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Thank you all for checking my work and commenting it really means alot to me.

So here come the very first part of my story.

Singh’s Bunglow

Doctor was checking womam in her sixties and same time a girl arrived controlling her heavy breathing due to running all the while she spoke

“What happened to Dadi? She was fine in the morning before I left home and why suddenly what happened (turning towards her father) Papa is there anything serious?”

But before her father can reply a voice come in her direction

“Stand there in silence already your grandmother have make fuss over nothing serious matter so we’ve to call Dr. for her check-up and for the answer what happened to her I think your eyes are still working can’t you see Dr. is checking her plus what will you do by knowing what happened to her so stop this all drama for god sake Ridhhima.”

Riddhima: Anu Mom I am just worried so I asked.

Anupriya: First all of don’t call me mom I am not your mom and secondly we’re here to worry about her so don’t do any drama. Amar, please tell your daughter to leave from here now.

All the while man who was standing like a statue finally broke his silence and spoke

Amar: For God’s sake will you both keep silent one outsider is here and you both started as usual and Riddhima will you please go out I don’t…

But before he can continue further his phone started ringing so he went out to answer call followed by Riddhima who don’t want to create any more scene by standing in that room.

After a while Dr. left from there discussing few things with Anupriya and giving prescription and collecting his charges from Anupriya.

Fuming Anupriya soon come down shouting Riddhima’s name and soon she saw here and she spoke

Anupriya: Go and get this medicine for your grandmother and I don’t have any money right now in my hand so don’t ask for it use yours.

And Riddhima nodded and left without uttering a word. And same time another girl of her age just patted on Anupriya’s back and spoke

Girl: Mom I am not understanding why are we being bothered for this old lady in that room can’t we send her to some old-age home and can’t we throw out this two idiot sister from this home?

Anupriya: Ishani don’t be so mean that old lady is key to all the properties as it is in her hand and if we throw this two out then we can’t ever get that and plus we’ve to spend money for servent too my child.

Ishani: Very smart Mom anyway Mom I am leaving for my dance classes and after that gym so will be back late and I would love to have some Lasagna in dinner so see you at dinner Mom.

And she left same time Amar entered hall and tension was clearly visible on his face so Anupriya asked

Anupriya: What happened?

Amar: Suraj called his father suffered from cardiac arrest and he moved to ICU three dats ago and as of now he is fine but now he want to fulfill promise he made to Papa to make our family their in-laws so tomorrow they’re coming with alliance of his son Kabeer to complete that promise.

Anupriya:I don’t know what deed do I’ve done in my past life that I end up falling in love with you yet we’re not over with the issue of this almost dying mother of yours and now this Maheswaris are up with the completing the promise made by your dead father and their already dying father.

Amar: Suraj said that they’re ready to accept either of our girl from Riddhima and Ishani as their daughter-in-law.

Anupriya: Let me make it clear to you that I am not getting my daughter married in that poor family plus Ishani have a lot to do in her life she want to make her career in dance so she won’t be getting married any soon so either get Riddhima married to their son or do whatever you want to do but don’t drag my daughter Ishani in this by the way I’ve appointment with dermologist now so I am leaving.

But before she can leave another voice attracted her attention

“Mom you know that Riddhima to working hard to make her career in dance she not even asking for any financial support and she is same age of as Ishani so why’ll she marry some random boy and not Ishani?”

Seems like her words press wrong nerve of Anupriya she went straight in direction of voice and giving a very crisp slap to owner of voice she spoke

Anupriya: Siya don’t try mess with me and if you don’t want Riddhima to get married then take her place oh I just forget how one can marry you and this time it was just one slap next time I won’t spare you if you try to mess with me over anything. And Amar give some sense to your useless daughter.

Throwing dagger in Amar and Siya’s direction through eyes Anupriya left from there.

And Amar who by now have been puppet of Anupriya didn’t say a word to Siya but left from there to leaving Siya alone in hall to think how to convince his daughter Riddhima for alliance while in hall Siya was determined to make Riddhima say no to this alliance.

Same time Maheswari’s home

Kabeer: Mom seriously we’ve tk do this?

Sakshi: Yes for the sake of promise made by your grandpa you’ve to plus I heard that Singh are quite rich so you can have money to sponser your company if you’re ready for this alliance.

Kabeer: Mom I am against this dowery drama plus I’ll do it by myself but anyway I’ll do it.

Back to Singh’s Bunglow

Siya thought of having word with her grandmother to stop this all marriage drama and same time Amar just came down to have his coffee same time Riddhima came back with medicine and seeing no one rather to say Sia in hall Amar grabbed oppertunity and started his drama to convince Riddhima

He acted like not feeling well and Riddhima who just entered saw him facing difficulties in holding himself so she rushed to him and worriedely

Riddhima: Papa what happened are you fine? Do you want me to call Dr.?

Amar: No it’s just I am in tension so…

Cutting him worried Riddhima speak:

Riddhima: What happened? What is it about?

Amar: Beat you know Maheswaris right, your grandpa have made promis to them to get you married to his grandson so now they want this alliance to happen but I don’t know what to say knowing you want to do things or two in your life (He tried to sound as low as possible with as much tensed as he can with few crocodile tears on their way on perfect timing)

Seeing her father in such situation Riddhima’s heart started melting and breaking same time and without thinking twice she spoke

Riddhima: Don’t worry Papa say them I am ready and for the things I want to do I’ll do afterwards with their permission and if they don’t allow them to makit you happy is the best thing I can do ever so don’t worry. Anyway, I’ve to give this medicine to Dadi so I am going there and now you stop taking tension okay.

And with smile on her face she left from there but same time her phone beeped indicating arrival of text and she unlocked her phone to check while on way to her Dadi’s room and that text was from Siya which read

“Don’t agree to any request of Papa and Ma now rest I’ll explain you later”

Meanwhile when Siya reached to Dadi’s room she found her sleeping peacefully so she choose to sit by her side and she dropped text to Riddhima and was waiting for her arrival and soon she saw her at doorstep

Siya: Finally you’re back have you checked my message?

Riddhima nodded her head in positive and next second Siya spoke:

Siya: let me tell you all thing then will discuss.

And Siya told her everything which happened after she left (excluding slap part) and even Riddhima told what her father told once she came back.

After listening to eachother both where shocked thinking their own father is behaving in such way and same time Siya sopke with anger visible in her voice

Siya: Di don’t agree go now to Papa and say no.

Riddhima: Siya I can’t refuse now it’s not just about Papa but it is also about promise of our grandpa so I can’t refuse now and trust me everything will be fine. Now chill I am waking up Dadi for medicine and don’t discuss anything regarding this matter we can’t give her stress about anything right now.

And as if nothing has happened Riddhima started following her duty unaware of the fact that her Dadi have listened everything and shedding silent tear for current situation of her.

So that’s it for the first part hope you all will love it and like it…🤞 Please drop a word of appreciation if you enjoyed even you can share it with your friends and family.😇

And stay happy and safe with your family 😊

  1. the story is interesting……the beginning is also good but how vansh’s entry will be there in this story is what i m looking forward to for now it seems that this marriage will not take place😋
    all over its really nice good job.. and post next ff soon😊👍👍

  2. Quite interesting…. But Mera vansh Kaha tha? Without my vansh I can’t read this and I can’t imagine the story. Sooo pls mere vansh ka entry jaldisae plan Karo plssss

  3. It was really very very nice ❤️

  4. Shesha485

    The first episode looks so promising. Anupriya is so cunning and Ishani too the same. Amar looks like puppet of Anupriya but still equally cunning. Poor Siya and Riddhima. I like Sita’s attitude whatever she said Anupriya. But in return, she just got the slap. It would be interesting to see how Riddhima would get married to Kabir.

  5. Hii
    Plz post riansh episode 17
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode😁

  6. Greeshma_geetha

    Just unbelievable dear,no words. Such a depth in the story. Waiting for further updates.

  7. While it’s commendable to make a positive pimpact with the first part itself, I suggest/request you as an ardent fan of the show to please not make it the typical Indian drama where daughters give in to their family’s emotional drama,,
    Also, an amazing job done in terms of giving each character a different layer,, Keep up the good work !

  8. Oh my god! Thanks a lot dear 😊👍
    Ridhima and kabir so happy to see them together no matter in reel story 🥰🥰
    Literally this pair is my dream cause in some other ff’s riansh is in the main lead so thanks once again 🤭👍👏
    Your writing skills are quite impressive and so satisfying and also you’re expressing every character so nice🥰😊
    Best of good luck for your upcoming ff’s and hope you update us regularly thanks!!

  9. Awesome update
    Waiting for the next FF😊😄😄

  10. Naira U Singh

    Nice i think the story will get more interesting

  11. Kaivalya

    Interesting story line 😍😍 , waiting for upcoming episode… And all the best 👍👍👍

  12. Bhuvaneshwari

    Waiting for the next episode 😍❤️❤️

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  15. Lover of RiAnsh

    Yaar…the episode was nice l, depth and promising but missed the presence of vansh, please add vansh part in every episode atleast once… can’t read any FF without Vansh conversation… waiting for Riansh first meet but hope they meet each other before ridbir…missing vansh raisinghania and I love him to core, riansh is love…please upload the next part soon

  16. krithi poojary

    I am eagerly waiting for riansh episodes. please bring vansh’s entry fast in ur ff. u are a very nice writer and even there is a lot of mystery in ur story. please publish the next part very soon Avi.

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