love and love only (kkb os)

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hey guys.. i’m new here.. Its my very first os.. if you have time , give a try to read it.. I hope you’ll enjoy this story.. 

7th February:

Hey viewers.. this is your favourite anchor Bulbul in your most favourite show Love & love only… So.. this week.. love is on the air..yeah..only 6 days to go to celebrate valentine’s day.. Thats the day to celebrate our love.. Special day for lovers..Not only for lovers but friends families can also share their love in that beautiful day.. All the persons deserves love.. The four letter word rules our world.. So friends.. Share the light of love.. & trust me it will give you happiness..

Usually in our program I'll interview a celebrity na

Usually in our program I’ll interview a celebrity na.. For a change today gonna interview lots of to be celebrities..

Guess where I’m.. Yeah.. I know you people will guess it right.. I’m in our famous Marina beach with lots & lots of love birds around me.. Marina looks so colorful today..

I think after Jallikattu protest Marina beach is so crowded .. God.. There is no space for us to go.. That much dense..

Happy to see all the lovers here..& Pleasure to talk with this love birds..

So..Aah..!There… a cute pair.. come guys we will go to them.. come on.. come on..

 come on

(Yaar.. forgot about background;-) )

See that pair.. love is in their eyes.. They are looking into each others eyes as if their life depends on it..

Bulbul:Hey guys.. sorry to break your beautiful eyelock..but,I have to do this for my program..

but,I have to do this for my program

“Leave my hand kadoos..”She hissed..
“You will fly away if I leave your hand..”He murmured back..

Bulbul: Wow.. guys thats so sweet of you.. & this is love & love only team with me Bulbul.. err.. Is there any problem??..Looks like I’m at wrong timing??

” Not at all..I won this game because of you..” he said with a pride..

“Its cheating.. kadoos..” she again hissed..

Bulbul: guys.. I’m here.. & you can share with me na.. first tell us your name..

“Myself Abhi.. Abhisheik Mehra..& she is My Fuggy…”he said holding her hand tightly..

Bulbul(smiled): you love her so much na.. that you didn’t leave her hand for a second.. & Fuggy?? Really its her name??

Abhi: ha ha.. fuggy is her nick name given by me.. my copyrights..& she will fly like a butterfly if i didn’t hold her.. you know she have this stage fear.. (looks at her) I’m hear na.. be bold fuggy..

 be bold fuggy

Bulbul: aww.. she is cute.. Her smile is too good.. & You won’t speak anything Ms.??

“Pragya.. Pragya arora..” she said with a nervous smile..

Bulbul: okay Pragya.. feel free.. & consider me as your friend..

Abhi: First she will create a good girl image.. then she will eat your brain with her non-stop blah blah.. look at me.. I’m sick because of her mantras..

Pragya: Is anybody asked you that I’ll speak or not.. no naa.. then shut your mouth.. else we are playing the game again..

Bulbul(winks): so somebody is out of stage fear.. okay Abhi .. tell us about your love story..

Pragya(naughtily): love story nahii.. love stories..

Abhi(starred at her): fuggy.. I guess you won the game.. so please be quiet.. it’s going to telecast in tv..

Pragya(hisses) : don't you worry kadoos

Pragya(hisses) : don’t you worry kadoos.. In our family no one will see this rubbish programme.. moreover I didn’t saw it once in a while.. so it will be local channel program..

Abhi: are you sure??.

Pragya: ya.. cen percent..

Bulbul: So.. I can’t hear you clearly.. but whats the game?..

Pragya: we have to stare each other.. the one who blinks their eyes first is the loser.. I lost it because you called us na..

Bulbul: what a romantic game.. viewers.. you should learn it from them & try it guys.. So Abhi you won the game na.. what she will do for you??

Abhi(smiled broadly) : she will offer me paani poori..

Bulbul: I thought you will ask her a big gift..but paani poori??

Abhi: yaar.. there we have a twist .. See.. paani poori is her favourite too..I’ll eat paani poori & she will watch it with her eyes & mouth wide open..

Bulbul: You mean to say??

Pragya: Yeah Bulbul.. He won’t give a single piece.. it will hurt like anything when my paani poori is eaten by this kadoos with my money..:-(:-(:-(

Bulbul: ha ha.. I can feel it yaar.. because I too won’t leave my paani poori for anyone..

Pragya: You too love paani poori??

Bulbul: more than myself.. & not only paani poori all the food items.. I think we are out of topic.. So Abhi .. tell us your love story.. err.. stories..

Abhi: I will tell you.. Its all started at my 4th std..

Bulbul: puppy love?? What you were studied Pragya.?

Pragya : I was in 2nd std.. we were in same school.. we are family friends & neighbours too..

Bulbul: interesting.. then..

Pragya: here comes the heroine no.1, no.2 & no.3..Ria, Preetha, & shylaja..

Abhi: hey they are just my friends..

Pragya: yeah.. just girl friends.. You know Bulbul he won’t sit at front in the school van where boys used to sit.. he will give his company to that Ria, Preethu& Shylu..

Bulbul: Its too bad Abhi.. You should be with Pragya na..?

Abhi: you think she left me without taking her revenge??

Bulbul: aww.. babie.. what you did??

Pragya: I just told my uncle & aunty(his ma& pa) he is having lot of girlfriends in school..& thats why he is not even getting 90% of marks..

Abhi: They showed me the power of parents love by beating me..

Bulbul: so then you dropped your so called girl friends.. ?

Abhi: I’m Abhi.. how can I leave them just like that.. In class I sat next to them.. & In van I sat at the front seat because of this fuggy..

Bulbul: really she is too cute na.. how maturedly she have handled you..

Abhi: cute??.. she is one of the most dangerous dracula..

Pragya: you are such a flirt kadoos..

Bulbul: hold on guys.. so what next..?

Pragya: then my cousin.. Priya.. when he was in 9th std… priya was in her 8th std.. I don’t know what spell he had done to her.. she was chanting ‘I love abhi’ mantra..

Abhi: what? Priya? Our priya?? Loved me?? & you are saying this now..!! How I missed it??? Shitt..

Bulbul(smiled at his reaction): how can she tell that some other is loving you?? Haan..

Pragya(shocked) : you waste fellow.. I did told you that.. she had begged me to convey her love for you.. & I being a stupidhead without having any idea came to you & told you..but you didn’t gave her positive response.. so see fly away..

Abhi: I think that day either I have taught about my progress card or parents teachers meeting.. else I won’t be this much careless.. that too Priyaa.. priya.. oh priya..

Pragya: for God shake.. now she is mother of two kids.. stop your flirting session..

Bulbul(smiled) : I can see a Jealousy baby here.. okay next what happen..

Abhi: Next I have joined in a boarding school.. &

Pragya: there comes heroine no. 5..

Abhi: its 4 na?..

Bulbul: I think you missed out Priya..

Abhi: huh.. yeah.. but now only I too know that..

Pragya: who cares

Pragya: who cares.. her name is Joshi..

Abhi: like her name she is also beautiful girl in the world.. My first love..

Pragya: yeah his 4th first love.. you don’t mind it.. he is weak in counting..

Abhi: Shut up fuggy.. When I joined in the new school I met her at the canteen..I too believed there exist love at first sight after seeing her..

Bulbul: then what happened to her??

Abhi: I searched for her but I didn’t find her in any 11th std classes.. then one day I saw her again & asked my friends about her..

Pragya: & they said she is his senior.. 12th std girl.. & he didn’t loss his hope..

Abhi : I tried my best.. I got her as a friend.. then at her farewell I did confessed my love..

Bulbul: so whats her reaction& how did you proposed her?

Pragya(mimicking like Abhi) : I love you sister. You are the best thing happened in my life.. I know you won’t accept my proposal.. you know just one thing there is a person who is madly in love with you always.. & nobody can take your place in my heart..

Bulbul(pinching pragya’s cheeks) : how cute.. that was so funny Abhi.. so there came your 4th first love end.. then.. ?

Abhi: then college life.. I was rocking when she entered into my life..

Pragya: heroine no.6.., no. 7 & no.8.

Bulbul: Oh my God.. its going over board.. so who are they??.

Abhi: Riya, Tina..My college mates.. More friendly girls.. to be frank I was in between them during my first year..

Bulbul: after 1st year?

Abhi: I distanced myself from them.. because of arrival of a person.. the person who showed me what is love..

Bulbul:who is that?

Pragya: Tanu.. She was my bestie.. whenever he tease/ irritates me I’ll tell her like I share all the things .. I just want to tease him like hell.. So,I gave his mobile number to her to tease him..actually he is a flirt na..

Abhi: correction.. I’m more friendly.. that too towards girls only..

Pragya: thats called flirt..she started to speak with him not mentioning that I’m her friend..

Abhi: I started to share about everything to her.. & she too did the same.. we started to like each other..

Abhi: then I asked her to meet me

Abhi: then I asked her to meet me.. she refused first.. then I convinced fuggy to bring her..

Pragya: as he is a maths genius.. Tanu& me came to learn maths from him.. & here also love at first sight.. He as usual started to flirt with her..
I felt like hang my head in spiders web..

Bulbul: ha ha..Pragya… really you are chatter box.. aren’t you??..

Abhi: yeah.. yeah.. She is a big big chatterbox..

Pragya: As if you don’t know how to speak.. kadoos..

Bulbul: bas.. bas.. you fight later.. now tell me what happened to tanu..?

Abhi: I liked her.. but she was the one who proposed me first..

Pragya: & sir was generously agreed to it… It went for almost 6 years.. our 12th, then 4 years of college life & then 1 year..

Bulbul: After that ??

Abhi: she fly away.. & she forgot me..

Bulbul: like seriously.. its of 6 years love.. that too in a matured age na??..

Abhi: I think its her maturity to choose a RBI officer than a unemploye..

Bulbul: oh.. I’m sorry Abhi..

Pragya: This Abhi na.. he is really insane.. you know Bulbul.. He is mechanical engineer & he got offer from his dream company too..

Bulbul : then why he is an unemploye??

Pragya: Do you know king of stupids?… If you don’t know then watch him.. He is such a waste fellow who resigned his job before entering into it..

Bulbul: But why Abhi??

Abhi: If we have to achieve one thing we have to lose another thing na..

Pragya: But its not a compromise here.. It was your future.. & more over your passion to work in that car company..

Bulbul: hey guys why are fighting like this?

Abhi: whenever this topic comes she will lose her temper..

Pragya: He had chosen Tanu over his passion.. but she left him now.. what is the use of sacrificing his passion??..

Abhi: yeah.. thats my mistake.. I thought I’ll became a civil service officer like her parents.. As they are in higher post they will expect their son in law will also a government employee.. But, my thoughts turned upside down.. Even I tried hard.. but I couldn’t clear it..

Pragya: I said you upteenth time.. thats not your cup of coffee.. your passion is in engineering.. not in clearing civil service examination..

Bulbul: yeah .. thats right na Abhi.. If you have interest on mechanics you should try that.. look at her.. how she is supporting you..

Abhi: she is always there for me..&she will be forever with me..

Bulbul: so now what Tanu is doing?

Bulbul: so now what Tanu is doing?..

Pragya : its been 2 years I saw her in her marriage.. & rarely we chat through whats app.. thats she is a mother of a cute little girl..

Bulbul : So.. her chapter over… what next?..

Pragya : haan.. now he is working under a project.. & I’m sure he will succeed in it..

Bulbul : with no doubt he will reach great heights..

Abhi: thank you Bulbul & all credits goes to my fuggy..

Bulbul: Her nickname is too funny.. but why you named her like that??.. look at her how cute she is..!!

Abhi: wait I’ll show you.. (taking his wallet from his jean pocket & he shows a picture)look at this photo..

 (taking his wallet from his jean pocket & he shows a picture)look at this photo

Abhi: she is looking like a balloon na? Thats why.. moreover when she gets anger her face will be like this only..

Bulbul : how chubby she is.. really so cute.. cuter & cutest..

Abhi : may be.. in her childhood..

Pragya : now also.. but you can’t see my cuteness.. because you are closing your eyes idiot..

Bulbul: Enough dears.. So, tell us your love story now..

Abhi : what.. love story of ours??? ..

Bulbul: yeah..who proposed first.. I think Abhi was the one who proposed first.. Isn’t it Pragya??..

Abhi: ha ha.. good joke..

Bulbul : I’m serious yaar..

Abhi : We are friends Bulbul.Bestest friends I can say… she is always with me in every phase of my life..She supports me.. took care of me.. guide me.. I can tell she knew me more than myself.. she is 2 years younger than me.. still she handles every single thing with a maturity unlike me..

Bulbul(shocked): you both are really friends..?like really..??.. damn.. I can’t believe it.. Are you both sure of your friendship??..

Abhi : yes

Abhi : yes.. we are so sure Bulbul.. but why are shocked this much..

Bulbul : Because i thought you both are couples.. not a problem.. today friends.. tommorrow lovers.. who knows..

Abhi : very funny..

Bulbul : okay.. leave it.. so now its Pragya turn to say her love story..

Abhi : She have no love story.. you know.. she is kind of shy..I’m the only guy who she stick like feviqwik..

Pragya : oh really.. ! Sorry to say this.. But I have my love..

Bulbul : so tell me about him Pragya..I want to know who is that lucky guy..

Pragya : sorry I can't tell his name

Pragya : sorry I can’t tell his name.. But I know him since my childhood.. we used to play together.. He is my support system till now & will be forever.. He taught me how to play chess, carrom, cards , even cricket.. He also taught me how to cheat others in game trickily.. He is a good guy by heart.. & my sweet heart..He stands for me in every situation.. He is my strength.. I feel like I born for him.. I didn’t confess my love till now.. My wish is he have to feel my love.. & I wish to see the love in his eyes.. That too only for me.. I wish to see the same love I have for him in his eyes.. when I was a little girl he was my tom & i’m his jerry.. when I was in my teenage he was my friend & secret crush..& now he is my everything.. my love.. my friend .. my my.. seriously, I have no words to describe what I really feel for him.. If I can describe what he means to me then I would have proposed him a long ago… Unfortunately I can’t propose him..

Bulbul : wow

Bulbul : wow.. Pragya.. I didn’t expect this from you..looks like you are in an emotional turmoil whether to propose him or not..

Pragya : no bulbul.. Its simply the respect I have for him.. I value his feelings & emotions.. If he feels the same for me then I’ll open up.. else.. no way..

Bulbul : how will you know that he have feelings for you??..

Pragya : He loves me.. But, he didn’t realise it yet.. when he realise it..his eyes will speak more than his words.. so I can feel the change in his looks itself..

Bulbul : God.. The guy who Pragya loves come & get your angel yaar.. Don’t miss this girl.. So we are in the end of show.. I started this episode in a doubt whether it go well or not… but after speaking to abhi & pragya I hope people will enjoy it .. Happy valentine’s day to all the viewers.. celebrate the love of your life.. not only lovers but friends, families, relatives also..have a very prosperous day..shining off your favourite Bulbul with love & love only team..bubye..

They finished the shoot with a naughty pose..

“Hey Abhi.. thank you so much for your help.. I can’t believe that I completed my project” Bulbul said while giving side hug to Abhi..

” Anything for my Purab’s Bulbul.. Thanks to you too.. you brought back our old memories.. ” he winked at her & she blushed..

 " he winked at her & she blushed

” So.. my guess was right.. you both knew each other” Pragya said with a glare while Abhi gave a sheepish smile..

” Now don’t say You didn’t tell her about our shooting” Bulbul asked him..He nodded his head in NO..

” I’m so sorry Pragya.. Its for my project.. Not any Tv program..I asked Purab.. But he is busy in his so called work & he asked Abhi to help me..I thought Abhi have said you everything.. I’m so sorry..” Bulbul asked her apology..

” Why are you asking sorry to her.. If you want to ask sorry then ask it to me.. you are 1 hour late & I was struck with this fuggy & with her crazy game..” he huffed..

” Don’t be formal Bulbul.. It happens.” Pragya said with a smile..

” You know she is a follower of Jesus christ to forgive others except me..” he said with a glare..

” You said.. You will give a friendship program..but its love based??” He asked..

” First I thought to give a friendship based interview.. but lovers day is coming next week na.. Purab said that it will be a trend if the base is love….& he was sure that you will be coming with Pragya..” she said with matter of fact..

“Oh ho.. thats not a bad idea..”he said..

” and believe me Abhi.. You have a bright future in acting side.. She have no idea about our plan.. so she said whats in her mind & heart.. but, you know this is kind of acting..yet you done it well” Bulbul praised him..

” yeah.. first I acted a little to make her believe this interview..I don’t know when I myself forgot the interview thing & started to speak with my old old memories” he said amazed..

” Who said I believed your drama..? you believe that you can give your life history interview to a random girl??.. That to when the girl looks so pretty.. I too noticed that you didn’t flirt with her.. In your eyes I have seen a kind of respect for her… a brotherly bond.. which she equally reciprocates as a sisterly bond.. Thats why I didn’t hesitate to share our childhood memories..” she said with a glint of happiness…

” this time you said the truth Abhi.. she know you more than anyone else” Bulbul said with an amazed look..


 Abhi’s Pov♡♡

What happened to me?.. Why it is bothering me so much.?? Why I even care If she is in love with that Sid.. She always loves Sid .. Whats in him?? Yeah .. he looks handsome.. that too not more than me.. Why she is not understanding that Sid not her better half..

Why I again & again watching our interview for this one week..?? Why she looks this much cute all of a sudden??..

And why It hurts when she said she have her love

And why It hurts when she said she have her love..She didn’t shared with me these many days..She said that Sid had taught her chess, carrom, cards even cricket.. He only taught her all those stuffs.. then What I had taught to her.. nothing..?? she forgot all.. I was also with them in her childhood days.. Sid, Pragya & all my cousins played with me.. I’m the one who always teach her to cheat others..! But why She only focussed him.. She told he is her tom .. crush.. friend now love… what not..! she said she cannot propose him..The reason is he is 1 year younger than Pragya.. Then why she is loving him??

When Tanu entered into my life we talked less…I distanced.. no she distanced herself.. yes.. that 6 years I too missed those silly antics of fuggy. When Tanu told that she is going to marry a person of her parents choice Pragya stood for me..

Whenever I’m with her I forgot other pain.. When she is not with me, I’m thinking about her.. how can I not think about her??.. After all she is my very first crush from when she was born.. I was around 3 or 4 yrs old.. My dad said she is my girl & all our relatives were also said she will be my wife..Poor me.. didn’t understand that they only teased me.. May be I didn’t told that I have a huge crush on her to anyone not even to her.. because she was always a Radio.. She used to tell all these kind of stuffs to my parents & atlast I ‘ll the embarassed person..She was a nerd then.. Not keeping things to herself.. I didn’t hide her anything except the crush on her.. Its unsaid rule between us that we don’t hide anythings with each other..

But she hide about her love.. that too with Sid.. I too saw many times that my fuggy is more comfortable with Sid.. Together they looks cute..

Its all give me a kind of jealous

Its all give me a kind of jealous.. What I’m even feeling..?? I’m jealous of their relationship??? I’m jealous of my own brother.. but the fact is fact.. Fuggy & me are made for each other..

Am I thinking right thing?? Am I in love with my fuggy

Am I thinking right thing?? Am I in love with my fuggy..?? Thats why I’m feeling restless when she said she is love with Sid??.. I can’t lose her.. I love her..yes.. I love my fuggy.. but she loves Sid na??? Come on Abhi.. She didn’t mentioned any name.. still there is a chance to me!!

♡♡ End of Abhi’s Pov♡♡

♡♡Pragya’s Pov♡♡

I’m celebrate this valentine’s day also as single like always..When you are going to propose me kadoos.. Its been 1 week I indirectly proposed you.. Really this waiting is killing me Abhi.. I cannot reject all those proposal just like I did before..

Ma & Pa are started to doubting me.. When my marriage talks beings my ma & pa had chosen you.. but that time You were with Tanu.. I cannot tell them that you are in love with another girl.. so I politely refused to marry you. I regret it now.. If I said ok that time you may not ditched by Tanu.. I was really felt guilty when Tanu ditched you..Because of me you met her… Somewhere all this mess I also a main reason for your heart broke..So I want to cure your wound.. atleast as a friend..

For me.. After that so many proposals came.. I can’t say ok to anyone..simply because I can’t spare any other person in your place..

You are very special Abhi… You are my everything .. May be I born to love you.. & only you.. I too got anger about your silly flirty sessions..but, whatever you do.. you will come & tell me before I ask you.. thats what I love the most.. you won’t hide anything from me.. for me.. no one like you.. Its only you always in my heart & mind… I felt pain when you loved Tanu.. one side I was happy for you both.. the other side I felt like I’m the most stupid girl in the whole world.. I’m also a girl with a weak point sensitivity.. I loved you .. it should not affect your relationship .. so, I distanced myself from you..

Sid was the one to whom I can share everything.. He always encouraged me to propose you.. by that you will realise your love for me.. But I don’t want to hurt you by saying my feelings to you.. The only thing I hide it from you is my love for you.. I don’t want to see hatred in your eyes for me.. thats why.. till now I couldn’t open up..

I’m waiting for the day you realize your love..

♡♡End of Pragya’s Pov♡♡

February 14th evening:

“Pragya” he called her & her lips forms a big O..

” Am I dreaming or what ” she asked pinching him.. “ouch” he shouted & she realized he is real..

” what happened Kadoos?? You looks tensed?..” she asked him with a care..

” Nothing.. ” he said with a nervousness..

” tell me.. what bothers you??” She asked more like an order..

” Are you angry..?” He asked

” Why I should be?” She asked impatiently..

” You didn’t talked to me after that interview..” he said..

” What.. Are you ok Abhi? Fever ? Cold??.. ” she asked placing her palm on his head to check his temperature..

“I’m okay.. why are you treating me like a sick person” he said..

” because you are mad.. when I was speaking with you that day .. you said you neither want to look me nor want to speak with me.. & now you are asking me why I didn’t talked to you??” She said furiously..

” I was anger on you” he replied..

” but why?” She asked..

“You didn’t told me that you are in love.. That too.. that too with my own brother..” he said with a pain..

“Yes.. why should I tell that I love him?” He cuts her off.. ” oh. There is no use to say me na..? Whom I’m to you.. no one na? .. that Sid is everything to you.. but I’m no one. Your Abhi is now no one to you?? What about your kadoos .. me.. you didn’t even think of me??.” he asked her painfully..

” don’t say you are jealous..” she said wondered..

” damn it.. I’m jealous.. jealous of my own brother.. how can he get my fuggy … i’m ..” she cuts him off “I love you kadoos.. Always.. I do.” she said with all the love she have for him..& his world stopped there.. “I always love Our Sid as my small brother like you do.. & other than that If I love him now then the reason is he is my to be husband’s only brother.. ” she said with an elegant smile in her lips..

 " she said with an elegant smile in her lips

A beautiful smile crepted in his face..His eyes shows his happiness..What he have to say .. what he have prepared to say all gone out of his mind.. ‘I love you kadoos..always I do’ was ringing in his mind.. He couldn’t speak anyother word than hugging her like his life depends on the hug.. Tears of happinesa touched their cheeks.. especially Pragya’s life changed upside down.. she didn’t expected that he will realize his love for her..

When he realized his love he can’t speak as his eyes shows how much he loves her.. He slowly broke the hug..Its true.. you know me more than I do & be my valentine fuggy.. not now but forever.. forever I want you.. I need you.. in all my phase to love me.. scold me.. tease me .. guide me.. play with me.. don’t dare to leave my hand..” he said when he is on his knee..

" Can I have any options to go??" He nodded his head in NO

” Can I have any options to go??” He nodded his head in NO.. ” If there is a option also I don’t choose that one..because you are my first ever love.. & will be my last love.. I want to be with you to love you.. scold you.. tease you.. play with you.. after all I want love you more & more..& its you who taught me all the games & how to cheat others in game.. Its you to whom I shared everything except about my love.. Its you always my tom.. my friend.. my secret crush & my life long one & only love.. ” she said & hugged him..

” yeah.. Now I can connect all the dots my very First Crush…So from now on our life is full of LOVE & LOVE ONLY…” he said hugging her tightly..


So they started their love journey with full of love..

Hey all.. A big thanks to those who read it with patience…Readers.. I’m Expecting your likes & comments for my very first story..

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  1. Saranya24

    Tats so nice loved it?????

  2. Abhifan

    Awesome no word to express

  3. Jasminerahul

    bulbul as a tv anchor interviewing abhigya and abhi narrating his crushes was interesting .shocking that abhigya are just best friends. it was a sweet twist that bulbul was not an anchor but just came for her project with abhi’s knowledge. abhi thought pragya loved his bro.nice to see harshad in that sweet that pragya revealed that she loves abhi only and abhi confessing his love was sweet.sweet luv story with perfect pics.because of pics i felt that I was watching it

  4. It was totally awesome
    I didn’t look like ur first go….it was too good
    U should continue writing
    Take care
    Love u❤❤❤

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