a love to last a lifetime (kaira and swadarsh) (epi-1)

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Thanks a lot for ur valuable comments , for those who have not read the intro here is the link


A beautiful girl comes running . she says mumma , everything is set , where is naira . she trips over and is about to fall when naksh holds her . he says freedom . i know u r too excited but if u fall and break ur leg who will take care of these arrangements . the girl says my name is swadeentha not freedom , i am happy with my hindi name i dont need a english translation ok ? naksh says u r freedom and i like to call u only that. Swadheentha says ok (in a angry tone ) , naksh , where is naira ? . naksh says she is sleeping .
Swa: what , its her haldi today and she is sleeping ?
Naksh : u know her na

Swadheentha goes hurriedly to naira’s room and sees a cute naira sleeping in her bed . she says naira uto , its not morning , its already evening and tomorrow is ur marriage and u r still sleeping
Naira : di i dont want to get married , if u r gonna wake me up like this everyday
Swadheentha says really ? i think u have got a message from karthik . naira wakes up wid a start , she says give my phone swadheentha di , swadheentha says ab kaise ut gayi ?
Naira blushes and hugs swadheentha .she says di , i am not able to believe this , is this real , i am finally getting married to karthik
Swadheentha smiles and says actually…..its real. Naira laughs

“ladooo come here na “
Swa:i think ma is calling , i will come back soon .
Naira suddenly hears a voice from behind . she turns back and sees karthik trying to climb through thw window . he says naira help
She goes and helps him to come up
Naira : karthikkk u here ?
Karthik says yes i came to see u my jaan And hugs her
Naira: but u r not supposed to meet me right ? dadi told na ?
Karthik : i told ishu to manage ,
And comes close to naira

Naira pushes him and says do all this after marriage . remember i am still miss.naira singhania
Karthik lifts her and says miss.naira singhania , do u really accept this mr.mendhak goenka as ur husband .
Naira: i thought i will do some favour to u . because nobody will marry this mendhak
Karthik says really and chases her . naira runs .suddenly they hear a knock on the door . naira says karthik hide ,
Kar: but where

Naira : under my bed
Karthik goes and hides under the bed . naira opens the door . it was swdheentha . naira calls out karthik . swadheentha gets surprised seeing karthik
Swa: karthik , u here ? u should not be here right now
Karthik : what shall i do swadheentha , nobody is allowing me to see naira
They hear a knockon the door
Swa : karthik go now ,
Kar: what ? but how Swa : how did u come kar : through the pipe
“then go like that , i think its ma , go now

Karthik goes through the window
Naira opens the door , it was akshara , akshara says gudiya , is ladoo here .
Swadheentha says yes ma i am here ,
Akshara : do u know where the flowers for decoratiion are ? swadheentha says come i will show u and takes akshara , naira whispers a thank u to her sweet sister
Karthik shouts aaaa
Naira runs to the window . karthik smiles and says i knew u would come , i love u , meet u soon as naira karthik goenka
Naira smiles

Precap : naira’s haldi…,……… a boy says my life partner will be differ ent from everybody , she will be different from the crowd, heart will see she is the one, a real smile between thousand fake smiles and records with a camera , he gets mesmerised seeing swadheentha

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  1. Fenil

    Amazing start dear !!

    Loved it !! Mendhak toh ek jump mein khidki se andar aa sakta haain:D:D:D:D

    can’t wait for next.

    1. thanks a lot , will update next one soon

  2. Shivaya khanna

    Wow loved the chapter kaira was so cute Karthik was fab eagerly waiting for next

    1. thank u

  3. Vinni05

    Wow awesome one just loved it
    Eagerly waiting for next one

    1. thanks a lot , will update soon

  4. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow kaira were amazing sis bonds were fab

    1. thanks a lot

    1. thank u

  5. amazing….loved kaira moments

    1. thanks , glad that u liked kaira moments

  6. Tejashwini

    Eager to know the next chapter……lovely kaira scenes….
    post the next one soon 🙂 <3

    1. thanks a lot , glad that u liked kaira scenes . will update soon

  7. Soumya85

    Awesome start

    1. thanks a lot di

  8. Jasminerahul

    naksh swadeenta scene was funny.naksh calling her freedom and she replying that she doesn’t want English translation as her nAme was funny.swadeenta naira bonding was cute.kaira scene was funny cute and romantic.waiting for adarsh’s entry.I don’t visit yrkkh forum.so please message me when you update this ff

    1. thanks a lot , sure , i will message u when i update this ff

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