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Let’s peep into today’s episode..


The episode starts with Anika and Rudra walking to the class..

Rudra : You wasted my time Anika.. I would have done so much in this 1 hour which I spent visiting this whole college..

Anika : What would have you done?? Might have flirted with some girls,isn’t it?? Instead,you walked with me.. atleast this is good for health..

Rudra : Am I a sugar patient??

Anika : Is it a joke? You want me to laugh??

Rudra pouts.. By then,Gauri sees them from the first floor and waves her hand..

Rudra : Go.. your friend is calling you.. I am going to my class..

Anika : Shut up and come with me.. Don’t tell anything about that senior to her..

She grabs his hand and takes him..

Gauri : Where have you been stupids?? I was waiting for you..

Rudra : We have started working as goons..

Gauri : What??

Rudra : Goons.. That is warning and beating up people..

Gauri looks at Anika with confused expression..

Anika : Forget it Sweetie.. he is blabbering..

Rudra : If I continue to be with both of you,I won’t get my degree in business administration.. instead I will get an award for being the best goon.. One(Gauri) will beat up people and the other(Anika) will kill people by talking..

Anika and Gauri hit him and ask him to go to his class.. Anika signals something to Rudra without the knowledge of Gauri..

Rudra : (to himself) I don’t know what this girl is saying.. anyways,as of now she released me.. thank god..


Shivaay comes and om sees him..

Om : Shivaay.. where is your phone??

Shivaay : Sorry Om.. I could not hear it as I was in traffic..

Om : correction..As you were in the practicing venue..

Shivaay looks up..

Shivaay : No Om.. I just came now.. I was not feeling well and that’s why I did not come to attend special classes..

Om : Don’t lie Shivaay.. I saw your bike in bike stand…

Shivaay could not say anything.

Om : Why are you hiding things from me Shivaay?? Accept the past and work for your future yaar… How long you are going to do this??

Shivaay did not answer and he starts moving..

Om : Everytime he does this only..

He remembers the paper he got(which has Gauri’s poem) and goes to the notice board and puts up there..

He goes to his class following Shivaay

Om : Shivaay.. wait.. Why are you always afraid to work for your future??

Shivaay did not stop..

Om : I am talking to you only idiot..

Shivaay turns..

Shivaay : Don’t you know why I am afraid?? I don’t want to talk about this anymore.. If you want to talk about this,don’t talk to me..

Om feels sad.. Shivaay convinces him..

Shivaay : Sorry yaar.. I should not have talked to you like that.. Please don’t talk about this Om..

Om nods and hugs Shivaay.. Shivaay has tears in his eyes..


Anika sees Shivaay in the opposite block to her class through the window..

Anika : I have found out finally.. thank God..

She texts Rudra “ Rudy.. that ragging senior is in your department only.. I spotted him.. I will come to your block during interval.. Be ready.. We will catch him..”

No reply from Rudra..

Anika : (to herself)He might be purposefully not replying me.. I will go and talk to him in person..

After sometime,the bell rings.. a girl comes and tells Gauri..

Girl : Someone has put up a beautiful poem in the notice board.. Don’t know who has written it..

Gauri : Wow! Poem! Honey(Anika) Are you coming? Let’s go and see..

Anika : I am not interested.. You go dear.. (to herself) Thank God.. I have got time to meet Rudra..

Gauri : Ok Honey.. I will come in a few minutes..

She goes out of the class.. after she goes,Anika comes out and goes to the opposite block..

She finds out Shivaay coming out of the restroom..

Anika : (to herself) I don’t know why Rudy is late??

She calls him again.. but he did not pick up.. She is still moving..

Anika : (to herself) I have to catch him somehow..

She catches him from behind by putting her hands around his neck.. She closes his mouth with her hand and takes him under the staircase where nobody could say..
Shivaay tried to shout..

Anika : If you shout,I will kill you by strangling.. be calm..

By then Anika sees Rudy coming there.. she calls him..

He could not find from where she is calling him..

Rudra : I am hearing Anika’s voice. From where she is calling me?? Is it an illusion??

He turns around and finds them at last.

Rudra : Hey Anika.. what are trying to do?? Gonna kill that man?? Don’t do that.. Oh God. . What can I do now?? This girl will kill him and may put the blame on me.. I have to escape as soon as possible..

Anika : Idiot.. he is that senior..

Rudra : I am not ready to listen to you.. let me go.

He tries to move.. Anika comes out of the dark space..

Shivaay tries to shout for Rudy’s help.. Rudra sees Shivaay..

Rudra : Hey Grannie. Take your hands off him..

Anika : You are gonna warn him right? Do that first..

She takes her hands off Shivaay.. Shivaay coughs..

Rudra : Are you alright bhaiya??

Shivaay : (pants) I am okay..

Rudra hugs him..

Anika : Rudy. What are you doing?? He is the one who ragged Gauri..

Rudra : Shut up.. He is my senior friend..

Anika : Rudra.. I did not expect this from you idiot.. You join hands with our enemy?? Whenever you talk against us,I thought that you are just trying to irritate us.. But today I came to know your true colours..

Shivaay : ( to Rudy) Is she mad??

Rudra pouts..

Anika : Hey man! It is all because of you. I won’t leave you..

Shivaay holds Anika’s hands tightly..

Anika : Leave me..

Shivaay : You told me that you won’t leave me nah?? Now see,I won’t leave you..

By then Gauri comes there..

Gauri : Anika.. Rudra.. what happened?? Why are you here?? And who is this man??

Anika : He is the one who ragged you..

Gauri : What??

She blinks again and sees Shivaay’s face..

Gauri : Honey.. he is not the one..

Anika : Gauri.. don’t be afraid.. I am with you.. Tell me the truth.. why are you lying? Did he threaten you?.

Rudra : Are you mad?? How can anyone threaten the great GK Sharma?

Gauri gave a proud smile

Anika : Can you guys stop? Gauri.. tell me.. is is him nah??

Gauri : No honey..

Anika gets shocked.. She looks at Shivaay who was already staring at her angrily..

Anika : You told me yesterday nah? The man under the tree.. he was standing under the tree..

Gauri : Is it?? When I saw,that senior guy who ragged me was there..

Anika : You did not look back when I asked.. that is the problem .

Gauri : Yeah.. (to Shivaay) Bro.. who asked you to stand under the tree??

Shivaay looks at Rudra..

Rudra : Shivaay bhaiya.. Did you see how intelligent my friends are??(sarcastically)
The screen freezes..

PRECAP : Shivika argument.. Rikara and Rumya meeting..

Sorry Rikara fans for not showing Rikara meeting till now.. hopefully it will come in the next episode..

Hope you like the episode.. comment your opinions.. Give me a thumbs up if you like it..

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  1. Nice episode dr…..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dearie😘😘

  2. Nice episode….loved the scenes….loved the funny moment of Anika,Rudra nd Gauri… Update soon dear….

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u Prachi… Will update asap

  3. ItsmePrabha

    hey..both the chapters are amazing..Loved these funny yet khidkithod encounters of anudi and billuji..rumya scene is superb..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u so much dear.. will try to post the next asap.. take care dear

  4. Nice epi di… anika’s act was like a don…loved those scenes.. and happiiee happiiee b’day di…may u get all u deserves….luv u…😘😘

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u Sara.. Ya.. Anika is a don.. thank u for ur wishes dear… It means a lot to me😘😘😘

  5. Awesome episode dhidhi…WAITING fa next chappy ❤❤😍..happy birthday dr….

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u very much dear…😘😘

  6. loved this chap di. Great awesome poor anika eagerly waiting 4 nxt upd8

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