Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 12

Love Me Not Love Me- Twinj ff Episode 12

Twinkle Pov~

I wake up to the sunrays passing through my window, I sit-up and stretch . Doing my routine I go to the bathroom, take a shower and dress in my work clothes, picking out a black dress that goes mid-thigh and hugs my curves perfectly and chest matching it with a pink with squares and matching shoes. Kunj brought my clothes last night while I was sleeping. I do my makeup and brush my teeth leaving my hairs in waves and brushing it throgh my fingers all the way to my waist. I look for my phone and find it on table . I reach for it and gather my black purse. Walking out I make my way to the stairs and going straight to the kitchen placing my bag and phone on the counter.
“You’re up already?” I trun around as I’m holding a pan in my hands. Kunj is standing at the entrance with his black suit and his hair jell back. I nod placing the pan on the stove.
I saw Bebe go up to get Sam .Aren’t you supposed to that. I shake my head.
Sometimes I do it and sometimes she does it but mostly she does it while I make breakfast.”
I pull out the pancake box and then egg and bacon.
“How long do we have before we go?” I say looking up to Kunj again but he is not looking at me, his checking out my legs. Kunj slowly looks up and walks towards me moving around the counter to get to the stove. I mentally try to make a plan, so I move away from the stove and walk the opposite direction reaching for refrigerator.
What is he planning on doing?
He stops near the stove and turns it off. I make myself look away and find the syrup. But before I can do anything I feel his presence right behind me. He pushes me lightly away from the refrigerator door and leaning his body on top of mine. I stay frozen not doing anything as he plays around with my hair.
“You grew your hair”. He says then he places one hand on my hip.                                        Why did you start modelling? He ask jealousy rising inside of him.
Why is he asking this so suddenly? I move away as far as I can.
Because I needed a job, so I could feed Sam”. He nods, slowly he placed his head on my neck and brushes his lips on my pulse trailing up to my ear.”mm, I can’t stop myself from imaging things that I could do to this s*xy body of yours”. I stay frozen as he slightly kisses my neck and just in time I hear my phone ring pushing Kunj away calming down my breathing. I pick up the phone and see the caller ID.


“Hello?” I say as I stare back to Kunj as he moves to make the pancakes. I trun slightly away looking at the clock.
“Twinkle, we got a job for you. You will be modelling in this Summer bikini magazine isn’t that amazing!” My manager screams and I smile. Finally, I really wanted to model, it helps with the stress. Wait! In a bikini.
I havent model before in a bikini!
Well I  have but not many times. 
“But I’m not used to modelling in a bikini?” I say and trun around to face Kunj who’s watching me with intense eyes. I can see many emotions flash through those beautiful grey eyes but the one sticks out the most is anger.
But Why?
“You’ll be fine. You don’t need to worry about anything. And you will be modelling with a soccer player but be careful his a player and he takes every women he models with to his hotel.”  I stay quiet as she tells me the information and when I’m going to start modelling. It’s by next week so in three more days. I need to go to gym! After writing down everything on a paper I hang up and place the phone on the counter. Bebe walks in right on time as I see her carrying Sam in her arms.
“Mommy! Hungry!” He screams and then he stares at the plate Kunj made. He moves around and Bebe places him on his chair.
“Hey Bebe”, she trims to me and nods. “Next week I might arrive late at night because I will be modelling with a soccer player. So don’t worry about me after going to the hotel I’ll go straight to the studio so you’ll be picking up Sam by next week.” She nods and then she looks at Kunj as he grabs his keys.
“Let’s go,” He says. “But I haven’t started eating!” I screams as I see him by the main door. “Now Twinkle we will eat over there,” He walks out the door.
“You should go, Hurry he looks mad”. Bebe pushes me to go and I nod blowing a kiss to Sam as he waves at me. I get inside the car and he drive off. The silence is killing me and I don’t know what to do.why is he mad?
Before I can say anything we arrive and he gets off, not glancing my way and I’m right behind. He goes straight to his office and I go to mine. Taking care of the paper work. I try to focus but my stomach keeps growling. I check the time and it’s already 11:00 o’clock. Katherine my assistant walks in when I’m about to stand up.
“Sorry to bother you, but Kunj send you this” I nod grabbing the plate from her. “Thank you”. She nods and excuses herself. I should go talk to him. I’ll eat when I come back. I pass by many offices untill I see the familiar double doors. I don’t knock before I enter which was my mistake. I look up to see Mahi leaning in on Kunj as he holds her shoulder. They both trun to me and I stare at them with a blank expression.
“Sorry to bo—–” I’m stop by Kunj pushing Mahi away. “She was leaving already”. Mahi nods and kisses Kunj on the cheek adjusting her dress.
“Bye Twinkle.” I nod and trun away as she closes the door. Kunj looks at me and then he sits on his Chair. “Is everything alright?” He ask as he types away in the computer.
Yes but I need to talk to you. “I don’t think he paid attention and that gets me mad I walk up to his desk and trun off the computer. He stares at me shock. “What the hell Twinkle?” He says, he reaches to trun on the computer but I step in between his chair and basically in between his legs.
“You weren’t paying attention to me”. I say,he shakes his head and fold his arms placing them on his chest. “Yes I was” I shake my head.
Listened why are you mad at me? What did I do?” He stares at me then looks away. Did you eat your food already”.
Why is he avoiding the question?
“No but that doesn’t matter.” He stands up and towers me. “Yes it does. Go eat and then come back.” He points at the door but I stand my ground.
“No” I say he stares at me in shock.
“Why do you have to be stubborn”. He says and I smirk. “Why are you mad?” He stares at me right in the eye.
Fine. You want answers well answers you’ll get. I don’t want you to model with Daniel!”  He says and places his hands on both sides of my hips. Trapping me between his body and desk.
“Who the hell is Daniel?” I ask wondering where he got that name “The soccer player” He says jelousy spilling out as he says Evey word.
So what?” I say_______”I always model with guys?” He looks annoyed. Big mistake.
“But in a bikini!” He Huff’s out.
“Wow! Why the hell are you screaming?”  I  didn’t mean to scream it just come out. He stares at my mouth and lean it. “That pretty little mouth of yours shouldn’t be curshing”. He says, I shake my head . You are not my mom. I say irritated with him.
Before I can say anything he kisses me with so much possessiveness that I stay still . Next thing I know I’m kissing him as well. His lips are so plumb and s*xy .we move our mouth with each time getting more heated. He demands entrance but I don’t let him. He pulls my hips and squishes my ass. I gasp and let his hot tongue enter in my mouth as he ravished my lips. We fight for dominance, but he soon wins taking control of the kiss. I pull away shocked by what we just did. I stay controlling my  breathing.
Because I’m jealous. And I don’t like him, stay away from him.” He says as he pecks my lips. “Let’s go eat”. He adjusts his hairs and suit and I do the same. We both walk out the office. While walking to my office. We are stopped by his father. I stay still watching my father-in-law well he was. He stares at me then at Kunj.
“We need to talk” He says glancing at me. I stay frozen on the spot.


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