Abhigya-Love Of Our Life (kkb os)

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An one shot  based on our favorite couple Abhigya.. do read & enjoy.. if you like it tell me your reviews guys..!!

I’m really weak in expressing emotional feelings.. so bear with me.. & read it..


“Sir.. car breakdown aagirchu.. anga oru park irukku.. anga wait pannunga.. Ready aana udaney koopidren”( sir.. car break down.. A park is there.. Just wait there.. I will make it ready & then call you)the driver said in a humble tone..

He didn’t understand anything because he don’t know Tamil..

But he can pick up the english words.. Car break down.. Park .. wait.. ready.. which are used by the driver..

He came to a conclusion that he should wait in the park until the car gets ready for the drive..

“Make. It. Fast” he literally barked at the poor driver & he nods his head in yes..

Frustrated him went to the park & sit in a corner bench..There is no crowd.. But it didn’t help him to calm himself..

He closed his eyes to relax himself.. The past 2 months were hell time in his life..

All the time he felt restless but the worst thing was he didn’t know why he feels restless eventhough all the things are normal around him..

He felt something bad had happened to his closed ones.. He couldn’t leave it just like that..

What if his inner turmoil is true.. What if something had happened to his loved ones??..

This 2 months he couldn’t concentrate on anything.. work.. sleep.. food.. even his fiance..

Now he know the reason for that.. He closed his eyes tight in agony.. His tear drops find its own way..

A sweet giggle reached his eardrum & it directed towards his heart.. &It touched his soul..

He opened his eyes to see the owner of the melodious giggle.. He felt divine..He lost himself in her laugh.. He admired her..

The 2 months of restlessness & pain had gone to a corner of his heart to occupy some space in his heart..

Feeling a strong haze on them Pragya looked at the stalker’s face..

‘I had seen him somewhere’ Pragya thought…He is admiring her.. The little angel who she is carrying in her arms & she giggles every now & then for Pragya’s pouting faces..

 The little angel who she is carrying in her arms & she giggles every now & then for Pragya's pouting faces

He felt relaxed by seeing the duo..He couldn’t guess who is the real child here.. Both are looking same in their antics..

Like mother like child..’he thought..
He is not a type of guy who admire a little girl for her antics..

All he know is how to behave rudely to everyone.. He won’t show any soft corners to anyone..

But here it was really a different feel for him.. ‘Now SHE will be like this cute little girl’ he thought while admiring the little baby..

“Sir.. car ready aagiduchu..” (sir the car is ready..)the driver said to him.. He understood that the car is ready & took a one last glance at the mom- child duo before he make a way to the car..

Pragya tried to remember him.. But to her dismay she couldn’t bring it up..

” Abhi.. Its getting late baby.. you have to eat & then sleep na.. shall we move to our home..” Pragya asked the cute child in the most cutest way.. while the baby giggles showing her milky teeth..


Next Morning:

Pragya is playing with the baby while he entered in to her home..

“Abhigya..” Thats what all he could say in bare whisper..

Pragya looked at him..’Is he following her?? Who is he??..’ she thought while he is looking or admiring the baby girl..

Now that he know why he liked that little girl instantly.. why her smiling face soothing him.. She is Mehra’s blood.. She belongs to his family..

“Err.. who are you? ” She asked..

” You are Pragya arora?..” he asked with a quizical look..

“Yeah.. Do I know you??” She asked confused..

” I’m Abhisheik.. Abhisheik Prem Mehra..” he said..

Now she can remember where she had actually seen him

Now she can remember where she had actually seen him..

” I came here to take Abhigya with me..” he said calmly as much as he can..

Pragya furiously looked at the man who is dared to say like this..”Don’t.. don’t you dare to do that.. I’ll take care of her..” She said not able to hide her anger..

He gripped her arms tightly” first thing is don’t raise your voice infront of me.. second thing is I’m taking her with me..& I decided that..No one can change that.. You. Got. It?..” he asked in a calm yet stern tone..

She struggled to leave herself from his clutch..” She is my baby.. She will be with me.. Not with you..” She said eventhough he made his hold tight in her arms..

” By crook & hook I will get her.. you know.. money makes any thing..” he smirked at her..

“Do hell with your money Mr. Abhisheik Mehra” she said glaring at him..

He left her arms & calmed himself.. No one raised their voice against The Great Abhisheik Mehra..Here she is taking high tone against him..

Something in her attracted him instantly.. .. The braveness.. Ready to struggle for her rights.. The love she have for the child.. The money she didn’t care about..


“Ms. Arora.. I’ll take Abhigya with me.. She belongs to the Mehras..Our little Princess.. If you wish you can come & spend time with her.. No one will object you..” he said with a finality..

” Mr. Mehra.. I too saying the same.. You can come & spend time with her.. I won’t object it..” She said with the same finality..

Thats all he lost his temper.. ” we will see Ms. Arora.. I’ll get her in my way” he shouted in top of his voice..

And the baby Abhigya started to cry.. Pragya ran to her & lift her up.. she is trying to pacify the little girl & The baby calm down as she reached her warm & secure place..

The baby snuggled close to the neck of Pragya.. & Pragya patted her back to calm her.. Soon the baby slept off..

Abhi felt guilty to made her cry

Abhi felt guilty to made her cry.. & Then he watched the bond between them..

He have to agree that the baby is more attached to Pragya.. & Its impossible for Pragya to leave Abhigya..

He kissed the baby’s forehead & said “I won’t leave you baby..”


‘ I won’t leave you baby..’ this is what ringing in her mind for the past two hours..

She have to stay strong for the baby.. 
She closed her eyes to calm her down..

2 months back she was the happiest person.. She had her own family.. Her sister Bulbul.. Her Brother in law Purab.. & Their child Abhigya..

The one accident changed their life upside down..

While returning from office Purab & Bulbul met with an accident & they died on that spot leaving Abhigya all alone with Pragya..

She was shattered.. Shattered would be an understatement..

She lived her life for her sister Bulbul..Pragya was like a mother to her..Pragya provided her food, studies & all basic needs..

Purab & Bulbul met in Delhi university while they pursuing their Masters.. Eventually they both fell in love..

They completed their degree & The Mehras came to know about Purab’s love affair with a middle class girl..

They planned to send him to London to stay with his Brother.. Knowing his family well, Purab eloped from them & married Bulbul with Pragya’s Wish..

And they migrated from Delhi to Ooty so that no one can find them.. It has been 3 years they are in ooty..

As days passed Purab started to consider Pragya as his own di.. & He insisted Pragya to study her batchelors degree..

Atfirst Pragya was reluctant to study.. She thought then who will manage home..But Bulbul conveinced her..

Purab & Bulbul joined in a company & started to work while Pragya started to study in a part time college & joined in a part time job too..

After a good one year & half years Purab Bulbul pair blessed with a girl baby..

After the birth of Abhigya, Pragya insist Bulbul to leave the job.. But then, Pragya didn’t completed her studies..

If Bulbul leave the job then they have to face economical problem to run the family..

So, Bulbul being Bulbul made Pragya to take care of the baby & continue her studies without doing part time job..

And their life was just perfect until that fate ful day.. she lost her happiness..

But her ray of light is Abhigya.. For her she is living.. Without Abhigya she will be all alone..

Abhigya is her only family now..She could not give her to the Mehras..

She couldn’t control her tears anymore..She led her heart out..


Abhigya is the Princess of his family.. She is their Pride.. Their blood.. He couldn’t support Purab then.. Because he don’t know the issue..

When he comes to know about the problem he just blast on his family.. They all hide it from him only because he stayed in London.. Not want to worry him..

And He was dead angry on Purab who didn’t share it with him.. They were close buddies more than being brothers..

Purab should have believed him that he would have helped him.. But, Purab ran away like an idiot..He didn’t care about his family Or Abhisheik..

Abhi was trying to locate where Purab is living for the past 2 years.. But couldn’t find a single clue..

The two months of his restless make him to more worried about Purab.. & 2 days before he got the news of Purab’s accident & about his where abouts through his agent..

He promised his family members that he will bring Their little Princess..

Yeah .. they are repenting their mistake now.. They are missing their naughty son Purab.. But Its too late now..

Abhigya is a Princess.. She have to live in the Palace not in this small house..Abhi owes to fulfill each & every wishes of her ..

She have a big family.. Her Par dadi,her dadi,daada,Her Aliah bua, Her chachu..Then Why she have to live like an orphan??

He is determined to bring her back to home..The Mehras mansion.. He can’t see her like this..


Next day:

“Why are you visiting again & again when I said my decision clearly?” Pragya asked while feeding Abhigya..

Abhi tried to make Abhigya giggle & the baby observed Abhi like who is this man..

” I can’t leave her just like that Ms.Arora..” Abhi replied back..

” I’ll take care of her very well Mr. Mehra..” Pragya said..

” yeah.. I know that..you will take care of her very well..” Abhi replied with a smile..

” Now okay.. But what about future? If I’m not wrong you are unemployed..” Abhi asked her..

” That I will manage.. I have completed my degree.. I can do a job” she said with a pride..

 I can do a job" she said with a pride

” yeah. You can.. But when You are in job where will you leave Abhigya?..In a nursery home? They will look after her like you do?? They will treat her like she is a normal baby.. For God’s shake..she is Mehra’s heir..damn” Abhi said furiously..

” To brought up her its not easy without money Ms.Arora.. So please try to understand that I’m saying that for her well being.. ” Abhi said with a calm tone..

‘Am I restricting her well being.. If she goes there She will get a family.. She will get all she wants..but..’ she thought..

” Take your own time & tell me Ms. Arora.. I will wait for your reply..” He said while trying to pick Abhigya from her..

But Abhigya snuggled close to Pragya..After a long long try The baby girl came to Abhi’s arm.. he felt like he is carrying his life’s most precious gift..

” Yeah..Mr. Mehra.. You are right.. If I send her with you She will get a family.. She will get what she wants.. If I let her to go with you I’ll be all alone..I lost my ma& pa at my younger age… I lost my sister Bulbul.. Lost my Brother Purab.. Its all my fate… If I have to leave Abhigya with you then First I have to leave myself.. She is my only relation now.. why can’t you understand that.. why can’t you understand that Mr. Mehra.. Believe me I can handle it.. I’ll fulfil her all wishes.. ” She said determined..

Yeah.. He did thought about her.. How can he not think about Pragya..His full thoughts were only Pragya & Abhigya from the time he met them

There is no one who could give her mother’s love other than Pragya.. If he take Abhigya with him then its obivious he is taking Pragya with him.. But everytime he missed to tell her that..

” You thought I’ll leave you alone here..?? Don’t say yes.. I’ll kill you.. You both are coming with me.. you can stay in Mehra mansion.. If you want you can join in Mehra’s Indrustries.. Only if you wish.. orelse you can take care of the baby alone.. By that my family will get a chance to take care of Abhigya.. & She will have her family..” Abhi replied in a most convincing way..

” No.. I can’t come there… They didn’t accept Bulbul& Purab.. Then why should their daughter agree them as her relatives..? I know if I come there you all will make me an orphan..We won’t come with you ..Thats final..” Pragya said..

” I don’t know how to make you understand.. I just want the baby to get all her rights.. But.. you are not willing to provide it.. I tried a lot.. Now I have no other choice than to approach court..” Abhi said while caressing Abhigya..

” This is my card.. If you need any help don’t hesitate to call me.. Today night I’m returning to Mumbai..” He said disappointedly..

Pragya have no energy to speak further.. She just wished that Abhigya will be always hers..

After that they didn’t talk with each other.. But Abhi played with Abhigya for some time..

When Pragya started to feed her lunch Abhi take the spoon from Pragya & tried to feed abhigya.. But the baby zipped up her mouth not wanting to feed by him..

He gave the spoon to Pragya..Pragya feed her & baby abhigya opened her mouth happily to swallow her food..

” that is because I used to feed her always.. ” pragya said to him ” If you feed her two or three times then she will search for you the next time for eating” she added to make him feel better..

He nodded his head in agreememt”But I can’t take your place in her life..she needs you always.. ” he said admiring Pragya.. ‘There is something in this girl always pulls him towards her’he thought..

” ok.. I’m leaving.. Think well.. I don’t like to seperate you two by bringing her custurdy..” he said & went away..

Yeah he is one hell of arrogant angry man.. But he behaved well with Abhigya.. He even behaved well with her..He thought lots of things about Abhigya’s future.. But She can manage it well.. yeah. She can.. she will face anything for Abhigya’s custordy..

He is waiting for Pragya.. for her call.. But looks like she is hell bent on her own decision.. He started his journey..

At 11:30 pm his mobile phone ring disturbed his sleep..Call from an unknown number.. He attened it only to hear a nervous voice. .”Abhish..Abhisheik..”

“Pragya..” he said ” why are you crying..? Say me damit..” he asked her restlessly.. ‘ something had happened..’

” Abhigya.. Abhigya is not well.. I.. I’m scared .. Please come Abhisheik..” she said while crying..

” Don’t cry Pragya.. Nothing will happen to our baby..relax..Now where are you??” Abhi asked though he felt his soul is leaving him..

” In City hospital.. come quick Abhisheik..I can’t manage ..” She said while hang up the phone..

He came to the hospital & saw her lifelessly sitting in a chair.. when she saw him .. she ran towards him & hugged him tight while crying her heart out.

He can't she her like this

He can’t she her like this.. This weak.. She was a very brave girl he had ever met.. She fight for her rights.. But now.. She completely broken.. Broken beyond repair.. He saw the mother in her now..

He didn’t wasted an other minute to hug her… to assure her nothing will happen to their angel..

He caressed her back & Pragya pulled back from the hug & asked” she will be alright na?? “

He noddef his head in yes.. He met the cheif doctors.. & They assured him that its nothing serious.. Its just High fever .. Now she is normal..

Abhi & Pragya relaxed after hearing that.. Pragya realized that Abhisheik is correct.. She can’t manage the baby’s needs..

Abhisheik make sure that Abhigya should be treated by the best doctors.. & They started to take extra care after he contacted the hospital’s cheif in that night..

Now she is confused of what she is gonna to do..

” Hey Pragya.. Is the baby alright now?..” A guy asked her..

She nodded her head in yes..

” I went to home but the neighbour aunty said you are in hospital.. So, I came to see you..why didn’t you call me when you need me?” He asked her..

” Suresh.. I thought I can manage.. you did so many things for me.. I don’t want to disturb you anymore” she said with a worried face..

” Howmany times I have to tell you.. Don’t speak like that.. You are not any stranger Pragya.. I wish to marry you.. Then what this disturb, burden & all comes from.. Listen.. If Abhigya is your child then she is mine too..Why are you not listening to me? ” suresh asked her..

Pragya is now uncomfartable.. She is looking everywhere but him..

” Because she don’t want to listen to you.. Because she don’t want to marry you.. Because she don’t want to share her happiness & worries with you..” Abhi said giving a dead glare to him..

Suresh is confused of this new entry in his life..

Pragya was dumbstruck to see the furious Abhisheik.. ‘Why the hell he is acting as if he is my boyfrirnd!!’ She thought.. & held his hand to calm him..

Hell ! Abhi know that she is not fine with this man from her one look.. How on the earth he could understand her so easily.. The man who won’t understand others feelings…

” Now that I’m here for her.. She don’t need any help from you.. If she needs anything I’ll give her.. You don’t worry about her & now please excuse us.. Our baby needs us..” Abhi said & dragged Pragya with him..

” Who the hell is he? ” Abhi couldn’t control his anger.. ‘ how the hell he said he wish to marry my Pragya..?? Seriously..? MY Pragya?? ..now what the Hell i’m thinking.. Why I poke my nose in their conversion..’ he thought..

” He is Suresh.. We know him for 2 years.. ” Pragya said while studying his expressions..

” You both .. you both are getting married??..” he asked little stammered..

‘How can he think like that.. until now he spoke like he owns me..blast on Suresh for no reasons.. & now asking me Am I getting married to that suresh..’ she thought..

' she thought

” yeah.. I thought of giving him a chance.. now that you told him na.. you will take care of me.. So he won’t come again in this birth.. may be next birth I’ll give a chance to him..” she said thoroughly enjoying Abhi’s expressions..

Abhi was at loss of words.. ‘Is I’m over reacted?? .. I should not talked to him like that..She likes him.. But come on .. what is there in that double battery.. He is not the one for Pragya’ he thought to himself..

” I’m sorry.. I didn’t know that you were in love..I’ll speak with him.. don’t you worry..” Abhi said though he don’t want to speak with that Suresh..

She started to laugh.. ” Look at you.. You think I love him??.. No way Abhisheik..You are no less than Purab.. He too don’t like him.. & He was Always my saviour from this Suresh.. But after .. after they left me I have no one except my Abhi.. These two months he tried his best to be with me..& asked me to marry him.. But I don’t feel that he is the one for me..” she said while her eyes glistering with new drop of tears..

He felt better when she said she don’t love that Suresh.. & mentioning of Purab’s name He too felt a pain in his heart .. After two minutes of silence..

” I miss them Abhisheik.. why they left me?..” She cried while leaning on his shoulder..

It makes him emotionally weak.. He is not like this before.. Her tears makes him to go weak..

” shh.. Pragya.. Now I’m here na.. Don’t cry.. I’ll be here for you always.. ” he said genuinely..



” Dii.. howmany days you gonna like this.. Its time to get marry..” Bulbul said cheerfully..

" yeah di

” yeah di.. she is right.. Tell us di you have anyone in your mind??” Purab asked..

” Dii.. Please don’t say that Suresh name.. I’ll find a better guy for you..” Bulbul said with a teasing smile..

” Abhisheik.. he will be perfect for you di..” Purab said dreamily..

” And may I know who is that Idiot??..” Pragya asked with a glare..

” you don’t know.. Abhisheik.. Abhisheik Prem Mehra.. The young dashing handsome guy in the world.. You don’t know about him di??” He pouted..

” yeah I know.. my only Brother in law’s only arrogant angry Brother.. Isn’t it??..” she asked him..

” He is handsome di..” Purab said..

” yeah unlike you.. ” Bulbul teased him..

 " Bulbul teased him

” hey you.. He is not more better than me.. ” he sapt back..

” yeah Purab.. You are handsome , smart & better than your brother..” Pragya supported her BIL.. & they hified

Bulbul rolled her eyes in disbelief..
” I want a guy who is more smart, handsome & better than you.. Search for him.. If you get a guy then let me know that..” Pragya smiled at him & Purab pouted..

” Its so hard to find a better one than me dii.. So you can try my Brother..” He teased her..

” Ok.. Ok.. lets think about it later… Now we have to choose a name for our baby..” Pragya said in a cheerful tone..




Abhi, Pragya & Abhigya were on the way to Mehra Mansion.. Abhi asked Pragya to come with him &this time she didn’t opposed him.. Like a good girl she packed her things to go with him..

Abhi is happy that she agreed & she didn’t create any scenes again..

The journey was quiet only when the baby sleeps.. else Pragya will narrate small small stories or singing rhymes to entertain the baby..

But, She did entertained the Baby’s chachu unknown to her knowledge.. Now the baby is comfortable with Abhi too..

They reached Mehra Mansion.. They welcomed their little Princess & Pragya whole heartedly..

All tried to pick up Abhigya.. but to their dismay she is not ready to leave Pragya..

” If she knows you all she won’t leave you.. its just that.. err..” Pragya trailed of her sentence..

” She don’t know us.. we are new to her.. So she is uncomfortable.. I can understand that Beti..” Dadi said with a smile..

‘ She said what exactly I thought.. ‘ Pragya smiled at her..

” you three take rest.. Its a long journey na..Robin Show her room” Ram Mehra said to Robin .. Their servent..

Her room is much bigger than the house she lived…She unpacked her things & arranged it.. By that time Baby Abhigya woke up from her beautiful sleep..

“Pragya beta.. shall I come in?.. ” Priya Mehra asked her..

” auntyji.. why are you asking that .. you can come anytime.. ” Pragya replied politely..

” what my grand daughter is doing?? Come baby..come to your dadi.. please??” she asked Abhigya with a beautiful smile..

” Her eyes & lips are exactly like my Purab” she said emotionally ..

” Can you show me my daughter in law??” She asked Pragya with moist eyes..

Pragya took her mobile to show the pictures of Bulbul with Purab , Abhigya& her..

She saw them.. The happy family.. Purab looked like he is in so much love with his wife & Abhigya..

She carressed the picture in mobile screen feeling her son’s happy face.. She saw Bulbul’s smile which is just like Abhigya’s smile..

 She saw Bulbul's smile which is just like Abhigya's smile

” now I’m feeling that why I didn’t accepted them.. I didn’t know that Purab will be this much serious in his relationship.. I just thought of our family reputation.. Now I lost my son forever..Its all my mistake..” Priya started to cry ..

Pragya can feel her pain.. Its not easy to accept that her son is no more.. Its all happened.. no one can change it now..

” Its not your fault auntyji.. Destiny played a cruel game in our life.. You are not responsible for their death.. We have Abhigya.. we can see both Purab & Bulbul in her.. Don’t worry .. All will be fine” she assured her..

Priya nodded her head & cleared her tear drops..

” I just came to call you for lunch.. come beta..” Priya said & she nodded her head in yes..



Baby.. I missed you so much..” She said while trying to hug Abhi infront of everyone..

‘ Ah.. there is a person named Tanu also exist in this world..Not some random person.. she is my fiance..’ he though while trying to leave from her hug..

” Missed you too Tanu” Abhi said just for formality shake..’ Hell.. I didn’t even think of this girl for last 2 months & specially last week… ‘ he thought.. He looked at Pragya who is eagerly seeing them..

” Well She is Tanu shree Mehta.. My papa’s business partner’s daughter..” Abhi said unconveiniently.. ‘ damit why can’t I face her boldly??..I should introduce Tanu as my fiance..Not like this..’ Abhi thought..

” I’m going to marry my Abhi &I’m going to be the elder bahu of this family.. & one & only bahu of this family.. ” Tanu said without realizing what she is speaking..

All are seeing her like an alian.. They know Tanu is unaware of what she is speaking..According to them She is simply a beauty without brain..

“Can’t you think before you speak Tanu??..” Abhi asked her ..

” whats wrong Abhi.. I’m your fiance right,?..Your parents only daughter in law right..?” Tanu asked him..

” Tanu.. I’m not a only son to my parents.. you know that very well” Abhi glared at her …

” But Purab & His wife is no more Abhi..” Tanu chidded..

” That doesn’t mean that she is not their daughter in law.. she is their DIL & she gave the heir of Mehras.. You. Got. It..?” Abhi said in a stern tone..

” oh.. yeah.. how I forgot the little baby.. you stay here Abhi I’ll be play with her..” Tanu said and jumped before Abhigya.

" Tanu said and jumped before Abhigya

Mr. Ram(Abhi’s father) & Mr. Susil (tanu’s father) were best friends.. & They wish to take their friendship to next level.. That is to become relatives..

They decided it & Abhi was the one who traped in their so called friendship bond..

Tanu is too young for Abhi.. First they thought of Purab & Tanu’s marriage.. But he ran away naa.. so Abhi was trapped perfectly..

Abhi had mentally scolded his little brother for bringing him into this mess for upteenth time..

Abhi liked Tanu.. She is just like a little girl to him.. If he offers chocolate she will tell him I love you for 100 times..

If he forgot her chocolate God knows what will Tanu do to him.. She is really a lady having child like heart..

Abhi very well know this is not his right decision… If he break this marriage Ram will be the one who would be hurt..He don’t want to hurt him..

Atfirst Ram unaware of Tanu’s childishness.. & asked Abhi’s decision about marrying Tanu.. Abhi agreed to it without any arguments..

After knowing Tanu, Ram felt guilty & asked Abhi again.. But Abhi was ready to marry her..

Abhi looked at Pragya while Tanu is playing with Abhigya.. Pragya’s eyes were moist.. she controlled her tears.. ‘now that I’m here for her..I’ll be here for you always..’his words ringing in her mind.. She got up abruptly & walked to her room..

‘ I’m the one who is at wrong.. he just helped me.. But I thought.. he .. he have some feelings for me.. But here they are planning his marriage with Tanu.. I have to be in my place.. I’m nobody to him.I should maintain distance from him..’ Pragya thought..

A loud crying sound making her to come out from her own thoughts

A loud crying sound making her to come out from her own thoughts.. Abhigya is in Abhi’s hands & she is crying..

Pragya picked up Abhigya from Abhi & consoled her.. “She is feeling sleepy .. Thats why she is crying.. I’ll make her to sleep..” said Pragya & moved towards her room without waiting for his reply..

This is the first time she avoid to look into his eyes.. She avoid him.. ‘Thats too rude.. ‘ Abhi thought..

As days passed Pragya started to mingle with all except Abhi.. Whenever Abhi tried to talk with her , She will leave abruptly..

Tanu also liked Pragya as she won’t say no to her demands..

She joined in Mehra’s industries.. She always kept quiet with Abhi.. If she speaks it will be professional..

Abhi tried his best to control the anger or fear or insecurity or whatever it is.. He did tried to control him.. But all went vain..


Atlast 2 weeks later he get into her room in the pretendance of seeing Abhigya..

Abhigya is sleeping while Pragya caressing her hair..when Abhi entered into her room Pragya stood up to move from there..

“I want to speak with you Pragya..” abhi said in a stern voice..

” I have some works in kitchen..” Pragya said & turned to leave..

He hold her hand & make her to look at him..She struggled to leave her hand..

“Why are you avoiding me Pragya?..” Abhi asked with a furious look..

” No.. Mr. Mehra.. I’m not avoiding anyone” she said furiously..

” you are & I know that.. you keep on talking to all .. But when I enter into the frame you will be dumb” He starred at her..

She have no reply now.. She did avoided him because of her fear.. The fear of falling for him.. The fear of losing another person in her life.. The fear of heart break..because she know Tanu & Him are getting married soon.. She don’t want to hurt others & herself..

” Tell me damit.. I’m asking you..” Abhi said in a more furious tone..

Now that she can’t take it any more..
“Why the hell it is matter to you ??..Afterall I’m just an employee in your firm..” Pragya said leaving her hand with a full force..

‘How dare she push my hands..’he thought.. His anger reached its peak & he can’t think straight..

He cupped her face & next second his lips meet her’s.. He is showing his 2 weeks anger in his kiss.. She didn’t even respond to his kiss.. Tears started to flow from her eyes.. She pushed him with all her ability.. But he didn’t moved even an inch.. Atlast he broke the kiss to catch the breath..

” Try to avoid me next time.. I’ll show you who am I..” he said with a venom..

A slap echoed in the room.. Pragya slapped him..

” Just stay away Mr. Mehra.. You think I’m your mistress if I stay in your house?? .. How can you force me to kiss you?? ..Do you think I’m a cheap girl who will fall for your money?? .. You are a cheap guy I ever met.. Here your family is talking about your marriage with Tanu.. but you are trying to misbehave with me..” Pragya said furiously..

Realization hits his mind… He is going to marry Tanu.. But his thinking is full of Pragya.. For the past two weeks he literally gone mad for thinking why she is avoiding him.. & now he know the reason for her avoidance.. Its Tanu& his marriage..

These many years he didn’t liked to kiss anyone.. Even Tanu.. He didn’t kissed her untill now.. But, when Pragya said she is nothing but an employee to him..Thats what she thought..? He is just her boss..?? Thats it?? ..He just want to show her what she means to him.. He thought that his kiss will show her the love he have for her.. But here she is saying as if he is a rapist.. & he tried to force her.. Did he mean it?? NO.. he just want to show how impotant she is to him.. Now all of the above she is thinking he is a bl***y double gamer..

“Pragya.. Listen.. I .. i didn’t mean to..” Pragya cuts him off.. ” Oh.. Please stop your nonsense.. I’m going to Ooty.. I can’t stay here anymore.. after this.. ” Pragya said furiously..

“You.are.not.going.anywhere..”he said in a stern tone..

” oh.. Back to your manhandling mode..I’m not afraid of your anger Mr. Mehra.. Feel some shame on you.. you can’t order me just like that..” Pragya glared at him..

“Okay.. you can go but not with Abhigya..” he said with a smirk.. He cornered her.. Her life depends on Abhigya & He knows that well ..

” Now.. Abhigya is habituated to all the family members.. She can live without you.. But I know.. you can’t..” Abhi said with a smirk..

” I can’t stay in this place where you are staying..” Pragya said..

” so .. I’m the problem.. I won’t disturb you.. Is that okay for you?.. ” he asked again..

“No.. I’m going.. & thats final..” she said tierdly..

” As you wish.. But think of Abhigya.. she will miss you.. who will take care of her like you??” He asked her again..

” I’m taking her with me..”she said..

“Then I’m also coming wherever you are going..” he said with a smirk & moved from there..


” Hey Abhi.. surprise.. ” Tanu said in a childish tone..

He nodded his head & again starred at his laptop..

” Come on Abhi.. Papa is coming here to talk about our marriage preparation.. you will give me my gifts daily na? Candies.. cakes.. ice creams.. milkshakes & all.. I’ll be the happiest girl na.. I’m going to marry you.. you don’t worry about Abhigya.. I’ll play with her always.. But you don’t give her my gifts.. okay.. that is only for me..” Tanu said happily swinging her hands on air..

” Get. Out. Of. My. Room. TANU..” He barked at her.. & She started to cry like a child & ran from there..

By the time she reached the hall her father also reached Mehra’s mansion..Seeing her daughter’s crying face Mr. Susil lost his smile..

” What happend baby?? Why are you crying??” He asked restlessly..

” pappa.. I don’t want to marry Abhi.. He scolded me papa.. I don’t like him anymore..” Tanu sobbed..

” Tanu darling.. listen to me..” he said

“No papa.. I won’t listen to you..” saying so she went from there.. & He followed her..

At Tanu’s home:

“I’m sorry uncle.. I didn’t mean to hurt her .. I was in other tension..” Abhi said guiltily..

Its ok Abhi.. & we will call off the wedding” Susil said with a sad face..

” Sorry Ram.. I couldn’t proceed when my daughter is not happy with this marriage..I hope our friendship is not at stake because of this broken marriage” Susil said sincerely..

Ram nodded his head as NO.. ” we will always there for each other Susil..We both know that..” he assured him..

" he assured him

” Abhi.. I want to talk with you..” Susil said..

” Ok Susil.. You talk to Abhi.. I’ll talk to Tanu..” Ram said..

” Not now Ram.. she is sleeping.. you will talk to her some other time.. ” Susil said with a worried face..

Ram nodded his head in agreement & left from there..

” Uncle.. Give me a chance.. I’ll set everything straight.. I’ll talk to Tanu..She will understand me..” Abhi said with a hope..

” Abhi..do you think my daughter took this decision because you blast on her??..” Susil asked him curiously..

Yeah.. Abhi had never controlled his anger with anyone.. He will just blast on everyone & everything.. Tanu is not an exception..He did scolded her for several times.. & she never cried over about that & she never mentioned that she won’t marry him..

“Uncle.. I’ll ask her..” Abhi said determined..

” No Abhi..you can’t speak to her.. She is like a kid to me.. even for all.. I was happy that you agreed to marry her despite of her childish behaviour.. But.. she do know what a man & woman shares in their love life.. may be she is speaking like a kid.. that doesnot mean that she don’t know about love, feelings & all.. She had dreamt a life with you Abhi.. but..you shattered it.. “Susil said worriedly..

” Sorry Uncle.. but I don’t understand what you are saying..?”Abhi said confused..

” Leave that aside.. ” Susil said..

” But Uncle..” Abhi trailed off..

” Whether you marry Tanu or Not.. Ram & Me will be same like before..& I’ll take care of Tanu..” Susil assured him..

Abhi can’t talk more.. He don’t know what to talk.. He nodded his head & walked away..


Its been 2 weeks.. The Mehras slowly came back to their normal mode.. Abhi had been working for the past two weeks.. He neither took rest nor have his food properly.. He is normal only when Abhigya is played with him..

The whole family don’t know what will be the reason for Tanu to broke the marriage.. Pragya also wondering what could be the reason..& then she can’t see Abhi like this.. Some where his pain pricked her heart.. She thought to broke the ice war between them..

She came to Abhi’s room with abhigya & placed her in the bed.. The baby started to play with the toys..

He is sitting in the bed with deep thoughts.. She touched his shoulder.. Thats it.. He hugged her waist & started to cry like a baby.. He don’t want to show his weakness to anyone.. But now he want someone who understand his feelings.. he want someone who can sooth his pain..he want someone to assure him that she is there for him..

” Abhisheik.. Don’t cry like a child.. we will find a solution.. you love her this much.. I’ll talk to Tanu.. she will understand.. & come back to you..” She said worriedly..

” I don’t love her Pragya.. I don’t.. Its true I like her.. that doesnot mean I love her..I agreed to the marriage due to some circumstances.. ” He said still holding Pragya’s waist..

” Circumstances??..” she asked back..

“Its Papa..& Mamma..” He said snuggle close to her.. She patted his back to calm him..

” They are not my real parents Pragya..” He said the truth which is killing him for the past 5 years..

” Then..?” She asked with a shock..

” They adopted me in their marriage day.. I happened to hear their conversion 5 years back.. Purab , Aliah & me don’t know that I’m adopted child…& ma & pa don’t know that I know the truth.. They are treating me like their own child..” Abhi said while sobbing..



” I can’t let Abhi to marry Tanu..why can’t you understand that??” Ram asked Priya..

” Ram.. why are you thinking so much.. I thought Purab & Tanu won’t set each other.. They both will fight like kids.. But Abhi will handle Tanu.. Because he is mature..” Priya said in a conveinced tone..

" is that the reason or Abhi can suffer because he is our adopted child?? " Ram asked her furiously

” is that the reason or Abhi can suffer because he is our adopted child?? ” Ram asked her furiously..

” How .. how can you speak like that Ram.. I love Abhi more than you do.. That you know well.. Yes.. I didn’t gave birth to Abhi.. That doesn’t mean I love him less.. I love him more than I love Purab & Aliah..He is the first one who called me mumma..He will be always special to me Ram.. He is my marriage gift.. Its our destiny to get him as our son in that orphanage..you thought of me so low..? ” Priya asked with tears in her eyes..

” I thought Abhi will handle everything.. & You are very worried about your friendship.. Thats why I insist you to fix Abhi & Tanu marriage..” she said weeped..

“Its that I too love abhi & incase he knew that he is adopted child then he may think that we loved him less” Ram said sadly..



” They gave me the family love which I was not supposed to get in this birth..& For them I can do it this much only..” He said still weeping..

” You are lucky to have them Abhisheik.. Take me.. My Papa ran away from my family only because we both are girls.. My mom struggled alot to brought up us..When I was in studying my higher secondary she too left us.. She died because of heart attack.. I was broken beyond repair.. but I tried to stay strong for my Bulbul.. Soon my Bulbul got married & my life became colorful..Then.. she too left me along with Purab.. Now I’m living for abhigya.. Life will give us pain.. we have to move on..” Pragya said while controlling her tears..

” Yeah Pragya.. I’m lucky to have them.. That is why I agreed to marry Tanu eventhough I know that she is not the one for me..” Abhi said sadly..

” I’ll talk to her Abhisheik.. She will understand me..” Pragya said determined..

” If I’m in my old sense I could have talked to Tanu & I’ll make her to tell ok to this marriage.. Now I couldn’t do that.. & I shouldn’t do that.. ” Abhi said with a pain..

” Why.. Abhisheik..?” She asked him..

” there is no one in my life then.. If I marry her I could loved her.. But now.. My life is full of you & Abhigya.. I can’t think anything without you both.. I don’t know I’m doing correct thing or not.. But I want to be with you both.. If I marry Tanu I can’t be with you both.. & If I adopt Abhigya then my baby will lose her mother.. & Tanu can’t be a mother like you for Abhigya..If you adopt her then I’ll lose my daughter.. I .. I want you both Pragya.. & I.. I love you.. will you marry me??..” He said while looking into her eyes..

She is speechless.. She didn’t expected this..I don’t want to rush up.. I’ll say my opinion later.. Is that okay for you??” She asked him..

He nodded his head & she turned to go..
“Please stay with me few more minutes..” he asked her..

She nodded her head in Yes.. She want to divert her mind & his mind..

” Purab had said alot of things about you.. he really loved you.. you know..” She asked him..

He nodded his head in yes..

” He missed you so much then.. He always had a feel that he should shared about his love to you.. ” Pragya said while remembering her moments with Purab..

“He is an idiot.. I would have supported him..” He said with a sad smile..

” Abhigya is a combination of our name..” she said with a glint of tear drop in her eyes..

” yeah.. I guessed it.. silly him..” he said with a small smile..

" He said lots of things about you two

” He said lots of things about you two.. How you two will prank every one.. How naughty you were.. How you will help him if incase he get caught in any kind of pranks.. That time I like you & your antics..you know..!!” Pragya said with a smile..

” now you hate me na??” He asked..

” not really.. !! I do like you more now.. After knowing about you I really like you more..” she smiled at him..

” Is it possible to change the word like to love??” He winked at her..

” haan.. In your dreams.. ” she said & blushed..

“I’m going now.. Look after Abhigya..” she said & ran away..


After 2 weeks..

‘I have to give a chance to this relationship.. Abhigya will have her both mamma & pappa.. we will look after her like Ram Uncle & Priya aunty.. But what about Tanu..why did she called off the wedding..!!.. Is it my destiny to be with Abhisheik?? Is it so I’ll give a chance to US..’ she thought..

“Abhisheik.. Shall I talk with you now..? Are you free??..” Pragya asked..

” yeah .. anytime free for you..” he winked..

They are comfortable with each other now.. They started to understand about eachother.. They enjoyed each others company.. & They mostly spend time with Abhigya together.. & The family noticed the difference in their behaviour..

Abhi guessed the matter by looking at her..’ Its going to be the answer to my proposal..’ he thought.. Her cheeks turns to dark shade of Pink..

” I .. You.. Your proposal.. ” she stammered..

” I can’t get you.. say it clearly” he said though he know what she is going to tell..

 say it clearly" he said though he know what she is going to tell

” umm.. You know.. I lov..” Robin cuts her off by saying ” excuse me sir.. Ram sir is calling you both..”

“What the hell..” he muttered.. “you go.. we will come” he said in a stern voice..

” Pragya .. say it.. ” Abhi asked her with a curious look..

” first we will meet Uncle.. & we will discuss about it later Abhisheik..” Pragya said with a smile..

” its not fair Pragya..” he said disappointedly..

” All is fair in love & war..” she said & ran leaving a shocked Abhi behind..

He smiled & came to the hall where everyone already present..

Pragya smile drops seeing Susil & Tanu there.. But, then she smiled knowing well Tanu & Susil always liked her.. In this short time they too took care of her & Abhigya.. Pragya too consider Tanu as her sister..& Offers whatever Tanu wants..Abhi was on top of shock..

” So everyone came.. Ram.. I have came to speak about the marriage..”Susil said while Tanu scoops Abhigya from Dadi.. Abhigya giggled at her..

” Marriage..? Is Tanu is ok with this marriage??” Ram asked him..

“Yeah.. She is happy now..She is the one came & talked about it..” Susil said & Tanu nodded her hed in Yes..

” Come on.. I’m not angry with you anymore..” Tanu said with a smile..

Pragya world collapsed under her feet.. She was in the way to propose Abhi.. But here they again came to mend the relationship.. Her tears brimmed in her eyes..

On the other hand Abhi’s world collapsed.. He is on the way to take Pragya in his arms & twril her around.. but, here again they came with the allianze..

” So Ram.. You all are okay with this marriage na?? & Abhi.. Make sure you won’t hurt her anymore..” Susil said more like a statement..

Ram nodded his head in yes & smiled

Ram nodded his head in yes & smiled..

” but..” Abhi satrted to speak for him for the first time & Pragya cuts him off.. 
” Its indeed a good news.. Time to celebrate.. I m really happy for you both.. ” Pragya said while controlling her tears..

Abhi was shattered.. how did she say like that.. ‘She is giving me as like i’m just like her chocolate.. ‘ Abhi thought with a pain..

” Pragya.. I’m talking about your marriage.. You & Abhi are getting married.. Is that clear to you??” He asked..

All mouths & eyes are actually wide open now.. Tanu came to Pragya & hugged her tight ” I’m so happy for you dear..Abhi is so lucky to have you in his life..” Tanu said happily..

Pragya came out of trance & looked at Tanu with tear filled eyes.. ” No more tears baby..” Tanu said while clearing her tears..

” Ram.. I’m asking your son’s hand for my daughter Pragya.. Are you ok with it or I have to kidnapp your son to marry my daughter..??” Susil asked seriously..

” No need to kidnap me uncle.. You tell me the date & time.. I’ll come by myself.. I need my whole family in my marriage.. so I’ll kidnap all of them….” He said with a wink..

” look.. who is speaking like this.. Abhi the Rockstone is actually trying humor for the first time..” Tanu chidded & side hugged Abhi..

” Thanks for this Tanu..” Abhi said with a gratitude..

” you have to bear my torchure in your marriage by dear brother in law..” she smiled at him..

Pragya was standing in a corner & shedding tears.. Susil came to her…
” I don’t like when my daughter cries.. So say good bye to your tears ” Susil said lovingly..

” Don’t feel that you have no one.. consider me as your father.. I’ll be always there for you my child..” Susil said in an emotional tone..

” I didn’t got a chance to be friendly with my papa.. Shall I call you as papa? Shall you love me like you love Tanu?? ” She asked him..

He nodded his head in yes & opened his arms.. she ran into his arms & hugged him” Thank you so much Papa..” she said while sobbing..

And then the marriage preparation starts..

Time to celebrate abhi & Pragya’s marriage.. After all the rituals got over..

 After all the rituals got over

Abhi & Pragya adopted Abhigya.. Abhigya Purab Mehra became Abhigya Abhisheik Mehra..

At night..

Pragya & Abhi were playing with Abhigya..Abhigya started to yawn because of the tireless day.. she was scooped by all the guest.. & so she was very tired.. She slept while playing.. 
Pragya made her to sleep comfortable & looked at Abhi..

” you didn’t tell me that..” Abhi said to her accusingly..

” tell you what..?” She teased him..

” tell me that you are in love with me..” Abhi said irritated..

” Am I in love with you?? Who said so?? ” she asked pretending to be shocked..

” so you are not in love with me.. leave it.. I’ll propose that ria..” he said trying to tease her..

” yeah.. better you do that.. i’ll be free.. & my dad will look after you.. ” she said in a mocked tone..

Abhi had enough of her non sense talk..& he was furiously looking at her & she brust out her laugh.. ” My baby is so cute when it gets anger.. ” she said pinching his cheeks..

” you are definitely different.. all will fear of my one look & you are saying my angry look is cute..” Abhi huffed..

” Thats because I’m seeing you .. the real you .. not the man who worn the anger mask on my Abhisheik face.. ” she said with a satisfied smile …

“I want to tell you one thing.. O don’t want to hide it from you” Abhi said with a serious look..

“yeah.. tell me..” she said with a smile..

” Tanu broke the marriage because ..” he trailed off..

” because she saw us kissing.. she told me Abhisheik.. I asked her the reason.. & she did told me that you told her everything that happened in that day.. & there is no fault in me.. ” she said smiling..

“I’m lucky to have you Abhisheik..” she said smiling broadly..

" she said smiling broadly

” &. I love you Abhisheik.. ” she said to him with all the love she have for him..

” I know.. & I love you more..” he said & kissed her forehead..


years later..

“Mumma.. where is pappa.. I want my gift..” Abhigya asked Pragya..

” He gave you the gift na?? Then what is it darling?” She asked her

” mumma.. pappa said he will give me a partner to play with me.. He said I was all alone .. No one is there to play with me na.. so he said he will give me a partner in crime..” she said with a childish smile..

” This Abhisheik have no shame.. Is it need to talk to her like this..”she mentally crused him..

“Mumma.. pappa said you have to cooperate with him..then only you both can give my gift in next year birthday..” she said with a furious look..

” mumma.. promise me.. you will help him..” little Abhigya asked in the most innocent way & Pragya admired her littel wonder ..

” okay.. promise..” she said while kissing her cheeks..

” pakka..? “Little Abhigya asked again..

“Yeah pakka.. now tell me where is your pappa .. I have to help him na?” She asked sweetly..

” darling .. i’m ready.. ” Abhi said while standimg up from under the bed..

” you were under the bed?? ” Pragya asked him..

” yeah.. I thought to check on my princess Abhigya’s dialog..its little lengthy naa.. she spend alot time to memorize it..” he said with a wink..

” you are shameless Abhisheik..” Pragya said while her cheeks were turing like a tomato..

” what can I do..My wife is so so adament about babies.. now that Abhigya got your promise.. you can’t deny it..” Abhi said with a smirk..

” But Abhisheik..” she trailed off..

“Come on Pragya.. you can do it..” he assured her..

” I know what you are thinking.. I’m sure we will brought up Abhigya like always.. and she will be always special to us..she is the first to call us Mumma & pappa.. no one can take her place in our heart… Its time to give her a company…” Abhi said with a smile.. & Pragya nodded her head in yes.. & they scooped Abhigya for a family hug …


So here it is.. A long one shot.. Sorry If I bored you..


Please Give me your reviews.. It means alot to me.. 

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  1. It was super awesome
    Your plot was very impressive
    Loved it
    Take care
    Love u❤❤

  2. Jasminerahul

    pragya like a mother to her late sister bulbul and purab’s daughter abhigya.so lovely.abhi coming to take her back to mehra mansion and pragya not willing for that was touchy.hospital scene was emotional. hug too.abhi getting jealous of prakash was funny.liked abhi taking both to mehra mansion.priya regretting not accepting rabul was emotional. shocking that abhi is raya’s adopted son.but their bond is beautiful.it was a relief that tanu backed out from the marriage.loved abhi kissing pragya though it hurt her.loved his confession of love. how they fixed abhigya marriage n tanu’s dad accepting pragya as his daughter was a surprise. happy that abhigya got married.stunned to know that tanu called off their marriage knowing about abhigya love.liked tanu hugging pragya.loved this cute childish tanu.happy that abhigya got married.now they are planning for another baby.sweet scene.perfect pics.lovely story

  3. Saranya24

    Lovely to the core??????

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