini told her about the letter and her confusion.
Sharmi: o Ragini this is what is ur problem? Ragini it’s common among the stars. Some will love to interact with their fans and some will love to be a rare visitor of their fan clubs and some don’t even want to know what is their fans reaction and comments. Just take me as an example. I love to interact with my fans and in rare cases of busy shooting schedules I can’t be with them. May be he also have the same problem or he may be of that third type. U just do a thing. Don’t wait for any replies. If u want u just continue writing the letter for him till u get a reply. Ok?
Ragini: ok Sharmi thank u bye.
Sharmi: bye.

Ragini thought that Sharmi was right and she liked that idea of continuing the letter. So she took another paper and started write about the comments of his acting and wrote the alphabet ‘A’ and posted the letter.
Laksh who was busy on his shooting could find any time to take rest. But he knows that someone was continuously writing letter for him. So he thought of giving reply but after his busy schedule.

Days passed like this Ragini letter daily with the alphabets on her i.e. on third day the letter contains the alphabet ‘G’ and on the fourth day ‘I’ like this so that giving clue about herself. After her name completed she commented on him like “awesome” by this same technique.
One evening Ragini was about to write the 100th letter she stopped and browsed on his profile on the internet and found that the next day was Laksh’s birthday. She was so excited and thought of giving some gifts to him. so thought for a while and took her sketch pens and draw something on a big chart.(Actually Ragini was a trained artist). And she bought some things and packed it and sent it through the parcels.
Next day…

At Maheshwari Mansion,

Laksh was very excited that it was his birthday and he knew that he would get more presents from his fans. Laksh dressed himself in black shirt and red colored blazer and pant. Then he went to the shooting. He thought for a while and to the orphan home where he was born. He then went to meet the father of that home. The father knew that Laksh will be coming to visit him on his birthdays. He blessed Laksh for happiness and they two had some talk while walking. There Laksh saw a girl with the same red colored anarkali like blazer and pant. He could only see her from back side and doesn’t saw her face. He was just admiring her activity of giving chocolates to all the children. while a boy asked
Boy: Di. Today is ur birthday right?

That Girl: No, today is not my birthday. Today was a special person’s birthday so that I came here to give u all chocolates.

Boy: whose birthday di? Is ur husband’s birthday? For every girl, her husband was special. Am I right?
Laksh who was hearing their chatting felt a sudden pain in his heart. He was about to go just then…
That Girl: OMG! How did u know about girls? Yes it was true that for every girl her husband was special. But I am not yet married. Ok guys let me meet u all tomorrow. Guess what?
After hearing that she was not married Laksh felt some butterflies on his heart and a smile came on his face.
Boy: May be tomorrow is ur birthday.

That girl smiled and surprised. She hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks. Laksh felt that if he got that hug and kiss OMG!
That Girl: Yes! Tomorrow is my birthday. But I am going to meet u all daily for ur wonderful talks and sharp brain. Ok I want to go to temple. Bye!
All the children in chorus “BYE DI”
That girl turned and Laksh could see only her half side of the face. But he could remember who she was. She was the same girl whom he saw at a signal. the same girl to whom he went and blabbered something, the girl who had disturbed his thoughts. Laksh smiled while remembering that girl. Yes that girl was none other than Ragini!
Suddenly Laksh remembered something and looked at his watch. Yes Laksh was late for his shooting so bid bye to everyone and went to his car. Ragini who was standing near her scooty behind his car saw Laksh. But Laksh didn’t noticed her. Ragini became happy that she had saw him. But she could find some tension on his face and thought he was late for his shooting. Ragini wished the god to make him happy as she could not see his worried face.

What will happen next? Will Laksh be happy on his birthday? If not what will Ragini do? Keep on commenting. Thank u. Let it be a best day for all guys!

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