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RECAP : Gauri beats up a senior who rags her.. Om is surprised to see her so.. Anika argues with Shivaay thinking that he was the one who ragged Gauri..

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Let’s peep into today’s episode..


It is the next day.. Rudra is waiting near the entrance as Anika has asked him to wait there..he takes his mobile and randomly scrolls it..

By then,Saumya gets down from an auto dressed up in a red sequinned saree.. She talks something to the watchman and comes inside.. Saumya comes to Rudra..

Saumya : Excuse me..

Rudra looks at her from top to bottom..

Rudra : I think u have lost ur way… this is not any function venue.. it’s a college.. can’t u see??

Saumya : Hello.. I came to meet ____

Before she could complete Rudra started again..

Rudra : Oh.. Auntyji! U have come to see ur son or daughter who is studying in this college??

Saumya opened her mouth wide..

Saumya : Yeah uncleji! Same as u have come to drop ur daughter in college..

Rudra did not expect it from her..

Rudra : Hello.. look at ur costume.. and u are fat like aunties .. that made me think so.. But u should not tease me as I teased u.. Am I looking like uncle?? Look at my dress,my watch,my hairstyle and bike.. Then too,if u feel like I am aged,then u have to check ur eyes..

Saumya : U may look modern from outside.. but u are very old from inside.. Attitude is more important than ur appearance..

By saying that she moves..

Rudra : Hey girl! Fatty girl! What are u saying? Wait!

He tries to follow her.. By then Anika comes and grabs his hand..

Anika : Stupid Rudy.. where are u going??

Rudra : Grannie.. Do u know?? A girl teased me..

Anika : Is that a rare thing? U get teased by every girl u meet..

Rudra : U too tease my now right? I am going. I am not going to listen to u.. I should not have waited for u..

Anika : Ok ok ok.. sorry..

Rudra turns to her..

Rudra : So tell me.. why did u ask me to come early??

Anika : For that u have to come with me..

She takes him somewhere..


Saumya waits to meet Om.. Om comes after sometime..

Om : Hey Somu! you here?? And why this attire?

He laughs on seeing her..

Saumya : Don’t laugh bhaiya.. You came to college earlier leaving me to suffer alone..

Om : Sorry Somu.. I had special class.. So tell me what happened?

Saumya : After u came,Mumma insisted me to come and attend Prakash uncle’s son’s marriage.. I tried to avoid saying that I have special class too… but she is not ready to let me..

Om : So what Somu? Go and have fun..

Saumya : It’s not about going bhaiya.. I will go.. but this costume.. I protested that I won’t wear saree and all.. But Mumma and pappa did not listen to me.. if u were there,u might have supported me nah??

Om : So sorry dear.. But it is good that u wore it.. U look like a princess..

Saumya : Don’t lie.. Before sometime u laughed at me,right? And a guy at the entrance,he called me aunty.. am I looking like aunty?

Om : Somu.. Why are u bothering about others comments?? The world will talk anything.. U love yourself,isn’t it??

Saumya nodded..

Om : And we,that is me,Mumma and pappa love you a lot too.. then why to get disturbed by others opinions? You are beautiful from both inside and outside.. Don’t let others comments go into ur mind,ok?

Saumya nodded again..

Saumya : Bhaiya.. Enough of your lecture.. actually,I came here to give you house keys.. we will be coming tomorrow morning only.. take care till then.. Mumma and pappa are waiting in the railway station.. I have to go..

Om : Ok meri ma.. Take care..

Saumya leaves..

Om stands there and calls Shivaay who has not come to the special class too..


Rudra and Anika are coming..

Rudra : Miss. Anika Trivedi.. where are you taking me?? We have made a round around the whole campus.. My legs are hurting..

Anika : Shut up and follow me.. I don’t know where he has gone..

Rudra : He? Who is that?? Your grandfather?

Anika stared at him..

Anika : Be serious Rudra.. He means that senior..

Rudra : Which senior?

Anika : He.. who ragged Gauri..He was there only yesterday..

Rudra : Why do u want to meet him?? You want to be get ragged by him too??

Anika : Stupid.. Yesterday I went to meet him and warned him..

Rudra : (shocked) what?? Why are you getting into trouble yourself idiot?? What if he tries to take revenge?

Anika : I have to save Gauri nah??,can you see your friend in trouble? What if he takes revenge on Gauri??

Rudra : He will not.. Yesterday itself she beat him and warned him nah?? It is over yesterday.. why are you starting it again??

Anika : You feel that he is scared and he will stay away from Gauri?? But he did not look like scared yesterday.. he called me mad and grabbed my hand and told me that he would take me to the mental asylum..

Rudra : Let him do that first.. that is the right place for you..

Anika : Be serious Rudra.. Yesterday I had nobody to support me.. I had to leave amidst our fight as the college bus had to start..

Rudra : So??

Anika : So today.. We are going to meet him and warn him.. we are going to tell him to stay away from Gauri..

Rudra : We??

Anika : You and me??

Rudra : I am not going to come with you.. I am not ready to sacrifice my life for a selfish girl like GK(Gauri)

Anika : You are so mean Rudy! You will not do at least this for your friend?? What kind of a friend you are??

Rudra : Ya.. I am a very bad friend . That is okay for me.. I am not ready to get beaten up by someone for getting a good friend title.. you go and die for your frirnd.. I will make a statue for both you after your death and name it as ‘statue of friendship’..

Anika: Rudy.. Now listen to me.. There was a boy named Akash in a small village..

Rudra : Oh God . She had started her business..

He keeps his hand over his head..

SCENE – 4.

Gauri waits for Rudra and Anika in a bench under a tree.. she is bored and she opens her notebook and starts writing.. Gauri likes to write and she is a good poet too.. She scribbles something.. By then,one of her classmates calls her from the first floor.. she closes her notebook and runs to the class.. The paper in which she wrote the poem falls down..

Om comes behind her.. The paper comes to his footstep.. He bends and takes it.. He looks for Gauri but she has gone.. ( Om only sees her from behind)

Om : That girl has left this paper and gone..

He sees the paper and finds a poem written in it..

Om : Beautiful!

He reads the poem and says.. (I am not good at writing poems.. so I have not given the beautiful poem written by Gauri.. if u are good at writing poems,type it in the comment.. if u too belong to my category,that is,not good at writing poems imagine any poem which impressed u?)

He folds the paper and keeps it in his purse.. He tries calling Shivaay again..

Om : (to himself) I have been calling him for nearly 15 minutes.. he is not even taking my calls.. I don’t know where he has gone?


Shivaay is in the seminar hall where the students of the singing club practices singing songs for the upcoming college functions.. Shivaay listens to them with great excitement and claps his hands according to the music.. He enjoys being there..

By then,he looks at the clock.. it is 9.15 a.m and he has to go to the class before 9.30.. He takes his phone and sees 15 missed calls from Om..

Shivaay : He is gonna kill me now for not taking his calls..

He turns to move by then his shirt gets stuck in the strings of a guitar.. He tries to take his shirt out and touches the guitar with passion in his eyes..

PRECAP : Anika shows Shivaay to Rudra and says that he was the one who ragged Gauri.. Om puts Gauri’s poem on the notice board..

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