Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi waiting for Raman and worrying. Simmi asks Romi about Raman. Raman comes. Simmi asks Raman did he meet Ruhi in remand home, what did she say, how is she. Raman cries. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks how is Ruhi, she would have become happy seeing you. Simmi says answer us, Ishita also went there, did you meet Ruhi. Ishita shouts what shall I say, Ruhi is in remand home and I m not able to do this, Ishita failed my plan again. Romi thinks Raman can tell our plan to them in anger. Raman says problem is you all think we men have no sense, whatever you all do is right, what I do is wrong. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to answer Simmi, how is Ruhi, why is he angry. Raman says I request you not to give lecture today, for you your bahu is right. Mr. Bhalla says fine, I will ask Ishita when she comes. Raman says ask her, she will do everything, why are we born, we are donkeys. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to listen. He asks what to listen, that I get angry, I m loser, I always listen that, Mr. Bhalla supports Ishita, I thought to get Ruhi…. Mrs. Bhalla thinks what happened. Romi asks Raman to come.

Raman stops him. Romi asks him to come to room. Raman pushes him. Mihika and Pihu come and look on. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman. Raman says who will decide what’s right and wrong, Ishita is permitted to do anything. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita is always right, and you are wrong, she will rule here, its your problem, you can go from here, you don’t deserve this family, who does not love parents and siblings, we don’t want such son. Raman says yes you need your bahu, family is kept united, not divided. Romi stops him. Raman says now that Devi will come, if she sees you, maybe you won’t get family. Raman leaves. Mr. Bhalla says let that fool go. Pihu cries. Mihika says nothing happened, its okay, sometimes elders fight, they will get friendly again. Simmi says yes, go and play with Ananya, don’t cry, you are big girl, we will go and play.

Romi says I will go and see Raman please. Mr. Bhalla says no need, you won’t go. Mrs. Bhalla says see his worry, see time before scolding him. Mr. Bhalla says he has no sense, I did right. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman can’t get angry with Ishita just like that, something big happened.

Abhishek goes to Suhail’s house. Suhail asks what happened. Abhishek asks where is Niddhi, did she come here. Suhail says she is in jail. Abhishek says Tiwari, check this house. Suhail asks why. Abhishek says Niddhi is missing. Tiwari says she is not here. Abhishek says Niddhi is criminal, Suhail you will inform us if she comes here, else you will be badly punished. Abhishek and his team leaves. Suhail says I don’t know that she has run away, how can this happen.

Romi comes home. Adi asks did you find him. Romi says I could find Raman and Ishita. Mr. Bhalla asks them not to look for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla argues. Watchman gets drunk Raman home. Mihika says Ishita messaged… Mr. Bhalla asks what message. Mihika says she messaged Shagun is with her, she is trying to get Ruhi from remand home, she will come after doing work. Mr. Bhalla says everyone can see who is right and who is wrong, Ishita is trying to get Ruhi and Raman is drunk here, this signs he is a loser. Romi and Adi get Raman to room. Raman says leave me, go from here. They leave.

Raman sees Ruhi and falls down. He sees little Ruhi asking will you always protect me, will you always be with me. He promises. She says I love you Papa. He says I love you too. He opens arms for her. Ruhi asks why did you break your promises, why did you not protect me. He says I tried, ask Romi. He sees Ruhi disappearing. He shouts Ruhi and cries. He says I promised you, forgive Papa please. He hugs her pic and cries.

Mrs. Bhalla comes to him and sees him sleeping down bed side. She wakes him up. He says Ruhi left me. She says no, Ruhi can’t leave us, Ruhi will come back to us. He says I could not fulfill my promise, I lost her. She says we did not lose her, she will come back. She hugs him and they cry.

Suhail comes home and says where can Niddhi go. He gets shocked seeing Niddhi at home and asks how did you come here. He sees her tied. Ishita says we tied her, we got her out of jail, now I will call police, police knows she has run away, her jail term will double and you will also go jail. He says its not true, you got her, police came here and knows she is not here. Shagun says you are such a kid, will police not come back, police will believe us, as brother would get sister out of jail. Ishita says you can have motive, we have to call police, but we want you to write confession that you killed blackmailer, Ruhi is innocent, write fast, there is no time.

Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla talk about Raman. Parmeet comes home. Simmi asks why did you come here. He says I have to meet Raman for some work. Simmi asks did you do work for him, Raman hates you, he does not like to see your face, stop lying, go. Romi signs Parmeet not to say. He says let it be. Simmi says I don’t want Parmeet to come here. Parmeet says I don’t like coming here, I know none will be happy, I came for some other reason. She says you have no reason, go. He says I got permission for Raman to go remand home, so that he can go with minister to distribute sweets and blankets, and by excuse, he can …. Romi says we will talk outside, come. Mr. Bhalla stops Romi and asks Parmeet to say. Parmeet says we made plan to make Ruhi run away, don’t know what happened, Ruhi is in still in remand home, other prisoner escaped, minister is not happy and wants to meet Raman, if Raman does not have proper explanation, it will be problem, so I came here to inform. Mr. Bhalla says see what Raman did.

Suhail throws paper and asks do you think I m such fool, police knows I went to jail to find about Niddhi, you both got Niddhi out, go ahead and call police. Ishita says you are very smart, you know we know we are dealing with two smart people, we knew our plan A may not work, so plan B is ready. She shows the bomb fixed to Niddhi’s stomach. Suhail gets shocked. He asks what did you do. Ishita says its time bomb, time starts now. Shagun says you have 10 mins, pick that paper and write confession letter. Ishita says go ahead, else Niddhi will die. Niddhi signs Suhail.

Ishita asks what will happen of you, your brother won’t save you, I really pity you, when you thought of suicide, say last words. Niddhi asks Suhail is he mad, they are not joking, do what they are saying. Suhail says they won’t do anything. Niddhi says do as they say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. partial ishita

    that stupid ishita is being partial towards her family… ruhi pihu on one side, raman adi and bhallas on other side… adi is also her son why cant she take him also? raman was right, ishita is a devimaata who thinks she is right always…. always ruhi pihu…. not adi…poor boy. Hate ishita to the core… shagun was better than her. she realised her mistake and she is caring for her three children atleast now. Ishita is always partial towards her children…… i am true in saying this…. adi has done a lot for his ishima and she has no love for him… he loves his ishima and she doesnt love him. Come on yar being a mother she shld never discriminate her children!! jagatmaata ishita is a sucker??.

    1. You are right that ishita leaves bhallas and especially raman… but do you know the reason behind it? Because ishita has sacrificed a lot for those ungrateful bhallas and her precious children… but that egoistic raman always blames ishita for the mistakes HE did and Ishita is right always. Mr Bhalla and Romi support ishita. Mrs bhalla is always ready to support raman and she also does the same thing to ishita. Even mihika, ishitas sister, is also supporting raman….. i cant believe that she is defying ishu.

      One more thing, what did you say? Doesnt ishita care for her children? She does. She is not being partial towards anybody. She is making raman realise his mistake… she stands for her self respect now. Her decision is right…. She is taking ruhi and pihu with her and adi is staying in bhalla house to be with raman… because he supports ishra… I am sure that the three siblings are making a plan to reunite ishra.. please understand that ishita loves her family… you are saying shagun is better than her… do you know how shagun sacrificed her children for her own evil and selfish motives? And ishita was the one who saved adi from gas cylinder incident, ruhi also… She was sacrificiing her own life for her children… now also. Shagun left those two to die… You will see who is better. She saved pihu from nidhi too. No one can be a selfless, sincere, good, caring, practical mother, wife, and bahu like ishita… Bhallas dont deserve her… raman also.

    2. I may add up with Reshmi…

      Romi and Omprakash (Raman’s father) deserves Ishita because they support her over Raman. Only Adi will go against Ishita but did not know the reason but support his father. Mihika and Ishita did the drama into fight that will teach Raman the lesson that she leave Bhalla house so the girls love Ishita to the core. Ishita don’t want Pihu to stay with Raman because she know about Raman behaviour. Raman get drunk after post of Isht=ita leaving Bhalla house. Raman and the boys fight in the compound. Pihu come in to stop Raman and other fighting but the owner of the car push Pihu. Ishita witness this and ran to consoled Pihu. Raman and the boys stopped fighting because Pihu get injured. Raman start worry about Pihu and want to go near Pihu. Pihu get scared and hide behind Ishita. Raman get angry on Ishita and want to be with PIhu but Ishita threw Raman out of Iyer house which shocked whole families. Adi and Ruhi get upset of Raman behaviour.

  2. ishita and sagun ki jodi to kamal h… lekin sagun ka role kuch samaj nai ata kabhi achi kabhi buri… wo vilan se jyada to ache roll me dekhne me acha lagta h…

    and hope ishita and sagun ka ye plan kam kar jaye and sab acha ho jaye… spoiler k mutabik na ho kuch..

    1. I love both ishitha and raman. Come on yar every serial needs to have a exiting part.bug one thing I need to say plse bring back raman and ishitha like in old episodes

  3. Hi Riya, Sindhu, vp, Shivani, magic, Vrish, Isuri, tia, shreya , bagya, priya, rithushree, rithu sharma, valpa, rishitha, reshmi, mino, saba, marin, ridika, zaiba, ahs, tvfan1, priyamvadha, parichary, Hp, sachin, Hansi, shirani, mp, Ananya, jassi, Sana, mona, leila, leelee, kushi, Adithya, Madhu, Siddi, jaz,susan, jay, Raghu, smitha, Tom, kaira, Gaurav , Devakhi, Sarika, Nisha ,Raj, super girl, sia, Gloria, isaaq, azizah, and all yhm fans..

    Thank God at least now this is leading to a good way.. hope everything will be fine.. but where is Adi and Aliya…I haven’t seen them for a long time…. And does Mani knows what Shagun doing?? I mean if it’s so then Mani’s upset mood will fade away..

  4. Hello everyone
    I think ishu took right decision to leave raman…. I think she didn’t took adi with her bcoz he is enough mature to take decisions… Raman and bhalla family need atleast someone with them that is adi… Ruhi n pihu r very young n they need someone jo unhe acchi parwarish de ske that is ishu…. Raman always leave ishu when she need him the most… Coming on today’s epi it was ok except ramans drama when he was angry… Finally this mms drama gor over…….

  5. Raman kaa natak kathami nahee hota..every time he keeps drinking and crying. Joker kahika. Can’t the writer give better character. Ishita and shagun jodi is ummah. Real mothers to save their daughter. A mother can become khali maa when it comes to their children

  6. gello guys im new hope u dnt mind this is my first comment n I think the producer n script writer of this show are dump have no creativity I used to luv this show b4 the leap years, was one of a kind show, bcos they were using a storyline from a book when it ends they didn’t knw wat to do BT to show this junk. sorry to the crew they are trying their best to sail a sinking ship sorry if I’m offending yhm funs

  7. Hi Good Morning Rithu Shivani Sindhu Magic Susan Mino Priyaas Riya Reshma … khushi Parichay Madhu Shreya and all yhm fans ..Mino .. ray for your recovery .. past few days Sindhus comments are missing .. Really storyline is going bad to worse making Raman totally a characterless man . Yesterdays episode apart from KPs brilliant acting .. nothing was there . Ishitha talks so much about legality … what she is doing that too with the help of Acp is also not right . Raman took a wrong way … I feel back again Ishithas and Adi Romi Ruhi and Pihus plan to bring back Raman to realise everything . How can Romi move from Bhallas he is very fond of his bhabi .. still leaving his wife and moving out … when watched Shaghun and Ishitha together … shaghun is nothing infront of Ishitha ..very poor acting … now back again we can see Ishras feelings for each other . It wud have been nice If Ishitha moved out with self respect … than taking the girls with her .Bala vandu Ashok Mihir even Mrs Iyer where are they ?

    1. Mrs Iyer will be there when Ishita leave Bhalla house and accused Raman for calling her bad mother. Mrs Iyer will not be happy. Mr Bhalla and Romi leave Bhalla house with Ishita along with girls. I don’t know where is Bala, Vandita, Mihir and 6 feet and 2 inch (Ashok) lol.

  8. Hey guys shaggy is pregnant again. Pata nahi Kisha baccha.

    1. What news Ruhi … so now Shaghun will be royally pampered .., It should be Manis child … so all the chances of her to be positive now on … what rubbish story line ..

    2. Yes…if spoilers are true, its shaguns 4th baby in this show….why cvs not allowing ishita to enjoy all that happiness….i feel so sad for ishu…

    3. I saw this coming. Worst mother in the world will have another baby ! ! ! While there is no pregnancy track for Ishita ?

    4. Khushiarvind

      Me too read the spoiler… Ofcourse it will be mani’s baby… So happy for mani… Now he will treat her not less than a princess.. Lucky lady.. Poor ishu missed all this happiness..
      So happy for mani.. Hope shagin will now remain positive nd take care of jer family.. She might find peace now..
      She is gettng s baby fir her own.. So hopefully she will change as a gud mother.. Might stop poking her nose in bhalla matters..

  9. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  10. Very nice episode. A mother’s fight for her children and the father does not think beyond….always irrational. hahahah!

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