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HI, Guys…i know u all might be very Angry on me..!! But, I’m so sorry Becoz, I’m stuck with my Semester..! so sorry for inconvenience dears….and Very sorry for bored u all with my previous episode…!!


I slowly came by my senses and find Deelip gives a wicked smile…Suddenly, Someone hit’s on my head and I get Un conscious..!!
After some time, I found myself in a very dark room..just had a small light..! I slowly get’s conscious hands r free.!! I slowly try to see for pragya..! But, suddenly I heard a voice..! It’s Deelip! Deelip say’s ”Hw u feeling Abhi? R u kk?” I shout’s ”what’s the hell is happening? Why r u doing this?” I can hear Deelip’s wicked laugh..! He laughs loudly and say’s”Kya huva Abhi! Gussa arahey kya..teekey, tumnhari man ki shanthi kehliyeh mei tujhey ek super chance detaa hu..! Edi tujhey Apni Pathni chahiyeh..?? yaa Bacha? Kisi ek ko choose karo..!”[ What happen Abhi! R u getting Angry on me? Kk…For ur peace, I’m giving u a super chance..! U want ur Wife or ur son..choose 1!!]

I shot’s “what rubbish! What r u talking about?” deelip say’s ”Common, Abhi! It’s kk..calm down…I know it’s very tough..But u have to do it..! “My Angry levels peeked and I shout’s”Hw dare u …Ba***ter! I will kill u..!”Deelip say’s ”Oh..Abhi! just relax..! u will come to know everything with in 2 min…don’t worry..!”My tension increases by seeing his evil smile..! I ‘m just hoping Pragya will be fine..becoz, I’ couldn’t able to see her..!

Suddenly, My phone rings and I pick up the call…! It’s My Mom’s call..! I try to cover up and say’s”Mom..! I’m kk..i will be back soon…don’t wor!…but I stopped hearing my Mom’s cry..! I get’s tense and ask’s”Maa! What happen why u r crying? Maa?”Maa slowly say’s”Abhi! Ansh is missing!”My heart freezes for a second..! I couldn’t believe my ears..! I shout’s ”What? What r u saying?”Maa say’s ”Yes, Abhi! I didn’t found him anywhere..Don’t know where he is? Till now he’s in front of us…but ..”she broke in to tears..!” I ended call angrily and shout’s ”Ur such a coward..Deelip! if u have dare come in front of me to fight..! Don’t hide behind my Wife and son..!” Deelip comes to me and say’s “so sorry Abhi

! but I have to do this..! u too have to feel that pain of losing loved one’s..! Common Abhi! Now, choose b/w ur wife and son..!” I totally lost my control and shout’s ”Shut..up! Just shut up! I will kill u if u do anything wrong with them..!” Deelip laughs evilly. And say’s”Kk..Abhi cool down..Now, I will show ur son..then, u will get clarity..! Whom u have to choose..!”By saying this suddenly doors opened in my room..! Deelip signs.., some goons comes inside by carrying Ansh !! I tries to Run to Ansh but goons stop me and beats me hard..! Deelip takes Ansh in Arms…! Ansh looks very scared and see’s me ..he shouts papa! And cries hard for me..! Deelip laughs evilly and point gun towards Ansh!! I just lost my sense seeing such a worried situation..! I shout’s No..! Deelip..plz! Ansh cries vigoursly for me..Deelip say’s ”Abhi! Now, I will count just 10 no’s…U have to choose Either ur Wife or Ur Son..! If u fail to choose 1…I will kill both of them..!”

I shout’s ”Deelip!!”Deelip start counting …1, …2…3…..4..I just couldn’t find a way to save my Pragya and Ansh!! I’m not able to see My Pragya ! but Ansh is in front of my eyes..!! hw will I decide b/w Pragya and Ansh? One is My love and One is my Life..! Oh..God, what’s this situation? I hope even my Enemies didn’t face this worst situation..! Hw can I choose? Hw will I choose? Being A Husband/ Lover? Or Being A father?? Deelip continues..5…6….7..!!
My body drenched with full sweat..! My heart beat keeps on rising..!! Deelip keeps on counting…My mind is driving me crazy…All lovely movement with Ansh and Pragya r rolling in front of my eyes..!!

Deelip counts…9!! I shout’s “I want My Ansh!!!” without thinking anything..!! Deelip laughs ”Hahh! Wow! U loved ur son more than ur wife…! Right?”.I felt Ashamed of myself..i couldn’t able to control my tears..! I just fell on my Knees and cries badly thinking about Pragya!! Deelip say’s ”Abhi! Now u have answered my Question..Now, Pragya too listens everything about ur, Common talk with her for LAST TIME..!!” till then, Ansh will be with me..!!This increases my heart beat..! A shiver starts inside me..! Pragya listens about my Decision? What she will think about me? Hw can I talk with her? I really felt Ashamed of myself..But, Now….NOW..i Really can’t able to find any other way..! I’m still That Abhi! Who loved Pragya whole heartedly..!! I’m still that Abhi, For whom Pragya is life..! But, Now The one who is standing here is not only A Lover!! A husband..!! But, A father too!!
Now, Abhi is a father to a child…! I’m having My child’s Life in my hands..! hw I can leave him for Pragya..! For past 6 months, I thought I lost My Pragya..! that’s why I had given my everything to my Ansh..!! Now, hw can I left that 2 and ½ yr child alone in this tough path..!

I slowly compose myself and say’s”Pr…pragya!..!” Abhi!” I heard my Pragya’s voice..! I cries and say’s”Sorry…p..r..agya!!! “Pragya say’s”shh…! Don’t say like this…! U has saved our Ansh..! As a Father U have done ur duty Abhi!! I’m so happy after hearing your decision..!”I tries to speak..”Pragya.. but Pragya interrupts me and say’s”Plz…now, I will talk..just listen..! I have less time..plz! I burst out in tears and starts listening her.. Pragya continues”Abhi! I’m feeling very happy after listening to ur decision..!! Really, I’m feeling proud of u..! U r decision is right..! Becoz, Now ur not only Pragya’s huband..But Ur Ansh father too!! As a parent We can’t let our child face trouble..!! Today, After listening ur decision I’m feeling very peace becoz, By which hope and trust I left Ansh with u..! Today, U make my wish true..! and proved ur self as a Best Father..!!

I ‘m crying out my heart and say’s”I’m sorry Pragya..!!plz..! Pragya say’s”Why r u crying Abhi? What u did is right..! really…and Abhi agar tum aaj Ansh ki jagah mujhey chunliya hootana? Tho mei tumhey kabhi maaff nehi karliya hota..!

I’m really Happy with ur decision..! And I’m sure Ansh ko apni Maa ki prem thum diya..aur agey doogi…Ansh ki zindagi tumharey deheyhuva pyaar aur mamtaa say pura hojaeingii..!!! Aptak jehsey tum Ansh key maa aur papa banrahitey…Abb iss jindagi bhar baano..!! Abhi! Ab mujhey aur kuch nehi chahihey..! Tum aur Ansh kush hongi..wahi mereh liyeh kaafi hai..Abhi![ I’m sure U have given Motherly love to Ansh..and will give it for life long..He will be complete with ur love Abhi! I really don’t need anything than this..!! I love u Abhi!] I love u Abhi..!! Love u..! Agar dubara jindagi hogi..terey pragya bankey jihungaa!![ Abhi! If I will had another birth..i will live as ur Pragya!] I couldn’t able to compose myself after hearing Pragya’s words…!! I shout’s “I love u too Pragya..!! I love u too!!”By saying this I cries vigoursly…!!

Suddenly, I saw Deelip point’s gun towards Ansh..!! I shout’s Ansh and pulls him away…!! After 2 min, I came to sense and found my Shoulder is injured by bullet..!! I tries by best but, couldn’t able to move ..! Ansh is shivering at a corner. and murmurs Papa! Papa.!!

He is very scared seeing me in pool of blood..I try to cover up and keep on maintain a smile on my face..!!

Deelip comes and Pulls Ansh away angrily..! Ansh get’s hurt and cries in pain…! Deelip continues”Abhi! U have done such a bad thing..! u have wasted my 2 bullets..! what u think I will let u live? No,..This will never happen…If u would choose or not..I would killed u 3 here itself…! By seeing Ur and Ur family ending..I will get Peace which I’m waiting since a long time..!! He laughs evilly and points gun on Ansh head…!! I get drumstuck seeing my Ansh who is end of Deelip’s gun point..!! I shout’s”No..!! No!!deelip..listen to me..!!”Deelip smiles and say’s ”I’m sorry Abhi!!” He places Gun on Ansh’s forehead and get’s ready to shoot

PRECAP: Lights went off.with a shot sound .! Abhi shout’s Ansh! Pragya and Abhi shatters..!!

I’m sorry..i know it’s some what short..but it’s my exam plz excuse me guys..! And I’m gonna end this ff with in 2 episode..!! I will soon upload the next part..!! Till then, Stay Tuned and dears..!!!

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  1. PrincessesMadhu

    Your no way going to kill the trio are you? OMG! PLZ DON’T! THATS SO SAD! 🙁 But great episode 😀 but plz try not to kill them! 🙁

    1. B_Ani

      hi…sry to ask this…but have u dropped ur ff??? i was so eager to read it….i am missing it 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 …post if u can.

      1. PrincessesMadhu

        Omg! I still can’t believe you remember mine! ?I am so sorry…I feel bad too but my final exams like starts on tuesday! AND I AM SO NERVOUS….and it is really stressful but it finishes within a week…as it gets over…I am going to start again as I have a 2 month holiday!so yay! Thak you for remember it still! It means a lot to me! 🙂 🙂

      2. B_Ani

        its k dear…best of luck for ur xams…wishing u a very gud luck my dear princess. and yo…i am happy for ur two month holiday 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. very serious and emotional epi…very intrstng….pls update regularly.

  3. Sira

    Super yaar….please unite the three lovely hearts..

  4. Shriti

    u made me cry but osam auper episode love it dear

  5. Shriti

    u made me cry but osam super episode love it dear

  6. So touching update yaar loved it eagerly waiting for the next episode so sad that you are going to end
    you can continue upto 30 na because from starting itself only abhi Ansh scenes and kidnapping you can complete with abhigya scenes family bonding na anyways as you wish and all the best for your exams

  7. Too Emotional dear..

  8. Asmithaa

    Superb yaar.. Loved it..

  9. Wow super dear n miss u badly…

  10. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. B_Ani

    adhya dear…it was so touching yaar. i loved it….even i feel that abhi did right. but hoping for the families reunion soon. this dileep is just…???

  12. Awesome??

  13. Saranya24

    Wow such an emotional epi loved it a lot but darlu pps dnt end in 2 epi pls gve some abhigya scenes atlest upyo epi 30 pls da love u?????

  14. Mukundraj

    nice please upload next

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