Love is in the hospital Episode 4 (Dill mill gaye) inspired

Love is in the hospital. Episode 4
Scene 1

Anjali: move fast or that boys take them from there.
Neha: but anjali why the boys will take it from there?
Anjali stops, Neha offcourse they will take it from there because to hide it in some other place.
Neha, oh yes I did not think about it.
Anjali, (smile) okay but now move ( and as she turn her face she bumped into
a boy and she fall down and she is on top and he is at the bottom)
Adi, what the hell can not you see.
Neha, are u guys okay.
Anjali, yes I am fine or Mr. Attitude u should see in front as I was talking to Neha .
Adi, why don’t you realize your mistake
Anjali, Oh really amd u was in canteen why r u here then?
Adi, wait how do u know I was in canteen.
Anjali and Neha look at each other then Anjali says, I know because Neha told me that you and Ankita was going for a coffee. So but u did not answer me Okay I know u are here that as there is a appointment with other girl.
Adi, I am not answerable to u and if it is true why r u so jealous.
Anjali, I am not.
Adi, okay I am going bye Neha. ( Neha hold his arm )
Adi, r u really going to meet other girl.
Adi, Neha I donot think that u will think this about me but if u has ask I will answer I am going to talk witn Dr. Kabir okay.
Neha, I am sorry.
Adi, no it is okay now u have this type of friends u will think this I can understand( pointing towards Anjali)
Anjali, adi r u not late your appointment with Dr. Kabir aur Dr. Something.
Adi, I am late but I wont leave you.
Anjali, okay but remember you r mine target.
Neha *Adi I donot care that who’s target are you but I know you r my love.*(in mind)
( Adi and Anjali look at each other and Neha look at Aditiya)

Scene 2. In the storeroom

Neha, anjali where r the notes?
Anjali , on the top of the shelf.
Neha, okay so lets take it.
Anjali, yes ( and they take out the notes )
Neha, Yes now lets go.
Anjali, yes

Scene 3. In the canteen

Rohit, guys I am very happy so today treat is from me.
Karthik, wow surprise and again surprise.
Rohit, which surprise was first?
Karthik, that notes one.
Veer, yes
Rohit, okay so veer give money I just get the lunch.
Aryan, but treat is from u why Veer will give msg.
Rohit, u r new so u donot know that what is veer’ s is mine and what is mine is mine.
Veer, u will never become right but as I happy as well so I will give treat.
Rohit, look he is my friend.
Swara, wow veer today u r very happy as u r giving treat why r u happy?
Rohit, as we have got notes,
Sanchi, which notes?
Aryan, veer.. And adi has make for us for the test.
Karthik, and if u want u can get them by making your’s
Naira. We have
Veer, what ?
Swara, in our group Neha and Anjali are making and they will be here with the notes.
Naira * hide it how much u can but when u will know we have got notes u will see*
( and ” haye haye” music of milay jab hum tum will be played in the background)

Scene 4 ( anjali and Neha enter)

Anjali, we have got notes guys. ( everyone look at her)
Neha, she mean we have make the notes lets revise them.
Swara, yes sure lets go.
Naira, but I want to eat something.
Sanchi, okay u get something and then u can meet us in library girls.
Naira, thank you girls I love you.
(And girls move out and Naira go to take lunch)
Aditiya just come
Adi, guys there is a problem that notes are not there.
Veer, what? But we put them right there .
Aryan, did u look nicely I think they will have drop somewhere else like behind the shelf.
Adi, dude I have look all around in the place but could not find it.
Karthik, it mean someone had take them.
( naira listening to everything get afraid )
Naira, god please save they should not know we have take them.
(Some flashes come in adi mind when he meet Neha and anjali)
Adi, maybe Anjali.
Veer , u always find anjali wrong in every situation.
Adi, its not like that and he explain everything.
Aryan, guys I think Adi is right that girls may have take the notes.
Karthik, yes they were behaving weird right now yes.
Naira, naira u can eat later but now go out . It is better.
Naira is about to go and as he get up he see all the boys standing there.
Naira, hi guys what want something.
Rohit, we want many thing but u can give pizza right now.
Naira, yes take it.
Karthik, shut up Both and Naira we want notes.
Aryan, say something
Naira, but now Karthik have said to be quite.
Veer, Naira we know that u girls have the notes give us okay.
Naira start crying loudly, I know you guys are disturbing me because I am alone if all the girls are here u will not be doing this.( naira sit down on chair and and saw a knife and take it out and point at boys ) boys get scared

Scene 5 in the library

Neha, that girl Naira is so cute.
Anjali, yes.
Sanchi, she is calling. Yes naira ( and she hear all the conversation of the boys and naira)
Naira, listen carefully I am a doc so I now which Nerves can hurt u and which can kill u
Adi, Naira what r u doing just keave it and give us our notes okay .
Anjali, notes oh we have to hide them.
Neha, but someone should be with Naira how can she fight that boys?
Sanchi, donot worry she is punjabi tigress she can fight them easily.
Anjali, really? (Swara and Sanchi nods) then we should hide notes.
Neha, but where.
Sanchi, but first disconnect the call.
Neha , yes .
Swara, girls we should hide them in girls bathroon where no one can reach them.
Anjali, Gud idea but I have a plan Swara u will take the notes and hide them in bath room and will stay there and we will take some papers and go in different direction in front ofboys and hide them somewhere else.
Neha, done very good idea
So lets go
( And they do hand on hand cheer ) sorry readers but I hope u understand hand on hand cheer

Episode finishes :On one side girls are doing cheer and on other side boys r sacred by Naira

Precap: Girls hide the notes. One boy is behind respective girl. Swara is sitting in bathroom keeping the notes. All the boys and girls are in bathroom. Dr. Kabir come

Note: guys I want to add some good lines like in other language because next episode is gonna greatfun so As in telly updates we have to write in pure english and there r not as much photos and animation so if u dont mind can I upload the next episode on my youtube channel and the link is and you can also type love is in the hospital by red queen

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