I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 6 by suma

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Hello guys as I said  here the next update , this story has another 4 shots that’s all . Total 10 

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Let’s get back to story

Both Ragsan coming out of the temple ,
Ragini is in dilemma …she is with Sanskar…with her love…..but all the while she is thinking about laksh. (You can think she loved sanskar and why she is thinking about laksh). But what she wants was love.She never saw sanskars love…but she know laksh love.

While riding to home back Suddenly it started raining with thunders. And he stopped the bike near one tree both ran towards the tree.
She is shivering for that coldness and she is totally got wet.

Surroundings are like jungle and there is no shelter and he is searching so that he can take her.
Slowly he moved to her and rubbed her hands as she is shivering and hugged her holding in his embrace.
She felt butterflies when he touched her. Slowly she hides her face in his embrace and holded him tightly.

From far one Oldman called them
” Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ” Oldman

Soon Ragsan got separated and looked at him.
” Come here ” he called them through gestures.

Soon both ran towards him. There they saw one small but near by.
” Both come inside ” he asked Ragsan
Soon both entered as it’s raining.

” Take this towel Bachaaa ” old lady gave towel to sanskar to rub his head and she gave a saree to Ragini to  change  as her clothes are wet.

Ragini took the saree and slightly smiled at her thanking.
Its a small hut so there are no rooms. She has to change there itself as the Oldman and oldlady went out.
Sanskar turned to other side as she wants to change.

Slowly she unpinned the saree and removing the pally from her waist. But two eyes captured the milky waist of her . Yes it’s sanskar , actually he turned to other side but there was one mirror and he saw her by mistake but after watching the milky waist he couldn’t take his eyes off and staring at her lovingly. He slowly moved to her and holded the saree and tucked the saree holding her waist and she is holding the pallu ….

Now her milky waist is clearly shown …he can’t able to Resist himself to kiss that waist. He slowly placed his lips on her waist , current passed through her spine. She holded the pallu tightly and holded her breathe . He stood up and saw into her eyes and his gaze shifted to rosy lips which already shivering due to his touch. He neared to the lips to capture them. She closed her eyes as permitted to him to proceed further.

” Is it completed?? ” Old man asked
Then both came to reality and sanskar looked at her with sorry look and soon he left the place brushing his hair frustrated.???
She felt hurt that he has right on her as she loves him. But why he doesn’t love her. What stopping him to love her. He didn’t even likes her ?

This is the most important question raised in her mind and heart

Soon rain stopped and both thanked the old lady and Oldman for the shelter ..both kept quite in whole journey to home.

He dropped her and left to somewhere without even looking at her. She didn’t know why he is treating her this way…. If he didn’t liked her then why he married her??

Soon she brushed her thoughts and went inside the house and searching for laksh.
She asked sujatha about laksh
” He went to office beta “

” Office ? Par kyu ma ” ragini asked not understanding anything.

” He wanted to join in his dad’s business now itself and he will complete his studies simultaneously “

This was a big shock for her….he never failed to share any news or feelings with her. But now she came to know actually he is hiding everything from her…first his love from her. Now leaving college like this and joined business ….Is this love? Hurting feelings ….not caring about her feelings ?

She ran to her room and fell on bed crying vigorously as one whom she loves is less bothered about her…and the one who loves her is neglecting her.
She cried and slowly dozed off.

Laksh came home from office.
” Maa Bhai came ? “

” No sanskar didn’t came…but Ragini came beta “

He nodded and left from there and passing to his room… He saw ragini sleeping …
He slowly moved to her and saw fresh tear marks on her face. He fisted his hand thinking again that his brother hurted her.

He moved to his room frustrated and took shower and came out
” Maa I’m going out… It will be late…make sure Ragini will eat food …she is sleeping now , let her sleep…but don’t send food to her room. She will skip … please yourself go and give ” laksh said to his mom.

” Aree laksh….Now I’m going towards your dad..he is coming late to home , so I’m taking food for him “

” Ok, maa …I will take this box and give it to dad ….you go and give her food maa “

For that sujatha nodded and gave box to laksh.
Laksh left to his office and gave the box and went to one bar.

Sujatha served food for ragini…at first she refused to eat , but when sujatha said laksh ordered her to make sure she eats ….she started eating … respecting his care.

Laksh came to one bar and started drinking then he saw Aditi ….he slowly moved to her but he is shocked to see sanskar with Aditi….

He never knew Aditi and sanskar are close…he didn’t heard them but they are so close means she is hugging him. Which literally shocked him

He took one bottle of wine and came near Aditi.

” Laksh ” she is shocked seeing him but sanskar didn’t see laksh as he is half conscious state.

” Aditi….what are you doing with Bhai ? I think you
Didn’t know Bhai….but I’m wrong you know him. ” laksh said

” Lucky listen “

” You listen… you said you love me.. but now you are behind my brother”

” Luckyyyyyy ” she shouted.

” Don’t shout ” he said

” You don’t the matter here “

” I don’t want any explanation now ” he said and tried to move but she holded his wrist and her bracelet got stuck with his shirt and he didn’t see that soon he dragged his hand back and went from there.

She went to sanskar
” Sanskar , it enough ….stop drinking…it’s not good for health ” Aditi said

” You know Aditi….Ragini said to me this once…she cared for me…once…??? He cried like a baby …
She is consoling him .

” But why Aditi….why me…why it has to be me….”

” Sanskar I can understand , please be strong ….if you really want ragini be with laksh ….I will forget laksh ” Aditi said

” Am I doing wrong Aditi with you or with Ragini or with laksh “

” No ….sanskar ” she hugged him

This is all heard by laksh …

” Why Bhai wants me to be with Ragini… Did he get know I love Ragini “

Soon laksh startled listening the words what Aditi said

” When you planning to give divorce to Ragini ” Aditi asked.

Sanskar eyes soon get moist.
” I love you Ragini…. I love you to moon and back…” He murmured and fell unconscious on Aditi .

Then laksh came to Aditi and asked
” What’s all this Aditi ? ”
She is shocked as he heard all their conversation.

” Laksh …. You here ? “

He gave her bracelet to her and asked
” Tell me damnit..I’m asking you “

She sensed his anger and spit out the words

” Sanskar loved ragini from the first day when he saw her “

Listening this something is pinching his heart that his brother love ragini…but somewhere he is happy that Ragini will be happy listening this.

” Sanskar wants to give divorce to Ragini and you have to marry her as you too love her …so she will be happy with you “

” Tell me truth Aditi…. otherwise I don’t know what I will do to you “


*Sanskar love *


Will laksh understand sanskar love ?

Why sanskar wants ragini to marry laksh ?

What will Ragini decide about laksh confession ?

Will ragini get to know about sanskar love ?

Thanks guys for this support

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Till now you saw laksh love ….now you will see sanskar love …may be I will not reach your expectations but I can try to reach.

Silent readers do vote and comment
Next update after 45+ likes.

Thank you
Suma ❤

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