Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Evan’s Goons Attack Dev, Amla Gets More Determined For Justice

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 27th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeru tells Amla that she will lock her inside and says neither you nor your truth will come out. Abeer asks Amla to come with him. Neeru gets tensed. Dev meets a man and asks him to get the details about someone. Evan’s man keeps eye on him. Dev asks someone else if he saw Mahi and shows pic. Man says no. Amla tells Abeer that Neeru Bedi will not support me, lets see other witness. Man asks Dev what will he can give if he tells about the girl.. Dev says anything. Man agrees and says he will find about Mahi. Amla and Abeer meets Doctor. Amla says I told whatever I could figure out. Amla asks her to tell the truth and says you saw me in that condition, I couldn’t speak and was shattered. Doctor says report is filed and nothing can be changed now. Amla says she is not asking her to lie, but wants her to tell truth in court. Doctor gets a call and asks her to excuse her. The photo frame falls down. Amla picks the photo frame and cleans the frame with her hand. Doctor says she is my daughter. Amla says daughters are loving and tells that I don’t want this happen with any girl and they plead infront of doctor and that doctor refuse. Doctor looks on helpless.

Abeer calls Dev and asks if he could find about Mahi. Dev says no. Abeer tells him something. Dev nods. Evan’s man calls him and tells that Dev is searching Mahi and asks him to say what to do. Evan asks him to kill him and says nobody shall know that what happened to him.

Evan’s Goons attack Dev. Dev beats them and goes inside. Prosecution asks Evan to tell what happened on that night, Evan, Suveer and Viraj tells that they had party and went to Viraj’s house and slept there itself. Prosecution asks Abeer to tell what happened that night. Abeer tells that Amla was gang raped. Viren says Amla came to Mumbai to start escort business. She wants to sell her body to get money. Prosecution objects for trying to ruin Amla’s respect. Viren says my clients’ lives is more important that your client’s respect. He says character will be questioned. Amla asks him to raise question on their character and asks why only girl is blamed. Viren says he has a proof for telling such things for Amla and calls Anisha to the witness box. Viren asks Anisha to tell who is she?

Anisha says she was an escort, but not anymore. Viren asks if this is true that Amla stayed at your house. Anisha says yes, she stayed in my house for few days, but that doesn’t mean that she is an escort. Viren asks if Amla stayed with you. Anisha says yes. Viren says that’s all. Prosecution Lawyer asks how did you know Amla. Anisha says we met in market and befriended. Prosecution asks did you tell her about your work. Anisha says she hadn’t told her as their friendship happened by coincidence and was not planned. Viren says Amla is a characterless girl and is popular even in dharmshala. He calls Resort Manager in which Suveer got engaged. He asks Manager to tell how is Amla? Manager says Amla is a characterless girl, I had seen her flirting with all 4 guys and was going close to specially Abeer. He says Abeer and Amla started kissing each other and touched each other. Amla says he is lying, Abeer just asked my name. Manager says one guy came there, may be her boyfriend, scolded and took her with him.

Karuna comes to the witness box. Viren questions Karuna if she saw Amla on the spot. Karuna says yes. Viren says even your son is involved. He says it was not co incidence as it was all your plan. She tells judge that Karuna has personal enmity with Maliks and tried to take revenge from them over land dispute. He says she made all this plan. Prosecution asks Karuna to tell what happened that day. Karuna tells that when she reached there, she saw Amla tied and tells everything. Doctor telling Karuna that forensic report is needed, and tells that there was a s*xual intimacy, but may be she was not raped. Prosecution asks Judge to take statement of Inspector Neeru beedi and Doctor. Judge says next hearing will be tomorrow and asks Neeru and Doctor to present in court.

Some girls watches news about Amla rape case and think to create online page to support her so that she can know that everyone is with her. Viren and Rishan watch news on TV that case is dragging and until the proof is found, case can be won by anyone. Rishan tells Viren that Amla can be dangerous for them and says we have to keep an eye on her for 24 hours, and shall know her weakness and evidence. Viren says only one person can do this work for us. Rishan nods.

Amla and Abeer calls Prosecution and says he is not in office also. Evan asks if the lawyer escaped and asks them to leave too. Amla and Abeer looks on.

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    3 more episodes to go and truth is far behind.. i don’t want to see hush hush ending..??

  2. 3 more episodes.3 minutes are enough for our super director to end the shw

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Like I said… not enough time for proper justice ?

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    not enough time left !!!!!!!!! waiting for justice n wishing to see ambeers baby

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    Is the show ending after 3 episodes?

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