Hum saath saath hain – YHM,IPKKND,Swararagini,ETRETR SS Part5

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Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 5
Raman-Ishita’s reception party…
Arnav:Ladies and Gentlemen…this party is for our Raman bhaiyya and Ishita bhabhi…It is time for them to enjoy to the fullest.So here comes LAKSH and Ragini to entertain them.

LAKSH and Ragini came in traditional outfit.
LAKSH as Krishna and Ragini as Gopika.The dance was cute and funny.

Maiyya Yashoda…
Yeh Tera Kanhaiya…
Maiyya Yashoda, Yeh Tera Kanhaiya,
Panghat Pe Meri, Pakde Hai Baiyan,
Tang Mujhe Karta Hai, Sang Mere Ladta Hai,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se…

Everyone laughed.While dancing LAKSH and Ragini remembered how they used to dance on this song during childhood days.

Rishab:This party is not only to introduce our daughter in law to all of you,but also to announce that my son Arnav and..
Shashi:My daughter Khushi are going to get engaged on the coming Sunday.
Arnav and Khushi were pleasantly surprised.
Everyone clapped hands.Raman clapped his hands saying:I am so happy for Arnav and Khushi.

Ishita:Me too Raman.They love each other madly.

Prerna:Arnav…now onwards don’t complain that you are not able to spend time with Khushi,Very soon Khushi will be with you.
Arnav smiled.Khushi blushed.

Prerna:And no need to visit Khushi secretly and escape through the window.
Arnav and Khushi were shocked.
Arn:Mom…how do you know that?
Garima :I only told her.
Garima:You and Khushi thought I won’t know when you peep into Khushi room secretly?
Arnav was embarrassed.
Prerna:Khushi,I can’t wait for you to come to our house as our daughter in law.
Khushi smiled.

All were chatting.Arnav could’nt take his eyes off Khushi.

He went near Khushi.Suddenly LAKSH came in between.
LAKSH:Congrats Khushi.
K:Thank you LAKSH.
LAKSH:Do you know why I said congrats?
K:For getting engaged with Arnav.
Arnav murmured:What the!This LAKSH is mad.
K:Then why?

LAKSH:I said congrats,but not for becoming Arnav’s fiancee,but for going to be my Bhabhi.You are lucky to get a devar like me.
Khushi smiled.

Arnav got irritated:LAKSH,whenever I try to come to Khushi why are you disturbing us?
LAKSH:Oh chill bro.Only a few days are left.Then engagement…then wedding…then full time with Khushi.So calm down.
Khushi smiled.Arnav smiled slightly at Khushi.

LAKSH went near Ragini.
LAKSH:Hi Yashoda…
Ragini:Stop it LAKSH.Even during childhood you used to tease me calling Yashoda.
LAKSH:Then what should I call you?
Ragini looked at him smiling.
LAKSH:Can I call you Radha?After all in the dance performance you were my Radha.Right?
LAKSH:Oh…you want only to be called as Ragini,your name.Right?
Ragini:Not because of that.Radha could never get her love Krishna.I don’t want to be another Radha.
LAKSH was stunned seeing her emotional.

Ragini walked away.
LAKSH:Oh no…my silly joke hurt her unexpectedly.

The next sunday…
Arnav dressed up for the engagement function.
Raman:My little brother is looking handsome.
LAKSH:Yes Arnav.Cool look.You are giving me competition.
Everyone laughed.
Ishita:Arnav…today you are going to get engaged to your lady love,my Khushi.From today your relationship with her is going to take a new direction.All the best.
Arnav smiled:Thanks bhabhi.

Ragini and Rani dressed up Khushi.
Khushi:Enough.Guess I am becoming too gaudy.
Rani:Come on Khushiji…you are going to be my bhabhi.My bhabhi should look the best.You are looking so beautiful that you will take my Arnav bhaiyya’s breath away.
Ragini:Yes Khushi…you are looking gorgeous.
Khushi was shy.

Khushi was brought to the engagement hall.Arnav Khushi exchanged romantic glances.
Ishita:My Khushi…you look so pretty.Rani and Ragini are experts in dressing up others.
Rani caressed Khushi:No Ishita bhabhi.It’s not because we are good at dressing up Khushi bhabhi is a natural beauty.

Ishita:No doubt about it.Khushi…you are going to be my devrani.As my Devar’s bhabhi I am very happy that my devar is getting a girl who is beautiful inside and outside.
Khushi smiled.

Arnav-Khushi exchanged rings.

When others got busy Arnav grabbed Khushi’s hand and took her to a corner where no one was seen.
K:Arnav..why did you bring me here?
Arnav looked at her deeply.She became shy.
K:Why are you looking at me like this?
Arnav moved closer to her.She started breathing heavily.

She closed her eyes feeling his breath on her skin.

His lips started pampering her face.

She got lost in him.

A:Khushi…did you feel bad?If so I am sorry.I just lost my control.I promise you that i won’t repeat this.

She blushed.

Arnav smiled.He held her hand.
She ran away blushing.He smiled.

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