Love Is In The Air Episode 18

Episode starts

Prerna is drawing as she hums her favourite tune. Time goes by as her hands are busy drawing. Finally the drawing is over and it is

Prerna just now realises what she has drawn and is shocked

Prerna: How did I end up drawing him? Oh he is in my subconscious memory too. Whats all this God? What is the name if these feelings? Am I the only one having it? Yeah of course he has started to ignore me. Prerna dont give any place for these feelings or else you will end up hurt. Let me also avoid him from now.

She throws the drawing on her table and goes to sleep.

College Next day

Naira shares what she heard with Prerna

Prerna: Are you serious Naira?

Naira: Im as serious as Im breathing

Prerna: We need to do something.

Naira: The only person with whom we can share this is Anurag sir

Prerna is shocked to hear his name

Prerna: Why him?

Naira: Because he is the one close to us here..come lets go to him

Prerna: go I have some work in library

Prerna walks away Naira is confused. She walks to Anurag’s cabin

Naira: Excuse me sir

Anurag: Come in

Naira walks in. He is surprised to her and his eyes search for Prerna. A small eagerness to see her erupts in his heart but it is suppressed by his efforts

Naira: Sorry for disturbing you sir..

Anurag: No issues Naira. How are you?

Naira: Im fine sir..sir..I need to share something with you can ?

Anurag: Yeah sure tell it

Naira tells him everything from the arm wrestling , Kartik suspending Samar and what she heard

Anurag: That bastard is capable only. But what to do he is a high profile guy we have to prove with proper evidence

Naira: Sir we can collect evidence na

Anurag: Definitely. I heard about your kick to him. If that mode is on we can definitely catch him. You will do it na

Naira: Anything for K..Justice sir

Anurag: Good. Ill be with you in this for sure.

They devise a plan. Anurag misses Prerna and Naira is able to sense it. She also remembers PRERNA’s reaction on hearing his name and makes her own plan too.


Mishti is done with her duty and is waiting for a cab. Just then she hears a honk and turns to see Abir in his car.
Her face is lit

Abir: Do you mind me dropping you madam?

Mishti: I dont mind

She hops into the car

Abir: Guide me with the route huh

Mishti: Sure

As they are travelling Abir holds her hand

Mishti: Abir concentrate on the road

Abir: Arrey how un romantic huh Mishti

Mishti: Stop the car stop

Abir stops the car in a haste

Abir: What happened?

Mishti points an icecream shop

Mishti: Icecream Abir lets have them

Abir: Okay okay let me park the car atleast. We are in mid road

They park the car and enjoy the icecream sitting on a bench

Abir: Our first date Mishti

Mishti: Yeah that too with this sweet icecream

The icecream melts and drips on her hand. Mishti licks the dripping drops and the icecream is applied on her face. She ignores it and enjoys the icecream like a kid. Abir adores her childlike qualities.

Goenka house 

Kartik is in pain as gets up from his lying posture

Kartik: Naira…

He then realises that in pain he took Naira’s name

Kartik: Oh …this girl is running in my mind from see I even took her name in pain.
He mutters to himself as he manages to sit comfortably and takes his mobile . He sees a message from Naira. There are other messages too but this catches his attention.

Message: Praying for your speedy recovery sir. Get well soon.

Though it is a formal message There is a smile on his face. A smile broader than what he had few days ago.

Naina’s room

Naina is changed and sits on her bed with her case files when her phone rings. Its a private number

Naina: Hello

Voice: Hai Naina..what is your decision?

Naina: Who are you?

Voice: Mr.Mehta

Naina: You…See whatever blackmailing you do Im not going to quit. I wont be scared anymore. On the other hand what I warn you is stop your illegal activities and confess.,Thats good for you

Before he could reply she disconnects the call.


  1. Kavya_P

    Interesting precap

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kavya ❤️❤️

  2. Hey amazing 🤩❤️
    Kartik should get to know what naira did for him💕❣️💕❣️
    Loving it

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Shreya ❤️❤️🤗 Definitely he will know it for sure 😊😊So happy that you are loving it

  3. Jasminerahul

    Prerna drawing cute.such a cute drawing.i liked naira sharing the prob with anurag n now anurag naira will expose samar.I feel there can be a good bonding btw anurag n naira.Mishbir icecream date was nice.Karthik smiling reading the message was cute.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Very happy that you liked it. Yeah they will.Thank you

  4. Amazing❤ waiting for the next episode…

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      Thank you so much Sapna ❤️

  5. Amazing one…pls dear Kartik should get get to know that naira is exposing samar…omg anurag prena locked this naira’s plan?? If yes then it’s super duper huh…ohh kartik lost in naira’s thoughts..seems to be interesting…I knew that it would be drawing of anurag..nice one!! Waiting for the next… upload soon!!

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kaira Thank you so much dear. He will definitely know it ❤️❤️. And Anurag prerna lock Ill tell directly in episode 👏🏻👏🏻.Kudos for the right guess 😇😇

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      Hai Aashna Thank you so much ❤️❤️. Very happy that you loved it 🥰🥰🥰. Thats a great compliment. Thank you dear😍😍

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