Brahmarakshas 2 24th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Brahmarakshas has possessed Robin’s body

Brahmarakshas 2 24th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalindi and Angad seeing Brahmarakshas running from there at a fast pace. Kalindi cries and says Madan’s sacrifice has gone waste. Everyone is waiting for Angad to return. Servant brings lemon juice for Damini. Damini refuses. She tells Shakti that everything has to go wrong in this house. Shakti says you are asking this? Damini says I told you that we shall not go to India, but you insisted. She says my son’s marriage haven’t happened two times and taunts Pari and Kalindi. She says she hates all the girls of this house. Shalini says you don’t have any right to raise your finger on our girls’ character. Damini taunts her. Prithvi asks her to be sweet with her talks atleast. He sees Kalindi coming there with Angad and acts, falls down on Shakti’s feet and apologizes to him, says first Paridhi betrayed your son and now my other daughter Kalindi. Kalindi hears him and asks Prithvi to get up, says your values are not wrong, but my destiny is bad, as whoever loves me, can’t stay with me. She tells that she has lost her dear friend. Shakti asks who? Minty asks where is Madan ji? Damini asks Angad. Angad goes from there. Brahmarakshas comes to the water tanker while his body is burning with fire. Later the workers come to the water tanker and find the water not coming. Brahmarakshas is seen in human avatar, pouring water from the pipe on himself from the other side of the tanker, to set off the fire from his body.

Kalindi tells Minty that she can’t insult Prithvi infront of anyone and tells that she will ask him now. Shalini comes there talking to Prithvi and says she can’t hide anymore. Kalindi and Minty hear her. Shalini tells Kalindi that Prithvi got the heart attack so that his friend’s heart don’t break and says his heart is so big. She says she used to think that she has a good destiny, but she is feeling suffocated seeing his sacrifices. Prithvi asks her to be quiet. Shalini acts to give him promise. Prithvi says she is a little girl. Kalindi asks what is the truth? Prithvi tells that Vikram is responsible for Raghav’s death and tells that he was involved in the temple jewellery theft. He says when Raghav came to know then they had a big fight and then in strange circumstances, Raghav died. He says he wanted to tell truth to everyone, but Vikram’s friendship stopped him and he covered up his sin. He says after losing Raghav, he don’t have the courage to lose Vikram. He pretends to cry. Kalindi says she will fight for her father and will get justice for him. She says I had started believing that you are brahmarakshas and thinks who is brahmarakshas then, who took Madan’s life?

Minty calls Robin and asks where is he? She says she is scared as he is not here since she confessed her feeling for him. She tells that Madan is dead and says everyone was here, but not you. She sends her message to him. Just then she sees someone standing outside the terrace door and then hears the roaring sound and sees the guy becoming brahmarakshas. She runs downstairs afraid and collides with Kalindi. She is about to tell her, but just then she sees Robin’s message and goes to hear his message. Robin tells that he is trying to be around his bro, as he never saw anyone’s death closely and tells that he will meet her soon.

Robin comes to Angad and asks if he is fine. Angad says he can never be fine and says he doubted on Kalindi. Robin says everything will be fine and you both will get back together. Angad says you always stand by me. Robin says I am always there for you. They shake hands. Robin feels pain. Angad asks what happened, where did you get hurt? Robin says no. Angad says he is really serious. Robin asks him to show where did he get hurt? He sees his hand and finds the burns. Robin tells that he fell from the bike and his hand got burnt with the silencer. He says we have to resolve your problems. Angad asks him to go to Doctor. Robin says I am going. Kalindi looks at everyone’s pics on the board and think Minty, Angad, Prithvi can’t be brahmarakshas. She gets Vikram’s message asking her to meet and comes to Angad’s room.

Angad hides from her. Kalindi asks why is he hiding from her and says they were about to marry yesterday. He says he feels that they can’t marry soon. He says we are friends and says sometimes they want to spend sometime alone. Kalindi says yes, but Vikram Chachu messaged me to meet him. She says she trusts Prithvi more than Vikram and asks him to say what to do. Angad says I don’t have answers to your questions. Kalindi says why you don’t have answer today. He says I am not Madan and can’t answer to your questions. Kalindi says you are doubting a person who died for us, for whom I never had any feelings. She says you had a doubt that he was brahmarakshas, but your doubt shall end now after his death. She says sometimes I feel that I don’t know you. Angad says I told you that sometimes friends don’t understand each other. He goes. Kalindi thinks what to do.

Shakti scolds Damini for taunting Prithvi. Damini asks what shall I do? Shall I die? Minty comes there and tells that she has a good idea to celebrate Lohri and make everything fine. Shakti thanks her and goes to talk to Prithvi. Damini also thanks Minty. Minty thinks after Angad and di’s marriage, Robin and her marriage will happen.

Kalindi shares her dilemma with Angad’s pic and recalls the happenings. She thinks Prithvi confused her and said that Vikram is the reason for her Papa’s death, but just then she got Vikram’s message. She thinks whom to talk now. She gets Vikram’s call. He asks her to meet him and ends the call. Minty asks Kalindi to wear the beautiful dress for the puja. Kalindi says she is not in the festive mood. Minty asks her to think about Angad and says if you had married him then this would have been your first lohri and asks her not to turn her face from happiness. Kalindi says I know that my past is related to brahmarakshas secret. Minty asks her to live the present and enjoy it. She says you have Angad jiju and your marriage ahead. Kalindi says brahmarakshas is everywhere here and says he won’t let my marriage or your marriage happen in this house. Minty says my marriage. Kalindi says I understand that you are not the same Minty, and is in love. She says until Brahmarakshas is around, we can’t get married. She says marriage is not possible until I kill brahmarakshas. Minty cries and goes from there.

Robin stops Minty and asks her to listen to him. Minty says let these tears flew and says Di has decided that no marriage will happen now. She says she has decided that neither her marriage nor my marriage will happen. Robin says if we want to get married then we shall elope and marry. Minty asks really, you want to elope with me and marry. Robin says I am not flirting with you and tells that he is saying truly. Minty says yes, we are adults and can decide. He proposes her for marriage. Minty gets emotional and gets teary eyes. Robin hugs her.

Brahmarakshas comes to the jungle and kill a guy who is cutting wood. Brahmarakshas makes him alive and signs him. The guy Bittu goes to Kalindi’s house. He keeps the wood logs for the lohri. Shalini scolds him. Vikram is tied and standing inside the lohri woodsticks. Kalindi is waiting for Vikram. Angad comes there and reads her message which she sent her. Shakti calls Angad and asks him to come for Lohri celebrations. Kalindi asks Angad why is he making his dad upset. Angad says we shall go there and tell how much happy they are? He asks why they do show off. Kalindi says she wants to say that they shall go together and show off. Kalindi thinks he is upset with Madan’s death and thinks she will come, like he used to come to her. Angad says your Minty might be waiting for you. Minty looks at Kalindi’s pic and tells that she is getting married to Robin, as she don’t know if they will marry in future. She asks her not to think her wrong. Angad and Kalindi come there. Shakti dances with Prithvi and says my son came with my would be bahu. Minty packs her stuff and is about to leave. She gets message from Robin that he is waiting for her at the bus stand. Sakshi stops Minty and tells that Robin will never come there and will never marry her. She says even if Robin marries you, then will leave you after a day. Minty says you are saying this as Robin don’t love you.

Sakshi comes to Sid and asks him to dance with her. Pari sees them dancing and gets jealous. She thinks why my Sid is with Sakshi? She goes to the stage and dances with him. Shakti says we shall lit the fire? Kalindi says why the woods are kept as if bonfire? Shalini says it doesn’t matter, they shall make their thinking progressive. Vikram is inside the wood bamboos and tries to alert them. Angad and Kalindi set the fire to the wood. Everyone fold their hands. Angad, Kalindi, Prithvi, Shalini and others take the rounds of the lohri. Kalindi goes to Sid and asks where is your Dad? Sid says I didn’t see him since a long time. Angad asks Kalindi to dance with him. Damini tells Shakti that there is some magic in kalindi and says our son is looking happy. Damini says happiness is not seen in his eyes, which he is showing. Tu Nazm Nazm sa plays….Kalindi and Angad dance….Angad goes off stage. Sakshi says your steps could have been better. Kalindi asks did you see Minty? Sakshi says she must be here somewhere, thinks she knows but will not tell her. Robin is waiting for Minty at the bus stand. Minty gets Kalindi’s call as she reaches the bus stand and thinks she must be worried. Vikram comes out burning from the burning woods. Everyone sees him. Prithvi shouts Vikram and asks someone to get the water. Everyone rushes to him.

A girl comes to Robin and asks for the address. He says it is near and offers to drop her. He says it is not safe to go in night. She says you are very cute, interesting and helpful. She says she is Manisha and asks about his name. He says who am I? Shall I tell….He laughs aloud and becomes brahmarakshas. The girl gets shocked. He kills her.

Sid cries seeing Vikram. Prithvi shouts someone calls ambulance. Kalindi asks what do you want to tell me? Vikram says Kalindi ….and dies. Sid shouts Dad and cries. Minty comes to the bus stand and thinks if Robin is not here then where is he? Robin is somewhere and licks the blood on his hand.

Precap: Kalindi burns every family members’ pic and thinks brahmarakshas is in the person, whose photo don’t burn. She gets shocked to see Robin’s photo not burning. Robin ties Minty to the tree, while she tries to leave her and shouts for help. Kalindi comes there and asks Robin to move back, holding a knife in her hand. Suddenly Robin becomes brahmarakshas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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