Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 68

Hai friends Surprise is here. Yes the next episode is now here sooner than usual. It’s because I won’t be able to update 3 stories in the evening so this one will be uploaded in the morning. Let’s go to the episode.

Kartik and Naira are walking down the streets and it gets dark.

Kartik: Naira…tomorrow we are going back and when we are back to Goa you will be Mrs.Naira Kartik Goenka…then I won’t get to spend time with Ms.Naira Singhania

Naira: So…

Kartik:So..why don’t we go to a dance club tonight

Naira gets excited and : Why not my mendak

Kartik: I think I must stay away frequently

Naira: Why

Kartik: My girl accepts everything when we meet after a long gap

Naira punches him in his stomach

Kartik: Ouch

Naira: If you talk about staying away I’ll make you as a juice and drink you

Kartik: Sherni is back into form.

Kartik pulls Naira into his embrace as they reach the dance club.

A song plays there and they get on the floor to dance their hearts out.

Ek ho gaye hum aur tum
Humma humma humma…
Toh udd gayi ninde re
Hey humma…

Ek hogaye hum aur tum
Toh udd gayi ninde re
Aur khanki payal masti mein
Toh kangan…

Yeh pehli baar mile
Tumpe ye dum nikle
Tumpe ye jawaani dheere dheere
Maddham machle re

Humma humma…
Humma humma humma
Hey hamma hamma..
Humma humma humma

The scene freezes on a happy Kaira.
It’s next day and Kartik and Naira reach Mumbai airport. All the families are waiting there for them

They get excited to see everyone. Abir and Anurag hug Kartik

Akhil: Kartik beta we have a good news

Kartik: Chachu I…

Naira nudges him and

Kartik: I am excited to know what it is

Naira leaves a sigh of relief.  Mishti comes to her

Mishti: You told BFF Hena didi

Naira nods while Mishti giggles

Mishti: I knew

Meanwhile Manish: We have planned to get you and Naira hitched soon

Kartik: Woah…

As everyone laugh at his reaction Kartik turns red.
Anurag: Looks like someone is getting shy

Kartik: Not to the extent like someone who got shy years ago

He goes to Prerna and bends down

Kartik: Hai bacha chachu here..I know you can here ..sorry for not coming till now and I love you

Prerna holds Kartik’s ears and: Acha …so you forgot bhabhi when baby came

Kartik: Ouch…sorry bhabhi..I’m so sorry

Prerna giggles and leaves his ears.
Akhil: Wedding functions start from day after tomorrow after Prerna’s godh bharai..then we have a surprise for you Kartik and Naira

Kartik: Whats it chachu

Manish: Actually it’s a surprise for Anurag and Prerna too

Viren: Yeah yeah..from the day the function starts Kartik and Naira should meet only in the wedding other meetings

Kartik: This is unfair

Keerthi: And..Prerna  bhabhi is going to her Maika after the godh bharai rasam so even Anurag bhai and Prerna bhabhi have to stay apart

Naksh: Till you get married and bhabhi comes back you both brothers share your room

Abir: Ill join too

Anurag: Why is Prerna going there..Jeevika bhabhi didn’t go to her house even Keerthi didn’t come here

Swarna: That’s because it’s a wedding house and Prerna won’t be comfortable in the situation. She needs rest too not for long but till the wedding gets over Prerna will stay with her parents

Akhil: How was the surprise Kartik

Kartik: Kya aap bhi,.if I thought this I would never have boarded the flight with Naira

Naira (in mind): This mendak was talking about separation and as soon as we came we have been separated

All giggle and the families take them along with them. While departing Naira and Kartik aren’t able to leave each other and keep holding hands

Abir: Don’t worry bhai..anyway tomorrow we will meet in the godh bharai na..then the next day on engagement..till then manage on phone

Kartik: Chal..chal..our time will come too to pull your legs

Abir takes Kartik while Mishti takes Naira . The scene freezes.

The next day and it is Prerna’s godh  Everyone reach the Goenka house for the function. Naira is dressed in a beautiful silver colour lehenga while Mishti shines in a yellow one.





The Goenka brothers aren’t less than anyone. Kartik adorns a Red colour suit while Abir is in a blue one.
The function topper Prerna is looking gorgeous in her red saree while Anurag is handsome in his white suit.
Mishti and Naira take Prerna to the hall.

Just then Naina and Akash come there with Vansh.

Sara and Vansh go towards Krish who is in the arms of Keerthi.

Keerthi: Hai bacho..Krish see Sara didi and Vansh bhaiya have come to meet you.



Kartik is unable to remove his gaze from Naira. Naira catches him looking at her

Kartik: Hayee (he holds his hand on his left side of the chest)

Naira blushes.
While Mishti is walking with a puja thaali Abir holds her and pulls her away from the crowd and pulls her closer.

Mishti: Abir…what’s going on

Abir: Romance…

Mishti: Acha..

Abir: Arrey how unromantic you are

Mishti: Oh

Just then Mishti is being called by Swarna. She pushes Abir and runs away from there.The scene freezes.

All the ladies do the godh bharai rasam to Prerna. While the men are sitting in the porch . Abir , Kartik , Naksh , Viren ,Anurag and Akash imitate their respective partners and have a good time.
The episode freezes on a happy note.


  1. Wow very nice episode….
    The surprise for KaiRa was amazing bechaare
    And AnuPre also got a very nice one
    Loved the scenes of mishbir
    KaiRa scenes were amazing and I literally missed kartik’s haaye in this FF but now it’s also here
    Waiting for KaiRa’s sagai

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver!! Haha yeah bechare Kaira 😅. Happy that you liked Mishbir scenes. Happy that you liked Hayee of Kartik.

  2. It was really nice update👌🏻😍, can you please share the link for your ae mere dil ff, i searched for it a lot but just can’t find it

    1. Sai07

      Hai Ananya!! thank you so much. Ae mere dil ff hasn’t been uploaded yet. Tu jaane ff of mihbir and Woh chaand mein hoon ff of Kaira have been uploaded. Ae mere dil will be uploaded before tonight.

  3. Wow great episode 💗👍👍👍

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sherya!! Thank you so much❤😊.

  4. Kavya_P

    Happy happy
    What’s the shocker
    Don’t say she’s back

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kavya!! Thank you so much. So happy that you are happy reading the episode. Haha 😂 don’t worry dear.. the shocker will only surprise you I guess.

  5. Nice episode ❤.
    Kaira’s Romantic scenes were amazing.
    Mishbir’s scenes were too romantic 😍
    Waiting for next episode

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zuha!! Thank you😊❤. Happy that you liked the episode. So happy that you liked Kaira and Mishbir romance. Next episode will reach out to you tomorrow morning.

  6. Awesome…😍😍😍waiting for the next episode….😊

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna 😍😍. Very happy that you liked it. Next episode will reach you tomorrow morning.

  7. Amazing yaar eagerly waiting for kaira marriage

    1. Sai07

      Hai Gayathri!! Thank you so much yaar. Very happy that you liked it😍

  8. Jasminerahul

    kaira conversation was was superb.perfect song.prerna kartik scene was funny.kartik lost in naira n his reaction was cute.godbharai look of all the characters was nice.mishbir scene was romantic cure n hilarious

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! So happy that you liked Kaira conversation. Happy that you liked Prerna Kartik scene, Kartik’s reaction on Naira and godhbharai look of characters. Happy that you liked Mishbir scene.

  9. Jasminerahul

    perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Thank you Jasmine

  10. Nice happy episode after so long. Very good to see the families together. Bhabhi Baby dialogue of Prerna was hilarious. Kaira dance and chemistry were awesome. Loved the way you introduced the characters in the godh bharai. Waiting for sagaai to happen. Please bring Rishabh Neha Aashi and her husband and Tara and Vikrant to the sagaai. What’s the shocker. Hope Komo is not out of the jail

    1. Sai07

      Hello Dear Happy that you liked the Bhabhi baby dialogue,Kaira dance and chemistry and character intro in godh bharai. Sure I’ll definitely bring them in the sagaai.

  11. Forgot to mention. Kartik’s hayee made my day ❤

    1. Sai07

      Awwww Thank you 😊 It’s my pleasure.

  12. Sai07

    Guys I’m emotionally all drained so can’t update this story today. The other two ffs will be updated in the evening. Next episode of Love Makes Life Beautiful Will reach you tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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