Kasam 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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UV comes to inform Rishi that Rano wants to go back home. He warns Rishi that he might not be able to bear her condition, but must not lose courage.
There, Tanuja writes a note in her room and places it under Rishi’s photo frame. She leaves the house crying. Rishi brings Rano back home, he speaks to Ahana that he won’t speak to Tanuja and would only ask her to go away from here. Ahana asks how would he be able to say this, he is so hurt even when Tanuja is behind this. Rishi says he has a long ago relation with pain, he was in pain even when Tannu wasn’t there. No one knows who did this, but apparently Tanuja appears to be responsible for this. What would be reply to Rano that Tanuja is still with him, he is ashamed he couldn’t do anything about it. Rano is his mother, his everything.
Tanuja arrives at a temple in the way, she cries and speaks to Goddess demanding why her fate wasn’t changed. Why Rishi was given to her, when she had to snatch it. She complains for the pain she can’t bear, why she was granted a family, a house, a relation. She has everything, but still she owns nothing. She cries sitting there, then decides she won’t let her love be sacrificed this way. She wonders why she must bear the punishment when she is innocent.
Rishi brings Rano to her room. They all come to help Rano get on the bed. Bee ji sits beside Rano saying she can’t start her day until Rani scolds her in the morning. Ahana takes Bee ji. Raaj sends Divia and Smiley as well. Rishi sits beside Rano and wipes her tears, he insists Rano can’t lose courage as they are all only because of her. Rano denies taking medicines from Rishi, she weakly asks Rishi about Tanuja? Rishi replies he broke his relation with Tanuja, she would never be seen in this house anymore. Raaj takes the medicine from Rishi, and tells him to go and change. Ahana cries watching Rishi upset.
Tanuja stands up to go to Rishi, determined to prove herself innocent. She runs across the road and come across an accident. She was hit on head, she gets to Tannu’s life and gets clear flashes about them.
There, in the room Rishi looks outside the window thinking even moon has left with Tanuja.
People gather to help Tanuja.

PRECAP: Tanuja speaks to the Goddess in temple she now remember everything, she is Tannu and she is Tanuja. She is here to complete Rishi’s love life.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This episodeThanuja understands her past life.

  2. Dear Ekta maam AE kaisi story apne approved ki he is kasam show me Sirf bichdne ki alava Kuch bi nahi ab Kya Rishi-tanuja mileage, some romantic track’s ayegi . Ghar ka Sab sadashya Tanuja ko apnalenge. Karke hum ko tho bahuut kushi hui thi. ab Dekho phir se Sirf qurbani ke liye janam Liya hai tanuja . Aap Sab viewer’s bathaya phir abi Kuch alag track tanuja ab Rishi Se alag hi rehna chahegi kyonki jab jab Rishi-tanuja milenge kaali ayega .Pls Ekta medam apki iss acchi serial ke Sab viewer’s ke tarap Se 1request unko alag mat karo, romantic scenes, comedy scenes rakho aur ye family ka drama bahoot jaada dekha rahihe aap plz .

  3. please don’t lag the story. sees Soo boring.do something audience can surprise s

  4. So now after 40yrs she is told they cannot be together ?
    But really she should be grateful,She has had a miserable life.
    What is the definition of spiteful ?
    Before I die son,Can you divorce Tanu ?
    So with my last breathe I want see my son miserable ?
    Someone should start selling her tissues,You would make a a fortune.

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