Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul comes to the police station and requests for details regarding the case. The Inspector initially disagrees but then gives in. The file is more weird than the case. The gun you used is fake. No one can be hurt if he or she is shot by this. Rahul too checks it. I am not responsible for Yugant’s death which means Kabir shot him. He wanted Manvi and me to become Yamini’s enemy.

Manvi hopes Rahul gets some clue and comes back on time. Someone knocks on the door. Manvi is hesitant to open the door but Shilpa tells her to go ahead. Upmanyu stops her. Manvi asks aloud who it is. It is Raj. He demands to meet his wife. Manvi shares that Rahul has told her against it. I will not open the door till Rahul is home. she doubts that it can be Sandhya too. She apologizes to Raj for the same. Raj insists upon her to open the door. I have to talk to Sonali. He gets Sonali’s call just then. Why isn’t this girl opening the door? Sonali asks Manvi to open the door. Manvi denies. it can be Sandhya in Papa’s avatar. Sonali has an idea to find out who it really is. I saw Sandhya’s real identity in the mirror. I will see who it really is. She tells Raj not to step inside. I have to see your reflection first before letting him in. She opens the door slightly and lets him in seeing his reflection in mirror. She tells him about Sandhya who can change into anyone. Raj is boggled. She asks him to come in. I will explain everything. Yamini looks at them from far. I pity them. They think they can save Manvi by protecting her like this? No ways. I will get Manvi out at any cost. They hear someone knocking on the door once again. It is Rahul. The family members are hesitant but Manvi is sure Rahul wont ask her to open the door as he has the keys of the home. Rahul cannot be back from Pushpanjali Resort so soon. Raj worries that if it is indeed Rahul then he can be in danger. Sandhya must be around. Sonali advises her to take the mirror with her. Manvi opens door. It turns out to be Yamini. She tells Manvi to count her breath.

Rahul is on his way. I feel as if something is going wrong. I hope Manvi dint open the door for anyone.

Manvi asks Sandhya why she is doing this to them. Yamini corrects her. I am not Sandhya but Yamini. I am your death. She holds manvi by her throat. No one can save you from me today, not even your Rahul. Baba asks her to let go of Manvi or he will teach her a lesson. Yamini limits them in their places and continues to hurt Manvi. Everyone looks on helplessly. Rahul calls Manvi. He gets worried when she does not pick up. He hopes nothing goes wrong with his Manvi.

Yamini tells Manvi how Rahul is all worried for you. Hope you had listened to him or this wouldn’t have happened. Sonali requests her to free manvi. Yamini says she is the reason because of which my husband was killed. Manvi tries to explain the reality to her but Yamini does not buy it. I will make Rahul go through the same pain that I am going through. I will kill you. She holds Manvi’s throat once again while he family pleads for help. Rahul walks in in time and holds Yamini’s hands. The family members are free from the invisible shield. Rahul asks his dad to take everyone inside. It is between me, Manvi and Yamini now. Raj shakes his head and so does Upmanyu but Manvi also requests them.

Kabir thinks to get Yamini out of his way somehow. She is becoming a danger for me. Rahul tells Yamini it is enough. You did what you felt was right. Listen to me now. Kabir is happy thinking that maybe they are fighting inside. Let me see what happens. Rahul tells Yamini he dint kill her husband. Kabir is the one who killed your husband. Kabir hears it from outside. How did Rahul get to know about it? Inside, Yamini refuses to believe Rahul’s story. You are lying! You are blaming someone else for your mistake. Rahul replies that he does not need to lie. I am coming from Pushpanjali Police Station. The gun that I used was fake. Yamini calls him a liar whereas Rahul tells her to listen to him. I dint have to go there to know anything. That night Kabir was with Yugant. Maybe it was his plan. Has he told you that he has tried killing manvi and me in the past too but failed? Kabir met Yugant few days back and then kept meeting him often. This plan was made a night ago. Kabir worries that he will be in problem because of Yamini knowing this truth now. Manvi too says Kabir is behind it. Why dint he call police or ambulance? He has done it! There is one person who can make Kabir say the truth. Kabir panics. I dint leave any witness behind. I killed the manager too. Who is she talking about?

Manvi calls Payal. She puts the phone on loud speaker. I will message you the photo of someone. Look at it and tell me if you know him. Payal recognizes Kabir. He is the one who snatched Tara (her sheep) from her. Manvi ends the call. She next tells everything to Yamini. Kabir took Tara to Yugant to offer it as a sacrifice. He knew that we will follow him. Yamini thinks of what Kabir had told him that day. I should trust you? Manvi nods. Rahul and I went there for our honeymoon. Why will we go in that jungle then? She once again narrates everything to Yamini. Trust us. Kabir came in our life as a friend. We met him on Holi. She shows her Kabir’s photo. He acted to be our friend but then trued to kill us.

Rahul turns to Yamini. Forget all this. I know there is one thing that Kabir would have told you about. Has Kabir even spoken to you about a special horn with special powers? Has he ever said that such a special horn is with me which he wants? Kabir knew he isn’t so powerful so as to fight with us. He used you to fight with us. Think of the situation clearly and you will know the truth. I can lie for my family but it isn’t needed. You can check up with police. You have been used. Your husband has been killed to take revenge by someone. You decide it all. Yamini thinks if Kabir used her. I was with them since so many days but no one ever tried to harm anyone. Why dint I doubt Kabir? How can I be so wrong? Kabir claps for them and walks in.

Precap: Kabir holds Rahul’s hand. I have had enough. I will kill you today. Yamini says I will kill you before that. He shoots her as soon as she takes one step towards him. Kabir turns to the couple now. I know it is difficult for you both to decide who will die first. Don’t worry. I will get a solution.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Cuteprincess

    I hope within the next two episodes there would be an end to the yamini -yugant-kabir-horn plot.

    1. Summer

      Ditto, it has become boring and dragged out! I just want to see peace restored in the family and that Rahul and Manvi can be happy and enjoy married life.

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