My love never changes (KKB) Shot 3 Final Shot

Final shot!

I was waiting for her to come out of the cabin. Soon,she came out of the cabin. I couldn’t see her clearly in the darkness. What surprised me was there was another person behind her. I assume it to be a man in the way I could see in the darkness.

“Sorry baby…I thought you were in your cabin. I wanted to surprise you!” The man said.

“Baby? Why he calls her that way?” I thought.

“I am very angry! What if Pragya knows you were around? Everything would have been messed up! You very well know I am going to marry Abhi after a lot of efforts!” She said with frustration.

“Sorry yaar…I didn’t you left early!” He said. Within a few seconds, I heard kissing sounds.

I felt disgusted hearing it. She was cheating on Abhi.How could she stoop so low. Abhi being the gentleman is ready to sacrifice his love for me just because he didn’t want her to feel disappointed. But over here she is romancing with some man.

I felt like asking her why does she have to marry Abhi if she doesn’t love him. But I stop myself. I continued to listen to their conversation.

“You always know how to control my anger.” She said in her husky tone.

“Yes I know, I doubt that Abhi knows.” He said.

“Why are you talking about him now? I hate him but I have to marry him.” She replied.

“I said you have to marry him for our future. It’s just for a while you have to bear with him. After you get his signatures, our life will be settled. He is a emotional fool that we can use for our success!” He said which made me furious.

How dare he said my Abhi as emotional fool! If I know who he is I would pour hot water on him to burn his face!

After a while both left. I was left alone in the office. I was not sure whether to leave as I was scared what if they are around.

I called Abhi. “Are you still inside? I saw them leaving already.” He said.

“Haan I am still here…” I whispered.

“No one is there right? Why are you talking very softly?” He asked.

“Sorry sir. I am coming down now.” I said making him sigh at me.

I was on the road now but couldn’t see him there.

He called me again. “Look to your left!” He said.

I looked as he said. He was there in a car with the headlights on.

I quickly made my way to him. Sitting inside the car, I sighed remembering what happened a while ago. I still couldn’t believe that she would do like this.

“First drink some water.” He said by passing me a bottle of water. I drinking it looked at him from corner of my eyes. He being the naughty person winked at me.

“Thanks…” I said capping up the bottle.

“ Now tell me what happened.” He said. I could see him looking serious now.

I took a deep breath before saying what happened.

All the while he was giving a stern face which I couldn’t comprehend of. I hope he was not getting angry.

“What do you think we must do?” He asked. I was not expecting that as I thought he will tell what we will be doing next. I hesitated to tell my opinion.

“You can tell me whatever it is Pragya. I want to know what you feel too.” He added.

“First of all, I have to say that you are not emotional fool like they said. From what I know you are a person who gives value to other’s emotions. It’s a great quality that many doesn’t have. I really respect you for this quality. This is the same quality why you never come after me after I said no to you. If it was someone else then he would have come after me continuously trying to get a yes from me. But you didn’t as you respected my emotions. You gave me the space to think of you sir.” I said hoping that he would feel better.

“Okay…but this doesn’t answer my question.” He replied.

“Sir….I don’t know what to do…I will do what you say.” I said timidly.

“You can’t be this way Pragya. How long will you act as per others instructions? You should have your own stand too.” He said looking at me. I was surprised at his words. It’s not that I don’t want to voice out my opinion. It’s just that I want to follow his words.

“Now tell me what you want to do with them?” He asked.

“I know they are doing wrong to you sir. But I don’t want to humiliate them in front of everyone. Can we personally tell them of our relation. I hope they can be understanding not to disturb us.” I said. I was not sure whether he will agree with me or not. I was anxiously waiting for his opinion on my words.

He smiled broadly. I was surprised looking at him.

“This is the difference between you & them. They are trying to worsen my condition while you are trying to handle their condition as delicately as possible. You don’t want them to feel hurt while they don’t mind to hurt me. Let’s go now as it’s getting late. We will think of how to handle this situation in the way you say.” He said.

I nodded my head as ok. I don’t know how will we handle this situation without humiliating them. Hopefully we can get a way for it.

He left me at my house. I with thoughts of him entered my house to find Bulbul sleeping on the sofa itself. It seems she had waited for me.

I smiled for her caringness towards me. She is always like this.

I made her sleep on the bed before going inside my room to get changed.

The day ended with me sleeping beside my sister. I was too tired to think of anything now.

The next day,

The first thing I did was calling Abhi. There was no response by him. I was getting scared as he usually picks up my call immediately if not he would call me back too. I was continuously calling him but still couldn’t get through him.

“When I am here! How can you keep on call me?” I heard his deep voice. I looked up to see him standing near the doorstep.

I was shell-shocked thinking of why is he at this hour. What if my neighbors saw him. I was feeling panicked.

“So she is Pragya?” I heard another voice. It was a female voice.

“Pragya, I am his Dadi. We are here to pass the wedding invitation.” She said.

“Wedding invitation?” I thought. I was feeling worried when she said that. How sad she will become when she knows this wedding will not happen. It’s like breaking her dreams.

Abhi looked at me. He was looking as if I don’t have to worry this much.

“I think she is still sleepy. Give her sometime. We will wait for you outside Pragya…” She said.

I was looking at Abhi. Abhi smiled at me positively. I wonder how can he look so positive even at this situation.

I then freshen up myself. I said sorry to them for making them wait. But they were polite enough to tell it was ok as Bulbul received them. They praised her for being very jovial. I looked at Bulbul who gave me a proud smile.

I was happy to talk to both of them. As usual Bulbul cracked jokes. What surprised me was Abhi teased her which she took it sportively. If I teased her she will make grumpy faces but she was fine with his teases.

I really like their bonding. “Looks like your sister have nothing to say. Have we talk everything until she don’t have anything to talk?” He teased me.

I adjusted my glasses again in anger. I was admiring their bonding but he was teasing me to make me angry.

Everyone laughed while he winked at me. I looked away blushingly.

“Stop teasing her alot. Let’s leave Abhi. We have other house to pass invitations.” Dadi said.

I again looked at him worriedly. He in return looked as if there is no need to worry.

I then thanked her for the invitation. She in return hugged me saying hope to see you get married soon.

I looked back at Abhi. He looked away and smiled.

The only thing running in mind was what’s our next step that will make sure nobody will feel hurt.

Soon, they left while I was looking at them leaving in their car.

“Di…don’t worry everything will be fine soon.” Bulbul said. “I hope so Bulbul…” I replied to her.

That day itself Abhi called me. “Pragya, I know you are worried. I am also thinking of how to stop this marriage without hurting anyone’s feelings. Give me sometime Pragya…” He told. “I can understand your situation. I am always with you sir…” I said in an assuring way.

“Still Sir?” He asked. “I will try…” I stammered. “Try what?” He asked. “To call you by your name…I will try next time.” I said.

He chuckled hearing my shaky voice. “Why are you laughing?” I asked. “I was thinking what if you made our kids to call me as Sir too. That made me laugh.” I got shocked of his thinking. We were not even sure of how will our marriage will happen & here is thinking about our kids.

“Sorry I think I am thinking very ahead!” He replied.
“It’s okay…I will talk to you later.” I said as I was feeling flustered about his thoughts on our kids.

“I want to see your reactions now. I know it will be very cute.” He said making me blushing more.

“Bye…I really need to go now…” I said. “To where? To your bedroom right?” He asked. “Yes but how do you know?” I asked curiously. “It’s definitely not our bedroom na so I knew it’s your bedroom.” He said in a husky tone.

Oh god! How is he talking this way. How am I to stop him now.

“Bulbul!! Haan I am coming now! Sir Bulbul is calling me, I gotta go now. Bye!” I lied by ending the call.

Abhi laughed loudly at the way Pragya responded. He can’t wait to get married to her to disturb her more.

After a few days, Abhi called Pragya to a restaurant. She was hesitant to go as what if people around identify them. After a lot of persuasion by him, she agreed to go.

“Hey gorgeous! I have a surprise for you!” He said cheerfully. “Surprise?” I asked.

“Look at that table. He is the person who is your ex-boss boyfriend.” He said. “How did you identified him?” I whispered. “That’s not important. I have called your ex-boss here too. Today we will make a deal with them.” He said. “Deal? What deal?” I asked. “Wait & see. If I tell you everything then there will be no excitement na…” He told.

What was he planning? I don’t know. I was just hoping everything goes well.

I was feeling nervous. He sensed that & told me not to worry. All the while I was looking uncomfortable as I was feeling very scared.

Then she came. She was surprised to see me. She sat beside me facing opposite to Abhi.

“What would you like to have?” He asked her. “Anything sweet like you would do.” She said. I was burning inside of her words. “How about you Pragya?” He asked me. “Same here…” I said in a low tone.

“Okay…I am not sweet as you all are thinking. By the way if you are thinking why Pragya is here. I just want to give a treat to her for working for you again. I hope you don’t mind it.” He said. “That’s ok. I am glad that you had this thought.” She replied.

We had juices first & then meals. In the midst of our meals, he said the shocking statement.  

“I was thinking to donate all my property to needy people. Like donate to orphanages & homes.” He said.

Both of us choked hearing it. He looked at us in surprise.

“Why Abhi? What’s wrong with you?” She asked.
“Nothing is wrong. I was thinking to be with more humanity. I have enough bank balance to support you & Dadi. The rest of my wealth seems to be unnecessary. So thought of donating them.” He said cooly.

She was looking shocked at his words. She drank a lot of water unable to believe his words. Meanwhile, I was smiling inwardly thinking of his plan.

“What do you think Pragya?” He asked me. “It’s a good thought. It will be helpful to the society. I have heard celebrities doing like this. Glad to see you are one among them now.” I said. He smiled at me.

“Rubbish!! If we give away everything then what we will have for our future? How will we survive with our children?” She complained.

“I am working, you are working, that will be enough for everything.” He replied.

“I won’t agree to this Abhi!” She said sternly.

“It’s my decision dear. Why do u have to agree to this? Even Dadi is happy about this.” He added.

She was looking at a particular direction. We knew she was looking at her boyfriend.

“I need sometime…” She said. “Sometime for?” He asked. “To consider about our marriage.” She replied. “Why dear? This makes me feel you were after my money & not me.” He said in a low tone.

I being the silent spectator was wondering where will this end to.

“It’s not like that. I don’t know how to explain to you. It’s difficult without money in this world.” She said with frustration.

“I am not after money. But I know money is important to you. You are planning to start an international business with your friend right?” He asked.

“I…how…you know?” She stammered. “I got to know. I can help you in that if you agree to let me go.” I was looking confused of his words.

“What do u mean?” She asked. “I was thinking to give you a sum of money which will help your business. In return, this marriage have to be stopped as both our thoughts are poles apart about money & life.”

“No Abhi, how can you say like this? We have only a few days for our marriage. Now you want to stop it?” She asked. “I understand that. I also have a solution for that.” He said by passing a file to her.

“What’s this?” She asked holding it. He asked to look at it.

She reading the contents couldn’t believe what he had done.

“You had bought a property for me in London, registered a business name over there too!!” She said making me shocked.

“Yes, I really think we can’t get along. I took this much time to realize it.” He said sounding sad.

“I think you are right. But you know you don’t have to do all this.” She said. “It’s alright, I am doing this to compensate my injustice to you. I have also transferred a sum of money to your account. It will help you too.” He added.

“It means I will leave soon.” She said. “I am sorry again….” He said apologetically.

“What an acting by him!” I thought. But I felt he do so much to get her out of his life. It’s still unfair to him.

All of us parted ways after that. I saw her boyfriend looking confused of what’s happening over here. I hope he too will be satisfied with this.

Abhi then brought me to his home. He said his marriage will happen with me as things didn’t work out with my ex-boss. I could feel everyone was unhappy with his decision. They still agreed to it half-heartedly.

Wedding preparations started but no one in his family were happy when I was around. There was no real happiness. The happiness was fake to make Abhi feel happy.

I was getting ready for the sangeet function. Abhi being the naughty bride came inside my room.

He locked the door. I was scared to see him all of a sudden.

“I understand that everything is happening too fast here.” He said looking at my worried face.

I saw him walking closer to me. I didn’t stepped back as I was only looking at him. He gestured me to sit on the bed over there. I did as he said.

He sat beside me looking straight. I could feel he was also didn’t expecting things to turn this way. He respected my words of not insulting my ex-boss. In the process of doing so he had made his family members to be upset. I understand how much of hopes & dreams they would have for their future bahu. They would have already get along well with her but now I am here going to be their bahu. More than whether they will accept me, I was concerned of whether I can fulfill the expectations they have.

“Let’s not worry too much about my folks. I know they will accept you as time passes. That’s for sure Pragya. Now I am here to say to u something.” He said. “What is that?” I asked him.

“It’s not say something but I want something. I need a kiss from you!” He asked cheekily. I was taken aback by what he asked for. I froze at that moment. He snapped his fingers to make me back to senses.

“It’s not me who is asking! My friends are teasing me that your to be wife is very shy! I said no she is not shy! They need a proof that you are not shy!! So….One kiss please…” He pleaded me.

“Sir…but how can I kiss?” I asked with confusion. “You don’t know how to kiss?”He asked me. I shook my head as no. “I got kiss Bulbul on her cheek.” I added. “On cheek will be fine. I just need your lipstick mark on my cheek to prove them! Please Pragya, I don’t want the world to know that Rockstar is marrying a girl who doesn’t even know how to kiss!” He said making me laugh.

“But what will Dadi think? What will others think?” I asked apprehensively.

“They are all busy. They won’t come now as long u make it fast!” He said impatiently.

“Okay…” I said looking down. “Okay for kiss?” He asked. I nodded my head as yes. I was too shy to admit that I will kiss him.

He showed his cheek and gestured to kiss. I was looking at all directions and was finding ways to escape from this kiss. “Faster na!” He said. “Can you close your eyes. I….” I stammered. “Alright. I know you are shy!” He said by closing his eyes. I took a deep breath and moved closer to him. I kissed on his right cheek and was about to move away when he held me closer not letting me go. He wanted it longer and I did too. Suddenly the room door opened which made him moved in such a way that I kissed his lips.

Oh god! How embarrassing it was! The room was not locked properly. Luckily, it was Bulbul but still it was embarrassing. We quickly moved away. He ran out of the room while Bulbul was teasing me that I am being very fast in romance!

I covered my face in shyness as Bulbul said “Well, I thought how my shy demure sister will romance my friend. Now I know she is no longer shy with my friend. I think it’s the effect of my friend. He makes you to be more romantic!” She said adjusting my necklace.

“Bulbul, it’s not like you are thinking. He asked me to kiss to show his friends.” I said. “Haan then why do you all have to kiss inside a room. Where are the friends that he want to show the kissing session?” She asked. I couldn’t reply her. She continued to tease me and I had no choice other than listening to it by blushing.

The day of our wedding came. I still could see unhappiness Dadi’s eyes. She did talk to me but not with complete happiness. I really need to make her belief that I won’t disappoint her in anyway. Another thing, his family were feeling unhappy was Bulbul moving here after my wedding. I said to Abhi she don’t mind staying in hostel but he was very adamant and didn’t listen to me. I had my relatives around who were amazed to see how I was getting married to Rockstar. They were seeing me as lucky. Yes I am lucky to marry Abhi not the Rockstar. As a person he is a gem that no girl would deny to marry. I foolish to deny once but definitely not now.

With my uncle and aunt being in the position of parents  carried out the rituals of the marriage. At that moment, I missed my parents badly. He understood that and held my hands. His silent gesture made me feel he will be my parents hereafter. It was all I need.

What made me looked shocked was my ex-boss also attended the wedding with her boyfriend. Everyone was surprised but she was smiling at us as if nothing happened. I was thinking she would do something to stop our marriage but she didn’t. Everything went well.

After the wedding when everyone was leaving, she came to me and Abhi where his family members were around too.

“You are really great Abhi!” She said. “Not at all dear, he ditched you and married Pragya.” Dadi retorted. I was taken aback by her words. Abhi was about to tell something when she “No Dadi…he did for my happiness. I have to admit the truth I never loved him. I did loved him five years back. After he rejected me, I moved on. In fact I fell in love with someone else.”

“Then why did you agree for the marriage this time?” Dadi asked with shock. “For his money! I know his wealth is 10 times more than mine. I wanted to used that for my benefits. I was thinking to shift part of his property to mine and settle in my life with my boyfriend!” She said making everyone to look shock. Dadi was looking furious and was about to slap her when Abhi stopped Dadi by holding her hand.

“It’s ok Abhi. Anyone would slap for my thoughts. But you and Pragya found out all this but never asked a single word about this. Both of you could have disgraced us in front of everyone. Instead you gave me a huge sum of money and arranged everything for my international business so that I say no to this marriage.” She said. Dadi and other family members hearing it were completely stunned.

“What is she saying? You did all this to her Abhi?” Dadi asked. “Yes Dadi, it was Pragya’s thought of not insulting her as it will only make her feel bad. I understood Pragya’s rationale behind this. If I accused her of cheating me and insulted her it would have only angered her and took revenge on me. Or even worse revenge on us. We didn’t want all that. We want everyone to be happy. Even this decision of me transferring money to her was not suggested by Pragya. I came up with this idea and it worked well for us.”

I looked at him again with huge respect and admiration. How can a man take my words with so much of thought and made it possible! He is indeed a Rockstar in life!

“But I don’t want all this now. I am here to return whatever u gave me.” She said. “No…Take it as my wedding gift for both of u. I really want you all to prosper in life. It’s only among us that you are using my money for your business. I am damn sure you will do well in business as you have that much of talent!” He said. “You are unbelievable man!” She replied. “Please take it! I don’t like taking back gifts!” He added.

“Alright! I will definitely give credits for this even if you don’t want.” She said and she apologised to everyone for her thoughts.     Everyone apologised her. She even congratulated me for getting Abhi. She whispered in my ears that both of us are made for each other in everything. I smiled widely at that.

Everything was resolved. That day itself everyone were being nice to me. Dadi was showering so much of love towards me that I was crying in happiness.

I said before that people changes as time changes. Yes they do but in my case the changes are for better. Abhi the Rockstar of my life changed to a better human being who respects everyone and spreads love. He not only proved changes are for betterment but also proved that His love for me never changes. If I tell in his way it will be “My love never changes Pragya!” He tells that when I ask him will his love for me change when I get older. I have this silly doubt that irritates him. Actually I like to irritate him now.

Oh I forgot to tell, now I call him Abhi although I prefer Rockstar and sir more. When I am upset with him I call him as Rockstar sir! He finds it funny and laughs at me making me angry.

I have to say Life is very blissful with Abhi the Rockstar sir!


Thank you everyone for reading and sorry for not thanking everyone individually as I have my midterms to prepare for. But I am grateful to all your time and valuable comments This was random story to take my stress away haha.Hope you all had a nice time reading this if not sorry. Thank u once again!

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