Love makes a change CHAPTER 52

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Swasan, Raglak, ramsuj were in the hall and kiddos as usual playing.

Ram: I thought of celebrating Raglak’s anniversary this year as after a long time we got all our happiness so we will celebrate it much grander.

Suj: Han ji it’s a good idea.

Rag (whispers to swara): Madam get ready only 6 days left to get ur love (teasingly)

Swara glares at ragini but she blushed inside.

SWA: Excuse me it’s ur anniversary who knows anything can happen (teasingly).

Ragini blushed a bit and lifted her one eyebrow.

SWA: Com’mon rags u get ready it’s going to be yr day (teasingly).

Both started to teases each other continously. Sujata saw both of them.

Suj: Arrey swara ragini we r too here. What u both r speaking?

Swaragini looked at each other and both were searching for answers.

Ram: If u share we can all giggle na?

Again both looked at each other.

SWA: Dad woh……woh…..

Dev: Ma, Pa, Chachi, Chachu, Dadi , dadu….

SWA: Dev take some breath in what happened?

Disha: Mumma everyone come come..

She dragged swara with her and all followed them with confusion thinking y they r behaving weirdly.

Ritu switched on the next channel in the t.v. it’s was a news channel and it had swara’s pic making everyone confused.

In t.v

Reporter: Today’s breaking news singer Riya has won the national award for her latest song. She will be receiving it next month. Hearing this all were happy and swara still registering the words of the news. Ragini hugged swara.

Rag: Swara I’m so proud of u swara.

Swara took blessings from ramta. Swara got a phone call and she attended it. After 5 minutes the call got disconnected and she had no boundaries for her happiness.

SWA: Mom dad I’m getting two more awards.

Saying this she hugged everyone and at last she hugged sanskar too. She didn’t realize what she was doing. Swara broke the hug and dida called her so she walked outside expressing all her happiness. The day was all spent with all happiness. After a long of time swara was soooooo much happy.


Swara came inside the mansion looking at her watch.

SWA: oh no it’s 11:40 I’m very late. Ah, what to do this director didn’t even leave me in the name of party.

Swara slowly opened the door of her room. She came in and saw sanskar sleeping in the sitting position on the bed. His head is slanted on the headboard and kids sleeping beside him. She smiled and came inside and sat beside him. She caressed his hairs lovingly and that is when she remembered what she did today in the hall.

Swara’s POV:

Oh God I hugged him in front of everyone but seriously I missed his hug. Ufff swara control just 6 days to get closer to him like before him.

(I said to myself and kissed his forehead while he smiled a little in his sleep.)

Now how will I make him lie correctly hmmm…… Idea.

POV ends….

Swara took her phone and dialed his number and she immediately lied beside dev and closed her eyes pretending to sleep. Sanskar woke up and took his phone but the call got disconnected.

SAN: Who could this be? Anyways.

He looked at the kids and swara sleeping.

SAN: Did I slept that much that I didn’t know swara coming? Anyways she came safely.

He said and slept hugging Disha. Swara opened her eyes slowly and saw sanskar sleeping she smiled and slept hugging dev.


PRECAP: Raglak’s anniversary, swasan’s something something ?

I know this tooooooooo short and I’m very late too. I will definitely give bigger once as it will be needed too?. Hope you all like the chapter. Do comment and hit the like button if you like ?.

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