Devanshi 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum saying Devanshi will do today’s aarti and fulfill all duties. She touches Devanshi’s feet. Mohan smiles and thinks Devanshi will remember this first aarti all her life. Sarla gets Devanshi home and asks what did Kusum tell you in room. Devanshi says she is good, she gave me magical laddoo. Omi says now you are happy Sarla, you wanted to make Devanshi Mata. Sakshi asks why did Kusum go and make Devanshi Mata, I also want to sit on that chair. Devanshi says you also sit with me, can Sakshi sit, the chair is very big. Sarla says its your chair and you will sit on it, what did Kusum tell you.

Devanshi says I ate laddoo. Omi smiles. Sarla says fine, but Kusum would have said something. Devanshi says yes, she said Maiyya has sent laddoo for me, she wants to manage village. Sarla thinks Kusum planned something, aarti should go well. Nutan asks Geeta to give keys. Geeta says Kusum did not tell me. Nutan snatches keys. Rajjo takes back keys and gives to Geeta. Nutan scolds Rajjo and says I m eldest now, don’t know will Kusum come back or not. Rajjo cries and says you are happy as Kusum is not here, she went to mountains to do good for villagers, you did not think of her, she would be facing problems. Kusum is in hotel and drinks wine.

Mohan calls her. She says sorry darling, Mata is on leave, I don’t need any worry. Devasnhi does aarti. Sarla says nothing will happen to Devanshi, don’t worry. Nutan asks Gopi what happened, you went to become bhajan king. Gopi says I went to the fields and did not get anything. Nutan smiles and says bad happened with you, really. Sarla asks Gopi whats the matter, will you not sing Devanshi’s mahima bhajan. He says I just sing for Kusum’s mahima. Sarla says Devanshi is also Maiyya’s ansh. He says I don’t believe this. She says Kusum has given her the status, think of it. Mohan comes there and gets a man. He asks Devanshi to bless the man, he is handicapped. The man falls in Devanshi’s feet and prays. Sarla and Omi worry.

The lady says we heard you have powers like Kusum had, she cured people. The man says bless me once. Sarla thinks Kusum has done this, I have to do something. She says calm down, Choti Mata will make you fine, its time for her dhyaan now. Mohan says its Kusum’s darbar, people come with problems, and go happily, Devanshi is our Mata now, bless this man. The man asks Devanshi to show her powers and miracle. Devanshi worries. The ladies gossip. Nutan says this girl is not a Mata. Sarla says Kusum has announed that Devanshi is Mata’s avatar. She asks Devanshi to bless the man. Devanshi blesses the man.

The man stands on his feet. Everyone get shocked. He says I got fine, thanks for giving me new life. Devanshi smiles. Sarla gets shocked and smiles. Everyone pray to Devanshi. Sarla tells Omi how did this miracle happen, Devanshi is an ordinary girl.

Devanshi tells Sakshi the miracle. Sakshi asks how did you do this, Devanshi says don’t know, maybe Maiyya did this. Sakshi says I m liking it. Sarla says I m having fun, Devanshi you did great thing, see your chadava, we would have not earned this all life, you earned this in one day. Ashutosh calls Devanshi and Sakshi. The girls run. Sarla says how did that man get fine, did Kusum do this. Gopi sings bhajan. Nutan asks him to stop it and they argue. She says I m worried of your singing and goes. Ashutosh shows his kurta. He says he will get pizza, he ordered it, it will come infront of us, we will finish it. Sakshi says its party today. Ashutosh says yes, Devanshi did a big thing, we should celebrate, why don’t we dance. They agree to dance. Sarla and Omi come there. Devanshi says Ashutosh ordered pizza. Ashutosh says I m giving party for the good deed, not that Devanshi became Mata. Omi stops Sarla and says we all will dance together. Ashutosh plays song aaj ki party…….

Ashutosh says pizza is here, sit fast. He gives equal share to Devanshi. Sarla takes it from Devanshi and says she will get impure eating this, she is Choti Mata, don’t know who made this. She scolds Ashutosh. She says Devanshi is Devi’s ansh for me, she can’t eat pizza, food can’t be ruined, Sakshi you have this, I will also eat this. Ashutosh and Omi get angry and leave. Sarla eats. Devanshi gets sad. Mohan calls Kusum and tells her that everyone is praising Devanshi, she has made that man fine, I m saying true. Kusum says great and laughs on the miracle. She says I have got that miracle done, Devanshi will get high in sight and then fall down. Mohan smiles and praises her. She says truth will come out, they will know Devanshi is an ordinary 7 year old girl, not a Devi, be ready to see this. Mohan says I m ready and waiting for the morning. She drinks wine and thinks tomorrow Devanshi has to come back to her real status.

Kusum lays new trap and says sorry Devanshi. Mohan tells about epidemic in village. Devanshi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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