2 months leap-
2 months have passed of sanskar’s birthday and in these 2 months rashika’s result came and she got the desired college and hearing it everyone was very happy. a month ago she joined her college.
the other change was that swayyam and ayush sleeps in a separate room. actually one of the friends of ayush teased him about sleeping with his mother which ayush told him when his friend asked. as his friend fun of him he was sad. swayyam asked him why he is sad then ayush told him the matter and said that as they were big boys they need to stay in separate rooms. they told this to swasan for which swasan tried to pacify and convince that it’s nothing wrong to sleep with parents and that are still small so they can’t live alone in a room. but both the kids were adamant and hence swasan agreed. for the first few days both were scared with the thought of being alone in the room and ultimately would result in sumi or swasan’s room but then they got adjusted. now sometimes they sleep in their room together or sometimes with their parents.
the music academy on swara’s name was running successfully. swasan ha
ve to go to delhi for some paper works of the ss trust after two days. sanskar was happy about it as he planned something while swara was tensed as she can’t take swayyam with her. then sanskar pacified swara that swayyam will live with sumi and uttmay. he will adjust and it’s a matter of 3-4 days only. swara agreed. then they talked with swayyam and told him that they will come after two days. swayyam was convinced and hence today was the day they were going to leave for delhi.
swara was instructing swayyam about do’s and don’ts. she allowed him to skip school till she comes back and swayyam was very happy about it.
then finally they left for airport bidding bye. at the airport-
swara was sitting on the chair and continuously blabbering.
swara- i hope swayyam doesn’t miss us. he will be fine naa. he is very naughty when it comes to eating. i hope he doesn’t trouble maa. sanskar what do you think. he will live properly in these days naa. i regret not bringing him with us. sanskar say something.
sanskar- if you allow then only i will speak naa.

swara- ohh sorry. i didn’t realise i was speaking continuously. vo in tension i kept on blabbering but it’s not my mistake. we never left swayyam like this naa. i was tensed about him living properly. will he cry if he miss us. my poor baby have to live without us for four days. sanskar couldn’t you do the work alone and i go back home.
sanskar- swara stop. stop speaking continuously. it’s not swayyam who is missing us but definitely you are missing him only after 1 hour of leaving home. i wonder what you do at home when he goes to school.
swara- but him going school and me going delhi are different things naa. he goes school for few hours and before going and after coming i take care of his meals and even pack his lunch which he eats in school. so i don’t have tension but now maa willhave to take all responsibilities and feeding swayyam will be a dead tiring work for her. he eats silently but when it comes to milk and vegetables you know how he runs and denies and how difficult is it to convince him. without my strict behaviour he doesn’t take his milk. four days god knows how my baby will live and how much maa has to go through.
sanskar was just looking at swara with unbelievable look. she never spoke so much and continuous about something and like this. it’s the first time she is behaving this weird.
sanskar- [keeping finger on her lips] swara did anyone said you that today you are behaving completely different. i mean i have never seen you worrying about something or rather someone and blabber so much in a breath ever.
swara tried to say something but sanskar’s finger were still on her lips .
sanskar- now why aren’t you speaking. say something naa.
swara- hmmm [gestured his finger on her lips.]
sanskar removed his fingers.
sanskar- sorry now say.

swara- what do you mean by saying so. aren’t you tensed about swayyam.
sanskar- i am but swara you always be strict naa when it comes for his good so now why are you behaving like this. we can’t always stick to him but give him space to learn new things. he has joined school and now as he will grow up he has to face this world. we will always be his support but we should not hold his hand and make him walk his each step instead let him walk alone wnd we guiding him the right direction. it has to be someday that we have to leave him alone to tackle himself. that first time to leave him free is now when he will live without us with maa. you are tensed as we have abandoned him. relax and let’s see whether he could live or not. if there will be any problem then we will comeback or find some solution and i have full faith that that condition won’t arrive. ok
swara- [she just nodded and went quite]
she understood what sanskar said and agrees with it too but a mother’s heart what can we do. they have birth right to take tension of their child and this tension relation takes bith with the news of their arrival in a parent’s life.
sanskar side hugged her and told her to be calm. she calmed down after some time. they boarded the flight and then landed in delhi and straight way went to the hotel. picked up keys of the room after doing entry in the register and forwarded towards their room. sanskar opened the door and entered followed by swara. she got shocked to see the room.
swara- [shocked] honey moon suite.
she looked at sanskar questionably being shocked.
sanskar closed the door and back hugged her.
sanskar- princess i thought why not convert this trip as honeymoon with work.
swara- means

sanskar- means we never went for a honeymoon as we never got an opportunity and so i planned this. as we had work here so i thought why not also make it a honey moon trip.
swara- but…[she trails off not knowing what to say]
sanskar- swara [turned her to him] it’s just that i did not want to leave anything remaining in our life to enjoy. we have always enjoyed with the family but we never got a privacy like this. we were so much in work and our responsibilities that we never paid attention on these things. but now we are free. and i don’t want to leave anything in life that misses me a chance to be with you and make a new memory. i know it’s not a proper honey moon but we can assume it one. official works is just one day issue and the rest are free. if i would have said this to you earlier then you wouldn’t agree and so i didn’t tell you about this earlier. i hope you are not angry from me and liked my surprise.
swara was looking him with blank expression making him tensed. but the next he got relieved when swara hugged him.
swara- i couldn’t have got some one better than you in my life because you are the best.
sanskar- it means you aren’t angry.
swara- no but yaa little tensed about swayyam.
sanskar- [assuring] don’t worry he will be alright and if he will need us we will go back as said earlier.ok.
swara- yaa.
sanskar- [naughty] since you are not angry so i can assume that you are ready for the honey moon i mean romance.
swara blushed and tried to move away but sanskar didn’t let her go.
sanskar- [pulling her to himself] where are you going my princess. we are on our honey moon trip and here you are not allowed to stay away from me even for a second.
swara- sanskar plz.
sanskar- no.
swara- plz i am tired due to journey.
sanskar- ok but after taking rest you should only say that you are tired due to me. [he winked]
swara- [wide open eyes] such a shameless you are.
sanskar- romance with wife is not called shamelessness dear unromantic wife.
swara- [jaw dropped to ground] haww i am not unromantic mr. shameless husband.
sanskar- accha then prove.
swara- what prove haan

sanskar- dear kiss me and prove.
swara- ok close your eyes.
sanskar- why not.
sanskar closed his eyes and swara kissed on his cheeks and ran in washroom laughing loudly leaving sanskar shocked.
sanskar- hey this is cheating. swara open the door. [said banging washroom door]
swara- no way sanskar.
sanskar- swara this is cheating.
swara- what cheating. you said to kiss you and so did i and mr. shameless husband everything is fair in love and war. now stop beating on the door and let me freshen up peacefully.
sanskar smiled and moved from there.
after sometime
swara-[peeking from the washroom door] sanskar…..sanskar
sanskar- haan say what happened.
swara- sanskar pass me my clothes. i forgot to take them in.
sanskar- yaa one minute.
sanskar took out her clothes from her suitcase and was going to give it to her but then a naughty idea popped up in his mind.
sanskar- swara i don’t want to give you clothes.
swara- what. stop being silly and pass me the clothes.
sanskar- nahh come out like this only.
swara- sanskar you are really acting shameless.
sanskar- swara this is called being romantic and if you thinkit to be shamelessness then i can’t help it and being shameless in front of own wife is not a big deal but my right.
swara- [pleading] plz naa sanskar give me my clothes naa.
sanskar- noo

swara- plz.
sanskar- achha ok take these.
sanskar forwarded clothes such that she can hold them. she took her clothes but before she pulls her hand in sanskar pushed the door slightly and came in and pinned swara to the wall. she was wrapped in a towel and her wet hairs were falling on her face and sanskar was spellbound to see her like this while swara was highly shocked at the sudden happenings. realising the position she slightly screamed making sanskar to come in senses as he was lost in checking out swara.
swara- aahhhh sanskar what are you doing. go out now.
sanskar- [naughty smirk] i did not come inside to go out. and swara why are you screaming. i am your husband and i have seen you many times.
swara- [hiding her blush and trying to be angry] sanskar out now.
sanskar- [finger on her lips and caressing it] sshhhh swara you know i don’t want to wait more and want to relish this moment by romancing with you.
swara- [feeble voice and breathing heavily due to close proximity] sanskar let me
sanskar did not let her complete and placed his lips on her pulling her to him by holding her waist. he kissed her hungrily and swara reciprocated with same passion. sanskar moved back during the kiss pulling her towards himself. they came inder shower and sanskar turned the knob on. both started getting drenched and when out of breath sanskar left her. both breathing heavily looked at each other. sanskar leaned towards her neck and started sucking the water on her skin which wasn’t going to end due to continuous flow of water from shower. sanskar slowly undid her towel making her gasp and letting the water to drench her completely. they were in a different world altogether with the cold water arousing them more. soon both were romancing under the shower and after sometime landed on the bed making love covering their wet bodies [wet due to water and sweat] with the comforter and then drifted to sleep being tired.
it was almost 8:00 p.m. of when they were disturbed by a phone call.
sanskar- [picking up the call without seeing the id] who is this [sleepy tone]
otherside- papa are you sleeping.
sanskar jerked and opened his eyes and sat on the bed.
sanskar- champ how are you baccha.
swayyam- papa i am fine. but nani is telling me to drink milk and i don’t want to. it’s yuckkk [sanskar looked at swara who was still sleeping]
sanskar- [chuckled] champ don’t trouble nani and drink the milk.
swayyam- no i don’t want to. please naa papa.
sanskar- champ i can’t help it beta. accha do one thing tell nani to add chocolate syrup in it and it will become yummy yummy and then you drink it.
swayyam- wait papa you tell nani
swayyam gave phone to sumi
sanskar- hello maa

sumi- haan sanskar
sanskar- sorry maa that you have to struggle with swayyam. maa is he troubling you.
sumi- he is my grand child and i am not struggling. it’s just that it becomes hard to deal with him when it comes to food and drink milk.
sanskar- maa add chocolate syrup in the milk and he will drink it. swara does the same when he is too stubborn not to drink milk.
sumi- ohh yaa i forgot. actually swara only handles him with his food and milk so it came out of my mind. don’t worry i will handle him.
sanskar- yaa and if any problem comes then please call me immediately.
sumi- yaa ok. sanskar swayyam wants to talk more.
swayyam- hello papa where is mumma.
sanskar- champ mumma is sleeping. she was tired of journey that’s why.
swayyam- ok [sad voice]
sanskar- hey champ don’t be sad. after sometime when she will wake up i will call you ok then you talk to her.
swayyam- ok [happy] bye papa.
sanskar- bye champ.
keeping the call sanskar looked at swara and caressed her hair. he then woke up and wore his clothes and ordered the dinner. after sometime door bell rang and sanskar received the dinner and came in to see swara awake. amy be due to bell ring.
sanskar- swara come have the dinner.
swara- [blushing] yaa.
sanskar- swara don’t blush yaar. we have to have our dinner. if you blush like this then instead of having dinner i will…..
swara- sanskar. [warning tone]
sanskar- accha come have dinner.
swara- did you talk at home.
sanskar- ohh yaa i forgot. i talked at home and swayyam wants to speak with you. wait i will call him.
sanskar called and swara swayyam talked for sometime and then they cut the call and had there dinner by feeding each other and with little of romance and talking they slept again.
next full day was tiring as they have to complete all paper works and the formalities.
3 rd day. today swasan were free and they went to visit different places in delhi and shopped for everyone. they came back to their room and sanskar again started his work to romance with his wife his princess. that night they slept late at night and the fourth day swasan visited lotus temple and prayed for their family and sat their for some time to get peace. then they were back in the hotel room and had their lunch and talked with swayyam. they took rest for sometime and when they woke up sanskar without wasting a single minute sarted kissing her passionately. they both undid each other and then were under the comforter making love. they consummated yet again.
in these four days they were with each other only with each other without disturbance, no responsibility and just them together with their love. they needed this time for each other because they never got it before.

5th day they returned home and swayyam was most eager to meet them. when they entered he ran to them and hugged them and started crying.
swara- baby why are you crying.
swayyam- mumma i missed you so much and seeing you i don’t know i cried but mumma i am strong boy.
swara kissed him on his cheeks and forehead
swara- sorry baby. and i too missed you so much. now stop crying
sanskar- looks like champ didn’t missed me.
swayyam- no papa i missed you too.
sanskar picked up swayyam in his arms.
sanskar- [kissing his forehead] i also missed my champ.
ayush- jiju me too missed you and didi but swayyam missed you more.
sanskar- ayush don’t worry now we are back naa. we will enjoy and make up for the days we missed.
rashika- ohho everyone is so senti here. i too missed you, i too missed you. huh. change the topic. tell us what you did and what you brought for us.
swara- rashika we went there for work and it was successful and yaa we shopped for you all. first all of us let’s go inside and then i will show you what we brought for you all.
all went in and swara gave them all some gifts and then all departed to their rooms.

done with this part.
thank you guys for your support till now. just 2 more episodes to go.

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