Love Ka Hai Intezaar 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijaylaxmi troubles Rajmata

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhavi calling Vijaylaxmi and failing to talk to her. She calls Madhav, knowing he will dance seeing her call. Madhav is in meeting and talks in favor of orphan kids. He smiles seeing Madhavi’s call. He answers the call. Madhavi talks to him. She gets glad seeing Madhav’s care. He says love you so much.

Ayaan catches cold. Mohini calls him Mr. delicate. She says I will make a hot coffee and your cold will go. He says if your sister see… She says don’t worry, I will handle. She holds his hand. She asks him to go by back door. He smiles and sneezes.

Mohini checks Kamini and asks her to rest in room. Kamini says I have no fever, I m fine. Ragini too asks Kamini to rest, she has high fever. Ayaan sneezes. Kamini asks who sneezed, is there anyone at home. Ragini sneezes and stops her. Kamini goes to rest. Mohini says Ayaan got cold, I have to make coffee for him, so I had to send Kamini. She makes coffee. Ragini asks when is his wife coming, did he tell you. Mohini says he is not married. Ragini asks what, he said big lie, is he a thief. Mohini says no, bachelors don’t find rented home easily, I m sorry.

Ragini asks do you have anything with him. Mohini says no, he is just a paying guest for me, don’t take tension now. Kamini says I m getting bored, so I came here, this coffee… Mohini says its for you. Kamini says I take tea, not coffee. Mohini says its for Ragini. Kamini says fine, but new tea set cup, as if its for guest. Mohini says old tea set cups are unwashed, that’s why, you are asking like detective. Ragini asks Kamini to give her medicines and takes her. Sshe signs Mohini to go.

Mohini takes Ayaan to sneeze silently, Kamini is doubting. He says its my nose, not phone. She gives him towel to control sneeze sound and says its a small trick, now have this coffee fast. He likes the coffee and asks where did you learn making this. She says on own, have it now. He asks till when will this go on. She says its time to tell truth to Kamini, I will tell her everything tomorrow.

Rajmata comes for dinner. Servant says madam ordered that everyone will get food after she comes. Rajmata says but I need to have medicines. Servant says I will lose my job, sorry. Rajmata says your madam is not less than any Jallad. Vijaylaxmi comes and shouts. She argues with Rajmata. She insults Rajmata. Rajmata cries. Rajmata says you have to regret for what you are doing. Vijaylaxmi says your worry for yourself, you are close to death, give rest to tongue, there are many old age homes who will bear you with love. Rajmata says do anything you want, just be afraid of love, time can change, I was Maharani of Rajgarh, and today….. your state can become like mine tomorrow, be careful. Vijaylaxmi says it will happen what I want, I m cabinet minister, I have power in my hand, everyone is under my feet.

She asks where is Madhav. Servant says same place. She says call him for dinner. Madhav hears old song Chupke chupke raat din…..and drinks wine. He says its a happy day, Madhavi is coming back after 4 years, I m happy, some happy songs should play, I will play Madhavi’s fav song….

Servant comes and calls him for dinner. Madhav says she does not let me live a moment of happiness, fine tell her I will come.

Madhav says I have bear this burdened relation for my daughter. Manikchand is about to hurt Mohini. Ragini agrees to sign the papers. Ayaan comes and beats up Manikchand and his goons. Kamini gets shocked seeing Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What the [email protected]@ why royals are portrait as the weakest in this serial.. don’t tell me madhav has not taken a stand protect his own mother even…

  2. I think rajmata does deserve some of this. Not feeling sorry for her. Ayaan shouldn’t follow Madhav’s foot steps.

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