Love Me Not Love Me-twinj FF Episode 9

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Love Me Not Love Me ?- Twinj FF ?Episode 9 ?

Twinkle pov~

I rush to the cafeteria my stomach growling each time I take a step, Once I arrived I run straight to the food section, ordering subway and paying for it .I patiently wait. When suddenly I feel a persence behind me, I trun around, my eyes wondering around all the people in cafeteria. But not one of them is looking at me, Strange I swear I felt someone’s eyes on me? 
“Excuse Me?” I trun around making eye contact with the girl behind the counter holding my order, she smiles and I smile back.
“Thank you” she nods her head and goes back to cleaning the counter. I walk to an open table sitting myself down. I start to eat when the chair in front of me screeches and I look up to meet by a guy. I stare at him suspiciously.
Do I know him? Why is he siting here? Or is he trying to sit here? Wait…. He looks familiar? Where have I seen him before? 
“Is this seat taken?” I look at the seat in front of me then at the guy. “Yes?” It come out more as a question than a statement. The guy with greet eyes and only hair, with an average body responded me back right away.
“Oh really? By who?”
Why does he even want to sitdown with me? Who’s this creep?
“Oh my friend is coming and we ushallu sit here together, and I’m eating right now so..” I trail off, he getting the point across nods.
“Well next time“. He smiles and walks away.
What the hell? He wasn’t even carrying food?
He walks to the open table that is two tables away from mine to my left. He looks around and then back to me. What does he want?  Dismissing the thought I go back to eating. I barley ate two bits and the chair in front of me squeaks as it’s being moved again.
“Now what do you want?” I say irritated that he is disturbing me again. “Wow,why are you mad, Angel?” I look up to be met by black eyes.
“Twinkle please call me Twinkle and I was being desturbed by a guy not too long ago. While I was trying to eat.” I say annoyed, I take a bite out of my subway waiting for his response.
“What guy?” I look up pointing to my left with my thumb, I take another bite munching on the flavour.
Angel? Um no one is there?” I stop munching and move my head to the Side. Where the guy was a few seconds ago sitting was now occupied by a lady.
What the f**k?
“Someone was right there!”.                                  My voice raises a little, getting goosebumps. My head is pulled back by Kunj’s finger on my chin.
“Do you need a doctor?” He says with a slight chuckle.
Kunj! This is not funny! I just saw a guy come up to me, trying to sit there!” I point at his seat, his goofy smile changes into a serious one. “How did he look?” I think back to the guy.
Um, he had brown eyes, brown hair but his hair slightly curled at the ends and he was wearing a neavy blue shirt black pants and he was around 5’8 or around there. Ummhe had an average body a———-” I get interputed by Kunj’s jelous voice “you checked him out!” He say anger flashing in his cold black eyes.
“What did you expect?” I say giving him the ‘really’ look
I expected you to only look at his eyes!” I laugh by the face doing. This isn’t funny an—– wait I think I know who he is.” He suddenly jumps. But without goofiness in his voice just plain seriousness.
“Who?” I say with curiosity.
“Did he have a scare on his neck?” I put on my my thinking cap and think about to the guy.
Did he have a scar…… Omg he did when he bent down to move the chair his neck visible, and he had a long mark his Adam Apple to his right ear!
“Yes!” I say getting excited but as soon as I see pure anger on Kunj’s eyes I know it wasn’t good. He pulls nm of my chair badicbasi dragging me out of the cafeteria.
 Wait! Don’t I need to finish my food!  Whyyyy is life so unfair.
” Wow! Hold up !” I scream but Kunj doesn’t linstened so I drop to the floor like a baby. Mostly the halls are empty because it’s lunch time so I start screaming at Kunj to stop. I know lame but I need answers. He glances towards me and let’s go of my hand.
Yes free. I left my hand in victory when suddenly I feel hands on my waist and he pulls me up over his shoulder lulii don’t weight nothing.
Wow his strong.
I’m about to complain when I see the elevators door close. Where are we going? The doors open and we walk In. Wait this is Kunj’s apartment? What are we doing here.  I’m then thrown on the bed with a puff.
“Listened to me okay”? I adjust my skirt and blouse while nodding. I look up to see Kunj staring at me with his face full of anger.
“Stay away from him. Understood?” He growls out and I flinch getting scared by his strong voice.
“Why?” I blurt out.
“Just stay away from him!” He screams. I stay quiet but me being stubborn I ask him again.
“He killed my aunt and he is Mahi’s ex who abusedh her? So stay away from him!” I stare at him wide eyed.
What did he just Say? 
“Oh my god, are you sure?” I stand up. Reaching out to Kunj. He doesn’t stop me. He immediately pulls me towards his body. Squishing every part me against him.
“She was pregnant!” He screams pushing his head in my neck and hugging my waist tightly. I massage his neck trying to relax him. Tears rice up and beg for release but I don’t let them trying to be strong for both of us( Just imagine twinj scene hugging scene when Manohar in hospital).
“Now my uncle has to take care of two children with out of his wife by his side”, he sighs. He softly kisses my neck. Walking backwards he sits on the chair and pulls me to his lap so Im know stradding his waist. “Run . That’s the first thing you need to do. Run away from him”. I nod . As I run my hands in his hair and adjust myself on his lap.
“Call me if anything” , I nod. He stares at me and I stare at him. He leans in and I do the same. But the door open to his apartment. I look up to see  Amber, his assistant and my friend who is going to marry the love of her life in a few weeks!
“Twinkle! Someone named Bebe wants to talk to you it’s something about Samirdh( Sam)?” I move away from Kunj’s lap in seconds reaching for the phone.
 Thank god “Yes?”
Twinkle soneoso keeps knocking on the door. But I don’t want to open it Because I’m scared and So is Sam. Can you come, please.” And I can hear the harsh knocks in the background.
“I’LL be there. Hide and don’t open.” I end the call and rush out the building actually I run .Kunj calls my name but I don’t wait for him. I get in my car and soon Kunj follows, I don’t even care I just want Sam to be fine.
“Just stay quiet and don’t ask questions.” I tell Kunj. He stays quite but hands me something.
Here. This was on the window?” He hands me an envelope and I open it fast, Now what?
Dear Twinki,
       You don’t know me but I Know you. Especially Sam. His father is Kunj right? The Famous Model hasha son with the Fsmoue Billionaire in the world, how cheesy.
Well ill just give SamSa visit and tell him the truth. I just give Sam a visit and tell him truth. IIjust want to see huhlittle face tribes into sadness.                                                           ~R.K
P.S did you you enjoy your subway         

  P.S.S  hope i don’t hurt bebe see you soon love.

I gasp and throw the paper. I accelerate and drive out the company. I slightly glance to Kunj too see him calm. But he truns to me with the note in his hand.
“What is this?” I ignore him and drive faster but he opens the envelope and takes the card out.
“Don’t touch it or read it!” I say but that’s too late when I see his face expression.
f**k my life!!
Before I say something I see my home and park right away. Jumping out of the car and unlocking the door Kunj following right behind me. The first thing I see is the table flipped.
“SAM! BEBE!!” i scream going into every room and opening the door.
“Mommy!” I hear Sam scream from Bebe room. I rush in seeing Bebe unconscious and Sam crying his blue eyes out. I pull Sam in my arms hugging him.
It’s fine baby, Mommy is here nothing is going to happen to you baby.” I say as I hug him. Kunj Checks Bebe and nods his head.
She’s fine she just hit her head hard. I’ll call a doctor.” He glance at me than at Sam. Oh herewith comes, opening his mouth spilling all his anger but he doesn’t instead he leaves the room and I hear him talk on phone. I calm Sam down and wait for the doctor to come and then explain everything to Kunj.


Finally an update sorry guys I was busy with collage stuff? I’ll update facter don’t worry!!! And and I have a special Chapter coming in Kunj’s Pov get ready to see the world from his point of view!!

Well thanks for all likes and comments.


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