LOVE NEVER DIES (epilogue) by manu

Anika is seen sitting in her room.. On her bed.. Surrounded by the bangles.. the wooden box.. the diary.. The letter..
Anika was too excited to wait for arrival of her wedding day and then opening that *for marriage* box… so she looks up and says
“sorry mum, too excited… so opening it today” and she winks at her mother..

She opens the box… and finds a beautiful bracelet inside it… gold plated… triangles on it(the one that anika wears) and a note saying “I used to wear it.. till my last breath it was with me.. it’s the only thing of mine that is not with your father.. Otherwise my each and every dress… even my managalsutra will be in your dad’s cupboard… I somehow managed to hide this from him”

Anika smiles while reading the note… then she finds a small pouch in it… that has a key in it..
Anika wonders which door belongs to this key… when some answers her question…
“It’s key of her house”
Anika looks and finds shivay standing at the door..
Anika: her house?
Shivay: hmm… her house… before she became my wife..
Anika: ohh…
Shivay: it’s such a special place..
Anika(smiles): her everything is special to you daddy..
Shivay: yes… but that house has its own special place..
Anika: why?
Shivay (smiling): so many fights happened there.. to be specific water fights.. and when she..( he becomes silent and his face lost its smile)
Anika: when she??

Shivay: left me.. I went there and had to stay for half a year to convince her to come back..
Anika (shocked): left you?? But why?? 6 months?? That means something bad happened?
Shivay: yes.. I did a terrible mistake.. something that couldn’t be forgotten.. or forgiven.. she left me.. I didn’t realized that I was doing bad to her..
Anika: what did you do?
(Shivay looks down on the floor and remains silent)
Anika: daddy, if you are not comfortable it’s okay..(she stands up and hugs shivay)
Shivay: I doubted on her..
Anika: doubted?
Shivay: on her character..
Listening to this anika breaks the hug.. Takes a step back..
Anika(in a bit higher tone): you did what?
Shivay: actually I loved her so much that even the lie hurt me so badly that I couldn’t control my anger..
Anika: u doubted your wife daddy?? Didn’t she tell you that she loved you still you doubted on her?
Shivay: when it happened.. she was not my wife.. she didn’t tell me that she loved me.. only I knew within my heart that I loved her.. I loved her so much that watching her standing in somebody else’s room just boiled my blood.. I was so angry on her for stabbing my heart.. my trust.. somewhere I knew that she can’t do that but love makes you blind.. I got blinded by jealousy.. by anger…
Anika: you knew you loved her before marriage?? But once chachu told me that you confessed your love an year after your marriage…
Shivay: I confessed an year after.. but I got to know that I was in love with her.. Truly… madly… deeply… when that goon slapped her..
Anika: which goon?

Shivay: it’s a long story..
Anika: okay just tell me when did u realized that u were in love..
Shivay: once few goons were kidnapping her and I reached on time to save her..
Anika: then??
Shivay: she was in that situation because of me… she saved me from a fake case even after I insulted her.. I parked my car in front of the auto in which anika was sitting… the goons came out to beat me..
Anika(claps): but like a hero you punched everyone and saved maa..
Shivay: no
Anika: then??
Shivay: I let them beat me..
Anika(making a sad face): because you were guilt struck??
Shivay: yes.. every punch that landed on my face reminded me of every insult.. rather than causing pain.. the punches were erasing the pain.. their punches were what I deserved for hurting the world’s best girl.. I didn’t wanted them to stop.. I was bleeding but smiling.. smiling because I was being punished for the blunder that I had made… I hurt her so deeply that my pain felt smaller.. even then she was crying.. crying for me.. I was at fault.. but still she wanted to save me.. she was shouting and pleading me to save myself.. and then..
Anika: then?
Shivay: then one of them slapped anika.. and that was something that shivay singh oberoi could not bear.. someone hurting anika.. someone causing her pain.. that was not acceptable.. no one in this entire universe had rights to hurt her.. I know I have hurt her the most… but someone other than me.. never!
So that triggered the angry young man who was silent by then.. and I with the help of omru beat them up..

Anika: but.. when did you exactly realized?
Shivay: when he slapped her.. my head prickled at it.. and my heart shouted.. how dare someone hit the girl whom shivay singh oberoi loves.. how dare someone slap anika.. My anika… my love.. My everything..
Anika: so proposed her?
Shivay: no.. instead she came to see me after that and I slept in her lap..
Anika(smiling): wow so romantic daddy..
Shivay: not romance but effect of pain killers.. when I woke up.. I just realized that I loved her… and that I slept in her lap..
Anika: then?
Shivay: then I announced my marriage with tia.. I got scared with the thought of being in love.. om’s words were running in my head..
Anika: what the wack?? You were in a habit of making simple things complicated!!
Anika (after a small pause): chachu’s words?
Shivay: once he told me.. someday someone else’s life will become important to me than mine.. her breath will stop and I will feel like dying.. she will get hurt and I will feel the pain..
And that is what exactly happened.. the slap caused pain to me.. I cried because someone raised hand on her.. and the very thought of being in love scared me..
anika: why were u so scared..??

shivay: because she was too good for me..
anika: what?
Shivay: I was a very bad person anika… I always insulted her… always said something that made her cry.. my words, my actions… anything that I did always hurt her.. I did so many bad things that I didn’t wanted to be the reason of her pain anymore… so I lied… lied that she was not of my class… so many more reasons I gave her to hate me..
Anika: but u did believed in class, blood, lineage..
Shivay: yes I did… but she was different… with her…these barriers kept vanishing… but to save her from me… I had to do all that… I was too scared to let her love me… because I wasn’t a good person… and she… well she was like an angel… I started to realize slowly that she was becoming more than just important… she was becoming my life… my reason to continue breathing… but I was not worth her… she was so pure… so good… so innocent… and i… I was arrogant, egoistic, bad, devilish… I always pushed her away but she kept coming closer and then she became my everything and I didn’t realize when her life became more important than mine… when brightness of her smile started to make my days better… when her chit-chat started to make sense…
Anika: and what about that doubt..
Shivay tells her everything till shivay saved anika from daksh…
Shivay: then she left me… she left the house in the night… when everyone was asleep..
Anika : then you went to bring her…?
Shivay: yes.. I did.. I lived in that house for 6months… I used to do “jhadu-pocha” over there… and slowly slowly… anika accepted my apologies… and she came back…
You know… om used to say.. “” Sach mein dhal jaate hai kisse dil se dohrane ke baad…Ishq par hoga yaqeen ishq ho jaane ke baad.”
And the day she said she loves me… that day… I understood what om said was truth…

Anika: well, how did you proposed her??
Shivay (laughs): ohh… that was cute…
Anika: what??
Shivay: actually she decorated our room with flowers and candles and balloons… when I entered in the room she was nervous… trying to figure out what to say…
Anika (cutting him): don’t tell me that maa proposed you!
Shivay: no, before she could say a word.. I went down on my knees took out a glass of water and proposed her…(shivay laughs)
Anika: you mean took out a ring?
Shivay: no, I mean glass of water… she was obsessed with throwing water on me… so glass was better than diamond to propose your *atrangi(weird)* maa..
Anika: what did you say?
Shivay: that I was in love with her… her smile was the best thing in my life… her tears were the worst one… her weird talks became sense full… I wanted to spend rest of life listening to her weird language… I wanted to experience all my ups and down with her… I wanted to laugh holding her hand… I wanted to cry with my head in her lap…I wanted my mornings to start with her and my nights to end with her… I wanted to give her everything… I wanted her to mine… I wanted to take all her sorrows and give her the entire world’s happiness… (he smiles at anika)
Anika (laughs): two weird people with a weird love story..
Shivay: now sleep…
He leaves..

Anika takes out the diary.. she again caresses the word maa written on it..

She opens the diary and on the first page she finds
****I never thought that love was made for me… i always wanted a family… a husband whose life will revolve around me… and I hated your father… but then… I found my love… love happened with the person I hated the most… he gave me everything… a family, love, respect, care, loyalty and YOU… it’s out love story…****

She turns the page..
And starts reading the diary.. anika has written down about her and shivay.. about every fight.. every nok-jhok.. every taunt they passed to each other.. every time they stood for each other..but then she finds that half of the diary was empty..
She keeps turning and finds a note in the end.. which read as
“because where my story ended.. from that point your story has to be written”
“write about your partner anika.. about your love”

Anika was smiling through her tears after reading each and every page.. She hugs the diary and sleeps on the floor holding it..
*****wedding day****

**************a leap of one week****************

It’s anika’s bidaai time..
Anika and varun take everyone’s blessings and anika goes to shivay..
Anika hugs shivay.. shivay hugs her back
Shivay: be brave anika.. and always remember.. smile even if circumstances are bad..
Anika looks at him and says “I will”
Anika sits in the car and holds shivay’s hands..
Shivay: stay happy *always* anika.. I love you..
Anika: I love you too daddy..

The car starts and slowly shivay leaves anika’s hand..
He turns towards omru and all he managed to speak was
“my anika”
He started crying.. his tears didn’t know any number.. they were just flowing..

The entire day passed.. everyone was silently sitting in the hall.. Their house was silent.. this silence was felt last when anika left them.. and again the silence is there because their anika went to her sasural..
Everyone retired to their rooms..

Shivay in his room was sitting near window.. holding a frame.. the photo was of him..his wife and his daughter.. he was caressing their faces..

******** morning time**********
Everyone was present at the dining table.. Except for shivay..
It was 9’o clock now.. Shivay is never this late.. he hates to wake up late..
Anika comes for pagphera rasam.. she too finds it strange that her father was not there..
Her heart beat increases when she finds him missing..
Anika looks at omru.. and omru look at anika.. The trio was scared now..

They run towards shivay’s room…
as soon as they open the door… Their eyes widens…

The room was covered with anika’s cloths… every inch of the floor… the chair the table… the sofa.. Wherever their eyes went anika’s cloths were lying..
Then they notice that on the bed… shivay was sleeping… his face and body was covered with blanket..

Om with a shaking voice calls out..
No response..

rudra shouts “shivay bhaiya”
still no response..

omru walk towards shivay with tears constantly rolling down from their eyes..
om’s hands were shaking.. Rudra uncovers shivay..

what they saw now… made everyone’s eyes wet… every person standing in the room stopped breathing for a moment..
***o jana background music plays***

—-khoya khoya rehta hai—–
there in the bed.. shivay was sleeping..but..

–dil tadap k kehta hai–
but.. he was holding the bridal dress that his beloved wife wore on their marriage day..
—-tu hai mere jeene ki wajah—–
his face had a smile.. the dress was lying above him and he had held it with both his hands..

—-o jaana—–
And her mangalsutra was also there…

om checks shivay’s breathing and nerves.. and falls down on floor..

there was pin drop silence in the room.. Everyone’s eyes were flowing..

om breaks the silence..
om(in a breaking voice): he left us..

anika: but with a smile..

Everyone looks at anika and find her smiling…Looking at her father..

anika: she was waiting for him… he had to go… from 25 years both were waiting for this moment… shivay and anika finally became shivika…

*******o jaana plays again(while everyone looks at shivay*******

Pinky goes near shivay and break down into tears.. holding his collar she shouts
“why shivay.. why you left me”

She sees a page that was kept inside his shirt’s pocket
“because she is waiting from 25 years mom..”

Pinky breaks down.. sits near his son’s body..keeps her head on his face and cries.. when she finds another note..

“Stop crying please… I had to go… go to meet my wife and my dadi… Both are missing their billu…
Now role of shivay is over.. it’s time to become billu
Love you oberois”

Anika goes near shivay’s feet and remembers shivay telling her that he sometimes sees anika sleeping near him… the dress was the example..

She finds a note for om..
Om takes it
** sach me dhal jaate hai kisse dil se dohraane k baad…
Ishq par mujhko ho gaya yakeen… anika se ishq ho jaane k baad**

Om smiles after reading it…

—–flashback is shown—-
Shivay is seen sitting near the window.. caressing the photo of him, anika and their daughter..
When anika(his wife) comes and sits with her head on his shoulder..
Shivay: congratulations anika..
Anika: same to you shivay..

Anika: shivay..
Shivay: hmm?
Anika: have you fallen in love your secretary or someone in your office??
Shivay: why…
Anika: because I feel you are planning to stay here for long..
Shivay: yes actually.. tina is so hot..
Anika( with anger in her eyes): I am leaving… go live with that tina… I have seen her she wears such small skirts… and deep neck tops… (she stands up and starts to leave when shivay holds her hand)
Shivay: no girl can make me stay back here except for your daughter…
Shivay goes to his wardrobe.. picks her bridal dress asks her to wear it..
Both lie down in the bed together..

Shivay: u look magnificent in this dress anika.. I love you…
Anika: I love you too billuji
Shivay: don’t call me that..
Anika: what?
Shivay: that..
Anika: what billuji??
Shivay: yes..
Anika: sorry billuji I won’t call you billuji… last time sorry billuji..

And then shivay holds her…and kisses her to stop her chit-chat….
–flashback ends—

**********************THE END************************

–don’t know what to say—
–I m confused regarding this end—
–I don’t know if I did justice with my thoughts and your expectations—
–hope u all will like it—
–sorry, for mistakes–
— thank you—

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      happy republic day sweetie..

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