Truth? or Lie? – Ragsan – Part 11

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hi sissy’s. here with next part

Sanskar reached orphanage. He saw those children whom he met with ragini. He smiled seeing them. He goes to meet owner. Her secretary was present there.

San: excuse me. Where is owner? I wanna talk with her.

Sec: u cant meet her. She’s in hospital.

San: hospital? Y? wat happened? Few days ago only I met her.

Sec: yesterday nite she fell from upstairs.

San: which hospital?

Sec tells name. sanskar goes there.

San: doctor. My name is sanskar. I want to meet owner of xyz orphanage.

Doc: u can meet her. But u cant talk with her.

San: ??

Doc: come with me.

Both go to her ward. She was on bed with lots of machine attached to her body. She sees sanskar and tries to talk but cudnt.

San: doc wat happened to her?

Doc: she can see. She can sense , she can hear. But she cant move any parts of her body and cant speak also. We r trying our best. if any other person was in her place then he wud be died in this case. But her will power is so strong. So she’s saved.

San looks at her. Tears were coming from her eyes.
Nurse comes to call doctor. He went with her. Sanskar slowly goes near her and sits on chair. He takes her hand in his hands and says with teary eyed

San: m sry. I knw its all coz of me. I came to knew everything. I knew reason behind ur lie. U wanted to save ragini. Now I also know that u know that another person also who is with kavita in this plan. He only did this. Coz he knew that I’ll come to u only to ask abt him. So he tried to harm u. m sry.

He goes to doc.

San: doc. I want to take her with me. Pls discharge her.

Doc: u cant take her like this now. She need treatment.

San: I know that. But her life is in danger. I cant take risk. I’ll make arrangement of her treatment. Pls allow me to take her.

After his lot of requests. Doc agrees. Sanskar takes her to home. He tells everything to all. They feel sad.

San: mom, u pls take care of her. I’ll be back.

Suj: wher r u going? I’ll tell after coming.

He again went to orphanage. He met children there. He asks them.

San: hey kids. Do u know any friends of ur ragini di?

Kid1: we all r friends of ragini di.

San: other than u all is anybody there?

Kid2: yes uncle. Di has 2 friends. Both r boys.

San: who r those? Wher r they now? Wats their name?

Kid3: sahil uncle and Nikhil uncle.

San: wher r they now?

Kid1: don’t know. They used to come anytime. Some time we too used to go with ragini di to meet them.

San: do u know their home?

Kid2: we met in temple. In ragini di’s room u may get their pics.

Sanskar happily kissed cheek of those kids and goes to ragini’s room with help of secretary. She left from there after showing him ragini’s room. Sanskar looks at room. There were pics of ragini with orphanage kids and people. He sees a photo frame on table in which ragini was there with 2 boys. Sanskar sees them. He takes that photo and asked kid who is sahil and who is Nikhil. They told him.

San: in these 2 who was with kavita? Anyone ? or both? How to find them? Where r they?

‘you can find me here’

San turned to voice. One of friend was standing there.

Nik: m Nikhil. Friend of ragini.

He shakes hand with sanskar. Sanakar looks at him suspiciously.

Nik: m not the one whom u r finding. So b calm.

San: how do u know that m finding someone?

Nik: I know everything.

San stares at him. Nik tells him

Nik: me, sahil and ragini r best friends. Me and sahil r also orphan. But after education we both got jobs and
started to live in flat. But ragini wanted to stay here only. So we dint force her to take a flat and stay.
San is still looking at him. He sits on bed there. Nikhil too sits beside him.

Nik: we were best friends. But later I came to know that sahil loves ragini. But ragini was unaware of this. She always considered us as her best friends. I spoke with him abt this. But one day he proposed ragini.


Sah: ragini I love u.

Rag: nice joke sahil. But today is not 1st april.

Sah: ragini m serious. I really love u and want to marry u. pls marry me.

Rag: sahil I never seen u in that way. U r always only best friend for me. Not more than that. Try to understand. M going to marry after few days. I love him. Sry sahil.

FB ends

Nik: he cudnt digest her rejection. He collects all ur information. Then he came to know abt kavita. He decides to separate u both with the help of kavita. Then u know the rest.

San: where is sahil now?

Nik: I also don’t know. M also searching him. I’ll help u in searching ragini.

San: thanku.

Nik: m feeling bad for u both. I cudnt meet owner of orphanage also. Don’t know where is she?

San: she’s in my home. I knew that her life is in danger. So I kept her there. Come with me. U can meet her.

Both left for home. On the way car got punctured.

San: wher to find mechanic now?

Nik: little far from here there’s a mechanic shop. We can get help from there. U b here I’ll go and bring.

San: ok.

Nikhil comes with mechanic. He fixes everything. Then they left to home.
They reached home. Sanskar introduced him to all and narrates him everything. They both go to room where owner is kept. Seeing both she start to say something but cudnt. Nikhil goes near and says

Nik: sry aunty. I was not there for u when u both needed me. But I promise, I’ll find ragini.

San: Nikhil. Come lets have something, later we have to find sahil and ragini.


All r sitting in hall.

Nik: Soon we’ll find both. Don’t wry sanskar.

San: thanku Nikhil.

Nik: don’t say thanku. Ragini is my friend also.

Then heard knock at door. All saw police standing there.

Ram: inspector , wat happened? Y u r here?

Pol: mr. sanskar has called us.

San: yes dad. I only called them. To arrest the culprit.

Nik: did u find sahil?

San: I found that criminal.

He slapped Nikhil hardly. All get shocked at them.

Nik: wat r u doing sanskar? M helping u.

San: u dint come here to help me. U came here to kill owner and later me.

Nik: wat r u saying?

San: m saying correct. Whatever story u told me everything had a truth. But only one lie. U know wat (san goes close to Nikhil and looked in his eyes) it was u who loves ragini. Not sahil. It was u who planned with kavita. Its u who has kidnapped my ragini.

He again slapped him. Sahil comes front who was standing behind police. Nikhil looks at him holding his cheek.


Nikhil goes to bring mechanic. Sanskar was standing there. Sahil comes there. Sanskar gets angry and abt to hit him.

Sah: ragini is with Nikhil.

Sanskar stopped: wat?

Sah: whatever Nikhil told its lie. Its him who loves ragini. Now he’s coming with u to kill owner coz she’s only the last proof. She can only tell abt his deeds. Later he has plan to kill u and marry ragini. Believe me m telling truth.

FB ends

San: for some mins I was lost in thinking abt who is telling truth. U or sahil? When u met owner my doubt get cleared . the way she was looking at u, there was a fear in her eyes. I got that sahil is telling truth.

Nik ( evilly): u came to know everything. But u cant do anything. Coz still ragini is under my observation. This police cant find her.

He tried to run but sanlak both hit him. Then police arrested him.

Lak: now how he will tel abt ragini?

San (smiles) : sahil knows.

Sahil also smiles at him.

Sah: as we were childhood friends we both knows abt each other’s everything. There r few places where there is possibility of getting ragini.

San: lets go now. I want to meet her.

Sanlak, sahil, trio go to a garage. It was very old and dirty. No one can doubt that someone cud b there inside. Slowly they enter. They saw goons standing there. Laksh and sahil fought with them while sanskar ran inside. He saw ragini tied in chains. He ran to her and hugs her. She was very weak. She slowly opened her eyes

Rag: sanskar. U finally came. I knew that u’ll save me.
She gets unconscious and fell in his arms.

this part is little longer. hope u like it.
sry for no ragsan scenes here as i have to clear everything. in next part its full of ragsan scenes. its going to b final part.

love u all……….

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