Love Ka Hai Intezaar 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Mohini and Ayaan get separated

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 27th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayaan saying same thing is happening with me as Kamini, don’t give her a shock, I will save my dad. Mohini says I don’t want her to hate you, I will become the villain so I will… He asks her to say what she will do. She asks him to come, there is no time. He insists. She asks him to promise he won’t do anything and come with her to Vijaylaxmi’s house. He promises her.

Madhav says I feel like someone is separating my heart, like it happened many years ago, when I had to get away from Kamini. Mohini says I have decided, your mom and dad will also think the same that I m villain, even mum and Kamini will feel the same, I will convince everyone that Mohini loved your richness, not you, she wanted to marry you for money and then divorce you. He says I will not let you do this. She asks him to fulfill his promise, if their meeting was in destiny, maybe this separation is also destiny. She asks him to go.

Ayaan says when love is right, why wrong happens. Mohini and Ayaan cry. She leaves in an auto. Do pal ruka….. plays…. They think of each other. Doctor checks Inder. He asks Vasu to call Ayaan and ask about antidote. Vasu calls Ayaan and asks him to come fast, Inder is getting unwell. Ayaan says I m coming, don’t worry. Mohini says I went through this pain before, as if someone has thrown my heart out, why are tears coming in my tears. Mohini meets Sheetal. Sheetal asks why did you call me here, Ragini and Kamini are waiting. Mohini says marriage will not happen, I need your help. Madhav asks Rajmata to explain. Rajmata asks did Vijaylaxmi hurt your heart. He says no. Madhavi asks are you worried for me. Madhav says maybe. She asks him to leave things on Lord, mum told me that impossible can get possible. Madhav says don’t know why is this happening. Vijaylaxmi gets informed that Ayaan is standing at gate. She asks guard to send him. She thinks so Ayaan has come, see what I do now.

Kamini says Mohini said she will come in some time. Mohini comes. Kamini and Ragini ask where was she. Vijaylaxmi says I know everything why you came here. Ayaan asks her to give antidote fast, he is ready to marry Madhavi. She asks him not to worry, he will get antidote, Madhav and Madhavi should know you really want to marry Madhavi, you love her. Ayaan says I have less time, this drama can happen later. She asks him to complete formality first. Ayaan sees the papers. Kamini asks Mohini to say where she went.

Sheetal comes. Kamini asks where was Mohini all day. Mohini says she was in party, and didn’t go parlor. Mohini and Sheetal lie to them. Mohini tells them that Ayaan’s parents are not waiting for them. Kamini says we will get more time now. Mohini thnks how to break Kamini’s heart.

Ayaan confesses love to Madhavi and proposes her. Doctor says if Ayaan gets late, it will get tough to save Inder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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