Love after marriage-RAGSAN (Epi-7)

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Appu signs nothing is working, Sanky tells it’s ok. Engagement gets over, anu and Shomi think making ragu and sanky meet. They don’t have know what has been happening between Sanky and ragu. After lunch, shomi calls ragu and anu sanky to make them meet. Both come to them, shomi and anu introduce them to one another. Ragu say Shomi I have seen him in Mano engagement and feast at college. Kavya comes there and takes ragu with her, Sanky also gets busy. Appu and Kavya with ragu move to terrace, pari is already present there. Appu introduce ragu to pari and say she is one whom sanky keep talking about. Ragu thinks it means this he as told about me to everyone, stupid fellow. Pari greets her and move from there, sanky call appu to ask where she is? She tells him im with you’re Jaan, he asks is her mood okay? She replies no. Ragu and her family leave..

At ragu’s home…
She is thinking what happened b/w her and sanky morning. Shomi comes there and tell her I want to talk with you. She asks her to tell..
Shomi: Ragu you know I was searching for a perfect guy for you today I found him.
Ragu: ??????????????
Shomi: You saw Sanky today morning na, he likes you very much and his family is also good.
Ragu: I want to do MCA, please
Shomi: Don’t worry about it, your studies is first.

Ragu: Then why you are talking about marriage?
Shomi: Because I wanted you to get everything in life. Till now you studied,now think of your life and studies together.

Ragu: Don’t you want your daughter to be with you
Shomi: You will be in heart forever but I want you to get a good family also.
Ragu: I promised you whatever you decide I’ll be okay with it. But right now I wanna get good MCA college and then job.
Shomi: Till you complete no need of marriage matter but you both can be friends na. See you’re friend Kavya she is getting married.
Ragu: Shomi , her mom want to get married and more than that Sahil and Kavya like each other. They were friends from childhood.

Shomi: So only im asking you to be a friend with sanky, no need of marriage till mca complete.
Ragu: amma…
Shomi: However Sahil and sanky are best friends, you and Kavya are bestie’s na. Try spending time, in that way you will come to know about him also.
Ragu: I’m feeling sleepy…

Shomi: Think of what I said you.
Ragu: Ok amma good night sweet dreams ?
Shomi goes out and ragu closes door. Just then sanky call her,she receives.
Sanky: Sorry sorry sorry
Ragu: Why sorry?
Sanky: For what I said you morning…
Ragu: Is it was lie?
Sanky: No no no it can never be lie. I love you more than myself…
Ragu: Then why you’re asking sorry?

Sanky: Because you got angry and didn’t talk with me
Ragu: Because shomi was there and if I had spoken with you then definitely our engagement would have happened today itself.
Sanky: What?
Ragu: Till now shomi gave me lecture regarding this marriage matter only.
Sanky: What she told you?
Ragu: You’re perfect according to her and she wants me to marry you.
Sanky: What her daughter want?

Ragu: She don’t know till now.
Sanky: What she knows?
Ragu: Her mind is blank after guy proposing her that too such a funny way.
Sanky: How he propose her
Ragu: By calling himself a mad
Sanky: What does girl think about that boy?
Ragu: Mad???

Sanky: What?
Ragu: He called himself mad, then what should girl think about him more than that?
Sanky: You….????
Ragu: Stop laughing. I’m serious, you are really mad.
Sanky: Why?
Ragu: See you’re bro,Sahil,Madhu,appu, pari,anu and Shomi everyone know you like me. Before telling me that you like me, why you said all of them?
Sanky: I said only mom,Sahil and appu. Others came to know what can I do?
Ragu: Go to hell…

Sanky: From morning without talking with you im feeling like im in hell.
Ragu: Ohhhh… go to heaven
Sanky: If you tell ok for what I said morning ill be in heaven
Ragu: Good night…
Sanky: Why good night? I need answer…
Ragu: I didn’t understand you’re question so I cant answer you ..
Sanky: Ok goodnight sweet dreams ?
Sanky think what she meant to tell… Is she ok with me or she doesn’t?… Ragu thinks till you propose me properly I won’t tell you I love you… Ya I don’t know when I feel in love with you.. I didn’t even had clarity that if I love you ill marry you or not but now ill definitely marry you. It’s shomi’s wish so? noo noo its my wish. Sanky I love you ????
Sanky is sleeping, he gets a dream…

” ragu telling him I love someone else… Not you ?” he suddenly wakes up and think of proposing her in perfect manner…
Sanky wake up and search for his phone, he thinks how to propose ragu. Then he see phone and get idea to search for proposing ways.. He seats searching,but he doesn’t like any ideas. He plans of asking ragu in some way that he comes to know how to propose he. Ragu wakes up and see phone, send sanky what’s happening?

Sanky: I wanted to know what you like more
Ragu: Me rain,ice cream, chocolate cake, shomi’s scolding etc…
Sanky: How to make shomi scold ragu..
Ragu: Just she should get wet in rain..shomi will scold her
Sanky: How to make ragu smile..
Ragu: Yesterday one fellow proposed her by calling himself mad, after that she didn’t stop laughing till now. So no need to replace smile with laughing ?
Sanky: He is mad itself in her love
Ragu: When he gets cured?
Sanky: After ragu telling him ok
Ragu: Then it’s not gonna happen without …

Sanky: So what to do?
Ragu: Think… Bye now I wanna get bath and go to meet someone.
Sanky: Hey hey who is that someone?
Ragu: You will get to know…
Ragu goes to get bath. Sanky is thinking who is that someone, then goes to get ready fast. After bath without having breakfast he goes to meet ragu, she is getting ready thinking of Sanky. She tells shomi she is going to college and leaves home. She is walking on road,suddenly sanky bike comes and stop front of her. She smiles, he tells don’t smile and seat . She seats and he rides fast. She asks him to slow down, he asks her to tell who is that someone?where you are going to meet? She replies im with that someone only, I don’t know where he is taking me. He puts sudden brake and ask her to get down. After she gets down, he tells her bcz of someone I didn’t have breakfast .

She tells him I brought breakfast for you don’t worry, first we shall move from this place and go to some other place. He takes her to park behind his school, he tells her he studied in this school. She asks him doesn’t he had girl friend in school? He tells its just boys school that time now its combined. She gives him breakfast, he have it,then tell her she could have brought little more na. She tells him I will have only so much,he asks then you didn’t have? She nods no. He asks why did you have me your box? She replies because you’re are hungry. He asks if you fall off hungriness? She replies you are there na. He asks her what did she say? She tells as a friend you can’t take me to house. He asks shall I take you to your house? She replies nooo. Both start laughing….

Then after some spending time they both go to hotel. He order for her, she tells him I can’t so much. He asks her to have much she wants to have,rest he’ll have. She say him I don’t like anyone having my left over food, one idea lets have together. He thinks I know you like me but I want you to love me. She thinks did say anything that he is thinking so much, she signs him to have. Both start having together,he keeps looking into her eyes . She thinks bhudhu when you will understand , please ask properly I’m not able to hide anything from you. Waiter come and ask them if they want anything else? She thanks and tells bhai we don’t want anything. Sanky and ragu thank him and move to city out cards. She asks him why we are this way? He tells be quite till we reach. She tells him its 3pm I want to go home, he replies don’t worry before 7 you ll reach home.

Both reach city outcards. He ask her to get down, she does so. Both are walking , he stands still. She gives him questioning look? He tell her to see sky, she see and gets surprised. In sky with help fire crackers it is written I LOVE YOU RAGU WILL YOU BECOME MINE? She smiles… Sanky gets on knees and ask her will you? She nods no. He asks again with pleasing look.. She says yes. He asks her to repeat.. She tells him I love you get up… He gets up and hug’s her. She also hugs him back…
After a while,she tells him please let go home.. He asks her to spend sometime with him. She tells after 3yrs ill be yours forever.. He asks till then what I should do? She replies do mtech for 2yrs and 1yr job… He tells ok.. Both leave to home..
While riding back
Sanky: Shall I ask you something?
Ragu: Yes

Sanky: Why you didn’t reply me earlier
Ragu: I didn’t understand you’re question
Sanky: Tell truth
Ragu: Because I wanted you to propose me properly..
Sanky: Is this a proper way?
Ragu: No
Sanky: Then
Ragu: When you asked me will you? I said yes. But I wanted you you to ask me front all family members…

Sanky: Shall I ask now in front of family members?
Ragu: Not now when time comes you will ask na?
Sanky: Definitely ill
Ragu: Thank you
Sanky: Can I ask you other one thing please

Ragu: Yea…
Sanky: When did you started loving me
Ragu: I really don’t know… Whenever I see you’re eyes I felt something,but I didn’t understand what that. You know after our meeting in canteen I saw you in my mirror also. I thought im gone mad, then when you said im really gone mad in your love I also felt im gone mad because I love you. I know you sang those songs for me, but I remembered only your anuents with me whenever I heard you singing.
Sanky: So much was there but you didn’t say a word to me.
Ragu: Because I wanted you to ask me..

Sanky: Okay.. But its a mistake na..
Ragu: Ok sorry…
Sanky: I need something else from this sorry…
Ragu: Hugs him from back and ask whether this is enough?
Sanky: Ya. I know I can’t get more than this now.
Ragu: Hits him and hugs him..

They reach near coffee shop.. She tells him ill go from here bye.. He tells her ill drop till home. She nods no. After walking for a while she turns back and see him, then comes to him ask him are you in heaven now? He smiles and replies yes, then she say him bye and move to home. While going home sanky thinks of what ragu had said him and smiles.. He reach’s home, Sahil call him and ask what happened? He tells she said yes… Same talks are going on b/w Kavyaand ragu. Sahil congratulate him and Kavyadoes same with ragu. Ragu cuts call because Shomi comes there, she asks why she came late from college? Ragu tells shomi I went out with friends. Shomi asks her did she meet Sanky? Ragu tells shomi please.. I need little more time. Shomi tells ok and wait ill get snacks. Ragu thinks I want tell about sanky and me but I want to enjoy the feeling of be in love without parents well. Then she hugs her teddy and think of hugging sanky ,blushes. Sanky call her, she receives and say him Shomi is gonna come ill call you back. Sanky think of saying about ragu to anu,but then Ragu should know it.

After a while…
Ragu call Sanky’s cell… He doesn’t receive it… She thinks he might be out.. Arjun see’s sanky cell ringing,he receives it. Then he checks call history,see only ragu’s name. He thinks did that frank made her angry, she did receive a call of his. He thinks of talking with sanky regarding this matter. Sanky is having dinner.. Arjun comes there, he asks him is everything ok? Sanky think did he know about what happened evening. Anu ask them to have dinner without talking.. Sanky after dinner goes to room,check there are 10 miss calls from ragu. Ragu is talking bath, she listen to phone ringtone. Ragu without seeing turns on cold water tap, she gets shocked with cold water. She runs out and on’s heater in room. She is shivering bcz of cold water bath and temperature also.. Changes and text sanky im sleeping ill talk tomorrow. She keeps shivering all night..

Shomi comes to wake up ragu, see she have high fever. Shomi goes to call doctor, shankar also comes to know ragu have fever. Doctor comes and check ragu. Tell Shomi she should take rest and tablets at correct time. Shomi thank doctor, ragu is shivering.. Shomi think of informing anu about it, before she call Kavya comes there. Shomi tells Kavyaragu is having fever, Kavya goes to meet ragu. Kavyacheck her fever,see’s she is shivering. Kavya text Sanky,ragu is having fever and she is shivering. Sanky doesn’t see message,he is busy. Kavya call Sahil and tell him about ragu. Shomi comes there,ask Kavya go home bcz fever might spread. Kavya asks but Shomi send her home.

Sahil call sanky and tell that ragu is having fever,but you were thinking she might be angry bcz you didn’t receive her call na. Sanky thinks of going and meeting her, but thinks what will shomi think if I go there… Shomi wake up Ragu and feed her oatmeal and tablets. Ragu thinks of telling Sanky not to call, she asks shomi please get my phone im feeling bored. Shomi gives her and ask her rest after sometime. Ragu texts sanky that “im not well,I can’t call you today take care and love you” sanky texts her ill come to meet you ,she replies please don’t come. He doesn’t reply her, she sleep off ..
Shomi call anu,
Shomi: Ragu is not well. I’m worried for her.
Anu: What happened?
Shomi: She is having fever, her legs are so cold
Anu: Rub Vicks and let her have nice rest.
Shomi: She is sleeping now.. I’ll go and rub Vicks…
Anu thinks if sanky know about ragu is not well. Sanky is riding bike,he arrives at Sai baba temple he prays for ragu’s health. He leaves to home back, when he arrives. Anu tell him that she is going to ragu’s home as she not well. He nods ok, she thinks of asking him to accompany her but she leaves. He thinks anu you go now ill go and check her at night.

At ragu’s home..

Anu arrive and ask about ragu? Shomi tells she have fever. Anu ask temperature? She tells 103 degree. Anu goes to see ragu,see’s her sleeping like kid and give her teddy bear to hug. She thinks ragu is small kid,when will she become my DIL then also will remain like this only. She will be princess of my prince. She kiss her on forehead and bless her. Both shomi and anu leave, place heater near bed before living. Anu tells shomi im waiting for my princess,take care of her don’t worry she will ok. Pari call anu, so anu leave to meet pari.

At night shomi feeds ragu soup and gives her tablets. Sanky is having dinner,but he is thinking of ragu. Anu come home, tells dad that ragu is having high fever, she was sleeping when I went there. Dad understand what she wants to say and tells her don’t remember cry thinking of it. Anu tell ill not cry, but after seeing sleeping I felt Vishu would be of same age, I said Shomi that if ragu will be like a princess in our home and came. Dad tells her plz forget about vishu and focus only on Arjun and sanky, I have no right to say forget your daughter but pls think of sons. Anu tells him I can’t forget her, but ragu comes this home ill promise you ill not remember her. Dad nods ok. Anu adds if Sanky and ragu’s daughter name will be vishu ok. Dad tell her let they marry first. Anu tell him only more 3yrs,then ill get ragu and after one yr of their marriage ill ask them to get back my Vishu. Dad smiles and asks her to check whether her sons slept and sleep early. Anu and dad sleep off…
Sanky see it’s 11, think it is right time to go there. He takes some package and move towards ragu’s home . He comes inside her room and see she is sleeping. He wakes her up, she gets shocked and asks why did you at this time? If Shomi comes? He asks her to be quite and keep holy sindhur don’t on her forehead. He tells Sai baba will make you fine early don’t worry. She smiles,then start shivering. He asks her what happened? She replies im feeling cold.. He hugs her tightly and both sleep off.. After a while shomi think of seeing ragu once but then think she might have slept why to disturb her.

At morning 4:30 ragu wakes up and see sanky there. She gets shocked… She wakes him up… But he is sleeping peacefully.. She then wake up by putting cold water on his face. He wakes up with shock and ask her what happened? She asks him why didn’t he go? He tells I felt sleepy and slept off. She asks him to go and he replies after taking bath ill go. She tells its not in laws house yet,please go shomi wake at 5:30 before that you leave. He tells ok ill leave on one condition you should say I love you once. She tells ok I love you get lost now. He asks her to say with love. She comes near his ears and slowly say I loveee youuu. He smiles and kiss her on forehead. Then he leaves,,, ragu hear shomi footsteps and thinks today I got saved ill give him nicely afterwards.

Next day….
Ragu and sanky going in bike. He asks why did you get fever suddenly?
She: I took cold water bath.
He: What?
She: You were calling, I wanted to receive call and without see I turned on cold water shower.
He: You’re really intelligent.
She: Yeah I know. Now don’t scold me.
He: I’ll not scold you. But from today while going to take bath or out without phone text me ok.
She: Ok baba….

Both arrive at shop and order for pineapple juice. He tells without ice, she smiles and ask for cake? He tells no cake ok, it’s not eggless ok. She nods ok. He say her ill get you tomorrow ok? She smiles. He catches her hand and ask to give bike keys. Pari with her friends is seating in opposite direction, she see’s sanky but not ragu. She calls him and asks where are you ? He tells im in kulfi house with friend. She tells ok bye and thinks he is with gf. Ragu show him is hand and tells leave. He tells ill catch my whole life what you will do? She asks whole life huh if you’re dad or anu come than also? He catches her hand tightly and tells her no problem ill catch. She smiles.. And says Arjun you here? He leaves her hand and turns, she starts laughing and runs out. He also runs behind her and catch her by waist, she asks him to leave. He tells till Arjun come I wont leave ok. She turns and slowly put her hand in face while looking into his eyes. He pulls her close and tell be careful it may lead to anything ?. She says ok let it turn but after you marry me ok. He asks then shall I marry now itself? She says you can but Shomi… He tells shomi will be happy but not jaan,so ill wait for 3yrs. She replies soo cute my Jadoogar ?.
He gets call, so he leaves her. She smiles and goes to get juice. He talks with anu and say ill return by 6. She thinks what my hero will be doing till 6? Something is fishy? Anu replies okay. He thinks to talk with ragu about telling this matter to anu. Ragu comes there and gives juice.
Sanky: Shall I ask you one thing?

Ragu: What?
Sanky: Shall I say anu that we both are meeting each other.
Ragu: Why? If she fix marriage then
Sanky: No she won’t ill ask her not to and even say her ill marry you only after 3yrs
Ragu: If I want to marry me before 3 yrs you won’t marry huh.
Sanky: Be clear jaan

Ragu: Jadoogar I want time to think about this. After Kavyaand Sahil marriage ill tell you.
Sanky: Ok. When you will come to marriage function hall
Ragu: I’m going to Madhu’s home before 10days.
Sanky: Then you won’t meet me?
Ragu: Idiot you will be with me. In village there marriage will be conducted. So we all be there only.
Sanky: Really?
Ragu:yeah. Be with me only ok if you will be friends then..
Sanky: More than me. You will be with friends ok.

Ragu smiles and tells see watch… Its 5:30 da,I want to go home. He tells ok and after going home take bath in hot water ok. She hits him and tells you’re anu asked you reach by 6 ok. He tells ok ill leave you home first then ill go. Both leave park.
Sanky comes home.. Anu ask him to get ready we are going to pari’s home. He asks why? Anu tells him stop questioning and go get ready. He goes. Anu thinks I want him to say on his own what he hiding. Arjun comes home,anu ask him to get ready we are going to ragu’s home for dinner don’t sanky ok. He goes to get ready. Anu thinks it will be fun if Sanky meets ragu. Anu also goes to get ready.

At ragu’s home…

Shomi asks ragu to get ready some guest are coming for dinner and gives her half saree. Ragu looks questioning but Shomi leaves room. Shomi think ragu should meet sanky today bcz I want to her to think about this relationship. Ragu gets ready and thinks who are coming.. Shomi preparing dinner,ragu is coming down. Shomi asks her prepare fruit salad. Ragu goes to prepare, shomi goes to get ready. Before that ragu asks where is shankar? She replies he went to tour morning,I think I said you. Ragu say sorry I forgot. Shomi goes.

Arjun comes to Sanky’s room, Sanky is chatting with Sahil. Arjun pats on his back and ask him to get ready. Sanky say him I not in mood to go out. Arjun ask him what were you doing in kulfi house? Sanky replies I was with my friend. Arjun tells ok now get ready…. He thinks till when you will hide bro. Sanky and Arjun come down,anu asks them to pick dad from then we are moving. Sanky takes car keys but anu ask him to give keys to Arjun he knows address. Sanky goes and seat in front seat . Arjun and anu go, he start driving. Sanky takes headphones and start hearing songs. They reach dad office, pick dad and move towards ragu’s home. Dad asks Arjun what happened car is so silent today? He replies sanky wanted to sleep we pulled him and came so mood off. Dad signs anu, she smiles and replies everything will be ok. They reach ragu’s home.

Shomi asks ragu to open door,ragu runs from kitchen to open. Sanky gets down and thinks why we come here now? Anu ask him come,sanky goes with them. Ragu open door and see Arjun standing gets shocked. She thinks sanky could have said na,idiot… Anu comes there and ask ragu where is your shomi? Why you are shocked? Ragu replies no aunty come inside please… Shomi comes and welcome them. Ragu goes to inside,thinks I should be in control no means today we will be caught. Sanky also think same. Sanky,Arjun and dad seat on sofa..

While anu asks where is shankar? Shomi replies he as gone for tour,you informed about this morning else I would have stopped him. Anu tells its ok, main people are here only na. Shomi smiles. Sanky think anu is cooking something now that to with shomi. Sanky texts Sahil ” im at ragu’s home, I don’t know what is cooking b/w anu and Shomi. They are planning something. ” Sahil replies wait ill ask Kavyato call Ragu and ask. Sanky texts ok. Kavyacalls ragu’s cell.. Shomi see it and ask ragu to receive it. Ragu goes to her room,
Kavya: What happened Sanky asked to call you?

Ragu: Sanky and his family is here
Kavya: What? Did shomi come to know about you both?
Ragu: I don’t know. They were planning to make me and sanky meet tomorrow.
Kavya: Why? Daily you both meet na.

Ragu: I said Shomi and anu are planning…
Kavya: Ok. Tell of shomi…
Ragu: Have you gone mad. If i say with your marriage mine also will take place.
Kavya: Congralation ??
Ragu: Shut up
Kavya: Ok ill inform what you said to Sanky wait.
Ragu: Ok. Being like strangers is too difficult ☹☹
Kavya: Ayyo go ya. Who will explain you

Ragu thinks ill over come it and then thinks I mixed papaya in fruit salad. She runs from her room and goes and removes papaya while anu and shomi are busy. Shomi ask ragu to keep dishes on dining table. Ragu does so. Anu comes and see fruit salad,ask ragu whether papaya is mixed ? She nods no. Shomi asks what happened? Anu tells sanky have allergic with papaya. Shomi say her ragu like it very much, might be added in salad. Ragu replies her Shomi papaya got over yesterday. Anu thinks whether ragu know about Sanky? Shomi calls everyone for dinner, they seat on dining table.
Dad: Ragu what you planned next?
Ragu: Uncle I want to complete MCA then while doing job ill take up MBA.
Dad: Great plans.
Arjun: Ragu where you’re thinking to join for MCA?
Ragu: After entrance exam ill come to know bro

Arjun: Ok. Ask sanky your college provides MCA?
Sanky: Yes. But lecturers are not so standard.
Arjun: Then ragu ill ask my friends and let you know which colleges are best.
Ragu: Thanks bro.
Shomi: Sanky you completed BE now joining job? Or mtech.

Sanky: Aunty I haven’t decided. Still time is there but now im writing entrance if I get which college I want ill join mtech else job
Anu: Sanky you can give your maths material to ragu na,she is also preparing for exam it will be !x.
Sanky: Ok anu, ill give you and pass on ok.
Anu: You can only come and give na
Sanky: I’m going out with my friends tomorrow.

Anu: Tells shomi now a days sanky is spending more time with his friends than family.
Shomi: College got over, he be missing them and want to be with them. Don’t start your investigation work ok.
Arjun: What are telling aunty?
Shomi: Your anu uses to do investigation work in college. She used to keep record of each and everything.
Sanky: Not only then, now also she keeps track of our works.
Dad: Ya that’s true she needs everything to be under her control.

Anu: Now you people stop pulling my leg and concentrate on dinner.
Ragu gets up and goes inside to wash plate. As she comes out shomi asks her to have tablets. She nods ok. While she goes to have tablets,sanky complete his dinner. Anu ask him to have fruit salad he tells anu please I don’t want.. She tells him no papaya have it. He haves it and after finishing he leaves to clean plate. Ragu texts him..
Ragu: I wanna meet you
Sanky: Shut up and be in your room don’t come down till you’re Shomi asks you to.
Ragu: I can’t be like a stranger with a person whom I like ok
Sanky: Only liking na you can ok. But im in love with you what I should do
Ragu: I didn’t mean like ok understand it..

Sanky: Ok jaan ?
Ragu: Ok bye I wanna change don’t call of ok.
Sanky: Ok…
Anu thinks if really sanky is in love with any other girl, he didn’t even see ragu. Shomi asks her what happened? Anu tell ill call you tomorrow and let you know. Sanky family leave.. Ragu is standing at terrace and talking in phone. Anu see her and think if ragu have boyfriend then…
Sanky family reach there home. Anu ask them sleep early tomorrow is Saturday granny will come. Sanky greets them good night and goes to his room. Anu comes there and tells him I want to speak with you. He keeps his phone in silent mode.

Anu: Directly im asking.. You like ragu or not
Sanky: Ya anu I like her
Anu: Then why you didn’t even talk with her.
Sanky: How can I? She meet me once and there also Arjun played a frank on her.
Anu: Leave that Arjun. If I ask you to marry her will you?
Sanky: Till 3yrs I wont think about marriage. After that ill let you know.
Anu: Ok. You are not in love with any girl na?
Sanky: Till three years no place for love ok.
Anu: Ok then. Remember what you said for three years. Good night ?
Sanky: Ok anu. Good night ?

Sanky thinks im in love with ragu but I cant say it anu. When time comes ill say but mostly before that only you will fix my marriage with her..
Ragu is preparing for exam… She thinks who invented this maths ill go mad while solving this problems. She texts Sanky’s if you wake up at 4 please call me. Sanky send ok. Ragu is reading other subjects… At 2 am she sleeps….
Sanky wake up at 5 and thinks to wake up ragu. He calls her.. She asks him why did you call? He tells you only asked me. She says ya sorry da but now ill sleep bye. Sanky think mostly she might be reading all night. He seats to solve problems..

At 8am ragu wakes up and goes to get ready.. After 40 min sanky calls her and asks her to meet him it’s urgent matter. She says ok ill come, think to wear pink dress. She asks shomi whether can she go to city library? Shomi think it’s far from here na, then tell her Sanky might come here go with him. Ragu who was drinking water,gets shocked and spit’s it. Shomi doesn’t see her, but ask her to wait. Anu comes to Sanky and ask him to take her city library,help her in maths ok. He thinks anu you are superb ? and tells ok. Anu tell him to spend some time with her,so she can decide. He tells ill teach her but its not matter of marriage ok. He leaves.. Anu thinks you love her and she will fall for your nature without even you trying I know it. Sanky comes to ragu’s home, both leave to city library.
Sanky: See our mothers plan
Ragu: I’m thinking to say yes for proposal. So that we can at least be like friends in front of them.
Sanky: Wait for 10 days. I thinking after madhu’s marriage we will tell. Because these 10days and again in marriage function we will get time to spend. They will think our love happened in this days .
Ragu: Ok its good idea.

Sanky: Ok till exam no need of thinking this ok.
Ragu: Ok. I’m feeling sleepy da.
Sanky: Completed computer fundamentals?
Ragu: Yeah only maths is there.
Sanky: We will study from today don’t worry.
Ragu: What don’t worry,material which you send as more than 10k sums da.
Sanky: Daily we will solve don’t worry ok.
Ragu: Ok my jadoogar will solve my problems na.
Sanky: Jaan please..

Ragu: Ok..
Both reach city library. Seat for studying, sanky helps her and they stay back till 6 pm. Shomi calls Sanky, asks did you leave? Its already 6pm? Had lunch na? He replies sorry aunty we are leaving, we didn’t have lunch while coming we will drink juice and come by 7:30 don’t worry. Shomi tells ok take care ok. This repeats for 10 days..
On 11th day…
Shomi asks ragu how is preparation going on? Ragu replies her shomi you know he taught me simple tricks to solve problems and one chapter is remaining. Shomi tells ok and complete it today. Ragu replies ok Shomi , sanky comes there and horns. Ragu goes and seat on his bike ,both move. Shomi think she speaking about him ,mostly she started liking him. Anu call her
Anu: How is our plan working?

Shomi: It’s working. She started speaking about Sanky.
Anu: What she told?
Shomi: She said he teaches maths in easy way. He gave nice tricks to get answer fastly and he doesn’t speak unwanted things like others guys .

Anu: She as good opinion about Sanky then, see however in Sahil’s marriage they will be together na. They’ll fall in love don’t worry.
Shomi: Ok no worries. I just want them to be happy.
Anu: Now go and pack her bag for marriage. Keep dresses which I brought for her. She looks like princess in those.
Shomi: Ok ma. I’ll keep best dresses. Ok bye.
At city library…

Ragu is solving problems.. Sanky asks her completed na. She tells ya thank god. Sanky asks her shall we go somewhere out? She tells him yes I wanna fresh my mind,lets go. Both go for long drive, she hugs him tightly. He tells her I was missing this from 12days , I was my jaan.. She says him but I wasn’t missing you bcz you’re boring now and then ?. He stops bike as it starts raining. Both go and start near tree, he hugs her and she hugs him back. He kiss her on forehead. She gets angry and push him ,runs to other tree shade.
He comes near her and ask her what happened? She nods no and turns other side. He turns her, she suddenly kiss him on his lips. He gets shocked. He asks her what happened to you? She tells him its for teaching me maths. He tells her I don’t want it, bcz it was my duty. She tells him then return it back. He tells ill return but not now when time comes ?. She tells him rain stopped. Both move from that place. While riding he thinks what happened and smiles. She keeps avoiding his eyes and thinks what he might be thinking? Both don’t speak till they reach Ragu’s home. She just say him bye and goes inside. He also doesn’t talk anything.. He turns and rides his bike, thinks what happened was like a dream. He reach’s home, no one are there so he thinks to call her.

She see’s his call and thinks I have done mistake by proceeding towards him,everytime I used avoid him talking about this. But now what i did because its first love anniversary ( yeah month). She calls him back,and ask him why did he call? He tells sorry by mistake.. Ok then had lunch? She tells ok,you had? He replies no. She asks why? He replies her im blank. She tells ok, get ready for moving to village we will meet there. He asks tomorrow? She tells I wanted to go somewhere with friends. He tells ok have lunch now bye.

Precap: Sanky see calendar and think one month got over in our relationship. Then think about ragu and smiles.

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