Twinj FF Life is Beautiful PART-4

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Hey Lovelies here is the update..Sorry for late Update..

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Happy Reading Lovelies..

Next morning..Kunj after making his Babies ready and feeding them..He made Mia wear yellow cute frock which didn’t even reached her knees..And made ponytail so that her hair didn’t irritate his baby which is very very cute and small..And made neeyan wear a yellow shirt with blue shorts which is really very short..Went to office with his Babies..

Kunjy girls drooled over him while Kunj just Smiled at them..A simple Smile..And his babies and pulling his hair with their small fists.. While Kunj is making ouch sounds.. Seeing him..His babies started laughing loudly..Kunj also laughed with them..Hugged them tightly to his chest and kissed them madly..

A small room is attached to his Yuviin for the babies..He made them sit in their room..Kept toys near them and started working while looking them Time to Time..

Suddenly his room door opened and fab4 and Siddharth entered in..And Shouted..”We asked Twinkle to come here..She agreed”.. Hearing their shouts his babies started crying loudly..Kunj glared at them and ran to his babies..Lifted them in his arms and started pacing in the room saying sweet nothings to stop them from crying..

Fab4 and Siddharth sat there sadly..After sometime babies stopped crying and slept on his shoulders..Kunj can’t see whether they slept or not..That’s why He asked his friends with his eyes that babies slept or not..To which they nodded..Kunj smiled..And slowly made them sleep..Mia moved in sleep to which he lightly patted her..Then he kissed their pouts and went towards his friends..

Kunj:What were you saying..

Siddharth: Twinkle said okay to meet you..She will come here in one hour Kunj..Tu thoda tayyar hoja..

Kunj:Dekho Siddharth main koi tayyar vayyar nahi hone wala..Main jaisa Hoon waisa hi teek Hoon..Agar woh mujhe aisa hi pasand karegi toh acha Hain Warna Jane do..

Yuvi:Why don’t you want to marry Kunj..

Kunj:Mere bache Hain Jo Siddharth bohut chote Hain..They are my lives..Agar uss ladki ne mere bochon ka kayal nahi rakha ya Usne Mere bachon ko torcher Kiya ya Mara toh.. I don’t want my babies to suffer..Main mere bachon ko achi future Dena chahta Hoon.. I am scared ki unki sensitive Childhood ko koi karab na karde.. I don’t want my babies to go through what I suffered..And lone tear escaped from their eyes remembering their childhood..

Roshni:Kunj main Siddharth ki kasam kathi Hoon woh ladki Teri Zindagi kushi se bhar degi agar usne Kuch galat Kiya toh I will throw her out of your life..

Kunj after thinking: Okay fine..

After One Hour:

Kunj is working on his laptop while someone knocked on the door..Siddharth and Fab4 already left..

Kunj: Come in..

A girl wearing red salwar entered his cabin..She is looking nervous..Yes She is Twinkle..Kunj didn’t saw her..

Twinkle:Kunj..This voice sent shivers down his body..Kunj looked at her and remembered her..

Kunj: Twinkle tum ho..

Twinkle:Yes Kunj..

Kunj: Twinkle you know na I am married..Still you are ready to marry me..

Twinkle: I don’t care..Kunj looked at her and she is smiling warmly at him.. Listen Kunj I want to marry you..If I am sitting here even after knowing you are married means I want to marry you right..

Kunj:Right..But.. Suddenly babies started crying very much loudly..It is looking like they saw a Nightmare..Kunj ran towards them and lifted them quickly in his arms.. Twinkle Smiled seeing his care but also had tears seeing him all alone..Kunj came to his cabin with his crying babies..

He is pacing here and there in the room while Babies saw her and stopped crying for five seconds and then started crying again..

Twinkle slowly went towards them..Extended her hands asking them to come Smiling warmly..They looked at her for a moment and went to her..

Kunj stood Shocked because his babies didn’t even bare stranger in their room but here they went towards her..Twinkle kissed their tears and drool covered face..They stopped crying and started playing with her hairs and ears..She not for once made irritated face.. Meanwhile Kunj brought milk for them..And started feeding them..After sometime Twinkledu too left..Kunj now also don’t want marry as he is scared for his babies..But his friends forced him too much..So he got ready marry Twinkle..

Finally Kunj filled her partition with red pigment and made her wear mangalsutra and took seven vows with her.. They took Aashirvad from pandit and Siddharth’s parents..Only Siddharth have parents..

Kunj and Twinkle went to Kunj’s Kunjsion..Their servants happily welcomed them..Their old servant made all the arrangements to welcome the new bride..So they welcomed her with all the rituals.. Everyone Smiled looking at the generous lady..Kunj and Twinkle tool blessings from her and her husband..They blessed them wholeheartedly..This is Kunj..He didn’t care about status..He didn’t care about who are they to him..He gives Respect to the person..He never disrespected his servants..Not even his employees..Yes he is strict but not arrogant or rude..He didn’t hurt anyone..He is beautiful and kind from heart..

Fab4 and Siddharth made their room ready..They made Twinkle sit on bed..And made babies sleep on cradle..The Angels are sleeping peacefully..

Twinkle is Smiling to herself why won’t she after all She married her dream Kunj..She already accepted the babies with all her heart.. Twinkle is lost in her thoughts..Kunj entered into the room..

Hope you guys like it..It is not edited..

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How do you think Twinkle will heal him?..

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Score 1-10?..

Sorry once again for the late update guys.. Now this will have regular updates..

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  1. Shalu02

    It’s really very cute Episode ?
    Twinj baby is so cute ?
    Please post next part soon

  2. Nice episode dear please post soon

  3. Ishaani Mehrotra

    So cute episode dear….plz post next part asap…. And ya Score is 9/10….??

  4. Superb mind-blowing ? Episode dear please post soon

  5. Trivisha Choudhary

    Nice episode dear post soon

  6. Awesome episode
    The kids are too cute
    Pls post soon

  7. Fabulous Episode dear please post soon

  8. Mind-blowing ? Episode dear all scene is too good waiting for next part please post soon

  9. I loved the episode verrrrrrrry much and twinkle s bonding with the kids was so cute plsss post soon. And rating would bee 10/10??????

  10. Cute & lovely epi…
    True kunj & babies are very cute …
    But i like twinkle ….also….selfless luv i mean wow who does that…..
    So now be regular…..& try little bit longer epi…

  11. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Superb episode dear…
    Twinkle is so nice…
    Waiting for twinkle taking care of kunj like nandani ???(just like on wattpad)

    1. PriyankaSurya

      I know you Read it on Wattpad.. I saw Your Votes but didn’t thought You will Read it in Twinj Version too..Thank You for Reading Again?

  12. Amazing

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