Love just happens-manan (episode 6)

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Hello everyone how are you all I’m really very sorry for not posting for a couple of days but I guess its OK because no one is interested in this one actually I’m really very sad because of the decreasing comments??????but i won’t compel u all if you want to comments then u are most welcome and if u don’t want to I respect ur desicion and I’m really very grateful to those who commented and sorry for not replying plz forgive?????ok enough of my sent I mental talks let’s continue with the story

Dhruv alia spend some time together cavya meet at a dhabba mukhti goes to airport to pick harshad
Harshad and mukhti reach malhotra mansion while Alia and dhruv as well reach there
In cavyas car
Cabir was driving when he notices that navya is not wearing her seat belt
C:mujhy nahi pta tha keh tumhy marny ka itna shok hair

C:MATLAB yen hai my seatbelt pehen lo
N:tum larky kabhi koi bat sidhy tareqy sy nahi key sakty
And she tries to take out the belt but it wasn’t coming out cabir noticed this and said
C:ek belt toh tum larkion sy sahi tareqy sy lagti nahi hai our baat toh esy karti gain jesy India KO independence dilwany mein San sy bara hath inhi ka ho
And cabir stops the car and goes near to her and takes out the belt when he notices that he and navya are to close he sees her lips and kisses them it was a passionate one???after some time they were out of oxygen so they ended the kiss and then realized what the did navya turned her face o the other side shying and smiling while cabir looks at her with a smile cabir dropped her to her home and she rushed to her room
While cabir reaches malhotra mansion and sees harshad
C:harshad tum yahan
H:kyon an mein yahan nahi as Santa
C:nahi nikal ja yahan sy
And they both laugh and hug each other
C:tu bilkul nahi badla salt
H:tu bhi toh wesa hi hai and he punches on cabir stomach
And harshad laugh seeing him
In London manik’s room
Manik POV
Yeh priyanka kahan hai subha sy nahi Dekhi ajj subha bhi jaldi chali gai thi I guess mujhy ja ky check Karna chaiye
Manik POV end
And manik goes and knocks the door

No response
Manik knocking the door priyanka are you there
No response
And manik gets worried so he tries to break the door but the door was already opened he goes inside the room but nandni wasn’t there he was about to go when he saw something beside the bed he went there and found nandni on the floor
And he picks her up make her lay on the bed and called the doctor
Doctor:she is very its looking that from couple of days she hasn’t anything
M:but doctor why will she skip her meal
D:don’t know maybe she would have any tension or maybe something else
M:she will be fine na
D:yes but you have to take care of her
M:thanku so much doctor
And the doctor left manik made nandni eat her medicine she was still unconsious manik was just looking and holded her hand and slept there
Next morning
Nandni opened her eyes and saw the whole room decorated with ballons and a bouquet of rose flowers on her side table just then some one opened the door it was manik wearing an apron and a chefs cap with a trolly
Manik happily:good morning
N:good…morning uh ajj kuch special hai
M:nahi kyon
N:toh yen San(pointing at the decorations)
M:oh yeah sab won kya hai na kuch special logon my liye Karna parta hai
N:oh toh mein special hon

M:nahi kisny kana
N:tum NY toh kaha
M:meny kab kana
Nandni irritatingly:abhiiii
And manik laughs
M:OK now let’s have breakfast
And he gives her a plate of oats while he himself have a sandwich
N:what the hell why oats
M:because they are good for your health
N:no they aren’t and I’m not going to eat them
M:you Are going to eat them
N:no I’m not
But manik is manik so he made her eat them it was time for her medicines
M:priyanka have your medicine
N:mujhy nahi khani hai yen buhat karwi hai
Manik sits beside her put his hand on her back and drags her towards him she was so lost in his eyes while manik just made her eat her medicine while she was still lost in him and manik laughs nandni sees him and realizes that she took the medicines
N:abhi u are so bad
In India
Navya was thinking about cabir and smiling when she received a message from cabir
C:can we meet today
Navya smiling:yes
While dhruv was having cold and he was sneezing continuously alia came and sat beside him she was having a bowl of soup
A:dhruv have this you will feel better
D;no I don’t want to have it
A:dhruv zid mat karo
And she made him drink the soup while he was just looking at her

In mukti’s room
Mukhti was standing in front of the mirror and trying to close her shirts zip when harshad was passing by when he saw mukhti standing in front of the mirror mukhti thinks its Alia
M:aloo yaar please help me to close this zip
Harshad was about to go when she again says
M:Alia I’m talking to you plz help me to close my zip
Harshad came inside and went to her he touched her back shivers ran through her body harshad closed her zip mukhti was looking at him and he was looking at her
In London
It was manik and nandni last day with eachother both were going to the same country but there hearts were crying the both weren’t looking at eachother manik saw the door opened so he went to close it when he saw nandni packing her luggage a strong ache was in his heart and he went from there
Nandni was sitting on the bed
Nandnis POV
Yeah abhi kahan hai subha sy Mr India ki tarah gaib hai
Nandni’s POV end
Someone knocks on the door
N:come in
And a boy comes with a parcel and a bouquet
Nandni saw the bouquet written:for someone very special she opens the parcel and finds a beautiful blue dress sleeveless dress with a black tie she wears the dress her hairs were open she was wearing a diamond necklace and a beautiful bracelet on her hand she was just looking like a fairy made for someone special she reaches the place where manik called her the place was decorated with white curtions flowers gallons were on the floor nandni was looking for manik when someone patted at her back nandni saw back and found manik standing there with a smile she was about to say something when he putted his finger on her lips
M:ajj sirf mein bolon Ga our tum sono GI
Manik sat on his knees and said
M:priyanka do you remember how we first time met each other from the day I saw u I was so lost in you u are so pretty I never felt this much close to anyone as I felt with you when ever I’m with you I feel like I’m out of the real world you know when I saw you laying on the floor that day I felt like I lost the most important person of my life priyanka I ♥♥♥♥♥♥u and saying this he stood up
Nandni was on the 9th cloud she hugged manik tightly and said I love you too abhi
In india
Cabir was waiting for navya to come when she arrives

N:cabir koi urgent kaam tha
C:buhat urgent that and he sat on his knees and gave navya a rose flower and said
C:this one for your smile
He takes out another and said
C:this one for your beautiful which I can’t describe
He takes one more and says
C:this one when u shy
He gave one more and said
C:this one when u blush
And finally he takes out a bouquet and says
I love you navya♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Navya hugged him and said I love you too
In malhotra mansion
Dhruv was smiling when Alia came
A;an kal log buhat zyada smile karrahy gain
D:ESA kuch nahi hai I was just thinking about u (and then he realizes what he said)
A;about me………..
And dhruv turns his face on the other side he was about to go when Alia hold his hand and said
A:kuch Kehna hai tumhy
D:Han kuch kehna hai mujhy and he sat on his knees and said
D:Alia we both are friends from childhood but u was my crush from childhood but I never said anything to u but this is as well true that I still love you♥♥♥and he stood up and Alia hugged him and said I love u too idiot
While Alia was coming down from the stairs and she was about to slip when harshad holds her they both share an eye lock

And screen freezes on all their happy faces

No precap today

So done with my update guyes at least inform me if my story line is boring please do comment and inshallah I’m going to post tommorow as well if u people commented

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