Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Mohini finds about Madhav

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini coming to Kamini and recalling her words. Kamini says you came to bid me bye. Mohini says I can never do that and hugs her. Kamini asks did you come to console me, Ragini would have begged you to do this. Ragini says I didn’t say anything. Kamini asks Mohini how did she change her decision. Mohini says I can never leave you, I can’t stay away. Kamini gets glad and says I can’t believe this, will you do whatever I say. Mohini nods. Kamini says then refuse to Ayaan first, don’t accept his love, you will just get pain, you think I m mad, why will you hear me then. Mohini says I didn’t think about Ayaan, Ragini and you will agree if I have to say yes, I promise I won’t take this decision without your approval. Kamini says I won’t have any trouble then. Mohini says don’t take tension, I will try to find my happiness in yours. Kamini says just family can think such, you proved you are my blood, my child…. my sister. Mohini says I love you ans hugs. They cry.

Mohini thinks to find Madhav, who cheated Kamini. Madhav and Vijaylaxmi meet Das and his son. Madhavi looks on. Das asks for Madhavi. Vijaylaxmi doesn’t let Madhav talk. Ayaan calls Madhavi to hear her misunderstanding. Madhavi doesn’t answer. Vijaylaxmi says sorry to say, your son can’t meet my daughter. Das asks is there any tradition. She says I m sorry, this alliance can’t happen now. They all get shocked. Madhavi smile.

Vijaylaxmi says sorry, I got to know Madhavi has chosen her life partner I can’t upset her, I m her mum, not any stranger to deal her. Das praises Vijaylaxmi for being an amazing mum and goes. Madhavi comes and hugs Vijaylaxmi, thanking her. Vijaylaxmi says trust me sometimes, I m not your enemy. She goes.

Madhavi signs Madhav about calling Ayaan and goes. Madhav thinks how did Vijaylaxmi change her plan, there will be something. Mohini searches for Madhav Singh Ranawat, and gets his info. She says he married this minister Vijaylaxmi and left Kamini. Madhav drinks wine. Vijaylaxmi says you know none can come in my room after 10pm. He nods and says sorry, I m world’s first husband who has this regulations. She taunts him. They argue. He says you have broken the alliance for better opportunity and profit, not for Madhavi, Inder Mehta is a much bigger fish. Vijaylaxmi says its true, when I got to know Madhavi has chosen a big industrialist’s son, I will have help from Mehtas, their image is clean, this relation will be very good.

Madhav says superb and claps. He taunts her for thinking of her profits. She asks him to leave. He jokes. She taunts and asks are you alive. He says I m alive, I won’t see my daughter’s life getting ruined. Mohini gets Ayaan’s call. He says I m not asking you to say yes forcibly, I was thinking about you. She says I can’t just talk right now, you are a very nice guy. He asks what are you hiding. She says you can’t have solution of all my problems, I have to think of something else, than myself. She ends call. He thinks did her family say no to me. She thinks to heal Kamini’s broken heart before their hearts meet, once Madhav is in front of me, he has to answer me.

Ayaan and Mohini act in a play and express feelings.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ayaan loves madhvi????
    What abt Mohini????

  2. @Naymaz …Ayaan lovs mohini but received text msgs from both at same tim n sent mohini txt to madhvi n vice verser so….dats da confusuon bt Ayaan went sort it out wit mohini about his love n not yet wit madhvi

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