Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha Ji Makes Bakula Realize Her Mistakes

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 7th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya sees Yamraj. Yamraj asks can you see me. Bakula says even Aditya died, what will happen to Rupal now. Yamraj says he is alive. Aditya asks if he ran away from natak mandali and says he seems to be thief, having so much gold on his body, and says Bappi Lahari will cry seeing him. Yamraj asks Bakula to go to heaven and switch on his power button. Bakula runs to Niyati and tells that Raja Sadan people can see yamraj and thought him as thief. Niyati Devi says it can’t be seen. Vinay, Rekha and others run after Yamraj and asks if he stolen the idol of kanha ji and from where did he get so much gold. Yamraj says I will take everyone’s breath. Niyati Devi comes there and asks yamraj to go to kitchen. She makes him vanish from there. Mohit and others come there and asks Dabbu if she saw the thief. Dabbu says he jumped from window and went.

Kanha ji scolds Yamraj for heling Bakula and jumping like an ordinary man. Yamraj asks him to punish too. He scolds him and asks them to call Bakula as she will be punished too. Mani Dadi tells Bakula that she is feeling bad as Vinay and Rekha are suffering. Bakula asks her to go and sleep. Yamraj comes infront of Bakula and asks her to come and see the program there. Bakula asks what happened to you that time. Yamraj says there was technical issue. Bakula catches his lie and says even lie detector fails infront of me and tells that she will not come. Yamraj comes to heaven and searches for Kanha ji. Niyati comes and asks where is he? Yamraj says Bakula refused to come up.

Kanha ji comes infront of Bakula indisguise of an old man and introduces himself as Lal ji. Bakula asks can you see me? Kanha ji says I have seen you since your birth till death. He tells that he has been taking care of house since her ancestral made it. She asks where were you? He says I was in illusion that you will take care of house.. he says what you have done for your family. You didn’t let Vinay act. You stopped Chandu from studying as he was weak, you let Madhuri marry Chandu when she loves someone else, why didn’t you stop Shyam from embracing solitary life, why you stopped Aditya from going to work in airlines and have broken Mohit and Kiara’s heart. He says you have sacrificed everyone’s wish and this house have become samdhi of wishes when you was alive. Bakula says this thing can’t be known by a ghost or caretaker and says only you are my lal ji. She calls Kanha ji. He disappears and says why you wants to see me when you have changed my idol with fake one. Bakula apologizes and says I was yearning to meet you, and when you came, you have many complaints with me. Kanha ji asks her to correct her mistakes and promises to meet her if she makes everything fine.

Vinay thinks what to do and thinks to say sorry. He practices to say sorry. He pretends to talk to someone seeing Rekha coming and asks the shop keeper to send poison. He sees Rekha coming and asks from where did you buy the bananas. Rekha says she has stolen the money and bought it and goes. He thinks Rekha will come and hear now. He says he will come and buy the poison. Rekha hears him and thinks he is trying to bring white saree for me. She goes to Madhuri and Rupal and tells about Vinay’s suicide plan. Rupal and Madhuri come with weird plans. Rekha says she will apologize to him. Vinay acts to talk to shop keeper. Rekha takes the call and scolds him, says no voice is coming. Vinay says he must have disconnected the call. Rekha apologizes to Vinay. Madhuri also apologizes to him. Vinay calls beautiful to Rekha and asks her to make tea. Madhuri tells Rupal that their romance started.

Narad tells Yamraj that bakula made him brother using emotional blackmail. They wonder where is she? Kanha ji says she might be sitting somewhere and thinking what to do. Mani Dadi asks Bakula what happened? Bakula tells that her Dhani refused to give her darshan until she makes everything fine. Chanchal comes. Bakula says she has to bring idol home carefully and disappears. She comes to Dabbu and tells that she needs her body. She gets in her body and goes. Shyam is walking during sleep. Dabbu sees him walking and makes him go to his room. Nana Bhai calls Mohit and asks him to come to farm immediately and threatens to fire him. Mohit thinks Nana Bhai made his sleep go. He sees Dabbu not to sofa and wonders where is she?

Dabbu takes out the idol from the secret place. Mohit calls her. Bakula comes out of her body. Dabbu asks did you bring me here? Mohit says why I will bring you here. He gets Nana Bhai’s call and talks to him. Nana Bhai asks him to come. Mohit ends the call and asks Dabbu to come and sleep. She says she will sleep here. Bakula asks Dabbu to bring the idol out and tells her why she wants her family to get it. Two thieves see her burying idol and plan to steal it. Yamraj asks Kanha ji what will happen if the idol is stolen by thieves. Niyati says everyone roles is fixed on the earth. Kanha ji tells that if Bakula overcomes the hardships then only he will give her darshan.

Bakula asks Dabbu to shake up her body and tell that I have come in your dream. Dabbu shouts and is shaken up. Everyone come there and asks what happened? Rekha says may be earthquake came. Dabbu says Bakula Bua came in her dream and told a big secret. She says the idol’s map is in Bakula Bua’s room. They all run there. Dabbu asks Bakula to tell where is the map. Bakula asks her to wait. Dabbu says what is fun here? They ask if she is lying to them. Dabbu says there is something under the bed. Vinay takes out the map from the bed and says Bakula got better after death. Mohit sees the map and says it is well’s map, it is our house garden. They all run out. Vinay says I know garden area and they left me. He asks them to stop. Bakula thinks lets see if they get idol or not and smiles.

Dabbu and Bakula see the original idol missing. Bakula asks her to keep fake idol here. Dabbu keeps it and shouts that she found the idol. Everyone come there.

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