Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss prologue

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Sayyam:so its done,the trip is on..sayyam declared excitedly…
Yuvan:i ll call up krish,i didnt tell her yet..
Sayyam:what??dude,the resort is in the middle of a spooky forest,thats no place for ur darpok gf whos scared of half the things in the world..
Yuvan:come on sayyam,shes my gf,show some respect..
Sayyam:ur gf my foot,ur not even serios about her,i mean you keep flirting with every girl around…nd shes going to spoil all the adventure.
Yuvan:thats what i like about her,she trusts me so much,shes the only one i hv managed to keep for so long..she loves me a lot you know..nd maybe i love her i just cant commit…
Sayyam nods in sarcasm:i really dont understand what you see in her,u could get a much bttr girl..
Yuvan:shes different sayyam,ders no one like her..
Sayyam:ya right,tell that to someone who has not caught you cheating on her half a dozen times…

Charecter sketch

Sayyam Birla:yuvraj and suhani birlas adopted son,loves his foster family..he had a rough childhood in the orphanage because of which he is quite arrogant and cant tolerate any nonsense..he hates girls because of their annoying tantrums..loves yuvan and his real sister yuvani and can do anything for them…quite adventurous…and loves going for trips..

Krishna gadodia:shes an orphan whos brought up by her grand parents,swara is her older sister…she loves yuvan and trusts him blindly…she had a traumatic experience in her childhood because of wich she is a complete introvert and is afraid of everything and everyone…yuvaani is her only friend..she doesnt talk back to people who insult her,which is mostly sayyam..

Yuvan Birla:The only real son of yuvraaj birla and suhani birla..filthy rich,and girls are mad behind him because of his wealth and fame…has a terrible problem in commiting to a person,he likes krishna a lot and gifts her expensive things most of the time…bt also cheats on her..his charecter is quite like varun dhawan of student of the year..

Yuvaani birla:sayyams real younger sister and yuvans adopted sister..shes fun loving and adventorous like sayyam..she loves her brothers and is also in a secret relationship with their bestfriend karan that only krishna knows…shes one among the few ppl who genuinely love krishna and helps her out with her shy nature

Swara modhi:krishnas older sister and a polar opposite to her,shes newly married to sanskar modhi..shes smart,funloving and care free unlike her sister…though she loves krishna a lot,she never really tried to understand her..

Sanskar modhi:swaras husband,more of a brother to krishna than jeeju..he is very much protective of krishna and doesnt like her courtship with yuvan…

Karan bhatia:yuvan and sayyams best friend,yuvanis secret boyfriend..

Baby dsouza:vain,gold digger,constantly flirts with yuvan,wears short clothes,jealous of krishna and insults her most of the time…yuvaani and sayyam hate her…her charecter is an exact copy of taniya of student of the year movie..
Okay guys,i thought of writing something different,i have never written any horror ff before,this is my first one…so,if you like it,i ll continue…and i ll be continuing with the other ff too..

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  1. Nithu

    Its amazing…pls send link of ur epis to me…its my request….

  2. Great?

  3. So good. Waiting for the next update

  4. Aarti32

    Interesting start.. Continue soon..

  5. Looks like a different approach.i sense of a horror story.i dont know.may be I am wrong.dont feel good when krishna is yuvaan’s gf.but this is just a start for the story.waiting for the next episode

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