fighting for justice, fighting for a change, fighting for a better future.

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A kid, a teen and an adult gets molested everyday.

But the only thing they have in common is them being girls.

Why is it always girls who suffer?

What crime have they done?

In India, at least 92 women are molested.


What world do we live in?

That it is always the women who suffer?

But getting justice is the hardest bit.

Why is that?

Because the woman is always being threatened.

Because the woman feels disgusted.

Because the woman feels it’s her fault.

Whereas it isn’t her fault at all.

When all hope is lost, she should use her voice.

Because her voice is the only weapon she has to fight against these idiots.

Because her voice will help her get justice for herself.

Because her voice can get justice for all the women who have been rape victims.


Gauri’s POV:

I felt disgusted at myself.

I felt ashamed of myself.

I can’t believe that I am one of those women who have been molested.

Who to tell?

He put my husband, my daughter, my entire family in this matter. If I tell someone then god knows what will happen to those I loved.

I stared at the blood dripping from my hands. With the guilt not able to leave me alone, I smeared the blood on my face.

Letting out tears.

Silent tears.

Whilst everyone was enjoying, no one heard my screams.

Whilst everyone was enjoying, no one bothered to see what was happening to me.

Whilst everyone was enjoying, no one heard my crying.

I cried more and more.

The guilt was building up.

The shame was building up.

The disgust was building up.

Just then I felt someone tapping my shoulder. I turned to see who it was.

Meri beti.


Aliya: mummy?

I remembered blood was on my face and on my hands. I found a cloth and wiped the blood off. Once I was done, I saw my daughter crying. She was scared seeing me like this. I hugged her tight letting out my tears, letting out my guilt, letting out my shame.

A thought striked my mind as I saw my daughter crying. What would happen if she faced something like this when she was older? What would happen if she was stuck in the same position as me? Scared. Ashamed. Guilty.

I thought of my sister Somu, I thought of bhoojal, I thought of all the girls I knew.

If they faced something like this?

If they couldn’t speak out?


I can’t let them face what I faced.

I am going to get justice.

For me.

For all those girls who been through this.

For all those girls who are going through this.

I smiled at my daughter and kissed her forehead. I stood up and picked her up exiting the dark cave.


I rushed downstairs. Everyone was talking. Thanks god the guests were done especially that beast.

Omkaraji: and she is back. Where were you Gauri?

Me: I have to tell you all something.

Shivay: go ahead.

Me: kids, go upstairs.

Aliya went upstairs with bhoojal’s son. As soon as they were out of sight, I spoke.

Me: bade bhaiya, your new partner molested me.

There was silence. Everyone was looking at me. Then they all started laughing.

Bade bhaiya: Gauri, what are you talking about? Why would Abhimanyu molest you? You know molesting is no joking matter.

I looked at my husband. He wasn’t laughing. He looked shocked. I looked at everyone else. My own sister…. my bhoojal….. those people I call my family were all laughing at me.

So they thought I was joking?

So they thought I was trying to stop this deal?

Me: accha so you don’t believe me?! Now we’ll see who is joking!

I stormed out and went to Khanna.

Me: Khanna, show me the CCTV camera footage. 9pm. My room.

Khanna: yes Gauri.

He came back a few minutes later with what I needed. I took the footage with me and came back to the living room. I handed the footage to Omkaraji. He took it off my hands and played.

Me: you were all saying that I was joking! Now listen…. is this a joke?!

My heart started beating fast once again as I heard my screams and his threats. Those threats echoed in my head once again.

Voice: if you tell anyone, then your daughter will not be spared, your husband will die in my hands and your entire family will be drowning in their own blood.

Omkaraji threw the footage onto the floor, smashing it with his foot. I saw in his eyes that he was angry. He had guilt in them.

I saw in everyone’s eyes the guilt growing. The shame growing.

I went out of the house not caring who was following me.

That place where you get a court case:

I entered the building. I knew it was late but justice is important. Not just for me but for every girl.

I saw a lady sorting files. I went up to her and said: I need to file a court case for molesting.

Lady: listen I already have many cases going on. Find another lawyer.

I was shocked at what she said to me.

Me: you know why girls get no justice? Because lawyers like you don’t bother with their cases. You just toss them like a piece of rubbish.

Lady: look keep your mouth shut and find someone else.

Me: have some shame!!

I found another lady lawyer : rejection.

Almost 12 lawyers refused to fight my case.

I am not just doing this for myself but for millions of innocent girls who have met monsters.

If they weren’t going to fight my case, then I would fight my own.


I came back and saw my entire family in front of me.

Anika: let’s fight your case.

Somu: let’s fight for a brighter future.

Prinku: let’s fight for justice.

I cried as I heard this. I hugged them tight.

The next day:

Once again I saw that beast come before my eyes once again in court. Yes we managed to get a judge at least and a courtroom.

Soon the case started.

Judge: Mrs Oberoi, what happened that night exactly?

Me: 9pm, he molested me. I just went to get my daughter’s toy and when I went in, he followed me and closed the door. I told him to stay in his limits but what did he do? Crossed all limits and molested me.

That beast opened his mouth and fire came out of it: you have no proof! I went to the washroom at 9pm.

Me: oh really and does it take half an hour to go to the washroom?

Beast: yes it can.

Me: look I know it and you know it…. YOU MOLESTED ME!!!

Precap: second shot – an inspiration

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