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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers

Recap-zoya works hard day n night to help adi feel better She keeps contacting several  doctors She takes adi to garden where she hears him talking to someone on phone

Adi says

“Pls dnt tell anything to her about my accident She Will get worried Tell her am busy I miss her n will come soon to her”

Zoya is confused to whom n about whom is adi talking

But she decides to focus on adi’s recovery

Adi is sleeping

Zoya sits near window

Tears fall from her eyes

She remembers adi talking on phone

Just then her phone rings

Its yash

Yash-Zoya  pls come to hospital asap Dr Watson has come  on visit n he wants to meet u personally n discuss adi’s case Get his reports

Zoya-yash thanks  thanks  alot I will reach in 15 mins

Zoya looks at adi

She makes him wear blanket

Zoya’s pov-First I need to make him fine

Zoya Dr n yash are seen talking

Zoya listens attentively

She keeps writing

She discusses

Yash is noticing her

Zoya thanks Dr Watson

He leaves

Yash looks at zoya

Zoya-yash I will leave now

Yash-zoya what happened what makes u so bothered

Zoya-nothing maybe am Tired

Yash-zoya Iam ur best friend pls dnt lie to me atleast ur face speaks  everything Iam sure something is bothering u alot

Zoya-yash we will discuss  this latter Right now i want to focus on adi’s recovery

Yash-Zoya sometimes sharing  makes u feel better pls


Yash-relax zoya tell me maybe I can help u

Zoya narrates  about call made by adi

Yash is confused n shocked

Yash-zoya  am very sure Adi was not talking about pooja He will not cheat u this way.This is something else I will try finding u pls dnt worry

Zoya-hmmm mm let it be i just told u Right now i just want to focus on Aditya’s recovery

Scene shifts

Zoya opens room door

Adi wakes up

He notices clock

Its 5am

Adi is confused

Adi-zoya was there any emergency at hospital

Zoya excitedly sits near adi

Zoya -I just went to meet Dr Watson n guess what He told me if we follow the schedule  suggested  u will be able to walk in few weeks


Zoya-yes yes from tomorrow  I will start with ur physio therapy  as suggested  by him

Adi holds zoya’s hands

Adi (smiles)-I will really recover?

Zoya looks in his eyes

Zoya-of course

They are looking  in eachother’s eyes

Yash looks something on laptop

Yash’s pov-God pls bless me pls help me I know adi cannot cheat zoya I need to find outhe truth pls help pls i want zoya n adi to be one To love each other

Its morning

Zoya brings adi on wheel chair in compound

Anjana Arjun Harshvardan look on

Zoya makes adi stand up with her support

She asks him to walk

Adi is scared

Zoya-slowly slowly

She gently makes him walk with her support

Adi looks in her eyes

Joh tu mera humdaard plays

All smile

Zoya makes adi sit on grass

She makes him stretch his knees

Adi feels pain

Zoya holds his hand N makes him stretch

Adi is in his room

Zoya gets some medicines n makes him have

Zoya leaves

Adi looks at her

Aditya’s pov-Iam so lucky to have her my life She is working  so hard to make me fine I cannot cheat her i owe alot to her

I should  tell her everything

But will she understand

N nobody  knows about this

What if she tells everyone

Will they support  me


Ohhh god Iam so confused


Yash looks on laptop screen

Yash-Strange pooja has deactivated all her Social media accounts  4 years ago She is not active  on any of these

How should  I reach to her

Suddenly  he looks at her profile

He reads


YASH starts searching contact details  of TCS Sydney

Precap-Yash calls

Yash-pls pls tell me about Miss pooja raheja She is my very good friend  she works in your company  I need to meet her urgently

Receptionist-Sir no Indian girl named pooja raheja works with us may be u have some misunderstanding

Yash speaks lie-Pls help Iam a doctor Her mom is admitted in my hospital  I urgently  need to get in touch with her I met her 4 years ago that time she was working  with u Pls check ur records Pls her mother  needs her

Receptionist-Sir she left job 4 years ago Wait wait she expired Actually  her death certificate is attached in our file Am so sorry sir

Yash is stunned

Pooja is dead

She died 4 years ago


Some mystery my dear readers I love making  thrilling stories I hope u will like this twist

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  1. Amazing wait now let me guess I think I know , pooja have died but she would be having a daughter of adi and pooja ???? hope so , post soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    adiya scene is so sweet.yash is such a nice friend who wants adiya to be in love.zoya making adi walk..making him do exercise n making him have medicine was lovely.nice song selection.shocking precap.

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