ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-25

Here the episode starts

Shivika conversation was going on but just then the light goes…..and due to darkness fear anika holds shivaay’s hand and starts breathing heavily…..

Shivaay thinks how does light goes off he saw anika’s condition and start consoling her he said anika don’t be scared i m here na nothing will happen to u ….there must be some problem in light but u don’t worry i m here na…. Just then light comes….

He saw anika holding his hand with closed eyes and she has sweat all over her face…..shivaay sees his hand and says anika light has come…..u can open ur eyes….

Anika slowly opened her eyes …she sees shivaay he kept his hand on her shoulder and ask  r u alright anika…..
Anika felt like she is always safe around him…. But she come back to reality and said ya …i m alright….
And about to go but she felt she was holding shivaay’s hand which shivaay holds her hand more tightly….

Anika gets nervous on seeing shivaay tightens his grip on her hand so she ask nervously shiv…shivaay what r u doing…. Leave my hand ….

But he instead of leaving her hand pulls her more closer to him…and take out chand strands from his violet which he was keeping safe…on saying of rudra ….

And fixes the strands to her bracelet and said while fixing the strands

Jiske panje KO ittu sa diya gira deta h…

Usse bhi kya drna jise jugnu hara deta h…..

Anika gets shocked listening this she reminds of sahil then she saw the strands and remember the day when she collided to shivaay in mall….

Anika asked shivaay nervously from where…u got …to know this sayri….

Shivaay said sahil told me about this….
Just then omru and sahil enter the room and they saw shivaay still holding her hand….

Sahil ask SSO why r u holding my Didi’s hand…

Shivika looks at them and instantly leave each others hand….

Anika its nothing sahil…wo toh…bs…

Rudra said its OK didi no need to explanation..

Rudra go to shivaay and slightly said to him now…speak …
Shivaay slightly ask confusing what should i speak???

Rudra said bhaiya ur more duffer then me…
Om said slightly to rudra that means u agree u r duffer….

Rudra said om here serious topic is discussing and u r joking really bad….

Shivom ask one sec which serious topic…..

Rudra said nothing will happen to u both…and said bhaiya ask didi about this again and starts pointing toward sahil…

Om ask rudra why r u pointing toward sahil…

Rudra said to shivaay bhaiya don’t ask stupid question like om i think u r forgetting u r SSO….

Shivaay understand.. What rudra was trying to say him and he said i love u Rudy ….thank u…

Just then sahil what u three r whispering….

Shivaay said nothing sahil we were just discussing that u r saying that ur didi is not scared of anything…

But actually she is scared of everything…

Anika gets shocked listening this and thinks what he is trying to say in front of sahil….

Sahil said SSO my didi is only scared of darkness nothing else…

Shivaay said i know this but she even scared of my friendship…. That means she is scared of every small thing…

Sahil was about to say something… But anika said in between who said i m scared… Of everything… I …have.. No fear…

Shivaay said then why r u nervous….

Anika said i m not nervous…

Shivaay said if u want to prove that u r not scared of anything in front of ur brother…. Then accept my friendship if u r that much brave….

Anika looks at sahil who was waiting for her reply ….and OK Mr shivaay Singh oberio i accept ur friendship….

Let’s be friends she forward her hand to shake…

And they shake their hands and says friends….

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