Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 24

Hai friends. Thank you so much Jasminerahul,Samheeta, Alfiya Anver and Sapna for sharing your expectations on how the story should proceed. As I have promised I’ll take the story based on the most asked version. The story is going to proceed the way majority favoured. Let’s go to the episode.

Kartik: Naira.. I know what you want to ask but please listen to what I say, you will get you answers. Naira our story is like the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. I was a beast till I met you but now I have changed. I want to live and love life . I have understood the value of family. I have become someone whom everyone likes. It’s all due to you. You have become an irreplaceable part of my life. Naira I have a lot more to say but…I … comprising of all the feelings I made these arrangements to say that I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU NAIRA.

Kartik extends his hand to Naira. They both look into each other’s eyes. Naira turns away from Kartik. Kartik is disappointed and gets up and goes to Naira. He holds her by her shoulders and turns her around. He is shocked to see tears in her eyes.Kartik wipes it with his hands.

Kartik: Naira,I’m sorry….I didn’t intend to make you cry. It’s…its… not a compulsion …..that you should love me…Naira…I just expressed my feelings. If you consider me as a friend then I’ll not force you for anything else, I’ll remain a faithful friend forever…. Naira…

Before he could complete his sentence  Naira hugs him. Kartik is taken by surprise. 

Naira: Kartik…I love you too….

Kartik looks down at her with mixed emotions.

Kartik: Then why did you cry

Naira: I….I was too happy to hear what I wanted to hear from you.

Kartik: Naira…what do you mean…

Naira: I was waiting for you to say these 3 words 

Kartik: From when….

Naira: I don’t know exactly when but I realised that you are much more special than a friend to me….tumhe samaj mein aa raha Hena….I don’t know what made me fall for you…is it your immense care or your support when Papa fell ill or .. I somehow felt so safe with you..You made me special…and I found my happiness in your happiness…and I realised that these are symptoms of love.  I fell for you…I was waiting for you to say these words

Kartik: Waiting…why didn’t you say first..

Naira: Kartik…I myself called you my friend then how will I ….propose you…if you ….say no…I didn’t want to lose your friendship 

Kartik: So if I had not gathered the courage to face rejection and confessed you would never have confessed…right …

He pushes her , turns back and starts to walk away from her. Naira is shocked for a moment. Then she runs and hugs him from back

Naira: Kartik…I’m sorry..I ….I love you Kartik…I love you so much.Please don’t go Kartik..I can’t live without you…

Kartik smiles and holds her hands…

Kartik: Naira..Do you think I can live without you…even I can’t lose you know how scared I was when you turned back now…

Naira: I ….

He breaks the hug and turns towards her and thus interrupts her

Kartik: Shhshhhh…..chup…I know what you are going to say…Naira you need not hide your tears from me anymore…. I’ll always be there to wipe your tears. My shoulder will always be there for you to cling onto whenever you don’t feel good. My hug will be available for all your moods. I’ll be there for you always 

Naira kisses him on his cheek. Kartik turns red in surprise. 

Kartik holds Naira’s hand and goes on his knees.

Kartik: Let me complete my dream proposal..Miss Naira Singhania will you accept my love and be my queen.

Naira holds his hand tighter and nods. She smiles.

Kartik gets up and lifts Naira vertically such that their faces are in the same plane.  

Kartik: Finally the frog princess found his princess.

Naira: Sherni Love Mendek. What a combo. 

Kartik kisses Naira on her forehead. Kaira rejoice their moments of love when the breeze showers flowers on them.

Yahan Wahan hai tu plays in the background. The scene freezes.

Kartik and Naira are going to Singhania house in bike.

Kartik: Naira when are we informing our families about our love

Naira: Kartik..Prerna di and Anurag Jiju are getting married soon. Their love needs all attention till then. We should not steal their show, let’s inform families after shaadi. I’m sure that everyone will be only happy on knowing it.

Kartik: But…bhai and bhabhi know it already 

Naira: What…

Kartik: Yeah, they even know that I’m proposing you today. I know they are anxious to know your reply. I’ll inform them at least 

Naira: Tum bhi na..okay tell them about our decision about informing family too.

Kartik : Sure..

Naira: Arrey..Kartik…sangeet is nearing we need to prepare 

Kartik : When you are with me I can do anything. It’s late now so I’ll drop you home. Let’s discuss everything on phone .

Naira : Yes. 

She rests her head on his back and enjoys the bike ride. The scene freezes.



  1. It was mind blowing.. Amazing and very interesting episode 😇😇 I loved it a lot.. One request please write the all episodes in the same romantic way from today onwards.. 😁😁

    1. Sai07

      Thank you😊 for the compliments on this episode. I’m so happy 🤗🤗 to know that you loved it. I’ll definitely it take it in the romantic way.

  2. Jasminerahul

    kaira confession was very emotional. the dialogues were too good.happy that naira loves ride was romantic. missed anupre

    1. Sai07

      I’m so happy that you liked the proposal scene. This episode was dedicated to Kaira confession so it was short with them alone. From next updates all couples will be shown with their unique romance.

  3. It was too good and emotional and enjoyed too..

    1. Sai07

      So happy to hear that you liked it. 🤗🤗

  4. Sach mein yeh episode bohat accha tha hamesha kaiRa ki Love story meri favourite raha hai aur aaj woh aur favourite hogaya

    1. Sai07

      Im glad to know that you liked the episode and it’s my pleasure to be a way to make you enjoy Laura’s romance

  5. I read this episode only… Not the previous ones. But I LOVE it and felt it… Sooo proud of my benchmate 😍 Fly ahead…
    -With love… SS

    1. Sai07

      Thank you Dear benchmate.

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