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until my exams r over my updates will be short . guys please adjust with me.

chapter 5

sayyam was hyptonized by shiv.sayyam goes into his past.

shiv:whats ur name?

sayyam: my name is sayyam birla.

shiv:tell me about your past?

sayyam starts to tell about his past…….

in past….


there is a girl beside me and we are playing in the park.there ia also a boy.i am searching for my mom and i see her beautiful smiling face.i run towards her and hug her tightly.she wrapped me with her arms tightly and i could feel her love towards me.somebody called my mom.i knew her she was pratima.

pratima:suhani , i was searching for you.come its already late we need to go the kids or else dadi will scold us.

suhani:ma, dont worry we can convince her .anyways she is our dadi nah.

she said with a smiling words.pratima liked suhani for her positive attitude.dadi has troubled suhani in many ways but still she talks in favour of dadi.

suhani:yuvan,yuvani and sayyam come lets go.we will come tomorrow.okay!!

we all went back to the birla the door of the birla house opened….
yuvan and yuvani ran and hugged dadi.i ran and hugged yuvraj. i knew dadi hated me.i never got her love.the only souls which show love towards me are suhani,yuvraj and pratima.without their love i’m nothing.

suhani:kids go to ur room and do ur homework.

we all 3 shared a big room.we spent our time pillow fighting and having fun.we all did our homework.
then we all had a yummy dinner and went to sleep.

next day….

suhani:sayyam i have prepared ur yummy lunch.guess what?

sayyam:is it panner sandwich?

suhani:yeah sayyam.i know u love it.

sayyam:ma thank u so much.

and i hugged her tightly and gave her a kiss on the cheeks.she was surprised and she kissed me on the forehead.

yuvan and yuvani came and hugged suhani.

yuvan:ma what lunch?

suhani:veggie rice yuvan.

yuvani:for me?

suhani:for u i have made roti and mushroom.

yuvani:thank u so much ma!!

yuvraj:kids its already late to school.come fast !

yuvraj took them in his car and left them at school.we all went to our class. we studied in the same classwe studied 5th std.

after 6 years………

yuvan and i had taken cs as our elective in 11th whereas yuvani and rahul had taken commerce group.rahul is my bestie.

it was the first day of school….

yuvan and i were sitting together.

yuvan was talking to his i went out to go to the canteen.just thenrahul hooked with me in half way.we were talking and walking and just then someody bumped on me.i saw who it was but that girl had fallen down and her dupatta was covering her face.
i bent down and helped her get up.she was wearing a white salwar kameez with blue flowers printed on she got up the dupatta fell of her face.i was just mesmerised by her looks.she had soft baby pink lips andand her eyes were lined with kajal.she was wearing a silver ear drops and a chain with a heart pendent.her hair had been put up as a ponytail and her fringes fell on her face.
she was the most beautiful girl i had ever met .

girl:i’m so sorry ,i didnt see u coming.

her voice was so soft ….rahul jerked me out of my thoughts and i saw that girl was looking at me.

sayyam:oh !yeah its okay.btw whats ur name?

girl:i’m krishna.

sayyam:oh so u r a newcomer?

krishna:yeah.i have taken cs.

sayyam:its my class !!come with me.

he took her to the class and introduced her to the classmates.
yuvan was just looking at krishna.yuvan was very good at flirting with girls .so he went and started flirting with krishna.

after school krishna came to me

krishna:thank u for making it easy for me the first day of school.i was so nervous but u made it amazing for me.thank u so much.

sayyam:no problem krishna!

krishna:sayyam can u give me ur number?

i felt so happy.this was the first time i felt like this and it was different.
sayyam gives his number to krishna.krishna also gives her number to him.
at home,

i sat to study but my mind was full of thoughts about krishna. i couldnt forget her.i smiled thinking of her.then i somehow managed to study.

after dinner yuvan came to my room,

yuvan:sayyam krishna was so pretty nah?

sayyam:yeah she looked like an angel

said sayyam dreamily.

yuvan:i am going to make her my girlfriend.i have decided to make her mine.u have to help me sayyam.

i was shocked .i never wanted any girl to fall prey for yuvan.he never respected love.he changed his gf’s every month.i would never want krishna to fall in his trap.

sayyam:yeah i will help u yuvan

i had other plans in my mind.

yuvan went back to his room.yuvani came to my room

yuvani:sayyam i need to tell u something

sayyam:tell me yuvani

yuvani:sayyam,rahul and i r in love.we got committed today.

sayyam:wow!!really?that idiot didnt tell me.tomorrow im goin to fight with him.anyways im so happy for u guys.

sayyam and yuvani hugged each other.

screen freezes.

precap:suhani introduces her best friend soumya and her daughter krishna to the birla family.sayyam and krishna look at each other.

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    Sweet one..But Yuvaan??..He’s actually d problem guy??

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