love after marriage (swasan) by janavee – Part 3

Swara and sanskar-helly shah and Varun Kapoor
Amma and papa- Sumi rao and Shekhar Rao
Mom and dad – Durgaprasa sharma and anupurana sharma
Arjun and suji – vivek and divyanka
Sai and sadhana- Sidhanth Gupta and jasmine bhasin
Madhu and Surya – hiba nawab and Dhruv bhandari
Ash(Aishwarya) and Manoj(Manu) – Tejaswini Prakash and namish taneja..(just for a change ? teju looks so beautiful I thought to change her name so sorry don’t scold me plz ?? I don’t want to separate helly and teju)
Ragini and laksh- sanaya and mohith(only for some chapters they will be)
At water park…
Sanky is with his friends.. After 1hr swara comes there with her friends.. She is wearing white shirt and jeans.. First they all go to food stalls and enjoy having.. Swara asks what about engagement Ragu? Laksh replies first enjoy your pani Puri.. Ragu replies after 2months.. Swara says okay…lets go inside and enjoy.. They all go inside.. Sanky see laksh and thinks they came here..he searches for swara thinks I want to see her.. Swara,ash and Madhu are enjoying inside..ragu also goes inside.. Laksh see sanky goes to talk with him.. After a while..sanky hears Swara’s voice..then sanlak go there with friends.. Laksh goes to swara asks what happened? Ragu replies these guys were commenting about us so.. Ash says swara… Some guy try’s holding swara slaps him hard.. Other guy tries to catch her hand..sanky holds his hand..laksh say please you all go out.. Some guy says s**y don’t go.. Sanlak hold his collar.. Sanky slaps him.. Laksh says please you’ll go out.. Sanky and friends handle matter with laksh.. Sanky comes to swara and says I think you don’t have dressing’re in waterpark with white dress have you gone mad..or what.. Then he gives his overcoat and goes out with his friends.. Laksh and girls go to car.. Swara thinks I did mistake..his words are true..i shouldn’t have wore this dress.. Laksh says cutie.. Swara says I want to say him thanks.. Tries going out in search of him.. Laksh says don’t worry ill check his address and make sure you will thank him ok.. Swara says but.. Ash and Madhu say plz swara understand it..6pm dam…. Swara says okay..they all reach swara’s home.. Laksh asks swara will you say about incident to amma? Swara replies no I can’t.. Ash say don’t say she will become tensed..

Swara come inside …. They all go inside.. Amma keeps seeing them.. Swara goes to room with her friends.. She says Hitler would have asked us question na.. Ash says mostly bcz that guy is coming tomorrow.. Swara asks really? Ash and Madhu laugh.. Swara says if he is not good then ill say off directly that I don’t want to marry him.. Ash asks if he is good? Madhu say if he is best then? Swara says lets see.. Madhu and ash say if you will say ok means think..swara.. She says you both have no work..i wont think.. Amma comes there asks them to have dinner.. All go down for dinner.. After that Ash and Madhu leave.. Swara goes to sleep..
She lie on bed and say if i say yes what will happen? Thinking about it she sleeps.. Dream sequence…
” morning amma comes to wake up Swara..and ask her to gets ready.. Swara nods ok.. She goes to take bath.. She gets ready in anarkali suit..come down.. Already guys family is waiting for her.. Guy’s mom ask Swara to talk with him..she goes to talk with him.. After sometime they come inside..guy say yes for marriage..Swara also say yes.. Pandith says itz good then we will fix of marriage date.. Swara keeps seeing amma.. She asks to check for date.. After 10min that pandith saying it will be next month else these both can’t be married.. Amma telling ok let them marry of next problem with us.. Then marriage preparations begins.. Swara getting married to that guy.. After 5months she is declared as pregnant..then within more 9months baby in lap.. She seeing Madhu and Swara with college life..her life with kid and husband…”
She screams and wakes up..say I wont say yes for marriage..such a dream amma…i can’t tolerate this…see it’s still 1am.. And take laptop and sit seeing movie.. She thinks is that marriage so important? Will my studies get affected if I get married? Will he be good? What about his character? How to know about him? She remembers laksh giving pen drive..goes to take that and watch out what’s there in that.. Amma comes to check there.. Swara see smiling at her and say Amma why are you wake up? Amma glares at her and say you didn’t sleep till now.. Swara says im sleeping.. I didn’t get sleep.. Amma say ok..come I’ll make you sleep.. Swara sleeps in amma lap.. With time she sleeps.. Amma smiles seeing her and say Swara you are worried about marriage na.. Swara says ok.. in sleep.. Amma says don’t worry sanky is just a gem for anyone..he will take care of you..I want to see you both happy.. She makes Swara sleep on bed and go down.. Swara gets up and say oh then his name is sanky..lets see how good he is? She sleeps..

Swara wakes up goes to take shower.. She comes out.. She takes out clothes..gets ready.. Then see’s sanky’s overcoat.. She smiles remembering him and say herself if that sanky who is coming to see me is at least 50% same as that overcoat guy ill marry him without thinking.. She comes down.. She says amma im hungry.. Amma smiles and says come have your breakfast.. Swara goes and see so many dishes..thinks why so many? Amma smiles seeing her..say today I said na..that guy and his family is coming.. Swara says so what? Amma stare at her.. Sanky asks are they form any bakasura family members? Papa smiles..hearing her..say Swara.. She see him say bad morning papa.. He asks what happened? She says I don’t have anything to eat you told earlier the day you have nothing to eat is bad day of life.. Amma holds her ears..swara screams amma… She says swara go get ready you’re friends are on way to help you out.. Swara says amma however you making my holidays waste what they done to you? Amma say go get ready after having your breakfast..i have kept on dining table.. Swara goes from there.. Amma asks is really she is so matured to get her married off? Papa reply her she is not..but if she falls in love with anyone..then I can’t fulfil my promise above that you know sanky can’t find such a person easy.
Swara have her breakfast then goes to room.. See overcoat and thinks why did I say ill marry off if that guy is similar to this overcoat guy.. Ofcourse he is good..he saved me from those cheap guys..but why did I say so… She keeps seeing that overcoat.. Ash and Madhu come there ask her what happened? She says I want to return this please search for him.. Ash says ok..afterwards now lets see about that guy who is coming to see you.. Swara says ya..i have to get ready.. Madhu says I’ll take out dress.. Swara says ok.. They make her get ready.. Amma comes there see swra says smile else you will look like someone irritated you.. Swara says you and papa are irritating me na.. Amma comes inside.. Ash and Madhu leaves..
Amma close door.. Swara asks amma am I so bad that you don’t want to stay with me? Amma hugs her and say my princess can never be bad.. Swara asks what is reason for this marriage? Amma says Swara sanky is good boy.. Swara says amma.. She replies swara I know you like Laksh.. Swara replies it was earlier not now..after I came to know he love Ragini I don’t any feelings towards him..he is just my best friend.. Amma asks then what is your problem? Swara says amma I want to study and settle in life.. Amma say her you’re studies won’t be a problem.. Swara says amma..i want be free.. Amma asks you love your dad? Swara says I love you both more than my life.. Amma say her you’re dad promised sanky’s dad given your born you’ll be married to sankydon’t..their daughter death took place bcz of your dad’s that’s your dad thinking.. Swara asks what happened? Amma say her Swara had a sister her name was Uttara she died when we all had been for picnic..she fell from mountain and only you’re dad was there..he was not able to save her… Her parents forgot it but not your dad.. He told sanky parents that you are there daughter in law when you born after 5 months of this incident.. Swara says amma…should I say yes without seeing him or? Amma says you can say whatever in your mind after meeting him… Swara asks if I don’t like him? Amma says any girl can fall in love with him.. Swara smiles..

After 2hrs..
Sanky’s parents come to swara home.. Amma and papa welcome them.. Sanky comes after 5min.. Madhu and ash see him.. Then see each other face and smile..say he is really perfect for swara.. Swara see overcoat before coming door.. Ash comes inside and say that guy came..amma is calling you.. Swara nods ok and goes down.. She goes towards kitchen.. Amma say her to take juice and serve them.. Swara says ok..goes towards sanky with juice tray.. She serves his parents and papa.. Then she goes to serve Sanky..she is fully shocked..but doesn’t express it.. She takes his parents blessings and goes inside.. She says ash sanky and overcoat guy are same.. Ash says I also saw him.. Madhu asks now what you will do? Swara says im ok with anything.. Papa calls her out.. She comes.. He asks her to show home to sanky.. She nods ok..goes with him.. Both try to talk..both smile..she says I have your overcoat..ill get you.. He says it’s ok you can keep it.. Swara says ok.. He asks can I see your room? She nods yes.. Both go towards room.. He asks her did you say about yesterday to your parents? She says no they will be scared.. Sanky says ya.. She opens door.. He smiles seeing her room and say it’s beautiful..full of teddy bears and your pics.. Sanky says I like teddy bears.. He says then.. She says ice cream chocolates and.. He says I like riding bike’s..race..then.. She says amma asked me to ask whether you like me? Sanky replies I want to know about you and you should also know about me till then I don’t think we should reply for it.. Swara says ok.. He asks do you like me? She says as a human being.. He smiles..see’s his overcoat.. She says you can take it na.. He says I don’t know but it will suit you more.. She says I won’t wear white dress again.. He says you look beautiful in white dress.. She smiles.. He says Swara you will be continuing your education after this matter also.. She smiles.. He goes out of terrace..she follows him.. He asks her where are your friends? She says ash and Madhu are down with amma..sorry can I share something with you.. He nods yes.. She says I had a crush on my best friend..he is Laksh.. He smiles and say I also have crush on many doesn’t mean I like all of them.. She says I think it’s good to start a friendship with any secrets.. He smiles.. They both go down…Amma and sanky’s mom ask them what they decided? Sanky replies I need some time.. They say ok.. Swara says thanks.. He smiles.. Then they leave..
Swara goes to change.. Ash and Madhu go to her.. Ask what you decided now? Swara says im okay with anything.. They ask didn’t return back coat? She says ill .. They plan to go out.. Swara changes into common wear and come down..say im going shopping bye.. Amma say her come back by 6pm.. Swara says ok.. They leave.. Swara asks ash to drive.. Swara gets a call.. She receives it..say hello.. Sanky’s mom reply her Swara im sanky’s mom.. She say hi aunty.. Mom reply her you can call me mom.. Swara say but.. Mom reply her you are my daughter in law which means you’re my daughter..ok.. Swara says with my friends ill call you back after coming back home mom.. Mom say her bye take care ?.. Then after sometime again she gets a call.. She receives it..say hello.. Sanky’s dad is on other end he tells her im sanky’s dad.. She replies uncle..he ask her to call him dad.. She smiles and say dad.. He tell her I liked my daughter very much.. She smiles and say thank you.. He asks her to come to her home early.. She understands meaning and say dad..I need time to decide with my friends can I call back after sometime.. He replies ok.. She smiles and say only he didn’t call yet.. Ash say her don’t worry next sanky’s call.. Swara smiles and say ride car don’t talk more..
Swara closes her eyes and sleeps on Madhu’s shoulder.. She says I want some peace .. Madhu asks swara shall we go to church? Swara says ok.. They drive towards church.. Ash switch on radio.. Swara smiles hearing her favourite song..say ash don’t change it.. Ash replies ok.. They reach church.. All go inside.. Swara prays for amma and papa.. Then remember about mom and dad..pray for them also.. She says lord I don’t know whether im doing correct or wrong but please show me way that leads happiness to all.. Ash and Madhu pray for swara and sanky.. They see church father and wish him.. He recognizes them and tell you kids never go far away from each other.. All three nod ok..take his blessings and come out.. Swara says now lets go temple.. They all head to temple.. Madhu asks Swara you want to get married? Swara replies for my parents I can do anything.. Ash says if god gives you happiness in this then don’t back off.. Swara says I don’t know but I feel sanky is good..if he is bad also I don’t have problem.. Ash says being with you he will turn good.. Swara says I always wanted my hubby to be my friend..sanky said lets be friends then we will see about relationship .. Ash asks her did you say about laksh? Swara says I said off..i don’t want my friendship on false things.. Madhu asks what he told? Sanky says he replied I too have many crush’s.. Ash says then its ok..leave about it.. Swara’s phone rings..she smiles and say Ragini is calling.. She talks with her and say ok we will be there by 30min.. She asks ash to take u turn and go towards park.. Ash does so..

At park…
Raglak are waiting with their friends.. Swara comes there with her friends.. All start asking about sanky? She just stands still.. She says im not understanding what you all are asking.. All say ok…laksh ask her did you talk with him? She says yes.. Ragu asks how is he? Swara says good.. Varun asks where is his pic? Swara give her phone and ask them check his dp..say i don’t have his pic so..they take and check it.. Ragu asks swara did you like him? Swara says I like his views towards life..liking him I need time.. All asks for treat.. She nods ok..they all enjoy ice cream.. Laksh ask swara are you ready for marriage? She asks amma asked you to ask this question na.. He nods yes.. She says im ready..however after 3yrs I would have married someone im ok in getting married.. Laksh hugs her and say he is your Mr both will fall in love don’t worry.. She smiles..says ill but not before you’re marriage.. He smiles and say now again my cutie started it.. She says hello you’re elder to me.. He says oh.. She asks did you see anywhere small sister getting married before elder sister.. He says swara.. All see them..asks what? Swara starts laughing.. Laksh says this girl.. Swara silently leaves from there.. They ask which girl? Laksh say swara.. They say no one next to you.. He gets up and goes in search of her.. He finds her giving ice cream to small kids near gate.. She smiles seeing him.. Asks sorry.. He smiles and say don’t be are my cutie you can say anything anytime ok.. She says ok..laksh I know you want to know about my reaction for that matter? He nods yes.. She says im positive only..ill marry sanky..but I want time to adjust with his family and develop friendship with him. He says you aren’t asked to marry should complete MBA.. She says if they ask me to marry now also im ok with it.. He smiles and say ok..then your MBA? She replies sanky said my studies won’t stop even if anything such happens.. He says my cutie got impressed then? She smiles and says yea.. You are getting engaged next month shouldn’t I say ok for marriage proposal at least? He smiles says meri maa as you wish.. Both laugh..

At sanky’s home..
Sanky is thinking about swara.. His mom come there and ask what’s your answer for marriage proposal? He replies mom she should complete MBA till then.. Mom says then you are okay with it. He smiles.. She says then after your brother’s marriage you both will be engaged ok.. He says she didn’t tell yes for proposal are already going to engagement.. She replies swara will yes for you..i know that.. He gets a call..excuses and goes from there..
Laksh: Hi bro
Sanky: Hi
Laksh: Congrats for you marriage
Sanky: What?
Laksh: Swara said yes for marriage proposal..
Sanky: When?
Laksh: We all asked her about you..suddenly asked what’s your opinion? She said yes im ready for marriage..
Sanky: Thank you bro..
Laksh: Then your answer?
Sanky: What can be my answer..
Laksh: Yes I think…
Sanky: Yes..but…
Laksh: You want her to complete MBA..
Sanky: Yes..she wants that..marriage means not changing your life completely according to other person wishes..
Laksh: Ok bro thank for this..our cutie will be happy..
Sanky: Cutie?
Laksh: Ya..swara’s is pet name..we all call her like that.. is calling ill call you back..
Laksh: Ok bro bye..
Sanky stand near terrace..thinks I said off yes for proposal but if I don’t fulfil my responsibility’s.. Will she adapt to our home.. What are her wishes? She is only child of her much love she is getting there..will I be able to give so much love? How will my family accept her wishes? Sanky you should be strong enough to face changes in you’re life.. He smiles seeing WhatsApp messages from his friend..say my friends really.. He replies back not yet confirmed.. They ask for swara’s pic.. He replies I don’t have..they keep teasing him..
Swara reach home.. Amma and papa are sitting with different types of invitation cards.. She silently goes to room..thinks about change she went through from morning.. She smiles and say get ready to join MBA or marriage.. She hugs her teddy bear and stand out watching star’s..she wishes everything go perfect..let her family be happy.. She thinks about sanky..say he is good..he can be my friend..but I have to accept him as my hubby na..what will happen if comes into my life.. What are changes that gonna take place? I said off yes for proposal but..will I accept that he is my hubby? How will I adjust with his family? Ya how many are there in there family? I didn’t ask him..i should have asked.. She goes inside as her amma calls her.. Amma tell her sanky’s mom had called and told after Arjun’s marriage you’re engagement.. Swara asks who is Arjun? Amma reply he is sanky’s bro.. She says ok..goes to watch television.. Amma say have dinner.. Swara says I had ice cream ill have oats and sleep.. Amma says as you wish..tomorrow you should go to doctor remember? Swara says amma I remember but I don’t have any problem na..why simply? Amma say you’re a girl so you should be careful about each and everything so just a check up every 3 months..ok .. Swara say ok Amma…goes have her dinner and goes to sleep.. She thinks sanky didn’t even msg once but my amma told engagement got fixed after Arjun marriage.. She sleeps thinking about that.. Suddenly she receives a msg asking”sleeping huh?” She gets up and reply no..
He: Had dinner?
She: Ya just now you?
He: Me too.. What time you go to sleep daily?
She: It depends whether exams or normal days..
He: Smiley..ok..
She: You?
He: Me at 1am..
She: What?
He: Chatting with friends and then if i get mood to study then read a book…
She: Ok..smiley…
He: What are you studying now?
She: Should join MBA.. You?
He: Should join mtech..
He: Your favourite colour?
She: White and violet..urz?
He: Cherry red and black
She: Ok…
He: What is your favourite food?
She: Whatever Amma prepare leaving upma..urz?
He: Same but I like chocolate cake…
She: I love chocolate cake but Amma doesn’t allow me to have..
He: Why?
She: Then I should go to dental clinic so..
He: Laughs..have little bit it ok..
She: Ya..then what about your favourite movie?
He: Comedy and horror movies..urz?
She: Horror movie..
He: Like getting wet in rain?
She: Not like I love to..
He: Smiley..ok..
She: Then which is your favourite subject?
He: Maths..urs?
She: Ammma!! Nothing so I like everything
He: Ok..then what about your family?
She: Only 3 amma and papa.. Urz?
He: Only 5members.. Me,mom,dad,granny and Arjun..
She: Smiley.. Ok..
He: What about friends?
She: Ash and Madhu are my close boys means laksh..urs?
He: Manu and Surya are my best friends and in girls means my Bhabhi..suji and my cousin bindhu..
She: Ok..
He: Check out time its 1 are not sleepy?
She: No…
He: Ok I’m sleepy now bye goodnight..
She: Good night sweet dreams…
He smiles and sleeps… She says mostly he guessed im sleepy..smiles and sleeps..
Sanky’s home..
He thinks about swara and smile..say she is somewhat different..her smile as some magic I got attracted to her..when I saw her in temple I felt like my heart beats skipped..her innocence in face and smile really its soo cute..then in water park..her slap I remember him still now..she know how to handle things if its go out of hand.. Her look when I gave her coat..her eyes were filled with tears but..she was controlling.. When I met her today..she gave juice..then was seeing me as if she saw a devil..really…then her talks..she directly said off laksh..she knew it could break down this relationship but she said truth..really she is something special..she was dead sleepy but she lied to me that she is okay just because I said her ill be woke up till 1am.. He checks her fb profile..see’s most of pics she is in white and say crazy about white.. He see her saree and say she looks good I mean beautiful in saree.. Then sleeps without switching off lappy..

Mom comes to wake up sanky..see laptop near him and goes to keep it aside.. She checks its not off..smiles seeing swara’s pics and then switch off it..goes down without disturbing his sleep.. She says her my son will fall in love soon..goes to prepare breakfast..
At swara’s home..
Swara is preparing breakfast.. Amma and papa come there.. Swara serves them.. They have breakfast together.. Papa asks swara when you’re going for admission? Swara replies tomorrow we will papa..i,ash and Madhu.. Papa says take driver and go..ok.. Amma say him Laksh will come it seems,he will take care of them.. Papa say swara come home early ok..we should go for dinner tomorrow evening remember.. Swara says ok papa.. She gets sanky’s call.. She excuses and goes from there..without saying anything Amma say I think we should say her about it.. Papa say we should but she may feel we are taking her freedom away.. Amma say it will happen after her second year na..we should talk with her..she will understand.. Papa say lets see after tomorrow..evening ok.. Amma say ok..lets make them meet once outside..they’ll talk and understand each other.. Papa say ill ask then..
He: I want to meet you.. I mean my friends want to meet you once..
She: Ok..shall I bring my friends also..they asked but I didn’t know whether you like to meet them..
He: I’ll meet your friends..
She: Me too.. But you should be with me..
He: Ok. When im meeting your friends you should be with me.
She: lets meet them together.. Im feeling somewhat so..
He: That will good but this is first time it’s not a good idea..
She: Ok…
She: Anything else…
He: Can you wear red colour dress..
She: I have red and black combination dress..
He: Ok wear that only..
She: Which you’re wearing?
He: White shirt and jeans..ok?
She: Blue jeans na?
He: Ya..
She: Ok bye
He: I’ll come to pick you near your house..little bit far from home ok
She: Ok thank you ?
He: Sorry if you felt bad for asking wearing black dress..
She: Im not in selecting dresses to wear..thank you for selecting dress..
He: know to cover up talks swara..
She: Ok..go get ready.. Ill be waiting ok..
He: Bye..

Both smile while cutting call.. Gets ready for meeting.. She smiles wearing that dress..says herself he is really good.. She goes down and say Amma im going to ash’s house from there we will go out. Amma tell ok. Swara says bye and leave.. She goes out and call sanky.. He ask her to come near arc im waiting.. She reach there after 10min.. He see her and smile..ask her to sit.. They leave in car.. She asks you know riding bike? He replies yes.. She asks you could have brought it na.. He says it’s not good to take a girl out on bike.. She asks why? He replies others comment in roads and girls will feel bad.. She says ok… He says it had happed with my cousin so.. She says ok..and smiles.. He see her..asks first you’re friends? She says no..they will eat your head..lets meet your friends.. He smiles..say you say whatever comes to mind na..without thinking.. She says if i think ill lose that moment of enjoyment.. He smiles..asks what you’re enjoying here? She replies you’re taste.. He asks what? She says you like things to be clean..then you pray to god before starting vehicle..then that keychain see it’s soo cute.. And Ganesh idol..its so pretty.. He asks then.. She says you used deo which smells good..then your hair cut is didn’t use jel..then your watch its 7min fast.. You use your left hand well while driving..which I cant do.. He smiles hearing her talks..say stop stop.. She bites her tongue and closes one eye say sorry.. He laughs and say you’re really.. She asks what? He replies nothing.. She smile.. They reach restaurant.. Swara says even I asked my friends to come to park next to this restaurant.. He say ok..after 1 hr atlst na.. She says after 3 hrs.. He says ok.. They go inside..
Swara friends are waiting for them both.. Sanky introduce swara to them.. They all say hi swara.. She says hi..see at sanky..Each say hi when sanky introduce..He smiles and say this is Surya,next to him is Manu,next is raghav,next is vihan,next is Kalyan. She smiles and asks suji? Bindhu? Swara say they didn’t come today afterwards ill make you meet them.. They talk regarding sanky..then their time of ordering swara orders pineapple juice.. Surya ask her do you like that fruit? She says’s something different from other fruits na.. He replies ok..and smile.. Sanky see him..Surya says sanku have pineapple juice na.. Sanky say it’s ok you have.. All start teasing sanky regarding pineapple.. Swara asks what happened? Manu replies her he have tonsils allergy he should not have it.. Swara look at him and ask really? He nods yes.. She says ok.. They all spend some time and leave.. Swasan are going towards park..
She: Really you have allergy?
He: Yea ..
She: One request..
He: Yea..
She: Can you take treatment for it?
He: Why?
She: If cook anything..then you will have it and get allery means..
He: What?
She: I mean after marriage..if I prepare anything such that in that pineapple is there and you..
Sanky: Then you are ready for marriage..
Swara: See him..say I i mean..
Sanky: What?
Swara: Nothing..
Sanky: Ok..smiles..
Swara: Smiles..ill learn cooking with other things..
Sanky: What all you know?
Swara: South indian..north indian dishes little not all..sweets i mean pineapple sweets..
Sanky: Do you think ill ask you to cook after marriage..
Swara: I don’t know..amma told me to learn cooking so..
Sanky: Don’t worry at our house mom and granny cook food..then our house maid I mean rani akka cooks if they don’t cook..
Swara: Occasionally at least I should cook na..
Sanky: That will be your wish no one will force you..
Swara: Ok…
Sanky: You want to do job after marriage?
Swara: If you like..ill do else ok..
Sanky: Marriage means it’s not binding you and keeping you in room ok..
Swara: For first 3 months ill not work..then ill take up a job ok..
Sanky: Why not for first 3 months?
Swara: I want to get adjusted with my new family na..
Sanky: You can get adjusted now only..
Swara: How?
Sanky: Im your friend right..
Swara: Nods yes..
Sanky: You can call my parents mom and dad..
Swara: They had called and asked me to call them so..
Sanky: See my parents are so advanced..
Swara: Laughs..say yea..
Sanky:(thinks she looks so cute while laughing Im ready to be a joker for her) ok..then ill make you meet my granny soon..she is soo cool can become her friend..then my brother he is little busy but in his engagement we can see him..
Swara: Ok..I asked my friends to come late..its useful na..
Sanky: Ya..else we would have missed this talks..
Both sit on bench..
Swara: See that boy..(a small kid) he is so cute na..
Sanky: Ya he is…
Swara: Shows something that kid is doing and start laughing..unknowingly she keeps her hand on his hand..
Sanky: Thinks she is really a small girl..enjoying in silence..then observing everything like a new thing..your something special swara..
Swara: See him staring at her and ask is monkey dancing in my face?
Sanky: Noo
Swara: You’re smiling looking at me na so asked
Sanky: I was seeing you..
Swara: Why?
Sanky: That..
Swara: What?
Sanky: You look so cute while laughing or smiling..
Swara: Smiles..ok..
Sanky: You really work at home?
Swara:yea..why such question?
Sanky: Your hands are so soft…
Swara: What?
Sanky: Shows her hand..
Swara: Sorry..
Sanky: Smiles..
Swara: Stands up..say my friends came..
Sanky: Ok.. (thinks avoiding oneself)
Swara: (why im getting so close with marriage word such a magic..that makes strangers friends..) come na..

They both go to meet swara’s friends.. Laksh show his friends swasan.. They all smile.. They all sit on benches and swara introduce her friends to him.. They ask swara to bring ice cream for everything and send her off.. Sanky talks with everyone and they become friends.. Swara gets ice cream for everyone..she gives them.. Raglak smile seeing each other. Swara give them ice cream and say we all know you both are waiting to be married for that you don’t start off romance here only.. Laksh reply her don’t be jealous..sanky is there you can.. Swara glares at him..say shut up.. Ash pulls her from there and ask her to be silent don’t fight with laksh.. Swara asks what happened? Swara says about raglak and laugh.. Raglak look at each other and say we are gone.. Madhu come there.. Sanky see her..swara says you’re always late Madhu.. She asks sorry da..I woke up late and he was with his friends so.. Swara introduce her to sanky and say she is latecomer friend.. Sanky smile.. Surya come there to give Madhu her bag which forgot in hurry.. Sanky see him and call him.. Madhu asks you know him? Swara says you said he was with friends..sanky is his close friend.. Surya say sanky I said about madhuri remember..she is only that girl.. Swasan smile.. Swara asks ash why are you single? See laksh,Madhu have friends and me Ash stare at her and say be silent na..please… Swara winks her and say I wont be what you can do? Ash say ill show you wait… She starts chasing swara.. Sanky and others laugh seeing them.. Laksh say sanky this is our cutie..she makes everything a joke..and laughs but serious time comes she will be serious.. Sanky say him l like her the way she is.. Laksh smile..
Swara and ash are having a ice cream..they laugh saying life partner time huh?? Swara say you know what I spoke with him today soo much.. Ash asks what you feel about him today? Swara says im feeling good thinking about those talks..he is good da.. Ash says you have to wait for to be with him.. Swara smiles and say I know more 3 yrs.. Ash says engagement?? Swara says amma was telling after Arjun’s marriage da.. Ash asks when is that? Swara says after 7 months… Ash say before that you both become bestie’s.. Swara says ya..
Sanky thinks where these girls went.. Laksh says come ill show you what they both will be doing.. Sanky and ankith go.. They see Swara and ash having ice creams and laughing.. Sanky says they were fighting right.. Laksh says ice cream converted their fight into laugh.. Sanky smiles.. Swara and ash see them..say hi come have ice cream with us.. Sanky and Laksh see each other and smile.. Swara says ash your mom asked you to come by lunch time.. Ash see watch and say swasan bye and leave with laksh.. Swara friends go home.. She says im feeling hungry shall we have lunch and go home.. He smile and say ok.. They both go for lunch at restaurant..

Precap: Swasan bonding…

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